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ZenBusiness Review 2024: Can It Help To Start A Business?


Launching a business is one of the main dreams of the people and many startups are failed due to a lack of following procedures. Now launching and running new businesses across the world is easy by following the rules and regulations, luckily we have various LLC companies in the world. 

Among those, the ZenBusiness platform is one of them that provides various features and assists you to run all the business activities smoothly. All you need to do is just review the ZenBusiness LLC, and understand how it is effective to run a business. 

😍 What is ZenBusiness?


ZenBusiness helps people around the world by launching their dream business, and the main function of this platform is to provide free services as well as expert support to them. Just connect with ZenBusiness, you’ll get all the information required to launch a business online. 

One can get all the services fast & simply as the technology and automated process meet all your business requirements. Still wondered how ZenBusiness performs all the activities means step ahead and get everything that you need to create your business. 

🤔 Why Choose ZenBusiness?

Why choose ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness’s main theme is to provide tools, guidance to the people who wants to launch their business. The experts at ZenBusiness make to start your business easily, then run it successfully, and the platform how it helps to grow the business for the long term.  

Fast Filing Services

ZenBusiness is one of the business service providers that help to launch your dream businesses and to do this, it uses technology and automation process. The formation process is done easily and fastly without any distractions.  

Affordable Cost 

Without any hidden charges, ZenBusiness file and also return all the completed documents. For an affordable cost, ZenBusiness performs all these activities to launch your business. 

Service from the Experts 

Throughout the life of your business, the ZenBusiness experts help you in every aspect to run your business without facing any issues. The ZenBusiness platform is there to help the businesses at the central time hours and the experts have a lot of experience in solving business issues. 

Setup is Simple and Easy

ZenBusiness setup is so simple and easy, without any late, you can start, run, and finally grow your business with the help of this platform.

Get Everything in One Place

ZenBuisness is for you to make the painless & stress-free business formation. You can find anything here as its main agenda is to build is to provide all the services throughout the business life. It is a complete all-in-one solution where you can find anything to launch a business and all you need to do is just signup to the platform.

After the signup process, it gives access to the personalized dashboard and it is the place where you can store all the personal details of business formation documents, managing the domain name, website for the business, at the same time receive state compliance alerts. 

Great Opportunity For Everyone

ZenBusiness offers a great opportunity for everyone, and it does whatever your small business requires as this platform helps to start, run, grow for the long term. 

  • Just begin with the formation plans and then get expert help.
  • Run your business without any worry and painless compliance services.
  • Utilize all the available resources, services, and expert support to grow your business.

😇 ZenBusiness Filing Options

If you have a great business plan and want to get started? here is the starting point provided by ZenBusiness that you have to look into the legal requirements.

Below mentioned is the list to proceed:

Start an Limited Liability Company – LLC 

ZenBusiness - Start an LLC

The LLC requirements are different according to state, and before proceeding to start the business it is important to know about specific laws. It all takes in simple five steps that ZenBusiness performs

  • Name your Company LLC.
  • Select a registered agent.
  • File the certification of formation for your company/ Articles of organization.
  • Get an agreement for your company operations.
  • Apply for Employer Identity Number.
  • Review the Tax requirements at ZenBusiness.

Forming an LLC is a little bit daunting, but when you have clear information on how it works, then it is easy and straightforward. 

Form Your Corporation (C Corp)

ZenBusiness Corporation

For Corporation formation, there are different laws based on the states and the thing is many states follow one and only the Model Business Corporation Act. The reasons are nothing but

  • It provides additional protection.
  • It is easy to attract the investors.
  • Easy to transfer the stock ownership.
  • Deaths of officials/stockholders as they do not change the corporation structure.

There are three different types of corporations like S Corporation, C Corporation, and lastly, Nonprofit Corporation. 

S Corporation – To avoid double taxations of C corporation. 

C Corporation – To provide the strongest legal protection.  

Nonprofit Corporation – It is charitable, educational, religious, etc. 

In order to start a corporation, name the corporation, appoint directors, select the registered agent, file the certification of incorporation, build/create corporate bylaws, draft the agreement of a shareholder, grants shares of stock, apply for business licenses, file for an EIN, preview the tax requirements, and finally submission of corporation’s first report. 

You can do all the activities easily when you take help from ZenBusiness.

Doing Business As – DBA at ZenBusiness

It is nothing but performing the business activities to perform with another name rather than the officially registered name. The DBA name is referred to assumed names, fictitious names, or else trade names, so review the list of names that you want and at ZenBusiness the experts assist the best one that suits your business.

Some of the businesses need two names if we take an example of online marketing and if you want a new name for writing services then this DBA allows you to provide another name. The advantage of having DBA is it provides more flexibility, great security, increases brand value, and also gets much brand recognition.

Reserve Your Business Name 

Reserve Business Name - ZenBusiness

For example, if you’re not interested to form a corporation or LLC services, then it is always a better option to reserve your business with a name along with the state.

If you reserve your name then no one will take it and so you can start your business at any time when you’re ready. By paying $50 to ZenBusiness, you can reserve the name, and also it prevents others from registering with that name.

