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Sellozo Review + 15% Off Promo Code: Amazon 5X Sales Secret


Sellozo is an PPC advertising tool that helps in having a fully automated campaign so that a user doesn’t have to worry much about handling anything. Sellozo have more than 50 years of combined selling experience in this field and their expertise barely goes wrong.

Sellozo main goal is to Lower the ACoS which is something that every user wants. No one wishes to spend ‘too much’ on advertising and wish to stay under the limit, with this PPC tool, it is possible to think about it.

Let’s read sellozo review to reveal secret of Amazon PPC Advertisement:

Sellozo Review

PPC advertisements is not an easy thing, and doing it manually takes a lot of time and provide the least fruitful results. Sellozo is a great platform for Amazon PPC advertising at affordable prices, it also manage the pre-existing advertisements and fixes them in order to create better sales outcomes. It has an easy to register process and doesn’t even take much time. Once a person goes for it, they won’t regret it.

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What is Sellozo? Is it Good for PPC Ads?

With just a few clicks, one can optimize all the existing sponsored products and sponsored brand campaigns In the first 24 hours of registration, the system optimizes the old campaigns in order to lower the ACoS and grow the sales to a greater extent. The software has tons of data filters, .CSV files download option, Custom expense tracking, SKU level performance analytics, and a lot many things going.

They go by the line, ‘We are you, we know your pain-our tools help!’ and when it comes to helping, their experience of over 50 years comes to use. Their strategies are very smart and interesting to use and bring out great conversion rates to the advertisement. There are some amazing features of it, check them out below.

Review of Sellozo Features

1. 4 Easy Steps to Register

Sellozo software requires just four steps to register and that’s it! It is no tough task and pretty easy to use.

Sellozo Setup

Step 1: Select the campaign.


Step 2: Enable the Sellozo optimizer.


Step 3: Set the target ACoS.


Step 4: Watch the sales go up and the ACoS down.

2. Campaign Dayparting

Sellozo Campaign Dayparting

A person can easily set up the campaigns to run only at certain times of the day and that proves out to be the most profitable for the business. There is an option to set different times for different days and keep it all related to the time zone they wish to go for. This is a great thing as there is no need to run the campaign the entire day.

3. Customizable Strategies

Sellozo was the first one to bring up the first tool that makes it easy and possible to customize the campaign keyword strategies and yet allowing automation to do 95% of the work. Their campaign studio is revolutionary and unlike any other platform. Their Campaign Studio is a revolutionary space and unlike any other tool present with other Amazon PPC Softwares.

4. Neat and Organised Dashboard

Sellozo Dashboard

A user can easily see the profitability and cost breakdown of the business at a glance on the Dashboard. All one needs to do is upload the cost of goods to get True Profitability Reporting for the business. One can also see the live orders taking place and from where are the customers ordering with the help of the interactive map.

5. Organic v/s PPC Reporting

It lets you see how PPC campaigns are impacting the organic sales and if there is a benefit. This is a great thing since these reports help in boosting the business to a greater extent and fix up campaigns if anything is going wrong or needs to be improved.

6. Inventory Tracking

Sellozo Inventory Tracking

In this sellozo review, see how much inventory is present with the help of this software. It is a great thing since apart from just the PPC campaign, there are options for inventory tracking. Clicking on different inventory levels will redirect to the Sellozo ProductVu page where the products can be filtered by stock level.

7. Fully-Automated Repricer

Sellozo Repricing

Sellozo is the fastest repricer in the market where the prices are updated in an instance, I mean whenever the competitor changes prices, they update the user or whenever the competitor increases the prices or runs out of the inventory, Sellozo’s repricer will increase the prices. This helps in selling at maximum prices if possible and earn a good amount of profit.

8. Super deep fee analysis

Sellozo Fee manager

Sellozo helps the user to get the profits but with a granular view. One can also enter custom costs for their business so that they can get a true and complete profitability metric for their business.

A person has the option to see if the fees are going upwards or downwards and compare it to the last month. All this information can be summarized but also can be seen at SKU-level. With so much information, the user can easily track down, understand and find ways to improve their profitability.

