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Sendinblue Review 2024: Does Customer Like it? Is It Worthy?


If you’re looking to build a business online then you must need an all-in-one marketing tool.

Sendinblue is one of the best tool for email marketing.

Sendinblue Logo

For many small businesses, Sendinblue is the perfect platform to increase sales as it helps to sell your products by reaching the right audiences.

😇 What Is Sendinblue? In-Depth Review

Sendinblue is termed as the best all-in-one marketing platform as it has various marketing tools that allow you to grow your online business worldwide.

The marketing and sales tools at Sendinblue guide you to design and deliver the right content for your actual customers. 


With the Sendinblue platform, you can reach the people with just not only the exact content to get the right results but also it assists you in every aspect to reach the heights.

From email marketing to SMS marketing everything is possible with the Sendinblue platform so, must review the platform and analyze all the tools to get to know how those tools work for your business. 

If we talk about the stats, Sendinblue can send 100 million emails on a daily basis and it is serving the online business for 10 years. Till now it has 175,000 users who are from around 160 countries and you can start this platform without any investment as it offers a free plan. 

✅ Special Features of Sendinblue

Sendinblue has various features where you can grow your business digitally and at the same time maintain a perfect relationship with the customers.

It allows you to always engage with your audiences and so it is easy for you to deliver the right message at that perfect time as well as the right place. 

In order to communicate with your audiences, Sendinblue offers different services like Email marketing, SMS marketing, and live chat options.

You can review all the features provided by Sendinblue and use them according to your goals.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

  • Sendinblue allows you to design the emails to look more attractive and professional by choosing best template according to your requirements. Design the email to look more beautiful with the drag and drop builder.
  • The personalization options allow you to write the email with a personal touch.
  • In the next step choose the recipient’s email address whom do you want to send and send the email which one is working perfectly.

SMS Marketing 

This is to promote your products, services, and other important events related to your business. For this, you just write the message that you want to send to the people and then schedule it when you want to send it.

It is a good option to look into the contacts and check up-to-date whether the new contacts are added or not. Even it allows you to set the transactional SMS for shipping details, payments, and other confirmations too. With the help of the segmentation process, you can send SMS according to the audience’s behavior. 

You can monitor all your SMS messages by checking on how many people are interacted and how many are not. 


Setup an interesting chatbox with perfect fonts, colors with different styles so that the customers are ready to engage with you within seconds to get clarifications on their doubts.

Live Chat

Now, it’s your turn on how to keep and convert them from visitor to customer. 

In order to interact with the audience, you have to organize a team where they are ready to provide answers to the audience queries.

On the whole, this live chat option is the best bridge to communicate and respond within seconds to your audiences.  

Manage Inboxes 

This feature is you can manage all the emails of the customers in one place and so you can stay organized to reply to them as soon as possible. It really helps you to save time and effort and manage all the customer emails.

Find all the customers in one place and track all the emails that you send, according to this find the interests of the people.

The setup is simple as well as flexible so just choose the email accounts that you want to connect with Inbox. Then start the process and check into the customer’s thread in one place with this Sendinblue inbox feature. 

CRM – Customer Relation Management 


Setting up the CRM is so simple and all you need to do is just upload the list of contacts then proceed to manage all your customers.

Now, you can store all the information related to your contacts, make notes or create & upload the important documents directly to the CRM contact profile. If there is a necessity to do any changes you can do it and stay up-to-date. 

For more effective contact management organize the list by segmenting who are the regular or potential customers and manage to send the emails and SMS. With the help of marketing automation tools, you can stay on track to take further actions. 

Automation Marketing Services 

This Automation marketing feature is to send emails, SMS, and other important tasks automatically to your customers.

The beginner automation marketing services are to send sign-up forms, schedule some welcome emails, etc. The advanced automatic automation marketing services are to send discounts, and other promotional emails, SMS based on their behavior. 

Even it allows you to manage the automation marketing services by performing A/B tests and from this experience, you can proceed which one is more working and use that email or SMS according to it. 

Transactional Email Services 

Transactional Emails

At first choose to set up the order confirmation emails including password setup, and other required elements with ease. Next, plan the different transactional emails that you want with the help of its transactional email templates and then add the personalized content. 

Now, send the emails with confidence as the main target is to reach the emails to the audience inboxes. If the email deliverability rate is high then automatically there will be an increase in the audience engagements.

