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WebinarJam Review 2024: Is This Platform Worth For Money?


In these digital days, many activities are going through online from business meetings to college seminars, classes, and many more.

WebinarJam allows you to conduct excellent webinars, live broadcasting, and also increases the quality of the presentation.

It is a power-packed webinar software, and must read review to know how WebinarJam is helpful for you.

WebinarJam Review

🤗 What is WebinarJam?

WebinarJam is a powerful and all-in-one webinar software platform that allows you to conduct different webinar sessions for your audiences.

Its cloud-based live broadcasting technology helps you to manage up to 5000 attendees and the presenters up to 6 members. 

With WebinarJam one can easily reach anyone across the world, no matter what is your purpose maybe it connects to them easily.

Do you have any product to sell, a course to host and share with your people, an office presentation, then WebinarJam software is there for you.

✔️ WebinarJam Features

WebinarJam offers various features so that one can easily conduct webinar sessions without any interruptions.

Now, we’re providing a review on each feature which are available on WebinarJam, so that you can understand how it collaborates and reach your message with others. 

Automated Recording System 

WebinarJam Automated Recording System

WebinarJam can record all your live broadcasting sessions automatically with the help of the Replica Record feature. The best part is it does not miss any single clip and yes it records from starting to ending by word by word.

These recordings really help you to watch them whenever you want and it is a nice feature which is mainly purposeful when you miss any important life events. Even you can download all the recorded video files and listen to them in offline mode also.

If it is related to the marketing side, you can promote and get sales or do make a presentation. Along with that, it allows you to schedule to replay the live event for 48 hours or any other time. 

Schedule Events with Flexibility 

WebinarJam Flexible scheduling

WebinarJam allows you to schedule to conduct the live seminars according to your convenience and flexible timings.

Now, it’s your choice to create live right now or schedule it at a particular time as you want. Even it is possible to schedule live in recurrent series, and also if you want an always-on room option you can go with it.

This always-on room option is nothing but a reserve a room so that you can log in at any time and proceed to live within no time. This scheduling feature at WebinarJam is more ideal to get enrollments from the new webinar attendees.

Allows Your Attendees to Speak

If you’re giving any presentation, then provide a chance to speak to one of your webinar attendees and they can participate in your live.

Now, the webinar attendee also has a chance to speak, share the screen, be able to give a presentation, etc. After completion of the work as a presenter of your attendee, you can set back by giving a click to attendee-only mode, they go back as an attendee.

This is the best feature which is suitable for coaching services or any particular office meetings, etc. 

Stream at Any time and Anywhere 

Sometimes, we are away from the systems or desks, so don’t worry WebinarJam allows you to join the live session through your mobile devices. It is clear that you can go live stream at any time and anywhere. Of course, your audiences can do the same thing as it is a complete mobile-friendly webinar platform. 

Customize your Pages 

WebinarJam - customize your pages

WebinarJam has a template library of professionally designed page builders, choose the right one, and do customize it with perfect colors, fonts, texts, logo, video, etc.

If still unaware of which design works, then go with split testing, and Yes, WebinarJam can rotate two designs. You can track in real-time which one works and examine which one brings more registrations. You can do unlimited hosting and moreover, these templates are mobile responsive too. 

Email Automation System 

People attending your webinars are fine, but the thing is how many of them are following regularly all your webinar sessions. In order to attract people, you can send a series of emails or SMS texts to your audiences.

So with the text reminders, they never miss your upcoming events and customer actions such as leaving in the middle of the session or didn’t follow the event, then you can remind them by sending automated emails to them post-webinar with WebinarJam. 

Provide Offers to your Audiences 

Just engaging with your audiences is not enough, it’s time to increase conversions, sales for your business by providing offers to your audiences by conducting sales webinars.

So, during the live webinar session promote your products and services and it must be simple and eye-catching. Make sure that they can buy the product/service with just one click and also it is good to do not add any clunky web addresses or any other information. In case of providing information, you can explain during the webinar session.

If you want to sell a particular amount of copies or sales, then create awareness about it and for more captivating add countdown timers to the offer.   

Panic Button Option 

WebinarJam - Panic Button option

While conducting or attending a webinar at WebinarJam, sometimes we may face some issues like problems with the webcam, or any other technical issues.

So, in order to get solved from such issues, it offers a Panic Button option.

When giving a click on it, this panic button immediately detects the problem within no time. Now, you can continue to the broadcast of the live room where it gets the interruption in a matter of seconds. 

Conduct Surveys and Polls 

It is important to know the tastes of your audiences, so your WebinarJam allows you to conduct polls and surveys. When you conduct polls & surveys at WebinarJam, it is easy to review more about what audiences are liking and what they are not.

