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Vidnami Review + 50% Discount Code: Is It Worth To Buy?


There are number of video creating platforms out there, but which one is Good?

Today, we review one of the best video maker: Vidnami, an AI-based video-creating tool.

Over the past few years, Vidnami has taken the marketing world by storm as an easy-to-use, effective video creating tool that works wonders when it comes to promoting businesses and/or products with the least possible effort.

Vidnami Review

👊 What is Vidnami? Complete Review

To put it simply, Vidnami is an AI-based video creating tool which helps you make studio-grade, professional-looking, high quality marketing videos quickly without giving you a run for your money.

Create Stunning Videos With Vidnami

This platform makes it easy for everyone, regardless of their profession or working nature, to make short, to-the-point videos advertising their services. To add to the ease, this is an online platform that saves your progress online, and does not require you to download Vidnami on your system.

Vidnami’s unique selling point is its state-of-the-art AI software that churns out images and clips by simply reading and identifying texts and tags put in by users in a matter of seconds.

Given the very nature of the AI tech, you might come across some goofs here and there, however, Vidnami’s accuracy triumphs well over its little mix ups from time to time – the testimonies say it all.

With the plethora of free media available in their library, one doesn’t need to spend extra money on buying stock images and footage off the internet. Vidnami’s simple copy paste technique helps you to curate and edit videos according to your liking, just within a few clicks.

Within just a few years since its launch as “Content Samurai” in 2015, Vidnami has established itself as one of the leading and versatile video-creating platforms across the web. Now, let’s look at what the hype is all about, shall we?

😘 Types of Videos You Can Create On Vidnami

Vidnami has been advertising its service for mainly creating 6 general types of videos. However, obviously, this tool is not strictly limited to these specific types.

It is very possible that one type of video may work on one platform but bomb on others. This is why Vidnami offers its users the freedom to create different types of videos that perform well on all platforms. Whatever your product/service is, this video creation tool will let you sell and/or promote literally anything whatsoever!

Vidnami Clip Selection

  1. Influencer videos or for social media are the type of videos one might find scattered across a variety of social media platforms, especially Instagram, where influencers engage in brand promotion. These videos, more or less, help build a business or individual’s online presence. The attention span of today’s average social media user is equivalent to a goldfish’s memory. This is where Vidnami can help you to create perfect, under-a-minute service or product based review videos to hold the people’s attention.
  • Content videos basically convert any written web content like traditional blog posts and articles into smaller videos. Summarizing web information with a reading time of 5+ minutes into a mere 1–2-minute video cut down on the additional time spent on reading. This is a particularly great way for content creators, writers and bloggers to market to boost conversion rates all the while building a worldwide audience.
  • Instant, catchy ads that are mostly flashed on social media, are the heart of digital marketing at the moment. Vidnami makes creating few seconds to a minute-long ad videos with right visuals and good music possible within just a few clicks. It’s ‘Instant Ad library’, which is also royalty-free, helps you make cost-effective, hooking ads without having to hire technical help.
  • Online course and training videos. Traditional online classes always look for creating easy to understand and professional-looking videos for their audience that makes the learning process a bit more enduring. Moreover, with the current pandemic looming over us, online classes and school aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. School teachers and college professors with zero technical skills can use Vidnami to create organized class videos.
  • Sales videos are crucial for a business to convert its audience into paying customers. This is where Vidnami comes and ticks all the boxes that a good sales video requires, that too within a limited budget. With the features Vidnami offers, creating professional-looking sales videos would cost from very little to almost nothing.

