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RollerAds Review: Best Push Notification Advertisement Network


If you’re looking for the best push advertising network then you’re at the right place, we’re here to provide the details on RollerAds.

Yes, RollerAds is one of the great push advertising network that offers push notifications and also provides high website revenues to the direct publishers.

RollerAds Review

If you’re a publisher and likely to monetize your website to get more revenue, then RollerAds is for you that works perfectly and also meets all your needs. In this RollerAds review, we provide more details on the working of push notifications, and how RollerAds is good for both publishers & advertisers.

👊 What Are Push Notifications?

Push Notifications are non-intrusive messages that can be sent to the web or mobile devices of your potential customers or clients. The message can be an announcement, special offers, and sales as push notifications are the new trend in affiliate marketing.

The audiences will interact with the push ads when you sent them directly to their devices like laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

RollerAds Ready To Grow Revenue

💙 What is RollerAds? Complete Review

RollerAds is one of the best push notification advertisement networks as it helps to boost the push notification Ads revenue that combines an in-house anti-fraud system with a unique algorithm. It is specialized as a high-performance push ad notification that makes it easier for marketers as the best marketing strategy for affiliates to earn high revenues.

You will experience all the benefits when you work with RollerAds as it offers high-quality and exclusive traffic, and reach all your ads globally at a low price. RollerAds will perform for any business industry like Finance, eCommerce, Gambling, Gaming, Betting, Software, Push subscriptions, and many more.

👍 Why To Choose Push Ads? Is It Worth?

The push ads appear on the screen of the devices like laptops, mobile, and tablets as these ads are highly engageable and clickable.

RollerAds Features

It is hard to ignore the ads when you send them to your potential customers, as the ad may be either an announcement or special offers of your products and services. Let’s know about the main purpose of using push ads and how it increases your sales or leads.

High CTR

When compared to other advertisement formats like video ads, banner ads, emails, the Push ad notifications will generate a high click-through rate.

Global Reach

Millions of people are likely to subscribe to push notifications. So, it is one of the finest ways to reach your business across the globe.

Simple and Convenient

The push ad must consist of an image, subject, and description. So, that it can easily convey your audience to buy your products.

Instant Delivery

The push notifications are said to be delivered to the audiences when they are online.

100% Real Traffic

With RollerAds, say no to bots and fake traffic as it provides 100% genuine traffic through push ads.

Low Cost

If we compare the cost to other ad formats, the push ads offer a low price and the minimum bid is $0.001.

🤗 Key Features of RollerAds

Let’s know about the key features that it offers to publish the ad, and the main feature is you’ll get a huge number of impressions. On the other side, you can get a huge number of daily clicks when you work with RollerAds.

Key Features of RollerAds

The minimum bid at RollerAds is low when compared to different ad formats. There is nothing big surprise,  you can send push ad notifications to millions of people across the globe with RollerAds.

Till now, RollerAds has over 10K direct publishers, and it records the daily impressions of the push ad is over 1,2 billion, with the daily clicks of 2,5 million-plus, and finally, the minimum bid for the push ad is $0.001.

💥 Self Service Platform – RollerAds

RollerAds offers some of the key attributes that no other ad networks offer us and so this is one of the reasons that it became more competitive than others.

Now, let’s know what it offers:

RollerAds Self Service Patform

Campaign Tools

Within seconds, you can create ad campaigns, with the help of an intuitive campaign builder in RollerAds. It guides you in everything from the process of selecting your right audiences, placement of the advertisements, and budget to spend for the ad.

Even you can analyze how the campaign bid and the targeting options create an impact on your ad reach and also over marketing ROI. You can control all your spendings daily from the total budget and it allows you to spend the budget according to the necessary adjustments.

Targeting Options

The targeting options are the most important criteria to prefer when selecting an Ad Network and RollerAds has this targeting feature in it. So, that you can target your right audiences effectively to sell your products or services. And by targeting, make your ad profitable and the RollerAds targeting options are

  • Desktop/Mobile
  • Subscription Age
  • OS version
  • GEO
  • Zones
  • White / Blacklists
  • Connection type, mobile isp

😍 Tracking Tools

RollerAds provides a complete statistic record on how your campaign is working and you can track everything in it as RollerAds has an easy user-interface. It offers 16 tracking macros to optimize your ad campaigns and also it helps to boost the performance of your ad.

You can take control of the results of your ad Campaign in every detail and you can discover which ad channels are most important and valuable for your business. So, it helps you to track all your ad campaigns and calculate the conversions easily.

