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Shopify Ninja Masterclass Review: Is It Worth in 2024?


Shopify business is no joke, it requires a lot of dedication and hard work before finally proceeding with it. But how does one learn anything about how to use the platform and get the desired result? Shopify Ninja Masterclass is the best course in the am industry to learn about the same.

There are only a few worthwhile courses in the market, and one of them is Shopify Ninja Masterclass that lets a student review all kinds of Shopify-based concepts. The course is very new in the market and already is present in the mile-high club. They help their students understand how to keep up with the everyday business and find the winning product.

Shopify Ninja Masterclass Course Review

Also, the course makes them understand how to create an eCommerce store from scratch and have the best sales of all time. But, it is not only for beginners, but they also help the people who are already established but still aren’t happy with the outcomes.

With their step-by-step guidance, a student gets to learn everything they need to with the utmost ease, There are some amazing modules and detailed guides present in this course, check out more about it in our Shopify Ninja Masterclass review.

What is Shopify Masterclass Ninja?

This course is not just like those who say ‘follow these 10 things to achieve success’ or some shortcut methods. They have extensive knowledge of the Shopify marketplace and make sure that the students are able to get knowledge out of the same. If someone wants to have a shortcut method of learning, then this isn’t for them. Shopify Masterclass Ninja is for those who wish to invest both time & money in order to review and scale their business. The man with a plan, Kevin David, makes sure that the students succeed in the future, their brand is valued on social media platforms such as Facebook, and are able to build a strong network.

Why You Should Join Shopify Masterclass Ninja Course?

Why you should choose this course?
  • eCom Training:

Shopify Masterclass Ninja includes an entire array of eCom training and there isn’t one thing left behind to review in this course. It has unrestricted access to videos with proven dropshipping techniques that are not in the minds of more than 95% dropshippers. This can generate a substantial income for several budding eCom sellers and new training modules are added every month!

  • Live training:

They conduct live ninja training webinars that include answers to all the questions and remove and hindrances coming between the students and the business. Also, they train in their private Facebook forum where the students can join and even take a look at other’s recommendations.

  • Access to the Private Facebook Group:

Every student gets access to their Private Facebook Forum where Kevin is also very active and students send their tactics. Everyone shares their stories about how they earned and what strategy worked for them. This helps in keeping the motivation high and continuing to work hard.

  • In-depth course:

Their course is no joke but includes 5 massive modules and 65+ video tutorials striving from product research to final sales. Not only that, but this entire content is also worth 40+ hours and yet if anyone faces any issue, then Kevin is there to solve them all the time!

Influencer Ideology: Learn How to Upsell by becoming an Influencer

Have you seen people waiting out of the Apple store in massive lines for buying the newly launched product? Well, this is the same thing this course wants to create for its students. That student’s who are interested in Influencer Marketing of the product, then their High Ticket Influencer Program is highly amazing and has the best practices.  They help in upselling the product by not only creating brand recognition, but also a person’s recognition with the help of the best marketing strategies and proprietary knowledge. Their strategies are super strong and ensure that the person is able to scale a high amount by just selling in their name.

Modules present in Shopify Masterclass Ninja Course

Module 1: Finding your home- Run product

How to find those products that are preferred by almost every buyer and are ready to come back for the same? Their 80/20 rule teaches the tactics one needs to know and cut out the hectic processes behind Shopify product research. With their dropshipping dartboard effect, the students get to learn about testing the products until they hit the right one and make a good amount of money online! The course gets ahead with niche opportunities no one knows much about but are the ones that are worth a gold-mine. Be a monopoly adapting those strategies and find the products that are barely sold by a few and yet have a high demand.

With Shopify Masterclass Ninja’s Home-Run Product Manifesto, find the winning strategy and diamond worth products every time! They train the students and make them capable enough of earning 7 figures.

Module 2: Finding the best Supplier

How to use AliExpress and find the only best suppliers and how to get the best prices comes over here in this module. The students learn about the most common mistakes that dropshippers do and how to avoid them in the best manner. Import taxes and Chinese customs are other important things to clear, and they over here teach how to manage everything so that there are no hindrances in the shipment. Shipping takes a lot of time and it is important to get products in the fastest way, therefore they connect the students to the fastest shipping measures. Kevin’s specific strategies and guide to build relationships in order to bring the best services is also present over here.

With this guide, the sellers can get the lowest prices of the products and sell them for a great amount of money ahead.

