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SiteGround Review 2024: Is It Best Web Hosting Provider?


If you’ve been looking for a web hosting service and have been considering SiteGround, this guide is all you need.

Is SiteGround worth the hype or not?

SiteGround Review Overview

In this SiteGround Review we will be analyzing and rating the platform on a multitude of factors such as the signing up process, features, hosting types, pricing & plans, security measures and customer support. By the end of this SiteGround review you will be able to answer. 😊

SiteGround Overview

Launched in March 2004 with its headquarters in Bulgaria, SiteGround hosts over 2.8 Million websites worldwide. The platform offers elaborative site tools, exclusive features, developer solutions and takes care of factors such as performance, uptime, security measures and so much more. 


SiteGround offers a number of hosting types along with three kinds of subscription plans that you can choose from according to your needs. It also provides robust and quality customer support.

Getting started with SiteGround

You can sign up on SiteGround platform by following the steps given below:

  1. Head over to SiteGround’s official website.
  2. Select the needed hosting plan followed by the domain name.
  3. All that’s left to do is review and complete your order. You need to create your account, fill out personal details such as email address, password, country, first name, last name, company, city, state, phone number, zip code, street address, etc. After that enter your credit card details or pay via PayPal. 😍
  4. You can select your hosting plans, add-ons, data center, SG Site Scanner and you’re good to go. 
SiteGround Sign Up

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SiteGround Hosting Types

The platform has all the important aspects of a web hosting and offers plans suitable for people of all needs and requirements. You can choose among cloud, shared and reseller hosting. 

SiteGround Hosting

Web Hosting

SiteGround offers web hosting, also known as shared hosting plans which are user and budget friendly. You’ll have access to a full website solution and can choose WordPress or Weebly as your sitebuilder.

The platform offers site migration experts and free automated migrator plugins for easy and smooth website transfers. You have the freedom to select your preferred shopping cart software to create your ecommerce store.

The online stores are protected via encrypted SSL which makes the payment process and your site a lot safer along with the reliable daily backups feature. The platform also supports and optimizes PHP and MySQL-based applications such as CRM, CMS, forums, wiki, etc.

SiteGround Web Hosting

The following are the features of SiteGround’s shared hosting.

  1. Ultrafast Sites – Search engine visibility and your website conversion rates are greatly dependent on how fast your website loads. To maintain the speed, SiteGround develops as well as adopts new technologies to do the same. Some of the ways through which it is achieved are; Google Cloud with SSD persistent storage, ultrafast PHP, SuperCacher, free CDN, HTTP/2, Memcached, PHP optimization through OPCache extension and additional software solutions at server level. 😉
  2. Industry Level Security – The platform provides top notch security to protect your sites from security threats. A custom Web Application Firewall is constantly updated and maintained, an AI anti-bot system blocks malicious attacks and free SSL makes your sites safer.
  3. Managed WordPress Service – SiteGround makes installing, managing and working on WordPress related tasks relatively easier by providing managed WordPress hosting on all of the subscription plans. You are granted access to free custom-built WordPress Starter, Migrator plugins, and Optimization plugins along with an all inclusive SiteGround security plugin for free. 
  4. Easy Site Management – To make the task of handling your site easier, SiteGround offers a wide range of single click tools and solutions. Intuitive Site Tools lets you upload files to the server, create emails, park domains, make databases, manage DNS zones, etc. You can use auto-install solutions through which multiple applications can be downloaded without wasting much time. 

Cloud Hosting

You can select your cloud hosting plan which will help you grow your business website through their managed services and auto scalable cloud plans. It is a perfect choice if your website has outgrown the shared hosting solutions.

SiteGround takes care of IT aspects via DevOps experts and lets you focus on your niche. In case your site experiences a sudden traffic hike, you can either add extra CPUs and RAMs manually or use auto-scaling option to automatically allot the required resources to avoid site downtime.

You can design custom hosting packages through which you can assign resources to each hosted site on your cloud and can determine specific client roles to allot site management tools to them. The SiteGround’s cloud hosting features are as follows:

SiteGround Cloud Hosting
  1. Staging Tool – The single click staging tool allows you to  test your modifications and strategies before applying it to your actual production site. You can create a fully functional WordPress or WooCommerce sandbox. Before each staging upload your current site status is backed up. 
  2. WP-CLI & Git – The platform provides an SG-Git tool through which you can create repos of your sites using a visual interface. WP-CLI can be installed on your cloud servers if you want to manage your WordPress site through the command line. 😚
  3. Caching & Optimization – SiteGround by default enables NGINX Direct Delivery for all the websites which helps all the site elements to load faster. You can use SuperCacher, NGINX-based dynamic cache and Memcached service via SG Optimizer plugin. SG Optimizer plugin incorporates  lazy image loading, GZIP compression, automatic image optimizations, CSS and HTML minifications. 

Reseller Hosting 

You can choose from three types of reseller hosting plans which are suitable for different workflows. You can resell as well as manage multiple websites easily through SiteGround. The following are the functionalities through which you can easily manage tasks related to websites and resources. 