❣️ Review Of Vidnami Features

No Video Editing Required
  • Templates. The most basic feature to start with is the template feature. Vidnami provides templates considering 6 categories of video marketing content – influencer videos, content videos, instant ads, course/training videos, sales videos, and property videos (a more niche based category). You can choose from the 100+ different styles and tones that fit your vision best.
  • Script. Here is where you add the content/text that Vidnami AI tech will process to churn out suitable videos, images and clips according to the keywords. This is the only stage at where you need to work on, i.e., find content and context for the new video, created on Vidnami. This, right here, decides WHAT your video will be about.
  • Scenes is where you can see the videos/images/scenes auto-added by Vidnami by only identifying keywords. The software’s selection, as we mentioned earlier, can be slightly off sometimes, but it can be easily edited by choosing videos/images by simply searching tags. To simply put, this section lets you choose videos/images for the scenes that Vidnami breaks your script into. It also offers text features where you can edit the flashing text according to your liking.
  • The Voice track feature generates auto AI text-to-speech voice tracks to read out the video script, as well as lets you use your own pre-recorded audio/track. Vidnami’s music library offers good background tunes as well based on the mood/ambience you’re going for. And the best part is, it automatically syncs the selected audio-visual files.
Vidnami Music Tracks
  • Preview is the stage where you can manually edit what you’re presented with so far. The key aspect of the preview feature is the option to add a watermark. How many video creation tools let your brand and protect your videos this way? Not many, we bet. You can optimize the video to add a title, description, and thumbnail. Download, and voila, you’re good to go!
  • And finally, a dashboard where you can access all the videos you’ve made so far. This isn’t exactly a ‘distinct’ feature that Vidnami offers, but rather a basic feature given it’s a purely online platform. It gives you access to all your videos for when you need inspiration or ideas from your previous work and also helps you organize and keep track of your completed and in-progress videos.

💥 Vidnami Pricing Plans

Given the level of convenience and easy-to-use features offered, although cheaper compared to other average performing video creating tools, Vidnami can still be a bit pricey. But hey, look at the high quality, professional videos you end up creating at the end!

Vidnami Pricing Plan

Vidnami has two general plans: Monthly and Yearly, along with a free 14-day trial.

  • The Monthly Plan @$47 is probably the best deal you’ll find to cut down on your time and money spent on video editing, especially considering the live 25% off discount for life they’re offering right now, making the monthly plan available at just $35. Which means, if you do the math correctly, you save $144/year – a pretty sweet deal. This plan gives you access to creating unlimited videos with Vidnami’s full feature backup – automatic audio and visual sync, customizable branding, AI clip/image selection to name a few.
  • The Yearly Plan @397 offers the same packed features but with an additional 25% discount. This plan is best suitable for non-seasonal businesses that require video content quite often. So, if you’re planning to stick around for the long haul, getting a yearly subscription would be cheaper than renewing one every month. You can review your Vidnami pricing plan before clicking on the checkout button.

Apart from these two plans, Vidnami also generously offers a free 14-day trial period where you can access all features offered by Vidnami, make unlimited videos, AND keep the videos that you create within that week! You will not be charged for any services that you use in this free trail. If you aren’t sure about Vidnami and are still surfing, this trail will definitely get you on board.

😍 How Does Vidnami Help To Create Videos?

Vidnami helps to create promotional videos, review videos for any product, especially for small and online businesses is a great hassle.

It’s a big fat task where you need budgeting, hiring staff for all the different stages involved, getting tools and equipment ready, technical knowledge when it comes to even get started, and most importantly, time! Those long, long hours spent on compiling and editing are better used for planning and strategizing your other marketing tasks, don’t you think?

Vidnami cuts this hassle out by doing all the work we just mentioned for you in a matter of few minutes. It’s easy, click-and-drag features require one to have little to no experience in video making.

Vidnami Automatic Captions

All you need is a script or text with your ideas written down describing your product, and Vidnami’s AI tool will pick media files matching the keywords, and even give your video a voice with their auto voice feature if you don’t want to use your own audio files or voice.

Though, in case of making sales or “influencer” videos, we’d recommend using your own recorded audio since the auto text-to-speech voices may sound a bit robotic.

Compared to other video creating tools, Vidnami offers its legitimately genius services at a far less expensive and cheaper rates. However, it can still be a bit pricey considering how holistic and convenient its features are.

