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Ramnode Review 2024: Does It Really Perform Well Or Slow?


If you are searching for a high-performance VPS hosting solution, look no more. In this RamNode review, we will take a look at what makes this VHS provider stand out from the rest of the competition.

Founded in 2012, RamNode primarily operates in the United States and guarantees 99.9% uptime, something only premium services offer. Despite having just 8 years of experience in the field, the company has won several awards because of its top-quality service. They are known to provide low-cost solutions for small businesses and individuals looking to host their websites on a cloud platform.

Powered by all the latest technological enhancements, RamNode provides highly configured Hardware and network supporting servers with 5 data center locations spread across parts of the world.

They are known for their excellent customer support, above-average uptime compared to their competition while also featuring one of the best auto-installers in the industry.

Why choose RamNode?

In our review of RamNode, you will see why RamNode is one of the most affordable and reliable VPS providers. What VPS does is offer users access to a virtual machine, which can be installed with the operating system of your choice. This allows people to use the hosting service to match the performance offered by dedicated servers.

One area where RamNode excels is that it offers VPS at a very affordable rate. One might even say that they are one of the fastest and cheapest VPS providers out there. Their basic plan starts from only $3 per month, or if want to go for the hourly plan, it comes down to $0.0045 per hour.

Ramnode Features

The basic plan will give you 1 CPU core paired with 512 MB of RAM and comes with a 15GB SSD storage with a bandwidth limit set at 1000GB. This should be more than enough for people who are looking to operate a website offering basic functionalities.

Their pure SSD and cached SSD solutions provide extremely fast performance and offer virtually no downtimes. You can expect your websites to load incredibly fast every time. Included in both packages, their SSD based storage solutions superior performance compared to other VPS providers. They offer Virtual Hosting Services in both Standard KPS and OpenVZ series, with both solutions providing almost the same level of performance.

Now that you know what RamNode is better than its competitors, let us take a look at the features they have to offer:

RamNode Features Review:

While affordability and performance are categories in which RamNode excels, the features offered by the VPS provider are impressive nonetheless. Here are some feature RamNode offers:

Instant Deployment:

While other Virtual Hosting Service providers might take hours or even days for you to get started, RamNode helps users get started in a matter of minutes. The combination of Tier 1 networking and super-fast hardware makes them one of the few solutions that help you deploy instantly.

Data Centers located all over the world:

The company has data centers in 5 locations spread throughout the globe. These locations are:

Seattle, Canada

Los Angeles, United States of America

New York City, United States of America

Atlanta, United States of America

Dataplace, Netherlands

Custom OS Deployment:

Another welcomed feature is the ability to deploy any operating system of your choice. You can either choose from a list of cloud-init compatible Linux images, available from RamNode themselves or installing an operating system by uploading an ISO image.

Offers both OpenVZ and KVML

They also let users choose between KVM and OpenVZ. While KVM offers more functionalities, it experiences more overhead compared to OpenVZ. Although both solutions share host CPU and network port, users should opt for KVM if they prefer stability and OpenVZ for less overhead.

Dedicated IP Address:

RamNode gives users dedicated IP addresses, giving them the illusion of using a dedicated server.

Intelligent Load Balancing:

Even though they offer shared hosting, the company intelligently balances load amongst all their users so none of them experience any overloading or performance degradation.

OpenStack Cloud:

RamNode has also incorporated support for OpenStack Cloud and the ability to work with OpenStack API.

The newly introduced Cloud Control Panel lets user:

Take snapshots:

In case you are trying out new things, you can take a snapshot of your existing setup and restore it in case things go wrong.

Private Networking:

Using OpenStack Cloud, users can create their Private Networks. This can be used to securely make connections to other machines. This traffic is not counted against a user’s bandwidth allocation.

1-click WordPress Install

RamNode provides users with the option to install WordPress with one click. If you want to access the Admin panel, just open a browser and enter credentials. You are all set to go!

Support for Softaculous auto-installer:

The Softaculous auto-installer supports more than 300 scripts and lets users easily set up eCommerce software, CRM, and much more!

Install cPanel/WHM:

If you look up their database, manually installing cPanel is fairly easy and can be done in just 4 steps. However, RamNode advises that you install cPanel only on a clean installation of CloudLinux or CentOS. The entire process is expected to take an average of 30-45 minutes.


Their knowledgebase also includes videos which will help you set up popular webserver such as nGinx and even help you set up a LAMP Stack. Keep in mind you will need a VPS running on Ubuntu to install and set up the LAMP stack.

DirectAdmin VPS License:

RamNode now lets users order a DirectAdmin VPS license for just $3 per month. The license can only be used at RamNode and is instantly activated. However, there are certain minimum system requirements and DirectAdmin support is not included.

Support for Massive KVM:

Available only on data centers in LA and NYC, you can now make use of the HDD based KVM instances. They are the best solutions for taking multiple backups or storing huge amounts of data.

DDoS Protection:

Available as an add-on, their DDoS protection varies by the location of the data center you choose. The company also happens to own a large collection of bandwidths which is comprised of Cogent, Telia, Tinent, NTT, and HE.

That being said, DDoS Filtered IP (Cloud) is not included in any package and can be bought as an add-on package priced at $3 per month. Keep in mind that the billing is recurring, meaning you will have to manually cancel the subscription.