SiteGround Reseller Hosting
  1. User Dashboard – You can manage multiple sites from a dashboard which is present in SiteGround Client Area. It consists of suspend and delete options, quick access to the Site Tools, search functionality, etc.
  2. Flexible Hosting Resources – You can always scale up or down by changing your subscription plan anytime you want. You can add more sites in just a few clicks, allot computational resources such as RAM and CPU along with additional storage space to your cloud. 
  3. Advanced Tools and Expert Support – You can take expert help in case you experience any kind of hosting related issues. You can access the help center from any page of your Client Area and Site Tools. SiteGround also provides a wide range of tools to help you build and manage sites easily. Some of these tools are FTP client, PHP version manager, PHPMyAdmin, App installer, MySQL & PostgreSQL Databases, SSD Storage Files and many more.

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SiteGround Pricing & Plans 

You can choose from any of the three available subscription plans which come jam packed with various features and functionalities. Let us discuss in detail about the pricing and offered plans.

Web Hosting Prices

  1. StartUp – The plan currently costs $3.99 dollars on a monthly basis due to ongoing discount offers. Some of the features included in StartUp are as follows; supports 1 Website, 10 GB Space, Unmetered Traffic, Free SSL, Daily Backup, Free CDN, Free Email, Enhanced Security, WordPress Management, Out of the box Caching, Unlimited Databases, Add Collaborators, etc.
  2. GrowBig – It can be availed for $6.69 on a monthly basis. In addition to all the StartUp features, it also offers On-demand Backup Copies, 30% faster PHP Staging, 20 GB Web Space, 100,00 monthly visitors (approximately) and supports Unlimited Websites.
  3. GoGeek – You can buy this subscription plan currently for a month at $10.69 only. In addition to GrowBig functionalities, it provides Git, White-label Clients, Highest Tier of Resources, Priority Support, 400,000 monthly visitors and 40 GB Web Space. 

It is to be noted that every plan comes with a 30 days money back guarantee.

SiteGround Web Hosting Plans

Cloud Hosting Prices

You can either choose from any of the four given plans or customize one on your own. 

SiteGround Cloud Hosting Pricing Plans
  1. Jump Start – It costs $100 for a month and you will be provided with 4 CPU Cores, 8GB Memory, 40GB SSD Space and 5TB Data Transfers. 
  2. Business – For optimal cloud experience you can select this plan for $200 per month. You will be granted access to 8 CPU Cores, 12 GB Memory, etc.
  3. Business Plus – It can be availed for $300 on a monthly basis. It offers 12 CPU Cores, 16 GB Memory, 120 GB SSD, etc. 😇
  4. Super Power – It costs $400 for a month and you get access to 16 CPU Cores, 20 GB Memory, 160 GB SSD Space, etc.
  5. Custom Cloud – You can customize your own cloud hosting plan by adjusting CPU, Memory and SSD Space resources. 

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SiteGround Custom Cloud Hosting Pricing Plan

SiteGround Uptime & Performance

The platform reportedly offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. SiteGround uses latest technologies to achieve speedy loading of sites and better performance, some of the ways through which it is achieved are as follows:

  1. Ultrafast PHP setup significantly lowers the TTFB (time to first byte) and loads your web pages upto 30% faster. 
  2.  Custom MySQL setup accommodates the growing needs of database-driven sites and reduces the time taken for executing these queries. 
  3. SG Optimizer plugin provides lazy image loading, GZIP compression, automatic image optimizations, CSS and HTML minifications. 
  4.  It also uses CloudFare Content Delivery Network, GIT integration, site staging, WP-CLI integration, NGINX-based dynamic cache, Memcached service, Brotli, TLS 1.3, OCSP Stapling and QUIC and HTTP/2 technology.
SiteGround Site Tools

Security Measures 

You can enhance security against vulnerabilities through SiteGround Security Plugin. Some of the ways through which your sites are secured are as follows:

  1. Free encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for every website.
  2. Artificial Intelligence bot blocks out malicious attacks by analyzing the security threats. 
  3. Protection against XML-RPC protocol, RSS & ATOM Feeds and XSS vulnerabilities.
  4. Smart WAF constantly tracks applications for vulnerabilities and improves them to avoid malicious exploits and attacks.
  5. Data center security and hack alerts include around the clock human monitoring, biometric access, video surveillance, etc.

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Customer Care Services 

SiteGround provides extensive support options which includes a knowledge base consisting of tons of detailed articles, frequently asked questions, how-to guides, and troubleshooting instructions.

They also offer automated solutions and pinned help on every page as self help options. You can reach out to the company’s support team via 24/7 live chat, phone call or by submitting a helpdesk ticket.  

SiteGround Customer Support

SiteGround – Final Verdict

Wrapping up our SiteGround review by concluding all that we have covered in this guide so far. SiteGround offers a variety of hosting plans, three types of subscription plans starting from $3.99 per month, 99.9% uptime guarantee and advanced site tools for better performance.

SiteGround Review

The platform offers comprehensive features such as Smart WAF, Content Delivery Network, GIT integration, site staging, WP-CLI integration, Ultrafast PHP setup, Brotli, SuperCacher, etc. It also provides 24/7 customer support. 

FAQs 🤔

Q1. Does SiteGround offer a money back guarantee?

Yes, all SiteGround customers are entitled to 30-days money back guarantee. 

Q2. Does SiteGround Have an Uptime Guarantee?

SiteGround offers a 99.9% monthly uptime guarantee. 

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