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TrafficStars Review 2024: Is It Good Ad Network To Join?


In the market, there are tons of ad networks that bring more quality traffic, but it is difficult to choose the best one. If you’re looking for the best ad network that brings quality traffic for your ad campaigns then TrafficStars is the one to look into. 

TrafficStars is one of the best ad network platforms where you can optimize and monetize ad campaigns. If you’re a publisher or advertiser, then review the TrafficStars platform and analyze it to know how it works for your business to get quality traffic.  

😇 What is TrafficStars?


TrafficStars is one of the ad network platforms that deliver the best traffic and it has the capacity with 4+ billion ad impressions on a daily basis. It is a self-serve ad network & ad exchange platform that can reach millions of audiences, and monetize the inventory content easily. 

No doubt, TrafficStars takes your business to the next brand new level and review the reason to pick TrafficStars is 

  • Get premium worldwide traffic with over 4 billion impressions daily.
  • Offers dedicated expert team support to its users.
  • It provides access to the high-quality traffic.
  • Distributed bulletproof architecture is its speciality.
  • It has five data centers.
  • Per second, it can hold the capacity of 50k impressions.
  • With the help of Artificial Neural Network Algorithms, you can optimize your campaign automatically.
  • Real-time statistics & detailed reporting helps to optimize the campaign easily.

🤗 TrafficStars Ad Formats

TrafficStars - Ad formats

Publisher, Advertiser, Marketer, and Developers, everyone has the opportunity to buy and sell premium traffic across the world with TrafficStars. From beginners to media experts, anyone can choose TrafficStars, as it is an effective solution that brings traffic with just a few clicks. 

TrafficStars offers different ad forms and it is good to review which one is suitable for your business. The ad formats provided by TrafficStars are Banner Ads, Native Ads, Push ads, Video Pre-roll, Video IM Slider, Video X Pre-Roll, Push Notifications, Popunder, and Full Page Interstitial Ads. Of course, all these ad formats work on all devices operating systems, mobiles, and tablets. 

😘 TrafficStars for Advertisers

TrafficStars for Advertisers

By reaching millions of audiences across the world, one can get high-quality traffic with TrafficStars. It is suitable for beginners and experts, and moreover, it offers in-depth analytical reports including granular real-time statistics. 

In just a few steps review create an ad campaign that you want to run in no time at TrafficStars, and set the target to reach the goals. In order to get more revenue, the granular targeting tool allows you to optimize the ad and this feature helps to get more traffic easily. The real-time statistics give in-depth analytics to analyze the ad performance. From this, you can do changes wherever it wants. 

✔️ General Features of TrafficStars

TrafficStars Features

The main agenda of TrafficStars is to reach millions of audiences on a daily basis to get good quality traffic across the world. To get more traffic, it offers various features and they are 

Easy User Interface 

No matter whether you’re a beginner or an expert, TrafficStars has an intuitive user interface. It is easy for everyone to do all the operations on this platform from campaign name, campaign creation process to launching the ad campaign. 

Statistics & Reports in Real-Time 

TrafficStars provides detailed insights into statistics and review the reports to get an idea of how the ad campaign is working. If it is not working well, then you can optimize your ad campaign to run effectively. 

Extensive Targeting Options 

It provides extensive targeting options, so you can target the audience based on the locations, site, language, browser, carrier, IP addresses, and many other segments. 


TrafficStars offers a tracking feature, in order to reach the goals, you can track the conversions, impressions, campaign ROI, and other activities. 

Dynamic Retargeting Options

TrafficStars offers the retargeting option, if the audience visits your site before and does not perform any activity properly means, use this retargeting feature. Send ads of your products and services again to them, and then there may be huge chances to buy your products and services. 

Offers Exclusive Traffic Sources 

It offers various traffic resources and with just one click away to get more traffic to your ad campaigns and websites. 

RTB (Real-Time Bidding)

TrafficStars offers a Real-time bidding system, all you need to do is just bid according to the targeting options, and ad spots. After that, you will get billions of daily impressions and traffic from any part of the world. 