Image Storage:

The company also offers Image Storage, which will cost you $0.05 per GB per month. You can use this storage space to store customized ISOs, Snapshots amongst other things

CloudLinux License:

RamNode also offers a license on a monthly basis, which is priced at $12. This is another license that has recurring charges, so if you wish to stop using the service, make sure you manually discontinue.

cPanel Cloud License:

Tiered by the number of accounts, RamNode also offers a cPanel Cloud License which is priced at $14 per month.

Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS):

Apart from offering VPS services, RamNode also offers Virtual Dedicated Servers for people who want a dedicated server for their business. The servers are powered by Intel E3 and start at just $40 per month.

Unparalleled customer support:

Not all popular services have customer support. And not all small service providers have bad support. The latter has particularly proven to be true by RamNode. Although RamNode is a fairly small VHS provider compared to other services such as DigitalOcean, the company has been able to successfully provide its small userbase with consistently great Customer Support.

Constant Security updates:

According to testimonials by users, the company works on providing security updates regularly. This since your server will be patched with all the latest security patches.

Pricing Plans

One of the reasons why RamNode stands out from the competition because of its super affordable pricing. Starting at just $3 per month, RamNode offers several plans which scale according to user requirements.

RamNode also allows two forms of Shared Hosting, Reseller and Shared. You can take a quick look at the plans in the table below. Make sure to review everything to choose the best plan of RamNode as per your requirements.

Premium KVM VPS

512MB1 Core10 15GB1000GB$3/mo ($0.0045/hr)
1GB2 Cores25 35GB2000GB$5/mo ($0.0075/hr)
2GB2 Cores50 65GB3000GB$10/mo ($0.015/hr)
3GB2 Cores60 75GB3500GB$15/mo ($0.0225/hr)
4GB4 Cores80 100GB4000GB$20/mo ($0.03/hr)
8GB4 Cores160 180GB5000GB$40/mo ($0.06/hr)

Premium KVM VPS

2GB1 Core50GB3000GB$12/mo ($0.018/hr)
4GB2 Cores100GB4000GB$24/mo ($0.036/hr)
6GB3 Cores150GB4500GB$36/mo ($0.054/hr)
8GB4 Cores200GB5000GB$48/mo ($0.072/hr)
16GB4 Cores400GB6000GB$96/mo ($0.144/hr)

Massive KVM VPS

512MB1 Core160GB2000GB$3/mo ($0.0045/hr)
1GB2 Cores325GB5000GB$5/mo ($0.0075/hr)
2GB2 Cores650GB7500GB$10/mo ($0.015/hr)
3GB2 Cores1000GB10000GB$15/mo ($0.0225/hr)
4GB2 Cores1350GB10000GB$20/mo ($0.03/hr)
8GB4 Cores2650GB10000GB$40/mo ($0.06/hr)
12GB4 Cores4000GB15000GB$60/mo ($0.09/hr)

Pros and Cons of RamNode


Affordable Pricing:

One of the major advantages of using RamNode is that their pricing can cater to people who just want to host a server to even eCommerce businesses. Their prices range from $3 per month, which is good for individuals looking forward to hosting their websites with minimal downtime.

Above Average Uptime:

According to RamNode, they guarantee uptime of 99.9%, which is true if you look at the companies’ track record. This way above compared to other hosting providers.

Unlimited domains and bandwidth:

They allow an unlimited number of domains to be hosted on their servers. Moreover, they also offer unlimited bandwidth with several plans you don’t have to worry about it.

Daily Backups:

The company also offers the option to back up your servers on a daily basis. This is something only a few VHS have to offer.

Support for Softaculous Auto installer:

The Softaculous auto-installer supports more than 300 scripts which allow eCommerce and several other businesses to easily set up their servers. It also lets users install WordPress with just one-click.

Ultra-fast servers and loading times:

They have high-quality servers powered by SSD’s, ensuring your website always runs fast. According to various customer reviews, people using the service did not experience any slow loading speeds.

Unlimited databases:

Another feature that is offered by only a few hosting services, RamNode lets you create and work on an unlimited number of databases.

Free Migration:

If you are already using another VHS, they offer free migration services so you can easily make the transition to their platform.


No domain registration:

Although RamNode is a Virtual Hosting Service, they don’t offer any domain registration services. You will have to buy a domain from third-party providers if you want to host your server on their platform.

No dedicated email:

Since RamNode does not email accounts, if you want to set up an email account on their platform, they recommend you using Thunderbird.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does RamNode offer a free trial?

Yes, RamNode offers a free trial which you can use for 14 days. During the trial, you can use some of their core functions and decide for yourself if the solution works for you or not.

What payment methods does RamNode offer?

They offer various payment gateways such as PayPal, Credit Card, Bitcoin, and even Alipay. Best of all, you can decide if you want to pay monthly or if they should charge you hourly.

Are there any yearly plans?

No, there are no yearly plans. As of now, RamNode offers monthly plans which can be auto renewed using either PayPal or Credit Cards.

How do I contact Customer Support?

There are various methods of contact with Customer Support. Apart from contacting them via email, RamNode also offers untraditional methods of support such as an IIRC channel and even help via Discord.

Final Conclusion on RamNode Review

RamNode is one of the most affordable VHS providers in the market. Their fiercely competitive pricing model has helped them gain immense popularity in the market in just a few years. Moreover, with %99.9 uptime, if you are looking for a service that does not falter in any way, RamNode is one of the best solutions for all your hosting needs.

The company has won several awards for its superior services. Even though RamNode lacks in some areas such as domain registration, the features, and benefits they are providing make it one of the best VHS solutions for individuals and enterprises alike.

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