There are many benefits when you reserve the name for your business and they are 

Business Name Availability Search

According to each state standard, it ensures your name will be available. 

Provides More Flexibility

When you reserve your name early means, you can take more time to set up and launch the business. 

Locks Your Business Name

It allows you to lock your name for security purposes for a specific period of time. It may be often 120 days. 

🤗 What type of Services does ZenBusiness Provide?

ZenBusiness provides various services, so review all of them to decide how it is the perfect platform to start, launch, and grow your business. 

Registered Agent Service – ZenBusiness

Registered Agent Service - ZenBusiness

At ZenBusiness, it is easy to get the online secured registered agent service as it handles all the correspondence with State Secretary and other agency business formations. This is to ensure for all tax and legal documents according to the state are said to be communicated and managed properly. 

The list of benefits of having a registered agent service is 

Worry-Free Compliance Guarantee

It satisfies all the legal requirements and also supports having a permanent office in a physical presence for your business. So, that your business can stand with the state in a good position and also avoids any fines or penalties. 

Adds Security and Protection

The registered agent service is used by many companies with storefronts and it is to ensure to do not receive any type of legal notices and tax notices to the physical store of your business. 

Keep Your Documents Organized

ZenBusiness firstly check the documents and after that is accepts all your business docs, and on the dashboard, it stores all of them. So that, you can view, print, download at anytime you want online.  

Worry-Free and Painless Compliance 

Worry Free Compliance - ZenBusiness

You can stay covered the full year by adding worry-free compliance. ZenBusiness takes the charge to help you with state compliance as well as annual filing report alerts. This is to keep your business good in a good standing position all the time. The worry-free compliance service at ZenBusiness costs $119/year. 

Saves the Time and Effort

The ZenBusiness team handles everything including the ongoing state filings. It helps you to avoid worries regarding the deadlines and also from making any costly errors.

Make Amendment Filings 

Suppose if you change the details of the business like name, address, ownership, and other things, then ZunBusiness helps you to get two-yearly amendment document filings with the update of all your business documents.

Always Stay in Good Standing 

To do not fall out of your business, ZenBuisness provides a great service from its support team who are great experts. They are always with you to help out in every activity of your business and helps to place your business to stay in a good position.    

ID Numbers for Employers 

With ZenBusiness, it is easy to get an EIN number for your corporation or LLC as it is a secured 9-digit employer ID number.

It has another name Tax ID Number and you can open the bank account from the IRS. From this, you can hire the employees, and save & protect all your personal assets easily.  

Separate your Financial Activities 

With the help of this EIN number, it is easy for IRS, banks, and credit cards companies along with other entities to track all your business activities and also your personal finances separately. 

Open the Bank Account 

In order to open a bank account, the banks and credit unions’ main requirement is an EIN. This bank account helps you in many ways including when trying to obtaining financing services for your business entity. 

New Employees Hiring Activity

With the help of an EIN number, you can easily hire employees for your business or also offer retirement plans. Otherwise, IRS uses it for payroll taxes and federal tax purposes. 

The best part of having the EIN is it establishes your business into a separate entity that preserves limited liability that results in your business never get sued. Even EIN reduces your business identity theft risk. 

Operating Agreement Service

Operating Agreement - ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness’s operating agreement template is very helpful for small business owners because it can outline the plans and rules that govern your LLC or corporation.

To grow your business rapidly, it provides a complete framework and structure which is required according to your business development. The cost to secure an operating agreement template at ZenBusiness is $35. 

Secure/Protect the Assets 

Expressly divides all your personal assets, specific needs, and also the affairs from the actions, liabilities of your organization. 

Set the Rules and Regulations 

The operating agreement articulates the new business owners with the set of rules and regulations. So, that it governs your new LLC to scale, develop, and grow. 

Assign Ownership 

It helps to figure out the ownership votes and also succession plans if in case the owner to quits from the business. 

Reports on Yearly Basis

ZenBusiness provides annual report files quickly and these reports are to avoid any costly mistakes. You can reach out to the automated technology and the expert team to get a complete report.

For future reports and filings, look into the personalized ZenBusiness dashboard that keeps tracking all your business documents and gives up-to-date information and you can review all of the performances. 

To file the annual report, pay $75 plus the state fee. 

This annual report helps the business to stay out from any other negative activities like paying more taxes. Analyze everything with this report, and remains your company compliant-free. 

Domain Name Registration Service

Domain Name Registration - ZenBusiness

To create an online presence, it is good to secure and register with a unique domain name. This name is for the establishment of the website, email address, and web hosting purposes. At ZenBusiness, register a business domain name for $25/year. 

Protect your Brand Name 

If you register the domain name as early as possible, then no one can purchase the name. If you do this today means, it protects your business/brand tomorrow. 

Get Your Business Online 

In this digital era, people love to search for products and services online. To get successful your business online means make sure you must have to complete all the processes for your business online presence.  

Market or Promote Your Business 

When you have a physical store, you can advertise all your products and services online. It is the best place to get more customers as well as there is a huge chance to recognize your business across the world.  

