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Shaw Academy Review 2024: Is It A Legit Learning Platform & Worth The Hype?


If you’re looking for flexible learning at your own pace, then don’t worry we have many online learning platforms that provide various courses. Still in doubt to pick the right platform? We have Shaw Academy where you can gain skills that you want with ease. 

Shaw Academy is an online education platform where you can find plenty of courses and millions of people around the world learned skills with this platform. We’re here to cover a review on the Shaw Academy to get to know whether this platform is worthy or not. 

😇 What is Shaw Academy?

Shaw Academy

Shaw Academy is one of the online education platforms that is designed with interesting courses that helps people to learn at their own pace. If you’re looking to switch your careers with a course, then Shaw Academy is the right platform as it helps you to develop various skills that are related to jobs, including technical skills that help to bring creativity in you while building real-time projects. 

No matter you build a business, career, or excited to haunt for a new hobby, Shaw Academy is available with in-depth practical lessons on different subjects. This online education platform offers more than 100 courses, let’s glance into Shaw Academy review that provides all the details of its pricing, working, etc.

Shaw Academy Statistics

Coming to the statistics of Shaw Academy, it offers more than 100 courses with the availability of three hours of content. This platform has nearly 8 years of experience in teaching and till now 12 million students are benefited from this platform.

😚 Working of Shaw Academy 

How it works

The courses at Shaw Academy demonstrate the new skills to gain a recognized certification as it helps in the growth of the career as it works in simple four steps and they are: 

Select a Course

Shaw Academy offers more than 100 courses, all you need to do is just pick the course that you’re interested in. It offers courses of different categories from photography to Beauty, Python, Data Science, Web Development, etc. and in each category, there are various topics that really attract you to learn every concept with ease. 

Attend Online Courses 

After picking the course that you want to study, the next step is to attend the online courses and it provides two interactive classes per week. The best part is you’re going to attend those classes at any time, anywhere according to your convenience. This is one of the main reasons millions of people are likely to prefer Shaw Academy.  

Apply your Skills 

Shaw Academy offers the students to complete the weekly assignments, and play quizzes to review their progress. These assignments and quizzes will help the students to track the student’s knowledge which means to understand in which area they’re strong and in which concepts are weak. From this, they shift the focus on the concepts they’re lack and help to learn them. 

Get Your Certificate

After completion of the course, Shaw Academy provides certification, you can showcase it on your profile or resume. This certification is a great addition to your career. 

😛 What are the Benefits of Learning at Shaw Academy 

Benefits of Shaw Academy

Learning courses at Shaw Academy will benefit you in many ways like

  • The courses available at Shaw Academy are University approved & Certified courses. 
  • Learn the courses at your own pace, which means you can pause the course or skip the lessons. Also, it allows you to learn at any time and anywhere.
  • After completion of the course, one can earn a recognized certificate and update it in the resume.
  • Access all the courses by paying for a single plan and it does not ask to pay extra.
  • Test your knowledge on the weekly basis, as it provided weekly assignments and quizzes. You’ll get all modules including exams straight away with the course. 
  • Shaw Academy offers one month of free access to all the courses, so anyone can log in to the platform and pick the course. Learn the courses for free without any commitment for one month. 

🤗 Shaw Academy Courses Review

Shaw Academy Courses

Shaw Academy provides courses of different categories like Photography, Marketing, Design, Business & Analytics, Finance, Health & Wellness, Technology, Arts & Hobbies, Beauty, Language, Programming Languages, and Music. You have the opportunity to explore all the courses at Shaw Academy and review them to pick the course that you’re interested to learn. 

In each category, there are various courses to learn as the main agenda of the Shaw Academy is to provide high-quality education services at affordable cost. Anyone can utilize the opportunity of all the certified courses with a four-week trial period. Shaw Academy is the platform where you can find everything to learn from learning a language or to prepare for an IELTS exam or any competitive exam, it offers all of them including the certification courses that help for your future. 

The graduates who are seeking to learn a skill, a person who is likely to learn a language or want to pick a hobby, an industry professional who wants to upskill the organization, or whomever you are, just give a click to Shaw Academy to explore. Yes, this platform will open the door for everyone as it offers a wide range collection of courses of various categories. 

