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Smartproxy Review: Is It A Best Residential Proxy Network?


There are so many proxy service providers available in the market for advertisers and it is going to be very tough to select the one.

Are you facing the same problem? Are you confused about selecting the best proxy service provider for your company or products? Then, don’t worry, we tell you the name.


Smartproxy is undoubtedly the best proxy service provider for advertisers because of its amazing features, pricing, ultimate benefits, and user-friendly interface.

What is Smartproxy?

smartproxy review

When we talk about proxy services than the two things come into our mind – ‘Reliability’ and ‘Trust’ because it is never going to be easy to trust on proxy services available online. But not in the case of Smartproxy as it is the most trusted, fast, secure, and reliable proxy service provider available online.

Smartproxy provides an access to the residential proxy network to their customers. Its endpoints are available in almost every country in the world.

In technical terms, Smartproxy is known as the “Rotating Residential Proxy Network” which helps in collecting the data from different websites and codes them by using a set of over 10 million proxies.

It allows making connections to the most restricted areas in any country or region in the world. Even, you don’t need to worry about banned, forbidden, and compromised IP addresses.

When to use Smartproxy?

Smartproxy is a perfect tool for people who are into the business of online advertising, branding, social media accounts managing or purchasing goods during big product releases. These people need the proxy for their businesses so that no one can track them and flag them.

They just want the traffic or customers from different channels without getting noticed.There are mainly 5 reasons when one needs to use Smartproxy which are as follows:

  • Advertisement Verification: If you are running a business of online advertising then Smartproxy is the best choice for you. Smartproxy helps you to check advertisement campaigns to see if that all of your ads are displayed perfectly and as per your requirements. You can also target a group of countries for displayed ads at a single time for different companies with the help of residential proxies.
  • Retail Intelligence: If your business is related to retail intelligence and you need to keep a track on the prices of goods & services then it is the time to use proxies. You can easily run your system from the specific area without being tracked by anyone by using proxies. It also solves the problem of getting blocked and you can get the special discounts.
  • Brand Protection: Brand protection is one of the important aspects for branding of any product. Smartproxy also helps in this section too. It helps you to identify the damaging infringement which is one of the essential factors in brand protection.
  • Copping Sneakers: Exclusive items tend to sell online immediately. People who are using bots to automate the checkout process needs  rotating proxies which preventing them from being blacklisted.
  • Managing social media accounts: Craigslist proxies are the best choice when people wants to avoid location restriction and stay anonymous.

It is important to notice that the Smartproxy provides all the traffic on your website through real devices. So, you will never be identified by anyone as bots. No one considers you spam because all the traffic provided by Smartproxy is 100% genuine and real.

Working with Smartproxy:

Smartproxy has a user-friendly interface and it is very easy to access all its features. Therefore, working with Smartproxy is very simple.

smartproxy working

Here, we are describing the working procedure in few simple steps:

  • You just need to configure your application or terminal with Smartproxy and it automatically connects you to main end-point from where you can process your requests.
  • After doing this, your request is transferred to a proxy pool with more than 10 million unique and different IP addresses (in more than 190 different locations). All your requests processed and works according to your needs & requirements.
  • You can easily access the several sessions at the same time and the tool provides you a specific IP address depending on the resources available at that time (don’t forget – you can choose from a bunch of different endpoints).
You can access the residential IP network by 2 ways:
  • Login ID and Password
  • Adding the specific IP address to a white-list in the dashboard
why smartproxy is good

Ultimate Features of Smartproxy

  • Smartproxy provides more than 10 million IP addresses to their customers which all are real and 100% genuine.
  • In terms of performance, no other provider can beat Smartproxy as its rotating proxies work fast are reliable.
  • The Proxy Rotation feature of this tool helps you to being blocked as a bot. It provides you a new IP address on every request or use same proxy for 10 minutes with sticky sessions.
  • The customer care support is outstanding. You can contact with them via live chat which is 24/7. Email support is also available for their customers.

Smartproxy Pricing and Plans:

All the plans of Smartproxy are based on bandwidth usage. There are 4 plans provided by the Company which are as follows:

smartproxy pricing
  • Micro Plan:  $15/GB with 5 GB of provided traffic
  • Starter Plan: $10/GB with 20 GB of provided traffic
  • Regular Plan: $8/GB with 50 GB of provided traffic
  • Advanced Plan: $6/GB with 100 GB of provided traffic

So, it is recommended for you to choose a plan according to the bandwidth required for your website or online business.

Wrap Up: Smartproxy Review

Though Smartproxy is a perfect proxy provider to use which helps you to take your business at the newer heights of success but it is recommended from our side to go for cheap plans firstly & check its features properly by yourself.

If you will be satisfied with all its features & functionalities and their customer support, then only go for premium plans.

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