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SmallPDF Review: Is eSign Tool Safe & Trustworthy?


In the digital world, eSignature has become the most popular element preferred by businesses, governments, and many other fields too. Many of you think which one will be the best tool for eSignature then the only solution is the SmallPDF that is willing to look into by many businesses worldwide. 

When you have the SmallPDF eSign Tool, it makes all your tasks simple and easy. But still many people have doubts whether it is simple to Sign any PDF with this SmallPDF tool.

We’ve reviewed SmallPDF eSign Tool to clear all your doubts so that you can use it for your organization and complete your tasks in a simple way. 

👊 What is the SmallPDF eSign Tool?

SmallPDF eSign Tool

The SmallPDF eSign Tool is to insert an electronic signature to PDF format and also you can invite others to sign. Along with that, you can create signatures, initials, and can also sign the documents electronically. 

The main purpose of this tool is one can sign documents and also can request electronic signatures. The three main features of this SmallPDF eSign tool to consider are 

  • eIADS – Complaint timestamps
  • Track the activities along with timeline documentation
  • Can invite others to sign your documents.

If you are a team & want a tool for eSignatures then it is recommended to review the SmallPDF eSign tool before using it for your team or organization. 

🤗 What are the Features of the SmallPDF eSign Tool?


The list of the features of the SmallPDF eSign Tool is provided in detail and you can review each one of the features to analyze how this tool makes it simple to carry out all eSign procedures. 

Create a Secure and Compliant e-Signatures with SmallPDF eSign tool 

One can create or invite others to sign to your PDFs and all these processes are going to happen in a safe and secure environment. This eSign complies with an ISO 27001 and also with the legal eIDAS standards for the purpose of simple electronic signatures. 

Invite Others To Sign to Your PDFs

You have the chance to invite others up to 100 and request them to sign with the help of this SmallPDF eSign tool. The main advantage is you can show them what exactly do you need to sign, where to sign, and a complete digital signature process too. 

Create Your Own Electronic- Signature 

The process of digital signing with the SmallPDF eSign tool is simple and easy. All you need to do is just draw the signature with the help of the mouse or else trackpad once after uploading the document.

There is an alternative way for an electronic signature which is nothing but uploading the picture of your signature by taking from your device camera. Yes, it is possible to take a normal signature and capture it to upload to this SmallPDF eSign tool. 

Digital Signature Facility to Pro Users 

The advantage of subscribing to SmallPDF eSign tool is you will get access to digital signing for both types of signatures self-ones and requested ones. These digital signatures are known to make the signing process simple and quick. 

Easy Document Signing Process 

For creating electronic signatures, SmallPDF is one of the best free applications that are available in this online or digital world. The electronic signing process is simple and you can perform it in no time. It takes simple steps and they just upload the document, then create a signature, and finally sign the document. That’s it, the document signing is carried out in these steps only. 

Sign any PDF

Online Signing with More Security 

It has high online security with 256-bit TLS encryption, so you no need to fear transferring the files and also all other connections. This is military-grade security that is guaranteed to provide great safet & security to all your documents as well as online signatures too. 

Can Works on All Operating Systems 

It can work with any type of internet browser on any type of device such as Linux, Mac, Windows, etc. For its customer’s safety, it removes the uploaded files from the servers on an hourly basis.  

A Complete Cloud-Based E-Signing Tool

The servers of the SmallPDF eSign tool will carried the whole e-signing process and also this favors your operating system or the electronic device to do not drain any resources. The best part is without any installations or app downloads you can use this SmallPDF eSign tool for digital signing purposes. 

🤔 How to Sign a PDF Document Online With the SmallPDF eSign Tool?

How to Sign A pdf DOC - SmallPDF eSign Tool

The digital signing process at the SmallPDF eSign tool is easy and it will take just four simple steps and they are. 

  • First, proceed to upload your PDF to this SmallPDF eSign tool. 
  • The next step is you have to create a new electronic signature and after that, you have to place it on the document.
  • If there is a necessity to add date and text, then you can add those things.
  • Now, you have to click on the Finish button and later you can download the signed document.

🎁 SmallPDF eSign Tool Pricing Details 

Pricing Plans

One can use this SmallPDF eSign tool for free and if you want to experience all the features it is recommended to subscribe to any of its pricing plans. 

In the free version, you can get access to 21 Smallpdf tools, can work on the website as well as the mobile app, and process up to 2 documents per day. 

The Pro version costs $9/month per user and $108/user if billed the payment annually. You can start with a free trial and experience different features like 

All features that are available in the free version including 

  • Pro features, can convert scanned PDFs into Word documents, and also digital seal protection to all the signatures.
  • The digital documents processing will be going on without any limitations
  • Desktop software applications
  • File storage facility
  • No advertisements
  • Great customer support or service.

The Team version is also available to start with a free trial period and it costs $7/month, $84/year. The team should consist of around 2-50 members. In this version, get all the features that are available on the pro version, and along with that get 

  • A flexible and easy billing management system is provided
  • You can add more number of users if you needed.
  • There is a volume discount pricing
  • Priority customer service.

The Business version is also available and it has custom pricing where you have to approach the team members of the eSign PDF tool. It can use when you have a team that has more than 15 members and get all the features in the team including 

  • A personalized onboarding programming 
  • A flexible payment operating options
  • Custom contract service
  • A dedicated personal customer success manager.

🔥 Final Review on SmallPDF eSign Tool 

The e-Signing process is simple with the SmallPDF eSign Tool that equips your businesses with different services such as edit, requesting signatures, uploading the signatures, securing all your documents, and many more.

This SmallPDF eSign tool makes the work easier and simpler for individuals, businesses, and teams, as they can invite others to sign on the documents or else, can create signatures and initials digitally. Without any tough procedures, you can sign the documents electronically with this SmallPDF eSign tool. 

It provides great security to all your documents as well as to all your online signatures too. After adding the signature, if in case do you want to add any text or something then it is allowed to add them too. 

You can do everything right from any electronic device that you use. The editing, grouping, and other tools are allowed to use according to your file or document requirement. It won’t take much time to do all these processes. 

On the whole, SmallPDF eSign tool review is clear of all e-signing tools that are available in the market as it is the best tool trusted by more than 6000 businesses across the world.

⚡️ Frequently Asked Questions

🤞 Is SmallPDF eSign Tool is available for free of cost?

Yes, SmallPDF eSign Tool is available for free of cost but with limitations in features, and also it provides free trial offer for paid versions too. This free trial version on the Pro version & Team Version really benefits the customers to analyze how it works to their organizations or businesses.

✌️ What you can do with SmallPDF eSign Tool?

SmallPDF eSign Tool is to edit, request signatures, and also share the PDF documents at one place. The process is very simple.

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