You can monitor & track the emails and get to know how many people are interacted with it and everything with more detailed insights at Sendinblue dashboard. 

Sign Up Forms 

The Drag and Drop builder form allows you to design beautiful email sign-up forms. Even to look more attractive you can add colors, texts, images, videos, and everything that matches related to your brand. 

In the very next step, collect the data that you would likely want such as buttons, dropdown lists, and other possibilities. Also, you can proceed to place the forms on any part of the website as you want. Even you can link these forms to social media profiles, emails, etc. 

The main important thing is that you always must have a contact list because it will be easy for you to send the emails to the right people. 

Landing Pages 

Landing pages

Create excellent landing pages that suit your business at Sendinblue and for this, you don’t need any coding skills. Choose from the best templates and design the best landing page with the help of a drag and drop builder. 

The immediate next part is to choose the goal of your landing page which means to promote the events, or sell the latest ebooks, etc. These landing pages will help you out to get more sales for your business. 

For a more great experience, you can add follow-up pages and also provide more answers or simply add a confirmation page. Along with that you can add a “Thank you page” too that may attract your audiences. 

After the creation of the landing page with Sendinblue then you can proceed to launch the landing page and also you can share this link to all the social media profiles. Also, it is important to stay up-to-date about the page and also give your domain name that determines your brand. 

Social Media Ads 

In order to get more customers, create Facebook Ad campaigns by showcasing all your creativity to attract a huge number of audiences. To achieve the business goals faster, these Social media ads or Facebook ads are more useful. 

To create a Facebook ad, first, upload the image, then add text, and lastly choose CTA based on the business goal. Here, you have to sell more your products and promote more your business products and services.

If necessary add events and their details as moreover these ads are all about spreading the word about your business or brand. 

Facebook Ads

According to the visitors, choose and prepare the list of audiences and target them. Also, from this audience contact list, you can find out similar contacts with the help of the Facebook lookalike feature.

Now, get the complete list of the right audiences for your business. 

It’s time to set the limitations and parameters to your Facebook ad campaigns. and the next steps are said to take care of by the Sendinblue platform.

Here, you have to set the duration of the ad, set the budget for the ad, and many other things that bring better results for your business. 

Everything is done, it is time to keep an eye on how the ads are performing and for more detailed insights you can look into the metrics.

Yes, how many people are visiting the ad, and also review how the ad is performed on your Sendinblue account dashboard. From this, you can do changes wherever necessary to get the best results. 

🎁 Sendinblue Pricing Plans

Sendinblue offers a free plan with limitations in the features like you can send up to 300 emails on a daily basis and also can get unlimited access.

The Lite version which is more suitable for new startups and price is starting from $25/month as it allows you to send 10,000 emails.

Pricing Packages

The price varies based on the emails that you want to send on a monthly basis. In this Lite version get all the features that are available in the free version and along with that get:

  • No limitations in sending emails daily
  • Great email support services
  • Lite version + add-on: A/B or Split testing, remove the log of Sendinblue, and some advanced statistics.

The popular version premium is the best solution for marketing pros and its price is $65/month as you can send 20,000 emails.

The price varies if you want to send more than 20k emails and get all the features of what the Lite version offers including marketing automation services, Facebook ads, landing pages, get access to multi-users, and telephone support. 

The Enterprise version for the marketers who wants more features and for pricing contact the vendor.

In this enterprise version get all the features of the Premium version and also get the custom volume of different emails, priority sending emails, over 20 landing pages, gives access to more than 10 users, SSO, customer success manager, priority customer support, and many more features.

⚡️ Pros and Cons of Sendinblue


  •  Sendinblue is the ease of use platform
  • Pricing varies based on the number of emails you want to send
  • A great email marketing solution
  • Get Unlimited contacts with phone numbers, email address
  • Offers a landing page builder option
  • Offers various email professional templates
  • Can send text messages
  • Can link your eCommerce company name to Sendinblue
  • Create different active campaigns based on monthly emails


  •  No free trial is available

👀 Why You Must Choose Sendinblue?

Why choose Sendinblue

Many people dream is to get success in online business and if you’re among them then here is beautiful news that Sendinblue is there for you to back in every step.

Yes, Sendinblue helps small businesses to grow with their marketing and sales tools. Even it assists you to build stronger relationships with your customers. 

