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Sellics Review + Free Trial: Is It Best Amazon Ads Software?


Sellics is a SaaS-based tool that optimizes sales to the best possible outcomes for the sellers. An all-in-one solution, it helps grow ROI and reduces work hours in a drastic way.

Increase the Amazon advertising revenue and attain good-quality traffic with their help as they have the best ways to promote any product.

Sellics Review: Advertising Software For Amazon

PPC Advertisements are surely a great way to boost Amazon sales but aren’t everyone’s cup of tea that’s where Sellics, PPC Campaign Tool steps in.

Sellics software surely has some amazing features, Let’s know more about it in this Review:

Optimize the campaigns without any specific seller central report and make smarter decisions with the historical data. It keeps all the information securely and assures that privacy is well maintained. In addition to that, their data analytics are accurate and on point.

😍 What is Sellics? In-Depth Review

Sellics is very different from all the tools present in the market, and their features are very unique as it helps in tracking real-time profit.

They visualize everything from keywords to bids to bring out one final outcome for the users. It helps the sellers in staying on top of all the sponsored Amazon sellers and also lets them track the progress of their ads for the given period.

The tool checks every change made in the PPC campaigns, along with enabling access to all the historical data that is not available in Seller Central at all.

Learn from the past and understand which changes made the advertisement boosting and successful. Use their PPC features to maximize the ad revenue and lower the ACoS, which is something that everyone aspires to.

It also creates a negative keyword list so that the users can identify the terms that are negative to use. Sellics has been the first choice for many users for a long time now and people love its features.

💥 Features of Sellics

1. Track Real-time Profit

Sellics Profit Tracker

Track real-time profit on Amazon with the help of Sellics. They provide fully-automated calculations that are easy to understand and don’t require to be cross-checked.

Also, the tool automatically deducts the Amazon fees, shipping, PPC fee, promos, taxes, cost of the goods, and many other such things. They present the entire output in front of the users and they don’t even need to exclude the costs on their own.

2. Maximize PPC Revenue

Sellics Revenue Maximiser

Maximize revenue with great PPC campaigns as the software surely gets good traffic on the seller’s product.

Save time and automate the PPC campaigns in order to get the best profits. Focus on campaign profitability now and get the best outcomes from the ad spend. The tool provides the best revenue and has a good output as well.

3. Boost Keyword Rankings

Sellics Keyword Ranking

Get the products ranked on a higher number with the help of the keywords provided by them. Research some high volume keywords, optimize the listings and track keyword rankings.

There are many such things are available over here and they have one of the best Amazon Ranking Optimizer in the market.

4. Review Management

With the help of Sellics, you can filter out negative reviews that are worst and can seriously make the sales drop. Sellers ought to react to these as soon as possible to prevent damage.

Start getting automated updates over here and focus on fixing these reviews, rather than spending the time searching for them. Use positive reviews to improve the sales and pin them with the filters for a specific product.

5. Never Run out of Inventory

One can know when they’ll exactly run out of inventory based on their recent sales velocity. There is an option to specify the leads and the tool later informs when the seller is going low in stocks.

Know exactly when to place a new order as the tool provides a re-order date every time a person sells the present amount of products. It also provides a 90-day re-order pipeline at a glance and shows the data of financial and personnel resources.

6. Automate PPC Campaigns

Automate all the PPC campaigns for the week in just a single click. They let the users achieve higher returns on the ad spends and their algorithm is great. It works accordingly and brings out the users the best results from the PPC Campaigns.

Rather than devoting all the time to those campaigns, it is better to go for this tool and save tons of time!

7. Analyze campaign performance

Track the campaigns based on sponsored products or even the ones sold personally by the seller. Sellics help to find & review data for any period and analyze which campaign has provided positive outcomes for the product. This gives a better idea on which campaigns are meant to be kept and which are better on the denial.

8. Optimize results for better profit

AI Optimization & Competitive Insights

No advertisement makes sense if it doesn’t provide the desired profit outcomes. Use this PPC Software to optimize bids on the basis of profits. Make smarter decisions with the help of this historical data and also optimize the campaigns in order to bring out the best outcomes for the products.

9. Amazon Keyword Migration

Save time by automating the PPC keywords. These search terms are the most important thing for any campaign, and the top priority is to have the best ones that are low competitive but yet suffice.

Advertisers no longer need to perform high research tasks and bang their heads in finding the search terms. Rather than transferring one keyword to another campaign, this tool takes care of every such thing on its own.

10. Keyword bidding

Increase the ad spend efficiency with the automated keyword bids. Their automated bidding tool performs routine bidding tasks and lets the user actually focus on profitability rather than anything else.

Get the most out of the ad spend with their automated bidding as they raise and lower the bids on their own, without letting the users worry about anything. It does the following things:

  • Automatically increases keyword bids when ACoS is low.
  • Lower the keyword bid automatically when ACoS is high.
  • Automatically pause the keywords when it is unprofitable.

11. No need for seller central reports

Stay on top of all other Amazon sellers with their personalized reports. Track the performance of ads, but not with the Amazon Seller Central Report, rather with the reports provided by the tool. It tracks the changes made in the PPC Campaigns and provides access to all the historical data that isn’t available at Amazon Seller Central.

