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Seller Snap Review: Why You Should Try It In 2024?


If you have been looking for a reliable Amazon repricer software that ought to bring out desired results in terms of increased sales and profits, then this Seller Snap review can help you out. 

In this Seller Snap review, we will be discussing various aspects of the platform including key features, pricing plans, customer support, pros and cons, and more. 😊

Seller Snap Review

Seller Snap Overview

Launched in 2016, Seller Snap was founded by Eli Engelberg, Joshua Beam, and Yuval Kaufman. The co-founders have years of experience in the E-commerce marketplace with a specialization in Amazon solutions.

The platform is available across 18 marketplaces around the world including Canada, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, Egypt, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Singapore, Australia and more. 

Seller Snap Marketplaces

Seller Snap was developed with the intention of helping Amazon sellers scale up their business by increasing their sales, therefore significantly maximizing their profits. Seller Snap is an AI algorithmic repricer merged with some really advanced seller analytics.

The software is built around the game theory principles which discover the patterns in the behavior of other competing sellers in order to avoid price wars. 

Seller Snap

Seller Snaps’ repricer guarantees instant repricing according to the market conditions by accessing and analyzing real-time data flow and essential metrics.

Some of the examples of these indicators can be inventory levels, sales velocity, revenue & profit, etc.

Seller Snap Features

Getting Started With Seller Snap

Before you get going on your repricing journey with Seller Snap, you have to register for an account. The onboarding process of Seller Snap is super easy and takes no more than a few minutes of your time. Follow the steps given below in order to do the same. 

1. Navigate to the official Seller Snap website and click on the “Start 15 – Day Free Trial” button displayed at the top right corner. 

2. Next up, You will be redirected to the “Sign Up” page where you can fill the form with the requested information such as your name, phone number, company name, etc. 

Seller Snap Sign Up

3. Once done filling the form, read and agree to the “Terms & Conditions” checkbox and click on the “Next” button.

4. You then have to then fill in your Amazon store details such as your Store name and primary marketplace. Hit the “Click Here To Authorize” button to let Seller Snap validate your credentials. 

Seller Snap Create Account

5. Enter the information regarding your account and click on the “Create Account” button once you are done to complete the registration process. 

Seller Snap Key Features 

Coming onto the core features section of this Seller Snap review, here are the three most important functionalities offered to you. 

1. AI-Powered Amazon Repricing Software

The platform has been designed and developed based on the foundations of artificial intelligence and built to think like an actual Amazon seller.

Their Amazon repricing software has the capability of identifying and predicting the behavior of a specific sellers and therefore making adjustments by tailoring the prices to outsmart the competition altogether.

Seller Snap AI Powered Amazon Repricing Software

The repricing algorithm works by gathering the data from Amazon on the basis of pricing and implements the optimal approach for each circumstance and Amazon listing.

The game theory technique ensures the maximum profit by always automatically applying the best prices for profit for your listings.

2. Custom Amazon Repricing Strategies

Although the AI-driven Amazon repricer works wonders as it is, the platform offers advanced sellers the ability to create their own custom strategies and conditions. You can tailor your repricing strategies to meet your business needs and requirements. 

Seller Snap Amazon Repricing Strategies

The platform lets you incorporate multiple conditions and rules needed to personalize your repricing strategies in order to execute your certain objectives and implement strategies.

Some of the custom strategies for the repricing toolbox consist of Win BuyBox, Seller Fulfilled Prime, Velocity Driven Repricing, Follow A Related ASIN, etc.

3. Amazon Seller Analytics

With intelligent seller analytics, you have the ability to make data-driven business decisions through usable insights.

The analytics tool is designed to provide customized reports providing detailed information on inventory, competitors, sales velocity, best & worst performing goods, advertising results, and more. Some of the advanced data-backed reports categories are as follows:

Seller Snap Amazon Seller Analytics

1. Replenishment Data – Suggests products to stock up by date and quantity so you always have the stock ready.

2. Returns Data – Displays the record of products returned due to quality issues and available items in the storage after reimbursements. 

3. Storage Fees – Based on storage fees, the software recommends the number of times the inventory can be stocked up along with the statistics related to the products that need to be liquidated.

4. Total Profitability – Displays the total profit after considering storage fees, reimbursements and returned products. 

Seller Snap Custom Reports

Seller Snap Pricing Plans & Functionalities

The platform offers four different pricing packages from which you can subscribe to the one suitable for your business. The details regarding the same are given below. 