One has to commit 20 hours of learning along with free assessments and practical training, after successful completion of the module, you’ll get certifications from Austin Peay State University, and many other institutions that are globally recognized. The instructors of this platform are the people who are from a great educational background and it is a guarantee that you’re going to train under the best faculty members. 

👊 Why Shaw Academy Got Hype?

Shaw Academy offers different courses like Photography, Marketing, Design, Business & Analytics, Finance, Health & Wellness, etc. The best part is just for a single payment structure, it gives access to all the courses and you can pick any course that you want to learn. The weekly interactive classes at Shaw Academy help the students by providing in-depth knowledge on the concepts of the subject.

Shaw Academy online education platform got so much hype around the world, and one of the main reasons is its certificates. Yes, the certificates provided by the platform are recognized globally by the top universities. Everyone is eligible to learn the courses at Shaw Academy, if you are likely to learn any language then Shaw Academy is for you. If you want to upskill your team in the organization then Shaw Academy is a perfect choice, and if the student wants to build a serious career then this platform is for you to proceed as you want.

🤡 Student Reviews on Shaw Academy 

The millions of students who trained under this platform shared their learning journey and explained how it creates an impact on their careers. They shared their views in the video format, and find out some of the inspiring stories that transformed their lives with Shaw Academy are screenshotted below. 

Student Reviews

😋 Pros and Cons of Shaw Academy 


  • Easy to use
  • 4 weeks free trial
  • Weekly assessments and Quizzes
  • Track your progress
  • Explore various certified courses
  • High Quality training
  • Interactive lessons
  • Practical sessions
  • Live webinars
  • Get certifications to update in the profile
  • One time payment, access to all courses
  • Live educator chat support



  • Sometimes Support Takes Time To Respond
  • No more cons

🎁 Pricing Plans of Shaw Academy 


Shaw Academy offers a free trial period for four weeks, this trial period helps you to identify how this platform is helpful for you. The Pricing plan of Shaw Academy is $69.99/month and in this plan, you’ll get access to all more than 100 courses including 

  • Live Chat Support with Educator.
  • 20+ hours of learning each course.
  • Exams and continuous assessments.
  • Unique lessons curated by the in-house experts.
  • Access to all lessons for lifetime.
  • Globally accredited certifications.
  • Zero Commitment.

💥 Final Review on Shaw Academy 🔥

Shaw Academy is a legit online learning platform that provides various categories of courses and the courses are suitable for everyone. If you have the interest to learn something, then it is for you, or else you’re serious about your career and want to learn a skill then you pick the course at Shaw Academy. 

The online certified courses at Shaw Academy are available with in-depth and practical lessons, where you can review to explore over 100 subjects. The best part is, it allows you to track the progress on how much you have learned by attempting its assessments and quizzes. The trainers of this platform are from different educational background experts, and it is guaranteed that you’re coaching under the best faculty. 

Shaw Academy offers a free trial period for 4-weeks and without any commitment, you’ll learn something new every day. The pricing plan is a little expensive but worth to invest if you’re looking to try something new, just give it a try and build a successful path for the future career. 

🤠 Frequently Asked Questions

🤞 Is Shaw Academy is available for free?

When you register with Shaw Academy, it provides four week trial period, after that you have to pay the amount as it allows a monthly billing payment structure.

✌️ Are the courses at Shaw Academy Accredited?

The courses provided by Shaw Academy are recognized globally by top universities across the world like the USA, UK, India, and others.

👍 Is it possible to download the classes or recordings at Shaw Academy?

No, the lessons are provided only when streaming with a strong internet connection and it does not have any option to download the classes or recordings. But you have the access to watch them again and again without any limitations.

✔️ Where and When the courses at Shaw Academy are held?

All the courses are said to be held twice a week according to the time scheduled by the student and he/she must attend the webinars according to the scheduled time to learn the course.

😇 How Shaw Academy is reliable?

The main agenda of Shaw Academy is to provide top-quality education to the students so that millions of students can expand the knowledge and skills that help to put in their workforce.

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