12. Make Smarter Decisions

Make smarter decisions with the help of this data and bring out better profits with its help. Changes made in keyword bids, budgets, and added or removed keywords are visualized by the tool itself.

The user doesn’t need to worry about a single thing since it derives everything accordingly. Learn from all the changes made in the past and know what changes are proving out to be beneficial for the ad performance.

💰 Sellics Pricing Packages

$0 Annual sales on Amazon:

  • $57.00/Month.

$1k-60k Annual sales on Amazon:

  • $67.00/Month.
  • $57.00/Month with Bi-annual plan.
  • $47.00/Month with Annual plan.

$60k-240k Annual sales on Amazon:

  • $97.00/Month.
  • $87.00/Month with Bi-annual plan.
  • $77.00/Month with Annual plan.

$240k-600k Annual sales on Amazon:

  • $157.00/Month.
  • $137.00/Month with Bi-Annual plan.
  • $117.00/Month with Annual plan.

$600k-$1.2m Annual sales on Amazon:

  • $217.00/Month.
  • $187.00/Month with Bi-Annual plan.
  • $157.00/Month with Annual plan.

$1.2m and above Annual sales on Amazon:

  • $317.00/Month.
  • $287.00/Month with Bi-Annual plan.
  • $257.00/Month with an Annual plan.

Pros & Cons Of Sellics


  • Free 14-day trial.
  • Cancels automatically.
  • Various pricing packages.
  • A wide array of features.
  • Reliable customer support.
  • Easy to use.


  • Does not calculate the exact Return on Investment.

Pros in Detail

  • Free 14-day trial:

The tool provides a free 14-day trial so if anyone isn’t sure about the tool, then they can always try out the PPC tool and decide whether they want it or not.

  • Cancels Automatically:

If someone wants to cancel the tool membership after a month or the free trial, then the membership will be automatically get canceled due to no payments. The sellers do not need to do anything on their own.

  • Various Pricing Packages:

There are different pricing packages for every kind of seller, and there is no need to spend something extra on the packages there aren’t even required. The tool provides packages on different variants of Amazon sales.

  • A wide array of features:

There are several features of the tool that are worthy of taking note. These features are extremely facilitating and make a seller’s task way easier.

  • Reliable customer support:

In case a seller faces any issues, then they can contact the tool’s customer support for better help. The support is present 24/7 and can help the sellers in any situation.

  • Easy to use:

The tool is very easy to use and every feature is available at just a single click. There is nothing too techy involved over here and anyone can easily use it without any issue.

PPC Growth By Just 1 Click

Cons in Detail

  • Does not calculate the exact Return on Investment:

The tool doesn’t calculate the exact return on investment, which is important to find out for any seller. A user has to themselves analyze the returns on their own.

✅ Sellics Client Reviews & Testimonials

Sellics Testimonials

A review from Ann reads that the tool is really helpful and there is a lot to learn from the same. As a seller central customer, they got to know about the product through a conference and she straightaway signed up for the same.

She says there is a lot to learn from it and in 6 months of usage, it has brought a major difference in product profitability and performance.

They are able to specifically focus on the products that sell well and make changes in those that have low or no profitability. It has really helped them figure out the keywords and bid rules that have made a specific difference in their campaigns.

She also likes how easily she is able to manage the reviews. Their brand doesn’t answer reviews, but takes them in a note and improves accordingly.

Being a brand owner, there is competition from other brand owners. They don’t compete on prices but use the tool to analyze what other sellers are doing.

Sellics Testimonial Proof

Another review from Kamlesh reads that this is an essential tool for all those who are real-time Amazon sellers and wish to grow their business.

He claims the tool has excellent features, is easy to use, and has great customer support along with tutorials.

It has made a huge difference in their ad schedule and has significantly reduced the amount of time in optimized ad listings. He thoroughly recommends the sellics tool over every other present in the market.

🤗 Conclusion Of Sellics Review

For any Amazon Central Seller, it is important that the PPC optimization is done right. Campaigns hold crucial importance and should have the best keywords and bids accordingly.

The tool struck the minds hard and is jampacked with features. It optimizes everything accordingly and also settles everything. There is not much that the seller needs to worry about, and the tool helps in simplifies everything on its own. It also manages the reviews and notifies the users accordingly.

This is a bonus feature that not many tools have, and it makes it different from the others. Overall, it is an amazing tool with different pricing packages and also a free trial. A must-buy and a totally worthy solution!

🎁 FAQs

Is Sellics safe to use?

Yes, Sellics protects the user data and is compliant with Amazon’s ToS. They are also official partners with Amazon Global Selling Network.

Does Sellics provide data and statistics?

Yes, Sellics does provide seller data and statistics which is different from the Amazon Global Selling Network.

Is there any free trial by Sellics?

Yes, Sellics provides a free 14-day trial to users who aren’t much sure about the tool’s working. They can try out and identify if it works for them or not.

Is Sellics value for money?

Yes, Sellics is worth every penny and totally value for money. If a user wants to have a good PPC Campaign tool by their side, then this tool is ideal for them.

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