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Vortex Alpha Review: Is it The Best Affiliate Network?


Vortex Alpha Review

Name: Vortex Alpha

Description: Vortex Alpha is a globally operational performance marketing network based in the United Kingdom. It is an affiliate network with its own custom software where the affiliates can select the offers & send the traffic to whoever they want to promote and advertisers can add their offers along with their promotions on the Vortex Alpha platform. 

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Why Advertisers & Affiliates Must Go with Vortex Alpha? 

Vortex Alpha is a performance marketing network that has a community of international brands and affiliates and some of the reasons why you should make it your affiliate network choice are as follows: 

  • Best payout rates in the affiliate industries.  

  • Has platform performance tracking tools 

  • Payout on weekly, monthly and bi-monthly basis. 

  • Higher lead generation and conversions. 

  • Multiple vertical options, dedicated account managers and customizable affiliate programs. 

Businesses have been using affiliate programs for quite some years now as an active marketing technique in order to promote their services and products.

Lately, the idea has blown up so much that every small enterprise, as well as startup, are beginning to use it to generate higher incomes.

Vortex Alpha Review

So, if you are here to know more about affiliate marketing, affiliate networks and is Vortex Alpha worth it? Stick till the end of this Vortex Alpha Review.  

In this extensive guide, we will be discussing Vortex Alpha’s affiliates and advertisers programs, features, available offers, customer support, and wrapping the Vortex Alpha review by answering the question of why should one use it? 

What is Vortex Alpha?

Vortex Alpha is a globally operational performance marketing network based in the United Kingdom. It is an affiliate network with its own custom software where the affiliates can select the offers & send the traffic to whoever they want to promote and advertisers can add their offers along with their promotions on the Vortex Alpha platform. 

About Vortex Alpha

The company reportedly has a community of over a couple thousand affiliates and advertisers working for them internationally. Vortex Alpha helps businesses generate profits by keeping the idea of affiliate marketing as a focus.

The platform provides a number of high-end tools and management teams which helps in brand exposure, better click rates, and ensures higher conversions. Vortex Alpha Network is one the best choice for publishers from the United States, Europe, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada. 

What is Affiliate marketing? 

It is an online sales tactic that enables business owners to increase their sales. It is a monetization model for affiliates/publishers which involves earning a commission by advertising the services or products of other companies or retailers.

Vortex Alpha Review

The rewards are mostly fixed payouts or a certain percentage of the sales made (Revshare). At times rewards can also be granted for lead generation, free trials users, installation of an app, or clicks to the website. The affiliate programs can be joined by anyone and are usually free of cost. 

How does Affiliate Marketing work?  

The particular product or services can be referred to audiences through blogs, social media, websites, native ads, search ads, etc. The affiliates earn profits usually when the customers click on their unique link and make a purchase. The affiliates can be rewarded on the following techniques. 

  1. Pay per sale – It is the most common approach where the affiliates get paid a percentage of a sale whenever the customers buy any product or services.  
  1. Pay per lead – Instead of enticing the customers to purchase something, they urge them to take some actions instead, such as fill up the contact form, take free trials, etc. 
  1. Pay per click – In this approach advertisers are not concerned about lead generation or conversions. The affiliates are compensated on the basis of the number of clicks or impressions through their site or app. 

Vortex Alpha Affiliates Features   

Vortex Alpha provides as much help and support as they can to their affiliates & advertisers. Some of the key aspects of this affiliate network are as follows.

Vortex Alpha Offers

Designed solutions   

The platform offers an option to advertisers to customize their affiliate offers according to their needs. The campaigns can be designed and modified whenever the business owners want to.  

Higher Conversion rates   

The conversion rates undoubtedly also depend upon the products and brands; therefore, Vortex Alpha only collaborates and works with trusted brands. This definitely increases the chances of conversion rates thus letting affiliates earn more.  

Conversion rate can be calculated on the basis of the following formula; conversions/visits*100. For instance, assume the affiliate landing page had 1000 visitors last month and a total of 20 people bought the product that was being promoted by you, then the conversion rate would simply be 2%. 

Vortex Alpha features

Greater sales earnings  

The platform negotiates business campaigns and brings forth the best possible payouts percentages and helps affiliates earn more profits. 

Account Manager  

Dedicated account managers are assigned to affiliates in order to meet their needs and requirements. In case any issues persist, they offer advice and help in coming up with a suitable solution. Through advanced management and the latest marketing tools, the affiliates can be provided great support and can easily manage their tasks.  

Marketing Offers  

Vortex Alpha includes CPA (Cost Per Action), CPL (Cost Per Lead), and revenue share offers to help affiliates earn higher revenue. Let’s see what these offers actually are and how they are critical metrics for businesses of all sizes and shapes. 

Cost Per Action Model  

It is a compensation strategy that enables advertisers to pay the affiliates based on some specified actions. The said action can be anything from making a successful purchase to filling out a form, watching a video, or signing up. It is a pretty effective model when it comes down to scaling and return on investments. Let’s see how it works and who are all involved in this strategy. 

  1. Publisher – People who endorse a particular service or product to generate traffic on sites and help in conversions. 
  1. Advertisers – The business or a brand who needs affiliates to help them in generating website traffic and boost sales by creating leads and increasing the conversion rates. 
  1. CPA Network – It is an intermediary platform which brings the brand who needs advertising and affiliates who want to earn commissions by promoting products or services together. 

Cost Per Lead Model  

It is one of the many other metrics used in affiliate marketing where the brands pay a fixed price for each lead that is being generated.  Whenever a customer clicks on ads they are redirected to the brand’s website.