Online Business Website

Business Website - ZenBusiness

In order to get more sales, and want to reach the goals faster create an online website. It improves the business credibility, shares your products and services, promotes the business.

It is one of the easiest ways for people in the world to connect with your business to purchase products and services. To create and manage the online business website for $100 per year. 

Web Hosting Services and Domain 

With unlimited web hosting services, register and customize the domain name for the online presence of your business. 

Tell and Share your Story 

Create a business website that is suitable according to your business niche and style. 

Customizable Templates 

ZenBusiness offers various templates, select according to your business niche and use them to get more sales. 

✔️ ZenBusiness Pros and Cons


  •  It is an ease of use platform
  • Provides business email address
  • Domain name privacy
  • Build a website
  • Offers good customer service
  • Worry-free compliance
  • Offers best LLC services
  • Annual reports and analytics
  • Various other services related to the business
  • Reasonable price


  •  The Premium version is a little bit pricey
  • No Cons to mention

🎁 ZenBusiness Pricing Plan Review

ZenBuisness Packages

The ZenBusiness starter plan costs $49/year and there will be extra state filing fees. The features of the version are 

  • It prepares and files LLC 
  • Offers standard filing speed
  • Yearly reporting service
  • Provides operating agreement template
  • It provides a guarantee of 100% occupancy

The PRO version is the most popular pricing option of ZenBusiness that costs $199/year + files the state fees. Get all the features of the starter plan in this pro version including

  • Painless Compliance
  • Banking Resolution Templates
  • EIN- Employee ID Number

The Premium version costs $299/year plus state filing charges, and get all the top features of the Pro version plan including business website, domain name for your website, privacy for your domain name, and also an email address to your business. 

If you’re starting a new business, then explore the business formation services. It is a reminder that the prices may vary for the registered agent service, the operating agreement template $35, and lastly, faster filing speeds price ranges from $50-$100 with state fee.

ZenBusiness Products and ServicesStarter VersionPro VersionPremium Version
Preparation and Filing LLC
Search Availability for the Business Name
Customer Support System
Documents Access via Online
Accounting and Consultation Services for Free
Business Guide Virtually
Registered Agent Service – ZenBusinessFor first year – 25% offFor first-year 25% off For first-year 25% off
Reports and Analytics on a Yearly Basis
Templates for Operating Agreement
Google Ads
Speed of Standard Filing
Expedite Filing Service service$50
Rush Filing Speed service $100$100
Templates for Banking Resolution$30
Worry-Free and Painless Compliance$119/year
Online Website for your Business$100/year $100/year
Domain Name for your Business$25/year $25/year
Security for your Domain Name
Email Address for your Business
Pricing$349+ state fees$499 + state fees$599+ state fees

🤡 ZenBusiness Customer Reviews

ZenBusiness Testimonials

The customers of ZenBusiness are provided their reviews on how this platform helps their businesses. ZenBusiness always provides services to prioritize customer satisfaction. One of the customers Mario R. wrote, “It clear all the doubts and confusions for the formation of the business and ready to utilize the services it provided again”. 

Another customer Jonna J. wrote, “the experts at ZenBusiness communicate also provides good customer support and thrilled with the experience & thank you to the team”.  

🔥 Final Say On ZenBusiness Review 

ZenBusiness offers a great service to the customers to get their dream business. It gives complete guidance on how to start, run, and grow in this competitive world. The automated technology and a team of experts are the two weapons of ZenBusiness to provide help for its customers. 

ZenBusiness LLC services are available to provide Registered agent service, worry-free compliance, EIN, annual reports to get your business online. The cost of ZenBsuiness is affordable to invest in as it takes care of everything from the documents to paying taxes. 

Overall, The ZenBusiness Review states that it is the best platform that provides great services to good stand your business for a longer period of time. So, it’s your turn to start, run, and grow your business easily with ZenBusiness.  

✨ Frequently Asked Questions

🤞 What are the top features that are available in ZenBusiness?

ZenBusiness is one of the best platforms that provide services to start, run, and grow the business. The top features that are available in ZenBusiness are its ease of use interface, customer service, and affordable price options.

✌️ Is the ZenBusiness platform is Legit?

Yes, It is. If we also look into the reviews provided by its customers, most of them are satisfied with its services and rated it as the best platform. No matter if you’re a new one to the business they really work to get the business done. Overall, we can say that ZenBusiness is a Legit platform.

👊 Can you change your LLC name ZenBusiness?

According to the Amendment, it allows you to change the data and other important documents that you are filed within the state. Yes, it is possible to change and update the name, address of your business, and members too if necessary.

👍 How to contact the ZenBusiness Team?

You can send an email to Or else you can chat with them as they are available to chat from Monday to Friday all business hours 8 AM -8 PM central time. Coming to the weekend Sunday, they connect with you from 10 AM – 7 PM. Even you can ring them at (1-844-493-6249).

☄️ How to Start an LLC?

The creation of an LLC requires a lot of time, effort, and patience. So, to make it easy, go with the ZenBusiness platform as it helps to create an LLC easily and quickly without any tension.

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