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Synergy Spanish Review: Is It Worth Your Time & Money?


We have many online learning platforms to learn new languages and these platforms are very helpful for especially travelers. To some people, language learning is a hobby, or else if anyone shifts to a new place because of some reason then it is important to learn the native language of that place.

If you’re looking to learn a new language then Synergy Spanish is one of the online course platforms that teaches the Spanish language. The Synergy Spanish review gives an idea of the course structure and then learn the Spanish language.   

😋 What is Synergy Spanish?

Synergy Spanish

Synergy Spanish is one of the online learning language platforms that teaches the Spanish language and the founder is Marcus Santamaria. In other words, it is the world’s easiest system to learn the Spanish language quickly and today more than 534,236 people learned Spanish on this platform. 

To learn the Spanish language means, Synergy Spanish is proven as the easiest and quickest shortcut method. To know more, get a Spanish lesson for free and then review to decide is it good to learn Spanish at Synergy Spanish or not. 

With just 138 words, Synergy Spanish teaches the Spanish language to its learners. The best part is they provide training like how to make 88,000 Spanish phrases with just 138 Spanish words and from this, we can understand they provide training in a unique approach.    

😍 Synergy Spanish Course Structure

Synergy Spanish Course structure

Synergy Spanish is a complete Spanish language training program as you can learn on any device, at any time and anywhere. It offers different learning styles like the audio course, video lessons, or a 90-day email program. It offers beginners courses, Intermediate courses, and advanced courses to increase Spanish fluency.

Synergy Fast Action Guide 

  • Focus on grammar 
  • Learn 4 or 5 new words with less effort
  • 22 Spanish multipliers
  • Learn simple and full sentences 
  • Build some more sentences
  • How to maximize and multiply Spanish learning

Synergy Audio/Video Lessons

  • Quickly learn the basic words right from the first lesson.
  • Use powerful & useful combinations of Spanish words.
  • Step by step instructions and provide training with 138 words
  • The ultimate implementation of the Synergy Spanish system
  • If we look into the audio course program and video lessons, then each lesson may take 10-15 minutes on average.
  • Practice more to learn a lot of different things

🤔 For Whom is Synergy Spanish for?

Synergy Spanish learning platform is suitable for everyone who is eager to learn a new language. If you’re new to learn then it is suitable for beginners, and if you’re not fluent in the Spanish language then you can easily learn a higher level or advanced training. 

Synergy Spanish platform is not for a particular age people, from a kid to any old person can join the course program and start learning Spanish. This is the reason to choose Synergy Spanish is a great platform for everyone irrespective of age or place. 

🤗 Pros and Cons of Synergy Spanish 


  • Audio lessons and video format lessons 
  • Free trial is available
  • Tips & Tricks on a weekly basis
  • Limited vocabulary
  • Well-structured course
  • Can speak fluently
  • Offers 100% money-back guarantee
  • Learn Spanish lessons at your own pace



  • Price is a little bit expensive
  • Some are outdated lessons
  • Mainly provides training for beginners

💝 Customer Reviews on Synergy Spanish

Synergy Spanish learners have shared their learning journey experiences and provided reviews on how it helps to learn the Spanish language quickly and effortlessly. One of the students Neil Ellson, USA wrote “it is an excellent platform, and his speaking Spanish was improved and impressed by his friends”. Now, see what others say in the below picture.   

Synergy Spanish Customer reviews

🎁Synergy Spanish Pricing Plans 

Synergy Spanish Pricing Plans

The pricing plan of Synergy Light is $67 and in this, you’ll get 

  • 68 online lessons in audio format 
  • Start the action guide fastly 
  • Andriod, iPhone, and iPad app

The most popular Synergy Video costs $97, and get everything in Synergy light including

  • 68 online lessons in Video format 
  • Email coaching for a period of 90 days

Synergy video course costs – $145 plus shipping and handling – It is the best vault

Get everything in the Synergy video plan including 

  • 12 CDs audio lessons 
  • The Action guide in a printed book format

The whole course plans are active for 60 days and if you didn’t learn the Spanish language perfectly in the period of time then no questions asked, it refunds your money to you. Overall, it is a risk-free platform to invest and learn something new right from the first lesson. 

💥Final Review – Synergy Spanish

Synergy Spanish is a Spanish course training program created by Marcus Santamaria, and it is suitable for everyone. It will teach you just 138 words, and from this, it trains you how to make 88,000 Spanish phrases. It is a good course who wants to learn Spanish and step by step you’ll get training to speak Spanish fluently. 

It provides training on audio, video lessons, and a 90-day email coaching but the cost of the course is pricey but worth to invest and learn the Spanish language. Any format you can pick, but you’ll get a similar method of training procedures. 

✨ Frequently Asked Questions

🤞 What does the Synergy Spanish course contain?

Synergy Spanish program contains audio and video lessons of the Spanish language training program and also 90-day email coaching services. 

✌️ Is Synergy Spanish Legit?

Synergy Spanish is a recommended Spanish course training program for those who want to learn the Spanish language. With just 138 Spanish words, you can learn how to build 88,0000 phrases, Even though it is an outdated course program with limited vocabulary, but one can learn Spanish quickly and easily.

👊 Who to consider investing in the Synergy Spanish course program?

Synergy Spanish is an online Spanish language course program that is suitable for a person who wants to learn Spanish. From kids to old, everyone can learn as it provides three different training programs beginners, intermediate, and advanced.

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