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Sqribble Review 2024: Is This eBook Creator Software Worth?


sqribble ebook software

Sqribble eBook Creator is software that helps to create eBooks in just a few minutes.

An initiative by Adeel Chowdhury, it has worked like wonders for many ebook writers and continues to.

Sqribble ebook software is very well known for the ease it brings and how it helps that writer’s who are less ‘artistically’ involved. It simplifies the entire process of designing and creating, plus it saves both time and money.

Check out our Sqribble review to know more about this best ebook creator.

Sqribble Review

There are various testimonials that claim Sqribble has every essential feature, which use to create an ebook, you can create an amazing eBook in just a push of a button. What is so special about this software? What is the vision behind this eBook Creator? Are there any great features of it? The questions are many and are still left unanswered.

What is Sqribble eBook Creator?

sqribble templates

This software is a godsend for those who wish to develop eBooks and don’t want to take the headache of designing and setting everything in the templates they’d make. Making templates is not an easy game, and is a huge time taking task. Not only eBooks, but this software also helps in getting whitepapers and reports done so that a person can easily become a pro in creating marketing projects. 

Although there are a lot of crappy and irritating Softwares present, the Sqribble eBook Creator doesn’t work like that. In fact, this software works way faster than the usual ones. A person doesn’t need any tech-based knowledge to use this software and can operate it without any hassle or issues.

Another reason why even marketers will love this ebook software is that it has various features that can work in their favor and save up loads of time and money. No eBook Creator has had so many features altogether and that’s why many people call it the best eBook Software!

There are various things such as the automatic table of contents, automatic pagination, and easy-to-use drag and drop design that has proven to be useful and time-saving. Overall, it is great software to use.

Let’s take a look at the features:

Features Review of Sqribble eBook Software

Sqribble has a number of features & we reviewed all the features. Let’s check it:

Sqribble Features

1. Easy to use Software

Software is extremely easy to use and requires no tech-based knowledge. Sqribble ebook software is specially designed for ease and comfort. It has an easy drag and drop interface that anyone from professional authors to marketers can use to pitch their content. The features are widely appreciated by its users because of the ease they bring.

2. Great eCovers

Although there are many eBook creators both online and offline, no one has such great eCovers. At times one needs to take the help of designers to get a good cover page done, making the entire process a bit more expensive and time taking. Why should one go for such stress when there is Sqribble?

The platform has great and attractive covers that look both pleasing and classic at the same time. This feature is very helpful for both authors and marketers as it saves a lot of time.

3. Agency Rights

If you want to make some money by creating great eBook templates and designs, then you can do that too! The Software grants agency rights wherein a person can create their design agency and create designs for others.

Also, there is a commercial agency license with which one can create and sell eBooks. There’s an option to build a readymade website based on the requirements. This way one can create designs and showcase them to clients. In either case, it’s a win-win situation.

4. Customizable and Personalized:

Sqribble offers complete liberty in creating templates and designs based on one’s taste and choice. There are no limitations in terms of fonts, colors, themes, and layouts. A person can choose from anything available and there’s a lot of variety present on the platform. Therefore, one can create eBooks and present them in a professional and classy form!

5. Automatic Content Updates

A person cannot find this feature on any other software as this is uniquely presented by Sqribble. One can add expert-level content without writing even a single word of their own. All they need to do is fill their desired niche and the software automatically adds the content. If yet feel to add something or remove the content they don’t like, then that can be done too! This feature is very good as it makes work a lot easier.

Sqribble Automatic Content

6. Training Center

It has a detailed training center so that the newbies can learn the Sqribble eBook Creator. Anyone new can find a complete training program present at the start which can help them understand the software’s features. The Step-By-Step tutorials help in generating knowledge on the Software’s functioning and usage.

7. Client Feedback Tool

This tool helps in collaborating with the clients and get their opinion on the eBook Projects. If there’s a need to make a change, then one can do that easily with the help of the software and return to them with the desired edits. This saves a lot of time as it multitasks and there’s no need to rely on skype or mail to get feedback, but they can revert back on the tool itself.

8. Create Flip-Books:

Not many Softwares support Flip-Books and also create a lot of trouble when trying to create on it. This feature is another reason why Sqribble is great and helpful. With this and the tools present on it, one can easily create Flip Books and enjoy doing it too.

The features are extremely user-friendly and comfortable. An eBook can turn into a Flipbook by just adding notions so that it feels like a person is turning pages. It makes the work look both fun and interactive to the readers.

Steps to Create an eBook

All a person needs to do is follow these steps and that is also extremely easy. Take a look at what are some of its easiest steps:

Step 1- Pick the Template you want

Sqribble Template

Review and choose from the 50 amazing designs personally crafted by software designers in Sqribble. All these templates carry details from across 15 niches present on the website. With so many options, you’re spoilt with choices and will love every template. Each of these templates comes with a perfect table of contents and professional page layouts. Just select the template you want and there you go!

