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Soax Proxies Review: Best Residential & Mobile Proxy Provider


There are numerous proxy providers for residential and mobile proxies but most of them have security and quality issues. Soax Proxy is one of the proxy providers that is operating for more than eight million residential IPs in the proxy tool. The residential IPs are from original devices such as mobile, desktop or Wi-Fi.

Soax Proxies Review

It is basically a back-connect residential proxy provider with a very wide pool. It is one of the most reputed providers for residential and mobile proxies. It is operated across most of the geographic locations supporting a huge number of IPs active globally.

Soax proxies are rotating proxies and the proxy automatically controls the IP rotation and takes care of it. It can also generate a completely new session based on the status code and request. Automatic rotation is one of the unique and highly useful features of Soax proxies which makes it one of the best providers for crawling and data scraping. There are USPs of Soax proxies unlike others in the current market which makes it one of the most preferred choices.

Soax Proxies Review: Best Proxy Provider’s

Soax proxies work on the simple principle of supporting maximum clients all across the world and hence, it is readily available for most of the countries globally. It is an exclusive proxy pool that is user-friendly and highly secured. The pricing plans are flexible and it opens up a plethora of interesting features with preferences including detailed geo-targeting.

Soax Mobile & Residential Proxies

Soax proxy is a complete provider which takes IP rotation automatically and hence, supports real devices like desktop, mobiles or Wi-Fi.  Some of the best highlighted of Soax Proxy are highlighted below:

  • Soax proxy is 100% whitelisted
  • Highly affordable pricing plans to choose from
  • Very low risks of getting detected or banned
  • It has a robust architecture and management.
  • It can also be used for data scraping, SERP analysis and competitive intelligence.

Soax proxy is widely known for its quality proxies and high performance with the lowest network downtime. It has emerged as one of the best proxy providers for all residential and mobile proxies across the world. Soax Proxy is pretty much new in the market but it has already managed to garner a huge number of users.

The packages are extremely flexible and do not put a limitation on the bandwidth chosen. It works on a no-quality compromise principle and has captured a major chunk of users with its high performance and use.

Soax Residential Proxy

Soax IP For Residential Proxies

Soax is reputed owing to its reliable and quality services. For residential proxies, Soax offers a highly reliable, secured and whitelisted UPv4 Proxy tool that is genuine and has 99.9 % network uptime with the commendable response time.

The proxy addresses are available from all across the globe and cover most of the nation globally.

Soax Residential proxy provides limitless proxy access and they are fully secured and compliant. As a user, you can continue to stay anonymous and send an infinite number of requests and enjoy limitless access.

You can also filter the proxies by regions, country, city, or service provider.

Soax Mobile Proxies

Soax also provides mobile proxies and users can connect and access any website without getting blocked. Soax offers city and carrier targeting with an automation proxy rotation feature.

Soax Proxy providers are known for their super-fast response and high uptime which increases the efficiency of the use. It also eliminates delays and provides high quality performance.

Soax has highly detailed geographical targeting which allows the identity of the user to be completely masked and secured with anonymity maintained. This is a significant aspect with regards to security and it takes all that is needed to see that security and quality of the service is never compromised.

The mobile proxies are rotating 3G and 4G proxies and hence the traffic is redirected through different mobile devices.

There is absolutely no limitation on the number of concurrent requests by Soax Proxies and it continues to give a brilliant experience to all its users in all aspects

Features of Soax Proxy

Soax is a combination of residential and mobile proxies unlike many other common proxy providers. It ensures convenience and flexibility to all its users across all geographic locations in the world.

Soax Proxies Features

Soax is well reputed for its user-friendly dashboard which is easily accessible by its users and can rely on it completely. Its speed and performance is undeniably great and coverage is wide.

The proxy pool of Soax supports more than 8.5 million proxies across nearly 120 nations in the world. This is exclusive with Soax and also one of the most comprehensive pools in the market currently. The map on the cover or website gives the depiction of these areas that Sax covers as a provider. The location coverage by Soax is truly amazing!

Flexible and Competitive Pricing

Soax Proxies Pricing Plan

  • One of the most interesting and attractive features of Soax proxies is its offer of a wide proxy pool at highly flexible and competitive prices.
  • It has left it on the users to choose from different ranges of pricing plans or simply get a custom package which will suit their requirement.
  • It is up to the users to choose between the custom package and pricing plans and also make a choice between mobile or residential proxies & review it while making the purchase. The unique feature is users can buy proxies for just 1 day. Isn’t it cool?

Targeting Features

  • Soax provides various options like targeting websites or countries or even service providers based on their geographic locations which are available to all their users. This is completely independent of the package the user chooses from.
  • Users can target all sites and countries irrespective of their package and enjoy its benefits.

Soax Proxies IP for Worldwide

Lucrative Offers

  • Soax believes in keeping its wording model simple and user-friendly. It does not open up a variety of proxy types to its users which will eventually confuse them. Soax simply offers mobile and residential proxies mixed in a wide pool.
  • The user can choose the proxy he needs depending on his requirement based on country, type, proxy, etc.
  • The website is also equipped with a calculator which helps to calculate the expense needed. There are packages designed for daily, weekly and monthly usages depending on the user’s needs.
  • Soax also offers an absolutely free trial for all its users to test the proxies before purchasing it. The duration of this free trial is about an hour. Users can browse through the packages or the free trial to gain a quick experience on the proxies.

Commendable Data Scraping

Soax Data Gathering Tool

  • Most of the internet publishers use different proxies for price monitoring, verification of advert, SEO monitoring and other automation purposes. SOAX proxies are known for their quality and consistent performances in all concurrent connections that have worked tremendously well for strict areas with regards to bottling.
  • The Soax proxies come with 0 IP blockages and this is applicable to both mobile and residential proxies. However, the open coverage does not compromise with the security and maintains the anonymity of each and every user.

Highly Reliable and Safe

  • All the IP addresses which are provided by Soax are legitimate and they generate an instant response. The residential IPS are also genuine and whitelisted which are provided by real service providers globally.
  • The Soax proxies need authentication and there are two ways to authenticate the users to its servers. The IP whitelist and the normal username and password are the two ways in which Soax proxies control its authentication.

Highly Responsive Customer Care

Soax Proxies Customer Reviews

  • Users can easily communicate with the technical support team for any kind of issues encountered while using Soax proxies. The technical support team is very well experienced and available 24X7 to offer help and solutions to the users.
  • There is also a generic FAQ section on the website which uses the information and helps in troubleshooting of the users.
  • The customer support team is highly responsive and gives spontaneous responses to the concerns of the users. They are polite and have sound expertise on the subject which helps in mitigating the issues faced by the users.

Why Choose Soax Proxy – The Final Say!

Why Soax Proxies?

The world is a host for a huge number of proxy providers available easily. A perfect combination of performance, speed, price, usability, IP whitelisting and many more is provided by a few only.

Soax offers a combination of all the significant factors that makes it highly reliable and reputed with brilliant quality performances. It has won more than 8.5 million hearts already as the perfect residential and mobile proxy provider.

They spread widely across multiple countries and in spite of such wide coverage, Soax maintains the anonymity of every user keeping us safe and secured. Their services are undoubtedly one of the best among all proxy providers in the current market.

Check out the pricing plans and enjoy the perfect proxy provider with Soax Proxy! Every penny spent on Soax proxy is worth it and there is absolute assurance on its performance, quality, security and operation.

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