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Xy7Elite Review: Best Performance Marketing Network


Xy7Elite has been one of the finest performance based marketing industries since 2000 which was founded by New York native Kevin De Vincenzi. It is a well-known platform that is popular for its weekly payment system to its affiliate marketers.

The company provides a variety of services and offers to their customers which are optimized for email traffic. The additional factor about all these services and offers is that they are pre-tested by the Company so that the users will only get reliable resources here.

Let’s review Xy7Elite a best performance marketing network:

Xy7Elite Review

Xy7Elite is widely experienced in online advertising and marketing. The dedicated team of Xy7Elite works hard and applies innovative and creative marketing efforts so that their users can make ample money.

This affiliate network is damn competitive at getting the best offers to their users with stupendous payouts. These sorts of trustworthy and top-notch services are hard to find nowadays.

About Xy7Elite: Complete Review

Xy7Elite is one of the oldest and reliable affiliate networks as it was established in 2000. The platform has successfully led a profitable business with customer trust for over 20 years. Also, they conducted over 1 billion dollars in sales and made the inc5000 list for 2 years in a row by providing enormous offers to its customers.

Xy7Elite 20 Years

Xy7Elite doesn’t have account managers, so it is quite clear that every person a user speaks with is an actual media buyer and every day, they risk their own money in the tens of thousands on campaigns. In other words, we can say that Xy7Elite is run by Super Affiliates for Super Affiliates.

Xy7Elite is basically an invite-only network as it offers membership by invitation only and it also manages searches for its users. Xy7Elite always responds to the unmet expectations of their publishers and hence, they have been able to increase the number (from a few to several thousand) of their publishers.

Earn Passive Income from Xy7Elite

Xy7Elite Top Offers For Affiliates

Xy7Elite is an affiliate ad network platform that provides link ads and banner ads to their users through which they can promote affiliates. They deal with CPL or CPA commission and as per the advertisers, some pay well above average.

Xy7Elite has an international inventory that particularly targets bigger markets and if you go through their affiliate inventory, then you can see that there are an enormous number of exclusive deals available from various advertisers like Groupon, NFL, and many more.

Xy7Elite Affiliate

Here is a step by step guide to earning passive income from Xy7Elite:

Step: 1 Sign up

If you want to earn money from Xy7Elite affiliate network, then the first step is to sign up on Xy7Elite with your email address or phone number to get started. Then only you will be eligible to earn a passive commission at Xy7Elite.

Step: 2 Start Advertise

  1. After signing up, you just have to wait for your ID approval from Xy7Elite.
  2. So, once your ID is approved, you need to visit Xy7Elite Dashboard.
  3. Here, you will have a wide range of marketing tools that are specially designed to generate traffic.
  4. It will also boost your conversion rates (as per your pack).

Step: 3 Start Earning

After completing the above two steps, you are eligible to generate revenue from Xy7Elite. You just need to buy a plan as per your budget and requirements and then, you can utilize all the benefits and offers provided by Xy7Elite according to the plan and services are chosen by you.

Affiliates and Advertisers

Xy7Elite Increase Traffic for Advertiser

  • With Xy7Elite, you will be having tons of top-converting offers with guaranteed highest payouts. You will also get the best affiliate which offers you a good sum of revenue.
  • The door is open for both Advertisers as well as Publishers as they help both the users to achieve their internet marketing goal.
  • You can advertise here and get your brand to the highest peaks. It will take you to the largest network of exclusive publishers in the world. This will result in giving your brand recognition at the global level.

Xy7Elite Advertiser

Quality Standards

  • The dedicated team of Xy7Elite works hard to sustain the quality standards of the platform in order to maintain the trust of the customers.
  • They don’t accept publishers that come their way as they only deal with reputed clients and big brands to maintain their quality standards. The quality standards of Xy7Elite are pretty much higher than average.
  • Currently, thousands of publishers are engaging with Xy7Elite to earn money. This is because of their quality standards which give flexibility to the customers.

User-Friendly Interface

  • The user interface of Xy7Elite is designed in such a way that even a new user on Xy7Elite can use all its features and functionalities without any hassle.
  • It is totally designed according to the customer requirements and very much user-friendly which adds an extra layer of assistance for its users.
  • All the functionalities are completely based on customer ease.

20 Years of Experience

  • Xy7Elite has been in the market for the past 20 years and is continuously providing the best services to its users without any brakes.
  • Xy7Elite’s quality, trust and transparency will set your brand to the highest generating revenue in the market.
  • A large number of customers are happy working with Xy7Elite because of its 20 years of experience, performance-based services, and a wide range of reputed advertisers.

Xy7Elite Customer Reviews

Customer Support

The growth of every business depends upon customer satisfaction. Therefore, the main motto of Xy7Elite is to satisfy and fulfill the needs and requirements of the customers as much as possible.

In case, if a customer has some issue related to their affiliate network then he or she can contact the customer support of Xy7Elite which is 24/7 available for its customers. The expert team of executives always ensure that the query of the customer must be resolved quickly.

Xy7Elite customer support includes live chat assistants which are available as per US business hours.


Xy7Elite always pays the payments to their customers through wire transfer and cheque. The payments have been done on a weekly basis. The only condition is that the publisher must be approved by the Network’s Compliance Department.

The minimum payout set by Xy7Elite is $50 for cheque payments and $1000/week for wire transfer payments. You will get the best of the returns based on your affiliate network which will be credited on a weekly basis in your account.

They always ensure that the payments must be done on time without any delay. But in case, if it is delayed, then you need not worry, you can contact customer support for the same and they will surely resolve your issue.

Final Say On Xy7Elite Review

All in all, Xy7Elite is one of the oldest and phenomenal affiliate ads networks which allows you to earn a good amount. If you are targeting the US audience, then it is one of the best platforms for you.

With a high-quality standard, user-friendly interface, great customer support, and easy payment options, Xy7Elite have proven to be the remarkable affiliate network in the market.

Xy7Elite Team

There are a number of publishers using this platform to earn money for the past 20 years. You can also start earning money within 3 steps. So, what are you waiting for? Just start digging and create good opportunities for you!

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