🔥 OnClick New Ad Format at RollerAds

Onclick is the new ad format at RollerAds, it is also known as popunder Ads and if you use this correctly for your business then it is perfectly effective. It is one of the most popular ad formats with high profit margin and it is available at an affordable price.

Onclick ad is loaded under the main active tab or window after the visitor performs any action, for some time the ad will stay on the publisher’s website or clicks on a particular area of the website. This is the way, Onclick will solve the Ad Blindness problem when the visitor doesn’t click on the ad banner.

RollerAds OnClick

How Does Onclick Ad Format Work?

If you want to run Onclick ad campaigns, then it does not require any creativity to run it and all you need is a target URL of a product or service that you want to promote. Then this link is implemented to the publisher website and if a visitor makes a click, it automatically the Onclick ad window of a campaign’s URL is opened in the additional tab or window.

To generate the leads, pops are used and you can perform in two ways via redirect which is leads to the page of an advertiser including with an offer or through pre-lander, a landing page with no form to fill but with a call to action button.

The purpose of pre-lander to the user is like warming up before sending them a direct offer and to gain a conversion, sometimes there will be more than one pre-lander.

How Onclick Ads Perform?

When compared to other ad formats, pops are actually working much better and sometimes it boosts the ROI by 300%.  The audiences will neglect to click display ads and banner ads, but Onclick wins the race because if we consider the problem of ad blindness.

The pops are to target the right audience and there are many better chances that the users to see the popunder ads. Onclick ads are popular for Dating, Software, eCommerce, Gambling, Finances, Games, Pinsubmit, Extensions, Sweepstakes, Push subscriptions, and Utilities.

🤔 RollerAds for Publishers

RollerAds For Publishers

On RollerAds, Publishers also have their place and so the publishers are allowed to monetize their website with push notifications. With new generation push advertising, you can earn maximum profits from your websites.

Let’s know, why the publishers have to pick this ad network to maximize their profits.

CPC Pricing Model

Each time when a user clicks the push ad, you’ll start receiving money.

RollerAds CPC Worldwide

100% Safe

Safety is the main priority for any Ad network and RollerAds focuses and puts more effort into safety. RollerAds provide 100% safe and precise selection of the advertisers who work with them and it ensures that you’ll never get unnecessary traffic or fake traffic and ads on your pages. Also, it even ensures to reduce the unsubscription rates.

Easy Setup

Within few minutes, you can set up and get started to get the traffic to your website. All you need to do is just sign up, the tags must be placed on your website, and finally earn huge profits and revenue.

Additional Monetization

With RollerAds, no need to exclude other formats of the ad as you can earn if the visitor doesn’t view your website anymore by additional monetization.

Variety of Withdrawl methods

To get your earnings, you can choose any convenient method Webmoney, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Capitalist, and Payoneer.

🎁 Referral Program

Referral Program

Referrals is another opportunity to earn more and the publishers of RollerAds will get a unique link to send it to your friends, business partners, and others. If any of the people that you refer will sign up to RollerAds through your link then you’ll receive 5% of their revenue.

😍 Create RollerAds Account To Generate Profit

Create Account at RollerAds

RollerAds is an amazing and self-service push advertising network platform that helps the users to earn more profits and increase the revenue by push ads. If you want to get great sales and take your business to a brand new level then RollerAds is for you.

You just need to do is create an account in RollerAds by filling a form and get approved, after that set up an Ad tag on your website with easy-to-implement, and finally start receiving profits & monitor your ad daily. Before starting to go with RollerAds, it offers a demo and it is good to watch a demo, then you can proceed to create an account to get more leads and conversion rates.

😚 Pricing Plan Of RollerAds

Pricing Plan of RollerAds

With Push notification ads, monetize your website by creating a RollerAds publisher account and increase your revenue right away. Coming to the pricing model, the minimum deposit is $50 and RollerAds will charge only for the delivered clicks. The minimum CPC of RollerAds is $0.001. The payment method it accepts is Wire Transfer, Capitalist, Credit Card, and Webmoney.

🤠 Final Verdict On RollerAds Review

On the Whole, RollerAds is a self-service push ad network platform that helps to increase your revenue. With the push notification ad format, you can get more profits and with RollerAds it is super easy.

The minimum CPC is also low that costs $0.001 and if you want to boost the sales and revenue for your business then RollerAds is the right pick for you.

Hope you get all details in this RollerAds review, about its features, pricing, and many more which may help you to decide whether it is suitable or not for you.

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