Even these types of engagements and interactions are to get a deep insight into the audience preferences. 

If you’re a coach or having a learning center then this feature is very useful because you can conduct quizzes for your students during live. 

Various Options for Presentations 

WebinarJam - Various options for presentations

If you want to provide any details or an agenda of your business, then WebinarJam allows you to give presentations. So, you can upload the presentation file of any format and give presentations like a pro by managing all your important key slides at WebinarJam.

The best part is you can give a presentation straight from the software, and on the other side, the custom transitions assist to take the action to the slide set such as flip, zoom, rotate, etc.

It does not lose any quality and scroll the slide forward or backward as you want. It is more useful for training sessions, discuss business agendas, or anything else. 

The drawing board feature is to highlight the important points in your presentation, you can note the important points by hand-writing. Add some descriptive points to meet your agenda of presentation, and for understanding more, you can draw the diagrams, mark the points, etc. 

Share your Files 

No need to look after another software for sharing the documents or files, as WebinarJam gives access to share them with your attendees.

All you need to do is just upload to the platform, and click to whom do you want to send, it automatically sends and displays on their screen. It is more suitable to share notes or materials, and send applications to fill the forms, etc. 

Video Playing Options 

If you want to create the same webinar for a different set of audiences then don’t worry, you have the option to pre-record the actual one and play it to another set of attendees.

After completion of the recording, you can upload it to audiences in the live room, after completion of the video play, go live for Q&A sessions to clear their queries of your WebinarJam attendees. While providing the live presentation, the video injections seamlessly plugin into without disconnecting. 

A Quick One-click Registrations

WebinarJam - One click registration option

Some people don’t show interest in filling in the details of the registration form, so WebinarJam brings a one-click registration method.

In this one-click registration technology, there is no need to fill the form with your information. All you need to do is just send an invitation link to the attendees who want to participate in your webinar session via email or any autoresponder of your choice.

When the people click on the link, it automatically takes all the needed information and they can directly join the webinar. This one-click registration technology is suitable for businesses for immediate meet-ups, as the process is quicker and easier. 

Integrate to Other Apps 

If you’re running a large webinar, then sometimes it needed to integrate with other applications or software.

If we take an example, to send the emails to a large number of audiences it is good to integrate with email marketing software that can handle send emails at a time for many people.

Like this, you can integrate with different apps according to the requirement of your meeting.

Control Center Option

WebibarJam control center options

Conducting a webinar, giving presentations, taking Q&A sessions, speaking to the people, highlighting the main points, performing all these things at a time is really tough.

To make your work easy, WebinarJam offers a Control Center option, as the live room can be separated. So, that you can focus on your presentation or manage to speak. The remaining things like managing the attendees and all others are managed by your partner or colleague.

Charge your Webinar

We can see that there are some free webinars, but for some industries and professionals, they charge some amount.

The coaches, trainers, or a doctor consultant may charge an amount for their webinar sessions. So, WebinarJam allows you to plugin to the different payment gateways. So, the users can easily submit the payment details and fill the registration to join the live room. 

Always a Brand Room

If you’re conducting repeated webinar sessions, then for you WebinarJam provides an Always On-Room option. It is nothing but a branded and reserved live room to conduct the webinar sessions more professionally.

The URL that you share to join the Live is inserted with your company name to look officially. The advantage of URL is it will be the same, no matter how many sessions you conduct.

The reserved Live room is open 24/7 and then there are no restrictions on when to conduct the Live. It is all about just log in and just give a click to the Go Live button and continue your live session.

Analytics and Reporting 

At WebinarJam, get everything in detail about your audience and review their behavior regarding your webinar sessions.

It gives all the analytics on when they’re leaving the live room, whether they stayed up to the end and listen to the entire session, people are attending lately to your sessions, how many registrations are done, and others.

When you provide the replay recordings to your attendees, get to know whether they watch everything or not. From traffic details to engagement to your webinar all the analytical information is provided by WebinarJam. 

Security and Protection 

WebinarJam - security and protection

If you want to restrict your live access to certain people then WebinarJam offers a password feature.

It is useful when you’re likely to talk with a few important especially business meetings for clients or if there is any sensitive content to share with some people. It is extra privacy for your content and it is more ideal for high-level executives.

User Interface and Experience 

To look more attractive webinar live room, WebinarJam allows you to customize the live room and match it according to your business. The entire registration set up to conduct a webinar all the process is smooth and simple.

Even the attendees can experience excellent and high-definition video displays across all the devices.

The best part is you don’t need to download this WebinarJam to your device as it is a complete web browser software. You can just use it on the web and send invitation links to attendees, even without downloading they can easily join the live program easily.