The marketing campaign can be for discount offers, mailing list signup, limited coupons for a sale, etc. If the customer signs up for the offer, the lead will be generated and the affiliates will get paid according to the predetermined price rates. 

Revenue Share Offers  

Vortex Alpha platform also supports a range of Revenue Share offers which has a number of benefits over other monetization models.

This is based on the percentage commissions payment strategy where affiliates are compensated with a percentage payout of the total value of the sales made instead of a fixed fee on each purchase, gaining a prospect, etc. It is quite cost-effective and worthwhile from a merchant’s perspective since they have to pay money to affiliates only when they are helping in generating sales. 

Vortex Alpha Affiliate Marketing Network 

Upon approval from Vortex Alpha, anyone can become an affiliate or an advertiser. One can earn passive income or commissions from endorsing through lead generation as well as conversions and advertisers can gain sales. 

Vortex Alpha for Affiliates   

Affiliates or publishers get full authority and can decide upon a number of factors when promoting the products or services such as product payout models (CPL, CPA, Revenue share), the associated brands, allowed traffic source, and more while the platform negotiates with companies for better payouts.  

How to become an Affiliate? 

All you need to do in order to become an authorized affiliate at Vortex Alpha is to fill out a mandatory identification sign-up form asking for a couple of personal details. Follow the steps given below to successfully register yourself as an affiliate. 

  1. Visit Vortex Alpha’s official website. 
  1. Click on the “Become an Affiliate” button and you will be redirected to the affiliate sign up page. 
  1. You will be required to fill in certain information related to your company, marketing strategies, contact and payment details. 
  1. The necessary company information includes the Company name, address, city, state, postal code, country, corporate website and who referred you as a compulsory field.  
Vortex Alpha Affiliate sign up form
  1. Marketing information consists of Payment Model drop-down menu with CPM, CPA, CPC, Fixed and Revenue share as the options, Primary and Secondary Categories drop downs along with a field to enter extra comments. 
  1. The contact information form incorporates details such as legal first name, last name, job title, work phone number, cell phone, fax number, email id, IM and time zone. 
  1. The required payment information includes Payment to (company’s name or main contact), Currency (British Pound or US Dollars), Tax Class (Corporation, Sole Proprietor, Partners/ LLC/ LLP, others) and SSN or Tax ID. 
  1. After completing the above forms, read the T&C, click on the agree checkbox and click the submit button present at the bottom of the page. 

It is to be noted that one must verify their identity and only then are eligible to work on the Vortex Alpha network. This reduces the number of fraud cases and is a basic requirement by many of Vortex Alpha’s advertisers. 

Vortex Alpha for Advertisers  

As you know marketing for a business requires a lot of money to spend & you may not be a marketing expert. If you hire a marketing agency then you have to pay the upfront payment for ads and other marketing promotions but there is no guarantee that you will get the results.

Vortex Alpha affiliate marketing network

So, why burn the money? If there’s an option where is always a win-win situation with Vortex Alpha for you because they have a marketing expert AKA affiliates connecting with their platform. The best part is that you don’t have to pay the upfront payment to anyone, when you get sales or leads then only pay.

Don’t you think how this process can give a great BOOST to your business?

Obviously Yes! Finally, You can focus on your business, thanks to such great platforms like Vortex Alpha taking care of everything which can save your money, time &, etc.

Vortex Alpha is one of the best choices for advertisers. You can check out the dedicated Advertisers page and for more information, an advertising team specialist will contact you within 3 business days when you submit the form. 

Affiliate Program Verticals    

Vortex Alpha has partnered with thousands of enterprises, advertisers, and publishers till the date and helps them with brand exposure, lead generation, and higher conversion rates.

Vortex Alpha For Affiliates

It offers multiple verticals and some of which are iGaming, Forex, Finance, Insurance, Shopping, Surveys, Health, Ecommerce, Fitness, Sweepstakes, and Dating. Let’s go over some of these niche verticals in a little detail. 

  1. iGaming – This kind of niche affiliate marketing includes promotions of online casinos, poker, sports, certain types of games, discounts, etc. One can join multiple offers to generate higher profits and get the opportunities to earn flat fee or revenue shares. 
  1. Sweepstake – Sweepstakes are basically the offers where the customers sign up to win free goodies or some sort of rewards. It is used by companies who want to gather multiple clients’ data. Sweepstakes are categorized into two types; Credit card submit and Email submit. (SOI, DOI)
  1. Fitness – Health and fitness are growing niche affiliates market and one can promote workout equipment, nutrition products, fitness apps, etc. 
  1. Financial – The target audience for financial programs are people who are interested in the topics like money, economy, cryptocurrencies, trading, etc. 
  1. Dating – These campaigns include promotion of online dating sites such as, eHarmony, Christian Mingle, Parship, JDate, Elite Singles and many more. 

Vortex Alpha Support  

The platform provides separate dedicated FAQs and blog pages, phone call and email support for the UK, US, and Australia along with ground office addresses.  

Vortex Alpha Conclusion 

Wrapping up our Vortex Alpha review by summarizing all that we have covered so far. The platform is one of the best affiliate networks, has advertisers and publishers from all around the world, offers diverse vertical options, great customer support, advanced tools, higher payouts, and conversions. 


Q1. Are there any limits on referred new affiliates? 

No, you can refer to as many affiliates as you want. 

Q2. Payment modes through which affiliates can be paid? 

Affiliates can be paid via PayPal, Amazon Gift Card, Bitcoin, Payoneer, and Bank transfer. 

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