1. Accelerator Program – The Accelerator program charges a customer only $250 per month for their services. Unlike other plans where you can just purchase the membership package, you have to be eligible according to certain conditions to be enrolled in this program. The details regarding the Accelerator program are discussed later in this Seller Snap review. 

Seller Snap Accelerator Program

2. Standard – You can subscribe to the “Standard” membership package at just $500 per month, if you have one store, three users, and up to 15,000 listings. As far as repricing features are concerned you will have access to the following; Customizable Repricing Strategies, AI Game Theory Repricing and Price based on Related ASINs. In the case of analytics you can use the following functionalities; Store Level Aggregations and Trends,  Sales, Profit, Buy Box share, and Filters to focus on Ggroups of products. You can contact Seller Snaps’ sales team if you have any further questions to ask before investing in their services.

Seller Snap Prices

3. Premium – You can subscribe to the “Premium” package at $800 per month, if you have three stores, 10 users, and up to 30,000 listings. This plan consists of all of the Standard features along with the advanced analytics consisting of additional data points such as Sales Rank, Returns Data and Custom Actionable Insights. You have access to automated workflow and related functionalities like Open API and FTP file uploads. The support options available to you includes 24/7 expert support and a dedicated account manager. The Premium plan is ideal for your business if you want to scale up and make data-backed decisions with the help of advanced analytics and reports. 

4. Unlimited – This subscription plan is perfect if you run agencies that manage Amazon stores on behalf of their clients and businesses that either have special technological requirements or offer a wide range of products. You can subscribe to the unlimited plan if you have multiple stores, unlimited users, and more than 30,000 listings. In addition to all the “Premium” features, you have access to Custom integrations and a dedicated environment. However, you’d have to contact Seller Snap’s sales team to know about the accurate pricing details. 

What is Seller Snap’s Accelerator Program?

Seller Snap Amazon Accelerator Program

The “Accelerator” program costs only $250 per month and is developed to help small Amazon businesses grow by offering them professional tools, advanced AI-powered Amazon repricer, experienced managers, and more to compete with other established sellers. You can fill up the application form for the same.

Terms & Conditions For the Accelerator Program

  1. Each cycle of the Accelerator Program lasts for six months only.
  2. All the enrolled participants have to pay a fee of $250 per month during the entire six months cycle.
  3. Members are allowed to connect only a single Amazon storefront.
  4. After the six month cycle is over and the average sales are above $25,000, the members must switch to Seller Snap’s paid subscription to continue using Seller Snap services.
  5. However, even after the 6 months period the member’s average monthly sales are under $25,000, then Seller Snap can either decide to continue your membership in the program for an additional 6 months or rescind the offer. 
Seller Snap Amazon Accelerator Program Application Form

Qualification Criteria For The Accelerator Program

You must fulfill all the three conditions given below in order to qualify for Seller Snaps’ Accelerator program. 

  1. Amazon sellers should not have over 1000 active listings.
  2. Your monthly average sales should be less than $25,000 in the last three months.
  3. You should be selling goods that have potential competition for the buy box.

Seller Snap Customer Support 

Coming onto the help section of this Seller Snap review, it is important that you are provided with speedy and professional support when needed and in that aspect, the platform offers a customer-centric support team ready to help you out. 

Seller Snap Customer Support

The platform provides a wide range of self-help resources so that you can find solutions to common queries and problems by yourself.

Some of the available options include an extensive webinar and video library, comprehensive blog posts, frequently asked questions, dedicated podcasts, events, case studies, customer testimonials, and expert reviews.

You can reach out to Seller Snaps’ customer help department via a number of options such as email support, and phone services which are available from Monday to Friday, 9am to 7pm EST.

You can also connect with Seller Snap through social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more. 

Seller Snap Review – Pros & Cons 

Wrapping up our Seller Snap review by summarizing all that we have discussed so far along with all the associated pros and cons. 

Seller Snap Benefits

The AI-based algorithmic repricer helps you avoid price wars and outsmart the aggressive competitors based on optimal strategies in order to maximize profits.

Since Seller Snap automatically updates the pricing of the products after processing various indicators and market conditions, you can devote that time to other aspects of your business. 

On the downside, you lose control over your repricing strategies to some degree as the repricer automatically does that for you. Although Seller Snap’s AI Amazon repricer software has many benefits in comparison to disadvantages, they can be costly for some sellers. 

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