Expert Support System

TrafficStars provides a great support system to its users and also will have a personal account manager to help in every activity from campaign creation to achieve success. 

😚 TrafficStars for Publishers

TrafficStars for Publishers

As a publisher, if you’re looking to earn more revenue then TrafficStars is for you as it ensures in providing an excellent user experience. 

Ad Spot 

TrafficStars provides a huge variety of pre-set ad formats and they are fully customizable. So, that they can integrate easily on any spot of the web page. 

Ad Security 

TrafficStars offers high-standard security for the ads, and their flagging system permits to control all the verticals of the advertisements. 

If you want to maximize the profits, then review how to monetize with this platform. 

TrafficStars - Advanced Monetization Platform

Automatic Payout Options 

Just choose the payment option that you want and the rest TrafficStars proceed with the next operations automatically.

Statistics in Real-Time 

When you get a detailed statistical report with deeper insights, then these reports give you an idea of how to monetize the traffic more efficiently. 

Google Comapliant Ads 

TrafficStars have control in managing the Google complaint ads with the help of compliant ad formats. 

Safet and Security 

The compliance team of TrafficStars is always ensuring your site safety all the time 24/7. It gives protection to the website in order to avoid any other cyber attacks. 

Support by the Experts 

The personal account manager gives support to manage all the activities and helps you out to get more revenue. 

Fill Rate – 100%

TrafficStars has a fill rate of 100% that means, all your traffic will be monetized across the world. 

⚡️ TrafficStars RTB

Advertisers should get the right audiences and the publishers want to maximize their revenues. If you’re an advertiser and publisher, then choose TrafficStars because it uses big data, intelligent algorithms, and state-of-the-art technology to get the best results. You can bid the amount with this digital auction process on the bid per impression in real-time.

🤠 TrafficStars Pros and Cons 


  •  Premium self-serve ad network platform
  • Great support from the experts
  • Allows high-quality adult traffic
  • Brings Wordwide audiences
  • Accepts payments in CPC, CPM, etc
  • User-friendly & simple interface
  • Offers various ad formats
  • Campaign craetion & campaign edit is easy
  • Retargeting
  • Real-time bidding
  • Real-time statistics


  •  Does not offer any referral programs

💝 TrafficStars Customer Reviews 

TrafficStars ad network reviews are provided by its users in a positive way, and one of the user reviews is mentioned in the picture below

TrafficStars Customer review

🎁 Payment Mode of TrafficStars

TrafficStars allows payments in different models like CPM, CPC, CPMV, and DCPM. Now, it is your turn to select the right appropriate pricing model for your ad campaign.

The minimum deposit is $1000 USD and it is the daily budget for an ad campaign. When funding the account the minimum deposit is $10000 USD. 

It accepts the payment options like Wire Transfer, Union Pay, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and many more. 

🔥 Final Say On TrafficStars Review

To get high-quality adult traffic, the TrafficStars platform is a powerful solution and worth testing platform. It has the capacity to reach millions of new people and collect users suitable to your business.

It is a self-serve premium ad network, and just choose the ad type that you want to create an ad campaign. The creation process and everything is quite simple and easy. If you have still any doubts, just connect with the expert team and they provide clear information and clarifies all your doubts. 

⭐ Frequently Asked Questions

🤞 Why thousands of advertisers and publishers choose TrafficStars ad Network?

It is one of the best ad networks which has the capacity to deliver the best traffic worldwide. Overall, it can deliver 4+ billion ad impressions on a daily basis. It is the reason to choose TrafficStars.

✌️ What are the benefits offered by TraffucStars to a Publisher?

A publisher can get huge revenue and at the same time, a publisher can experience different benefits like automatic payouts, compliant ads, security & safety, experts support, a fill rate of 100%, and lastly real-time statistics.

👊 What is the Lookalike audience feature at TrafficStars?

According to the analysis of the algorithm, we can examine the ad performance, and the main functionality of the Lookalike audience feature is to increase the revenue by extending the reach of your ad campaign to various audiences.

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