Messaging and Live Chat 

In order to keep more engaging and interesting, WebinarJam allows you to chat in real-time during the Live. These live chat really helps the people to find more information personally as well as you can get clarifications on all doubts.

😇 For Whom does WebinarJam is suitable?

Anyone can use this WebinarJam software as it comes with a lot of features and you can use this platform according to your requirement.

From entrepreneurs to small-scale industries, teachers, coaches, doctors, religious organizations, project managers, non-profits, pharmaceutical companies, schools, enterprises use this platform.  

These webinar sessions really help to get more sales, conversion rates, more engagements to your business. Many audiences can follow regularly to know updates of your business and utilize all the features to build trust and loyalty to your customers. 

👉 WebinarJam Pros and Cons


  • It is compatible with all different devices
  • Ease of use interface and navigation
  • Offers unlimited webinar sessions
  • Experience high-level definition of video and audio quality
  • Suitable for all business needs, government agencies
  • It is ideal for more than 40 industries
  • One can experience high definition videos
  • From SMS. emails to Live chat everything is available
  • Offers recording option
  • Easy to conduct polls and surveys
  • Broadcasting is possible
  • Allows to customize your pages
  • Has high-security and protection to your webinar
  •  Excellent Customer service system
  • Allows to cancel at any time
  • Basic plan has the lowest price
  • 30 days risk-free money-back guarantee


  •  No free trial offer
  • Not having a monthly payment option
  • Limitations in time and hosts according to the plan
  • Provides only yearly payment to pay at a time
  • One can enjoy all features only in the Enterprise version

💚 Customer Reviews – About WebinarJam 

WebinarJam is the most liked webinar software across the world and it helped many industries to get their business. A seamless easy to use interface and the key features are the major advantages of WebinarJam to pick by many entrepreneurs and other people.

The customers are happy with WebinarJam and shared their experiences on how it helps in selling their products. We can see the review provided by WebinarJam customers, from this we can understand how it created an impact on running businesses successfully.  

WebinarJam Customer Reviews

🎁 WebinarJam Pricing Plans

WebinarJam Pricing plans

WebinarJam offers three different pricing options with different features and let’s review all three pricing structures. 

The WebinarJam’s basic plan costs $499/year which is a good price to manage 500 attendees, and in this version get 

  • Conduct Unlimited webinar sessions
  • Includes for only 2 hosts
  • The duration to host the session is 2hours maximum

The professional version costs $699/yr and can manage 2000 attendees with unlimited webinars, for 4 hosts & 3 hrs of duration, enjoy always on-live room, and also with a panic button.

The Enterprise plan costs $999/yr with 5000 attendees, in this plan, get unlimited webinar sessions, 6 hosts to manage, a maximum duration of 4 hours, an always on-live room option, a panic button facility, and the control center to focus more. 

WebinarJam offers 30 days money-back guarantee, so you can buy the plan that you want without any risk. All you need to do is just connect with the support team of WebinarJam and get your money back. In all the three plans, the common features available are

  • Live messaging option 
  • Can record automatically the webinar sessions
  • Can schedule the events at your convenience and flexibility
  • Bring an attendee for discussions
  • Get maximum registrations with its page builders
  • Send automated emails to your audiences
  • Provide offers to your audiences
  • Allows to conduct quizzes, polls, and surveys
  • Can share files easily
  • Introduces drawing board
  • Video-player option
  • Paid webinar sessions

💥 Final Conclusion of WebinarJam Review 

WebinarJam is a great webinar software that allows you to create webinars for various purposes. No matter where you are, with just a single tap you can connect with the people at any time and anywhere as it does not compromise the quality of the webinars. 

It is compatible with all the devices, so you can use any mobile phone, laptop, tablet to conduct a webinar or to attend a webinar. One can make presentations in the best way, at the same time customize your live room according to your business industry. 

It offers a recording option, that covers every second and you can replay and watch them or send them to another set of audiences.

From downloading the live recording videos to conducting polls, connecting to attendees personally, all the things are possible with WebinarJam. The customer support is also good so, give it a try and start the event for the first time without any extra work. 

⚡️ Frequently Asked Questions 

🤞 Is it safe to join WebinarJam?

Yes, WebinarJam is 100% safe, and from business meetings, to training sessions, everything is private and secure.

✌️ Is WebinarJam is legit?

WebinarJam is a complete legit platform that comes with different features and is trusted by more than 50,000 customers. Live broadcasting, and everything can be done without downloading to your device.

👊 Is WebinarJam Live or recorded?

You can conduct live sessions at WebinarJam and at the same time, it records all your live sessions automatically.

👍 Can I pay WebinarJam monthly?

No, WebinarJam does not offer monthly plans and you have to pay for yearly plans as this is the major drawback of WebinarJam.

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