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RevSeller Review: Is This Seller Extension Worth To Buy?


Before selling on Amazon FBA, it is very important to have a product’s insight. Every business requires detailed research on the products and it’s definitely not easy to move ahead without knowing much about the product. RevSeller Chrome Extension is really helpful in this case as it assists to find & review product insights and it is a very popular Chrome extension.

It observes a product’s sales rank & its profit margin and many Amazon Merchants use it. The Chrome Extension also reduces research time and is pretty much automated as well. Basically, it is a product arbitrage tool that calculates various things together.

RevSeller helps in finding products on the Internet to buy and sell them on Amazon FBA. It also searches for products at a cheaper price and lets one upsell them with the help of an FBA badge.

RevSeller Chrome Extension

Apart from just being an Arbitrage, the product has a lot more to it. It facilitates the smooth functioning of FBA businesses and lets people earn huge profits they wouldn’t have even imagined. Check out this RevSeller review to know more about it.

RevSeller Chrome Extension Features Review

There are various amazing features of RevSeller, these are:

RevSeller Chrome Extension Features

1. Rate of Interest Calculator

It helps in calculating the Rate of Interest and profit margins with the help of an Automatic Calculator. Anyone can determine returned income with just a few simple steps. Just enter the purchasing cost and the desired selling price, it’ll automatically do everything ahead. Keeping the FBA fee and everything else in mind, it’ll give great insight into the ideal price. It can show the difference in both percentage and dollars. The need to go through a zillion sites is eliminated as their insights present everything possible. There is an integrated calculator present right inside of the listings. This also saves a lot of time that goes into figuring out and other calculations. If a person is only looking for profits on shoes, then it’ll only show that.

2. Customized Based Preferences

The extension is totally customized based on a person’s requirements. For example. I want to see some clothes on Amazon, I can type a particular t-shirt’s name and wait for it to display. It’ll only display t-shirts and the profit margin on them. I just have to enter my desired price, and it’ll do the rest on its own. This is a really amazing feature since not many arbitrage platforms are that dedicated. Also, the number of varieties based on each product is seriously great.

3. Information Where Wanted

This arbitrage extension is not diverted or country-specific, in fact, it can show data from any country. It claims ‘Information Where You Want It’. Say I’m selling something in the United States, then I can specifically target USA based products. It’ll give me a guide of the best selling products and I can figure it out. The tool works on the basis of location, which is something no platform will ever do.

4. Quick Links to Desired Resources

If someone wants to still look for something they can’t find, then this platform will guide them towards a resource where they can. They provide a quick link instantly after a person searches about any service. So, there’s absolutely no tension in this case as the platform can still manage to get the desired information anyhow.

5. Let’s a person know the ‘Safe-to-sell’ Items

At times the issue is that a person gets a product that has a lot of variations. These variations can be the draining factor of any business since there are many different types present in the market. It guides with accurate numbers to items that can be ‘sold safely’. The RevSeller Chrome Extension makes sure a person gets no loss and always flourishes with great products. This mechanism works while checking out product reviews thinking of the variations. If the reviews are good and the product looks good, it then only suggests to take out the profit margin.

6. Sales and Percentage Rank

A person can never analyze how the market is doing for a product with just a few reviews. It takes years of knowledge to know about the product, and if not so long, then definitely around 12 months. Therefore before buying anything, a brand should check the historic data. The RevSeller extension shows both graphs and percentile so that one can review & analyze everything effectively. This way, there’s an option to bet on a safe product that’ll guarantee profits and won’t stick in the inventory for long.

RevSeller Chrome Extension Pricing

RevSeller Pricing Packages

There is a free trial available for 30 days and next, there’s an early package costing $99.99/Year. For the trial version, there’s no need for signing up with a credit card. Once the trial month is over, then the merchant has to fill in details for further usage. In $99.99, a person gets everything that’s needed for Retail Arbitrage. If there are any updates, then it is updated automatically, without any extra charge.

