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TerraLeads Review: Is it A Best CPA Network or Hype?


CPA marketing is one of the best monetization strategies which affiliate marketers and TerraLeads is really good with its awesome exciting features. TerraLeads offers you the best payouts in the industry if you are into Nutra offers. TerraLeads is the World’s First CPA Hub and it has taken CPA marketing to a whole new dimension. If you are looking for a creative and innovative perspective on the affiliate marketing industry, then TerraLeads is the best choice for you.

TerraLeads Review: First CPA Hub

In affiliate marketing, TerraLeads is a new entrant and they have named themselves as a ‘HUB’. TerraLeads is a first ever CPA hub which produces high-quality products on their own with awesome COD offers. In fact, one of the best things with TerraLeads is that they will let you earn great rewards and profits along with bonus coins.

TerraLeads Review: First CPA Hub

They are called CPA HUB because they are direct advertisers and all under one roof along with COD offers. TerraLeads are also the advertisers themselves which means they have in-house high-quality products that are tested to meet European standards.

They are considered a hub because of three different components which are mentioned below: –

  1. Publisher – Their promotional and educational material for their partners is created by their arbitrage team. All this is pretty helpful in making money.
  2. Merchant – TerraLeads created offers for their own products and in order to meet the European standards they are all clinically tested.
  3. Network – The best thing about TerraLeads is that they only work with those who possess significant experience in affiliate marketing. They also have tried to make their system safer and transparent to all affiliate marketers.

Background Of TerraLeads

TerraLeads was established in Jan 2017 and they are the first CPA HUB that offers a wide range of products. They have warehouses and offices all over Asia and Europe but they work worldwide. The best thing about TerraLeads is that the products available for promotion are so-called in-house products or you can say they are advertisers themselves. These products have gone through all the test in order to meet the European standards.

They have their own media buying team which runs A/B split testing. It puts together all the entire education material for their partners. They boost revenue and they have a network, publisher, and merchants under one roof including COD offers. All these features and high-quality products make them stand out from the rest.

TerraLeads – Affiliate Marketing

Currently, TerraLeads offer valued services along with COD offers. A selection of offers is available that are difficult to find elsewhere. You can find payouts up to $40 and they have special conditions for top affiliates. TerraLeads are continuously offering new offers for the mass market.

TerraLeads Partners

The primary focal point of TerraLeads offers is diet, health, beauty and adult health niche markets. It offers physical products like pills, cream, and weight loss solutions and these products are always in demand in the market. That’s why it has proved to be a great industry to be in.

In case, if you are willing to get more information on any offers then you just need to click on the expand option. Then you can get to see different conversion rates, payments, payouts and T-coin by location, as well.

For example, Germixil offers a payout ranging between $15 to $19 which depends on the country you choose to promote. Once you choose an offer that you want to promote then we need to generate an API. There is one more option, as you can generate a stream within your account.

A stream is a tool that is used to promote offers through landing and Pre-landing pages which are available on TerraLeads. While choosing an offer, you need to keep one thing in mind that they have quality landing pages to choose from.

Whenever you are looking for an individual offer, you will observe some pre-landing pages within one area and you just need to click on any of the URLs. These URLs will open up in a new window and then ad copies will be displayed in the available language for the selected country of promotion.

Features of TerraLeads

As a publisher or Advertisers, we all are looking for a platform with excellent features and that is where TerraLeads name came upon. Some of its awesome features are as follows:

  • It has an exclusive White hat and Nutra offers in different categories like health, diet, beauty and adult.
  • SS model and COD offers.
  • We can have 24/7 multilingual support by professional affiliate managers in their own call centers.
  • APL functionality.
  • They have Pre-landing and landing pages that provide high conversion rates.
  • Domain parking
  • It has got detailed real-time statistics and much more.
  • They have got their team of creators.
  • They create their own offers with a well-defined process (research the topic, come up with naming, develop brand identity and run split testing).

TerraLeads is trying to focus on the Asian Market and has successfully expanded itself in several countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Latam, Africa, etc. Talking about the European countries, it has also expanded its arms in countries like Spain, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, France, Cyprus, Romania, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Germany and Austria.

TerraLeads has been expanding at a very fast rate and now they are planning to grow in the USA. It is clearly observed that they have a proper laid out plan and they know how to be ahead in the competition.

One of the best and noticeable features of TerraLeads is that they have an inbuilt tracking system and this system is capable of choosing the best combination of pre-landers and offer pages. It can also show you the statistics.

In order to maintain faster and high-quality leads, they have a quick lead system. Once a person fills a form then a representative calls him/her in his native language to verify the order. After verifying the order, the commission has been paid to the affiliate.

TerraLeads Features

The basic principle of getting the best payouts from TerraLeads is that there is no intermediate person and all the products are in-house products and they have great COD offers. The products are clinically passed and they meet the EU standards and the conversion rate is too high. These things are required to be specially taken care of while choosing any offer/network.

While creating the ad campaign or own creatives, the affiliates don’t need to worry regarding trouble with TOS because the landing pages have been passed and tested for moderation in both Facebook and AdWords.

Every Affiliate would want some exciting features which are mentioned below: –

  • They require instant payouts on request.
  • They need highly-trained native speaking representatives which offer higher approval rates.
  • High converting lending rates, which are completely tested in Facebook and Google AdWords.
  • Every partner required a personal Account manager and they are 24/7 available in multilingual support.
  • They require detailed statistics data for every order like operator’s comments, number of calls, customer feedback, etc.
  • The partners also get the opportunity to cooperate with the sales representatives for increasing ROI and creative creation.
  • They need consultation for media buying.
  • A large number of optimized tools available to all partners.
  • They have T-coins which are supposed to be a bonus that one can earn which can be later redeemed for prizes.

Easy Account Process

The publisher/partnership account is the same as any other CPA network. If you are a marketer and want to join TerraLeads then you need to register for a new account and confirm the email address.

Here, every application is viewed by an account manager, and the application is approved/rejected after a short interview. In that interview, they will ask basic questions to clarify the applicant’s experience.

While approving your account, you just need to be honest and provide as much details as you can share. It will maximize your chances of getting your account accepted.

It has one more perk that is bonus gifts which you can earn with TerraLeads. You get a bonus T-coins in every lead and these bonus T-coins can later be redeemed for awesome gifts from Terra Store.

TerraLeads Contact

Final Say On TerraLeads Review

‘TerraLeads’ is new in the market but they are growing every single day because they are improving themselves and providing you great COD offers as well. They are on the way to become a top player in the market. The best part is that there is no intermediate person which helps us to get the best payout which is considered a great plus point.

The networks which understand the actual scenario in the market always care for the end-users. They always need to be up for the challenges and these kinds of networks always emerge as a winner and stand out.

If you are in Nutra offers and willing to try something new, then you must give a try to TerraLeads as it offers you great features and good payouts along with the COD offers.

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