Step 2- Add Instant Content

Instant Content

After the automatic content gets filled, if you wish to add something right at the moment then you can do that easily. Also, if you don’t have the time to add content then just add the URL on the Sqribble page and it’ll automatically enter whatever needs to be there. Their built-in engine also has over 1000 articles from every niche. Upload the word file and wait till the eBook extracts the content and posts it on your desired template.

Step 3- Customise and Publish

Sqribble Customize & Publish

Lastly, all you need to do is customize the color theme, add or delete texts and pages, set images, paragraphs, blocks, and voila! In 60 seconds you’ve created a masterpiece for yourself. If you wish to edit anything, you can edit and send it back to your clients or publish it yourself. How easy are all these steps, isn’t it?

How Much Does Sqribble Cost?

At present, Sqribble is just costing $67 per membership. In fact, they’re currently providing an Offer in which they’re giving the Software access for just $37.52. Technically if we see, the product is way cheaper than the expenses that come if we go to a designer. Before purchasing, review the Sqribble pricing plan features as per your requirements & choose the right plan for you.

Sqribble Price

Also, it saves time like a pro.

There’s no need to go back and forth and discuss everything with the designer, at times it also leaves one in a mess, and they have to compromise with the final output. A person need not do anything like this anymore and stay tension-free. The easy features and tools on this software can be used even by a person who is extremely new to this. So, this investment is worth it.

Pros and Cons

Here are a few Pros and Cons of Sqribble:


  • Easy to use.
  • It can be customized.
  • Saves time and money.
  • Has a free trial.
  • Variety of templates and designs from niches.
  • All advanced features made easy.


  • It makes formatting a bit limited.


  • Easy to use

Even mentioned above, this software works on tips and makes everything very easy and comfortable. A person wouldn’t even know how fast and easy it works. Also, its features are very user-friendly and overall, it makes tasks fun and enjoyable.

Sqribble Automatic Header Footer
  • It can be customized

Everything from templates and designs can be customized. A person doesn’t need to follow the exact template, they have all the rights to change whatever they wish to do. This makes working very open and there is no limitation in anything.

  • Saves time and money

It saves hundreds of dollars and time that is wasted by going to the designer again and again. In 67 dollars they give everything present in the expensive Softwares that aren’t even easy to use. This price gets all required things and one can make a design in as less as 60 seconds, and they technically don’t have to do much! Overall, think of saving all that time and money by using the software.

  • Has a free trial

Not that it’s already cheap, but the best part is that there’s a free trial for a few days. Check out all that’s needed in the software and trust me, you’ll fall in love with it. What this software brings is something that not every software does. Therefore if you’re thinking once, then get the free trial for yourself and test it.

  • Variety of templates and designs from niches

One will be tired of counting but still won’t be done with it. There are 50 designs crafted by dedicated software designers and if a user still doesn’t like something, then there are raw designs present for them. There are designs from a whopping 15 niches that no software will ever provide for this price.

  • All advanced features made easy

Every feature is made easy on this template. One gets to use all these super-advanced features at a very less price and all of them are user-friendly. With this, one can create everything comfortably and without any hassle.

Sqribble Automatic Page Number


  • It makes formatting a bit limited

Once someone starts using this software, they’ll love how they’re able to format everything. But after a while, one can find these options limited and will have to format according to what they want. But this doesn’t affect much as there are many more options present.

Sqribble Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Sqribble Reviews & Testimonials

Conclusion: Yes, It is An Amazing eBook Creator!

Yes, Sqribble is an amazing eBook Creator! A person will get tired of counting the endless options provided to them and how useful Sqribble ebook software is. It also saves hundreds of dollars a person has to pay to the designers.

Saving this money feels really amazing as it makes life extremely comfortable and one doesn’t even miss their past alternatives once they have Sqribble. With a lesser amount of time and the desire to bring more to the eBook, at times a person has to either spend a lot of time and money or compromise with the design, but that’s not the case with Sqribble.

The investment is worth the money as it saves all the efforts that go into those expensive Softwares if you do it by yourself or the money that goes to the designer. If a person buys it, it’s the best decision they’ll ever make as they’ll also be able to focus on other things after this.

Overall, it is an amazing product that a marketer or an author must go for. From us, it’s a big YES and total success.


How can a beginner learn sqribble ebook creator?

Right when a person downloads the ebook creator, there is a training program present at the start. Therefore, if someone needs to know, they can go through the sessions and easily learn it.

Can templates on the sqribble ebook creator be customised?

Yes, the templates and designs can be customized based on the color, notions, font, images, and themes. In fact, you can personalize it based on what you want, how you want. There are absolutely no limitations.

Is sqribble ebook creator easy to use?

Yes, the sqribble software has various features that work automatically. This makes your work very easy and comfortable at the same time.

Does sqribble ebook creator have professional features?

Yes, one can also use sqribble to start their designing agency. There are various features present in the software and all of them are easily equal to other Expensive Softwares.

Is the sqribble ebook creator worth the money?

Yes, the sqribble ebook creator is totally worth the money. You'll love every inch of it and won't regret buying it at all.

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