🤔 Pros and Cons Of Vidnami

Here’s a list of pros and cons associated with Vidnami to help you have a quicker glance at what their video creating tool offers and lacks.

✌️ Pros

  • It is completely beginner friendly and requires no prior knowledge on video editing. It’s easy-to-use user interface guides users all the way with little to no difficulty.
  • AI software. The most distinct feature that separates Vidnami from its rival platforms is its highly accurate Artificial Intelligence base.
  • Access to royalty-free media. From the 100,000,000+ videos clips, 700,000+ images, 115,000+ music files made available by the Vidnami’s media library, user do not have to spend a single penny to use them.
  • This tool is purely online and does not require downloading/installing on your device, therefore, everything you do on this platform will be updated and saved as you work.

🤞 Cons

  • It can be slightly expensive if you’re looking for a short-term alternative or are on a tight budget. A $47 monthly subscription cannot be afforded by everyone.
  • Although a great feature, the auto-voice overs provided are good enough for certain kind of videos. There’s a risk of it coming across as robotic.
  • The images and clips for ’scenes’ generated can sometimes be a little inaccurate since the AI system identifies keywords, presenting you with not as relevant slides. However, this can be edited manually with ease.

🔥 Who Should Buy Vidnami? Is It For You?

We definitely recommend Vidnami to digital marketers and individuals who are looking for a cheap alternative to make quick and visually appealing videos, and a way to increase their reach.

  • It’s great for someone who’s on a tight budget and wants to focus on creating short, studio-level, attention grabbing videos for their content.
  • Content creators, marketers and online personalities who constantly require making professional quality videos to communicate with their audience as opposed to individuals who are likely to upload videos like these as little as twice a month.
  • Individuals who wish to simply generate leads using video marketing with no technical experience or knowledge in video editing/production.

👋 Final Words On Vidnami Review

One might not always have the capital or means to access to a team of professionals solely for marketing. This is where Vidnami comes to the rescue and practically makes it a child’s play to create hooking, call-for-action, attention-grabbing, and professional quality videos to help promote your services.

The best part about this service is that you can work this software with absolutely zero technical knowledge of video editing.

Easy To Add logo, Colors, Images etc.

Usually, one has to pay a considerable amount to acquire stock footage and images, but Vidnami offers you media counting to somewhere near 100,000,000+ files through their library for absolutely free! It’s a cheap production investment for making catchy videos, which in most cases, other than the subscription, incurs zero cost.

Another great aspect of using Vidnami is that the final product available just within a few minutes. But more importantly, what makes Vidnami the most appealing is that you simply need to tweak and edit your videos, as opposed to starting from scratch with a blank canvas.

As far as the question we posed is concerned, yes, it definitely is worth trying, and going through these points showcases just how powerful Vidnami is. The testimonials & customer reviews show that how much quality video maker tool it is.

If you’re still not sure if Vidnami’s for you, go ahead and give their 14-day-trail a try at no cost to you whatsoever, and see for yourself how well your business performs in the next few weeks. We don’t see any reason not to!

🎁 FAQs

Is there any free trial available on Vidnami?

Yes, You can make and save videos on Vidnami with full access to its features with a free 14-day trial.

Can the subscription be canceled anytime?

Yes. However, the payment is not refundable. Therefore, we recommend you using the monthly plan during your initial time with Vidnami. It’s less risky and gives you more time to decide on whether you want to continue or not.

Will I face any copyright issues?

No, you will not face any copyright issues as long as you use Vidnami’s 100% royalty-free media library for your videos.

Where do I access and save my Videos?

Vidnami is an online platform that saves your videos on the go. Your files will be automatically saved and given access directly to your profile. Closing the tab mid-editing will still save your progress.

Does Vidnami has an affiliate program?

Yes, Vidnami has quite a large affiliate program you can become a part of by following the simple steps listed on their website.

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