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Pushmaze Review 2024: The Only Self-Hosted Push Notification Tool




If you run a business then you must already be using various marketing tools. From email campaigns, social media posts, Search Ads, to abandoned cart recovery, there is a Free/Paid tool for everything in the market.

Web Push notifications are the latest entry in the league of internet marketing channels and tools. They have gained massive popularity among marketers, advertisers, eCommerce sites, bloggers, mobile app publishers, and travel companies.

It’s no surprise considering web push notifications can deliver real-time messages, and that too without knowing the email address or phone numbers of the recipients. Today, if you want to stay competitive in the market, you need to push notifications on your website. Consequently, you need a push notification tool in your inventory. Pushmaze is one such web push notifications tool, which provides a one-stop solution to all your push marketing needs.

About Pushmaze

As stated Pushmaze is a web push notifications tool developed to make push marketing accessible to websites as well. It got our attention for of its unique abilities and self-hosted nature (that we will talk later).

The developers of the solution have tried their best to make the solution easier enough to be used by anyone. “You don’t need to be a tech expert to integrate a push notification tool in your website”, they say. Also, “You don’t need a mobile app to leverage the power of push notification, you can also send push notifications right from your website”.

So, if you are doubtful about using this software because of the complexity, you can try out their free live demo on the website. Pushmaze is a very unique and one of the most inexpensive marketing tools in the market. It is equipped with various interesting features to create, send, manage, and track web push notifications.

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Pushmaze Features

Website owners can use this software to send push notifications from their websites. The software has no other version. That means you will get all the features fully loaded with your purchase. Let’s check out all its features in detail.


  1.   Web push notifications: You can send push notifications to your subscribers directly from your website on their web browsers.
  2.   Mobile push notifications: Can send push notifications on both desktop and mobile web browsers. Supports Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera web browsers on all supported devices.
  3. Real-time notifications: Can send and deliver web push notifications immediately in the real-time.
  4. Scheduled push notifications: You can also schedule notifications to be delivered automatically to the users at a specified time.
  5. Self-expiring notifications: You can set a self-expiry time for the triggered notifications. Expired notifications don’t get delivered to the users after the set time. It helps in managing time-sensitive messages in the mass notifications.
  6. Subscriber Segmentation: You can create unlimited segments based on different URLs. You can send both mass notifications and notifications only to the particular segments as well.
  7. Campaign management: You can access detailed analytics and various features to manage each push campaign individually.
  8. Supports Images: You can attach images in your web push notifications.
  9. Detailed Engagement Analytics: Detailed analytics to track push campaign performances from a central dashboard.
  10. Visual central analytics: Visual interpretation of analytics as graphs and pie chart for better understanding.
  11. JS and Rest APIs: Use provided JS and REST APIs to customize the solution as per your unique needs.
  12. Multi-user: You can add multiple admin users to let your team collaborate and manage your campaigns.
  13. Multi-language: You can send notifications in almost every language supported by popular web browsers.
  14. Cross-Browser & Cross-platform Support: Works well on Chrome browser. A user signed on a device with Google account receives notifications on all devices logged in with same Google account.

Pushmaze Working

PushMaze works quite differently than all other push notification tools in the market, In fact, it is the only self-hosted push notification tool available as ready-to-use. It uses Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) service to deliver messages and trigger browser notifications.

You will need to create an FCM account and retrieve the following details from there to set up Pushmaze with your site:


  • API Key
  • Database Url
  • Storage Bucket
  • Auth Domain
  • Project Id
  • Messaging Sender Id

The software comes with detailed documentation and guides for setting up PushMaze and using it. An overview can be summarized as below:

  • Install the script on your web host (Guide and technical support provided by the vendor)
  • Create an FCM account and retrieve the required details
  • Integrate software with your website.
  • Setup the domain(s) where you want to integrate push notifications.
  • Create your custom segments.
  • Start creating and sending notifications from Pushmaze panel.

Pushmaze Benefits

  • Self-hosted: You can host the software on any web server of your choice.
  • Free push notifications: Unlike other tools in the market, you are not charged for sending notifications. You can send as many notifications for free.
  • Live demo: There is a free live demo on their website where you can test the software before buying it.
  • One-time cost: There is no monthly charges. Just a one-time nominal cost to purchase the tool and use it for free for good.
  • White-labeled: They don’t brand the tool anywhere with their name. You can put your own brand identity in your notifications.
  • Unlimited subscribers: No charges for adding too many subscribers. You can add as many subscribers you want for free.
  • Customizations: Besides the powerful base features, you can also request the vendors for paid customizations as per any business requirements.

Pushmaze Pricing Plans

There is no recurring fee. With just one-time payment you can send free web push notifications to unlimited subscribers for the lifetime. At the time of writing this review, the software is priced at $179.

pushmaze pricing

Wrap Up: Pushmaze Review

Pushmaze is a business and marketing solution for those who want to leverage the power of push notifications from their websites. Multiple things make this software a perfect fit for small as well as large-sized businesses. First of all, you get freedom from paying hefty monthly charges; second, it is self-hosted and open-source code; third, you get loads of features.

As per the downsides are concerned, the software is not so easy to setup. It’s a complex process and you definitely want the technical support from the vendor for installation and deployment. Fortunately, they offer support. Moreover, it lags a few features as compared with some SaaS-based tools in the market. However, you still get loads of other features for basic push marketing.

If you own a website and understand that web push notifications are great power in your hands, this tool is for you. At a price point of just $179, it’s definitely a deal to crack. You can try their free demo and then decide if it’s working as per your requirements. I guess it’s a win-win and no losses even if you just try out the software.

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