Also, the support staff is present throughout the day for helping merchants. There are no extra costs for aid from the support staff. The price for this Chrome Extension is a hundred percent genuine and with such great features, it might feel like spending a small penny.

A merchant can cancel the membership anytime and there is no cancellation fee. More than a person is spending, they get to earn with this platform. A hundred dollars of investment and the person comes out with thousands of dollars in hand. Seems pretty great, doesn’t it?

Pros and Cons

Before finally buying the Chrome Extension membership, check out its pros and cons.


  • Great Support from the team.
  • Easy to use and well automated.
  • Helpful FBA Calculator.
  • Detailed Feedback and Insights.


  • Lesser Pricing Packages.

Pros in Detail

  • Great Support from the team:

The Support Staff is really amazing. in the price, a person doesn’t just get the RevSeller Chrome Extension to use, but the help of amazing support staff as well. Throughout the work, if there’s any problem just contact the RevSeller support team, they will review each of your queries to solve it ASAP.

  • Easy to Use and Well Automated:

There’s barely anything a person needs to do, and almost everything is automated. It saves a lot of manpower by calculating the rate of interest and profit margin on its own. In addition to that, it also gives every insight on its own, without the need of asking or so. Very comfortable and convenient at the same time.

  • Helpful FBA Calculator:

The FBA Calculator asks for the purchasing price and the desired profit margin, and it works on its own. The data is also genuine, with FBA fees and other costs being included. This way, a person doesn’t need to calculate themselves at all.

  • Detailed Feedback and Insights:

The feedback for every product is super accurate and there is barely any chance that the prediction can go wrong. The insights include everything from product prices to historic sales data. Overall, it is a complete guide for any product.

Cons in detail

  • Less Pricing Packages

This is the only con of this RevSeller Chrome Extension. Despite the price is really amazing for 12 months, the sad part is that there aren’t many other packages for the extension. There could have been a quarterly or 6-month package to help in better ways to someone new.

What Do the Testimonials Claim?

RevSeller Testimonial Proof

There are Testimonials that claim they wish they could give thumbs up to this product 10 times, it’s that amazing. Well, it’s no hidden fact that the RevSeller Chrome Extension has helped many people in boosting online business. Reviews claim that the RevSeller Chrome extension provides great flexibility in managing the selling price accordingly and earn great amounts of profit as well.

People say that its presence is indispensable as it saves loads of time and money, that can be put somewhere else to use.

RevSeller Testimonial

Final Verdict-Is It Worth the Money?

Amidst so many products existing on Amazon FBA, a person has various options to opt from. But that doesn’t mean that all products have fruitful outcomes, as some may even be a bit off and will stick in the inventory for a long time. This extension helps in making good decisions for Amazon FBA products and also lets a person upsell those by at least 30 to 40 dollars more.

A great profit to make on every item and has fruitful outcomes as well. One can scale according to time and expand the business ahead. There’s no way that this guide will deteriorate any person’s FBA business, but it is important to focus and concentrate equally. At the last of this review, we can say RevSeller is overall a great tool to go for which gives amazing insights.

In Conclusion

If there’s any requirement for having a good guide for FBA products by your side, then RevSeller is the platform you’ll ever come across. The detaield guide is really amazing and everything is crisp clear on this platform. Overall, there’s nothing that’ll disappoint, in fact, it’ll all ease up each and every task.


Is Revseller great enough?

Yes, Revseller has all the desired features for Retail Arbitrage and is totally value for money. In fact, its outcomes are better than the money charged by it.

Does Revseller have a free trial?

Yes, they have a free 30-day trial wherein a user can make sure that the tool is made for them or not.

Is Revseller a software or extension?

Revseller is a chrome extension, which makes it even better to use. There is no need to download anything or open in a separate tab to get the insights.

Is there any yearly plan for Revseller?

No, there is only a monthly plan. If a user wants to become permanent, then this is the only con since they have to subscribe every month.

How much does the Revseller cost?

Revseller costs 99 dollars a month and this includes each and every feature. The tool is very affordable.

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