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Source Mogul Review: Is This Tool Worth To Buy in 2024?


The major challenge in the field of online trading also referred to as arbitrage on E-commerce platforms like Amazon is the huge time investment, that is a lot of times is consumed by research and sourcing processes and only a little goes into selling, which makes the return on that investment look way much smaller. Though it is possible to do the research and sourcing job yourself by keeping a check on another top retailer and their websites, again it is a very tedious and long process to execute.

Source Mogul Review

Source Mogul Features

Source Mogul paves the way to tackle that challenge for you, it review & finds products on Amazon, to be sold on Amazon, and lets you build a valued and meaningful business for yourself while saving a lot of time for other finer things.

It is an automated online sourcing platform/software that can help tremendously in finding the best products to sell on Amazon and have greater profit margins. Let’s see in this Source Mogul review, how are they able to achieve the day-long tasks in minutes.

It is important that we understand what Source Mogul is all about in steps.

Search your product

Source Mogul Product Research
Once you’re logged in, you begin your search through stores or categories, also you can select the suppliers you wish to analyze and get products from. Source Mogul provides a number of extensive filters and sorting options available on the dashboard to apply, review & refine the search results, such as sales rank, ROI%, estimated profit, etc.

Customize your listings

Source Mogul Wish List

Before you begin with the selection you have to do a careful analysis of the products that have now appeared in the results. Study the shared insights carefully and the price history graph of each product.

Start adding products to your wish list, where the wish list area studies the product stock availability and further identifies red flags in your search before you finally place an order. Also, you may customize the product listing and then upload it to your store from the results dashboard itself.

Source Mogul Analyses

Trade and Earn

Finally, after the entire process of selection is done with you may now proceed with placing orders for your choice of products. Do note that this software allows you to check stock availability and brand restrictions beforehand. This means the list you’ve gathered is foolproof.

Source Mogul Trade & Profit

You may choose to get your stock delivered at your own premises or FBA prep centers that are meant to receive, check and send the stock on to Amazon. Add the products to your amazon listing and just watch out for orders to pour in instantly!

Salient Features

  • Very simple, intuitive structure and process flow with fruitful results at the click of buttons, make it a complete arbitrage package.
  • You can set certain filters forever as basic and they’re run by the software every time you add more filters to your search criterion.
  • Extensive ROI calculator plus an option to calculate accurate profit margins by adding coupons, VAT, and other details.
  • Huge list of sites and stores in the Source Mogul database available for analysis to find & review the best and it has been continually expanding.

Price Plan

Source Mogul Pricing

Since Source Mogul is operational in the US and UK amazon market space, they offer two different plans for both areas. The plans are classified as monthly and yearly plans or membership. They offer a free trial period of 7 days to let you know the power of it, which can also be extended to 10 days.

The monthly and yearly plans are both all-inclusive of

  • Supplier search
  • Amazon category search
  • Wholesale list upload
  • Wishlist functionality
  • Stock check
  • The automated brand restriction check price list for users in the UK is £57 per month and £710 per year, and both are currently discounted where the monthly discount is valid for three months on new customer registration and yearly discount is valid for a year for all new customers. Similarly, the US prices are $67 per month and $880 per year.

Final Verdict

It is evident that the team at Source Mogul is dedicated towards developing more updates and continuous improvements in the tool.

Why Choose Source Mogul?

In these times of neck-to-neck competitions, it is imperative to say that time is money. This is something that can come in handy to all the users trying to get a hold of the arbitrage market and succeed with higher ROI without investing much money and most importantly time. It is a big-time help in saving money and establishing a niche of your own in the market pretty soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any contract?

No, you may end the subscription as and when you wish to. There are no cancellation fees or contract to hold back you from canceling your plans.

What other tools should I be aware of or are there any technical knowledge pre-requisites before I start using Source Mogul?

No, this is an extremely easy-to-understand software with a very intuitive interface. You don’t need to know more or be very tech-savvy to use it, either.

How do I seek help/support?

There’s an in-built ticketing support system for each user where the support teams are always on their toes to resolve your doubts/issues.

If a lot of people are using it, will that not saturate the market and drive the competition down?

Firstly, there are a hell lot of deals to be found on this platform. This is why a detailed price history graph is displayed with each search result.
And if you really find people selling a product for cheaper prices than expected that you must wait for their stock to end, which is limited. The prices return to their average over a period of time eventually.

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