Module 3: Creating your own Shopify Store

Kevin teaches the students a step-by-step guide on how to set up the Shopify stores in the best manner to attain the best sales. He also teaches the exact steps and the same settings he uses on an everyday basis in a step-by-step manner. The module also includes how to set the shipping in the best way from the start so that there are no issues ahead and the cooperation between buyer and seller stays intact. He also teaches how to buy the best domain for the store that is Search Engine Optimized. Logo matters a lot in the business, therefore they teach some ways so that the students get great logos at a very small amount.

They also get access to Kevin’s personal graphic designers and he tells which log is the best for the people. Kevin tells students how to line up the products with a Shopify store and save time in the best possible way.

Module 4: Your Marketing Explosion

Learn how to create Facebook ad campaigns for the Shopify store from the start to finish. Also, they teach some of the best possible ways to focus on Facebook ad objectives. Create massive sales bump in the store with the help of Niche’s super fans and earn great money. Advertisements are mainly focused on this module and teach how to scale up the winning ads without messing them up in any way. Easily calculate the Cost Per Purchase and create Custom Audiences with their tactics. The techniques of Push Advertising and Pull Advertising are also taught here to double up the daily revenue.

Module 5: Scaling to the Moon

The simple friendly tricks to get shootouts from powerful influencers and finding the perfect ones along with their contact information. They also provide a free tool that the users can access and find out the Influencers on Facebook. Test the influencer’s audience first and also see if they are likely to buy the product. Kevin teaches some of the best possible ways to find out the Influencer Marketing Relationship and fast tricks to get repeated shoutouts on Instagram. He also provides an email and message template that increases the reply rates to get a ton of attention.

3 Types Of Bonus Inclusions

Shopify Ninja Masterclass Course Review Bonus

Bonus 1: Creating a Free Facebook Ad Funnel

Create a free Facebook ad funnel using their tripwire technique and use the 6 underutilized psychological tricks that will change the ad systems forever.

Bonus 2: Ninja Instagram Blueprint

Kevin’s personal tricks to take advantage of the highest and most active social media & using it to drive unlimited profitable and fanatical buyers to the business.

Bonus 3: Using messenger bots

This includes how to use the messenger bots in Kevin’s style and double up the conversion rates from a very small hack only taught in the course.

Shopify Masterclass Ninja Pricing

It costs $997 for lifetime access to the course, and it is the only way to pay for the course. There are no extra costs after the payment. Also, if someone still doesn’t like can ask for money-back in 14 days.

Pros & Cons of Shopify Masterclass Ninja Pricing


  • Easy to understand.
  • Detailed modules by Kevin.
  • Special modules from start to end.
  • 3 Bonus guides.
  • Dedicated teaching.


  • Limited pricing options.

Final Verdict: Is it worth the money?

Yes, there are only a few such courses in the market, and out of them the best one is Shopify Ninja Masterclass review. It is a great way to learn about the Shopify Platform and how to expand the eCommerce business in the best and most possible manner. In addition to that, Kevin’s dedication is what makes it even better. It includes everything from searching for the best products to finally advertising the same via influencers and Instagram. The course has the best details and also has some extra bonuses that are worthy of learning.

For those who want to have a dedicated course and are willing to spend both time and money, then this course is completely for them. However for those looking for shortcuts and small ideas. they can’t have the best out of this product. Overall, it is a great course to go for and definitely worth the money.


Is Shopify Masterclass Ninja value for money?

Yes, for those who do not know how to manage the Shopify platform, this is the ideal course to go for.

What is the price of Shopify Masterclass Ninja?

Shopify Masterclass Ninja costs $997 and is inclusive of all the costs.

What does Shopify Masterclass Ninja Include?

Shopify Masterclass Ninja includes every small detail about the selling platform and how to master the sales.

What if I don’t like Shopify Masterclass Ninja?

There is nothing to dislike in this course, it is that amazing. But if someone doesn’t want to continue, can ask for a moneyback in 14-days.

Shopify Masterclass Ninja
Shopify Masterclass Ninja: Is The Course Apt For Budding Dropshippers?
When it comes to Shopify Masterclass Ninja, in reality, it is the best course you can ever have only because of the amazing modules and details provided to succeed on the dropshipping platform.
Ease of understanding
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Easy to understand.
3 Bonus guides.
Special modules from start to end.
Guide from newbie to pro.
Pricing options are limited.

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