  • Sendinblue is considered to be an all-in-one platform where you can see the growth in your business rapidly. Step in as a small business and build a brig brand with this platform as it provides all services to nurture and grows bigger across the world.
  • If for the first time you digitalized your business then don’t worry Sendinblue will help to reach your business to the right customers and you can maintain a long-term strong relationship with customers.
  • No matter where your customer belongs to you can manage all the communications with them. Through different email campaigns, marketing automation, customer relationship management, transactional emails, and live chat options are the major things you can stay connected with your audiences.

🤗 How Sendinblue Helps Ecommerce Stores?

It is easy to market and sells the products of your eCommerce store with this Sendinblue platform.

In the first step, you have to connect your eCommerce store to Sendinblue and then proceed to create an online marketing strategy with the help of its tools. 

eCommerce marketing

Now, you can create and send personalized email campaigns to your visitors and audiences. Sendinblue assists your business in every prospect and also it is easy to convert the abandoned cart users. 

Even with the Sendinblue platform, you can target people based on the purchase activity of your eCommerce store. Not only these features, but you can also do many more things to your business with the help of Sendinblue as it has various marketing and sales tools to grow your eCommerce store. 

The best part of Sendinblue is it can integrate with various eCommerce stores such as Zapier, Shopify, WordPress, WooCommerce, and many more.

On the whole, Sendinblue offers integrations to more than 150 platforms and so now you can customize your eCommerce store on your own with ease. 

Without any doubt, you can increase your brand value for your eCommerce store with this Sendinblue. 

💛 What Does Customer Say About Sendinblue?

Sendinblue customers are already in love with it and all of the users are very happy with this platform. The marketing tools and sales tools are very helpful to grow their businesses across the world and they stated that it is a perfect all-in-one solution. 

customer stories

One of the customers of Sendinblue given a review, who is BENEDICTE SANSON, General Manager of Movjee wrote that “She wants to give advice that to use Sendinblue for the startups as this platform is more adaptable for them and at the same time the small businesses can see the rapid growth too”. 

🔥 Final Words on SendinBlue Review 

Sendinblue is one of the best all-in-one online marketing solutions where you can promote and sell products with ease. It comes with various tools that help the businesses to grow no matter whatever the industry may be.

The marketing and sales tools at Sendinblue provided are very useful for small business to increase their brand value across the world.

Sendinblue comes with various services from creating email marketing campaigns, SMS, CRM, and many others. The main advantage of choosing the Sendinblue platform is you can build a strong long-term relationship with your customers by solving the queries in no time.

No matter in the world your customer may be, you can be in touch with them at any time. 

Overall, this Sendinblue review states that this is one of the greatest email marketing platforms that can convert visitors into customers and at the same time it manages the total customer journey into a great one.

Even many customers of Seninblue are recommending to the startups to use this platform. So, step ahead into this Sendinblue platform and grow your small online business by getting the best results. 

💥 Frequently Asked Questions

🤞 How good is Seninblue as an email marketing service provider?

Sendinblue is the best email marketing service provider in the market and moreover, it is an all-in-one tool as you can grow your business digitally.
You can create personalized emails, transactional emails, and anything do you want at Sendinblue. The advantage is it offers various templates and pick from them according to your business requirements and designs the emails with a drag and drop builder.

✌️ Is Sendinblue really an easy-to-use email marketing service provider?

When compared to other email service providers Sendinblue is quite a simple to use platform as its user interface is outstanding. Without any requirement of coding skills, one can design email campaigns and Facebook ads with ease.

👊 Is Seninblue really available for free?

Yes, Seninblue offers a free version but there is no free trial period. In this free version, one can experience very few features but they are nothing but one can send 300 emails per day and can get unlimited contacts without any limitations.

🤔 Does Sendinblue allow Affiliate Marketing?

We all know that Sendinblue is a perfect all-in-one solution for small businesses that want to grow digitally. Of course, it offers Affiliate Marketing services and also offers rewards to those who share and work as an affiliate at Sendinblue.

😋 Is Sendinblue offers integrations to other applications?

Yes, Sendinblue offers integrations to other applications and it can integrate to more than 150 applications. So, you can link your eCommerce store to Sendinblue with ease and start adding products, promote, and sell your products.

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