9. Great Support Team

They have an amazing team of Amazon Selling Experts that are available to help a person build their business. The expert team will not only get the Setup and guide towards how to use Sellozo but will also help in brainstorming in order to improve the sales in various ways. Form pricing strategy, listing improvements, to logistics strategy, their whole business is built on culture to help sellers grow their sales. The team won’t be satisfied until and unless the user isn’t way better than they joined.

10. Blog & Articles

There are some amazing blog posts present over here that show real-life success stories & some guide which helps user. These blogs are very beneficial and help understanding something new and more about amazon ads. It provides extensive knowledge and idea about how the entire thing works in ppc advertisements.

11. Refer a Friend

Sellozo’s Refer-a-friend program provides a 10% commission to all the users who recommend it to their friend. Along with that, the friends get a 15% discount for their first month. The referring person will provide the potential buyer a new signup link that’ll help them attain commission every time they recommend it to the user.

Sellozo Pricing Packages

Sellozo Pricing Advertising Automation

Advertising Automation

  1. 0-10 SKUs: $149.00/Month.
  2. 11-1000 SKUs: $299.00/Month.
  3. 1001+ SKUs: $399.00/Month.

Features of Advertising Automation:

  • Fully-automated keyword discovery.
  • Fully-automated negative keyword creation.
  • Dayparting.
  • Easy bulk changes.
  • Advanced reporting.
  • CSV Downloads.
  • Fully automated bid updates.
  • Customizable campaign strategies.

Sellozo Pricing Repricing


  1. 0-10 SKUs: $99.00/Month.
  2. 11-1000 SKUs: $149.00/Month.
  3. 1001+ SKUs: $249.00/Month.

Features of Repricing:

  • Pricing changes within a minute of competition changes.
  • Bulk configuration.
  • See the pricing of the competition.
  • Tracking buy box ownership over time.
  • Cost of goods tracking for profitability analysis.

Sellozo Pricing Expert

Expert Support


  • Email support.
  • 1-on-1 Setup and Training.


  • All basic features.
  • Live chat.
  • Monthly 1-on-1 consulting.


  • All basic and plus features.
  • Weekly 1-on-1 consulting.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Phone support.
  • Ad strategy review.
  • Listing review.
  • Campaigns audit.
  • Advanced keyword ranking.
  • Product pricing evaluation.

What we Liked and What we Didn’t

There are some amazing things in the tool, but we also didn’t like a few.


  • Easy to use.
  • Customer Support present.
  • Works dedicatedly on everything.
  • Free 14-day trial.
  • Great pricing packages.


  • A bit limited.

Sellozo Review & Testimonials

Sellozo Testimonials

Rated 4.8 stars on Google and 4.5 stars on Trustpilot, they are not only well-rated by these companies, but various sellers also trust it. Sellozo review from Meghan reads that she uses as her agency and it has exceeded her expectations more than she thought of. The onboarding process couldn’t be more personal and helpful. Meghan’s herself a solo Amazon Consultant, and she can’t spend much time on PPC advertisements and guess what, now she also tells her clients to do that. She recommends the Sellozo Managed Plan to everyone and is very happy with that option.

Sellozo Testimonial Proof

Next, there is a testimonial from Caroline, who says sellozo is an awesome ppc company and has phenomenal customer service. The keyword research tool was specifically helpful and the research proved out to be very successful. Her company continues to grow through Sellozo’s PPC campaign execution. She says if an Amazon seller doesn’t use it, he/she would be a fool!

Final Verdict Of Sellozo Review

Amidst the busy lifestyle, it is important to have good advertisement options by the side. PPC ads take a lot of time and it isn’t easy to perform it. That’s why Sellozo simplifies everything for the users. The features are very nice and comfortable to use. However, it might not prove out to be fruitful for the super-advanced sellers.

But, if someone wishes to have a simple and fruitful advertisement with a good conversion rate, then sellozo would be the right platform for them. Sellozo prices are also really affordable and are something that a user would love before buying it. If someone isn’t too sure about it, then they can try the free 14-day trial. Hope you like our sellozo review, this tool works dedicatedly over the betterment of the users and makes sure they get good outputs. Overall, it is a great PPC software and one must go for it.

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