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Pushground Review 2024: Is This Ad Network Really Worth it?


Advertisements are the most crucial thing for any online business, it creates new business opportunities, boosts product sales, and lift up the brand image. It highlights any product or service in the eyes of people and brings recognition to it. Pushground is a great ad network to operate and get good quality traffic on the product page. Pushground is one of the most preferred ad networks when it comes to push-ads.

It is a simple and fast network that provides some great automation rules so that a user doesn’t need to spend much time. Rather than taking a lot of time, they make the task easier and there is not much need to spend a lot of time. Advertisements take a lot of time but they eliminated this issue. They have a huge reach and anyone from across the globe can try it out.

Pushground Review

What are its features? How does it work? Check out more about the ad network in our Pushground Review.

Pushground Review: Features, Ad & Traffic Type, Pros & Cons

Every Advertiser wants to check review of every ad network, features, pros & cons, traffic type, ad formats &, etc before choosing any advertising platform. This Pushground review has been done by analyzing each & everything on their platform by running ads & using it.

What is Pushground All About?

Pushground is a Push ad network, they began with just Push Notifications and is now expanding to other ad formats as well. The network is a great way to begin with ad campaigns and have the best conversion rate. It also has a customer support where the advertisers can contact at any time they want.

They have some unique features that don’t match up with ant other ad networks such as the customized automatic rules. One of the best things they have is the automation of advertisements that boost up the advertiser’s work.

What Type of Ads Does Pushground Support?

Pushground supports 3 types of advertisement, Push-ads, in-page ads & native ads.

Pushgrounds Review for Push Advertisements

1. High-Quality Traffic:

What is the most important thing for an advertiser? The main aim is to have the best traffic that brings a good conversion rate to the campaigns. This network has a massive reach and brings good traffic that increases product or services sales and brings a good conversion rate, this is the best push ads network. We tested their traffic, after getting good ROI we have written Pushground review so that everyone can give a try.

2. Ad Visibility:

Pushgroud delivers Push-ads in a dazzling way which doesn’t frustrate the audience & they are very comfortable for reading the push notifications. A person tends to read generic notifications rather than those that are super highlighted. The network makes sure that the ad gains a hundred percent visibility and bring good conversion rates.

3. Zero Bot Interference:

The ad network makes sure that there is zero bot interference and has 200 million real-time users accessing the advertisements throughout the day. With such a wide reach, any advertisement can reach across the world. However, the creative must be qualitative enough to gain user attention.

Push Ads CPC For All Device
CountryDaily ImpressionsAvg. CPCMax BidAvg. CTRCompetition

Pushground for In-page Push Advertisements

1. IOS Targeting:

Although the network works really well in both Android and iOS, they specifically master in iOS. Many networks don’t specifically work towards iOS Targeting, but apparently they do and make the advertiser achieve every goal they have in terms of targeting the audience.

2. High-Quality Traffic:

The traffic coming through these ads is already extremely specialized, but it is also very elite and brings an amazing conversion rate. There is no chance that there is any bot interference and there is only high-quality traffic.

Pushground for Native Advertisements

Although they are new in this ad format, the network is proving out to be one of the best in the field. They have access to all the premium sites, their ads are responsive, and the traffic is highly qualitative. The ads can also be set according to the niches and advertisers from all verticals across the world can have access to their ad network. We don’t claim anything wrong & in this Pushground review we haven’t written much about native ads because right now it is in beta version but it may be popular soon.

Features Review of Pushground

The ad network has some unique & exquisite features and is pretty interesting as well. Here are a few features that are specifically amazing:

1. ROI Targeting

ROI Targeting Pushground

The network provides details on the ROI with the help of the Conversion Tracking Postback URL. Just enter it over there and it’ll track up the traffic & conversion rate with the single click. No one wishes to have bot interfered and fraudulent traffic, therefore they track the traffic and ROI status to make sure that the traffic brings a good conversion rate.

2. Different Categories

When it comes to promoting any offer, service, or product, every advertiser wants to target the relevant audience. There are several options present such as Crypto, eCommerce, Dating Adult, Gambling, Casino, Finance, Sweepstakes, etc. An advertiser can choose any such option and go for any interest that suits their product or service.

3. Traffic Type

This is a newly added feature in the network and the advertiser can choose which kind of traffic they desire to have. They have two options, Mainstream and Adult Traffic targeting. If someone wants broad audience traffic, then they can go for the Mainstream. But if someone wants to go for specifically adult audience interest, then they can go for the adult traffic type. However, the dating adult category will only run in Adult Traffic Type.

4. Creatives Running Up

Pushground Creatives

An advertiser can create both of their native and push creatives right there on the platform. There is no need to create it somewhere else and then transfer it to the network, they can just do it directly and also check how many campaigns are running on the network currently. It shows campaigns in the form of ‘Version 1’, ‘Version 2’, etc. & which ad creative version is performing well.

5. Targeting

Pushground Targeting

Anyone can choose from several options present on Pushground in order to target the specific audience they want to have. There are targeting options on the basis of country, region, or states, cities, and different languages. So if someone wants to sit in The United States and target in Germany, then they can do so!

6. Device, OS, Network, and Carriers

Targeting by Pushground

Targeting is a secret key to get success in the advertisement because conversions mainly depend on targeting & ad creatives, if both are perfect then the conversion rate can be good. In some offers, we need to target the audience on the basis of device type, OS, Carrier, or network type. Pushground advertisers have all these options to target the audience on the basis of device targeting, Operating System targeting, Network type, Carrier targeting &, etc.

We got ROI more than 38x with the help of these features & we assure in this Pushground review that if the targeting is properly set up as per the campaign relevancy then the ROI will be good for sure.

7. Frequency

Viewers get irritated by seeing the same ads multiple times and also getting advertisements for similar products, services & offers can be frustrating. This may also decrease the conversion rate & increase the ad cost but with this frequency capping feature, the advertisers can cap the ad frequency and set it to the desired frequency, it can be any for eg. showing a maximum of 3 ads in 24 hours to each user.

8. Bulk Whitelist and Blacklist

Several advertisers want to block certain traffic supply-id, bot traffic, or IPs that are not giving profit, whereas at the same time want to excessively promote their ads to certain IPs or supply_id. Users can enter websites or supply_id in bulk for blacklisting or whitelisting, to reduce the ad cost & increase profit. Just enter the supply_id or site as per analyzation and it’ll be done instantly, this can give a BOOST! to the campaign.

9. Campaign Reach

We reviewed Pushground Campaign reach in-depth, they don’t have any complicated feature to select the audience reach, things are managed & made very easy as per the campaign goal. An advertiser can decide their campaign reach in an easy way with the two options “To Start” & “To Scale”.

Pushground Campaign Reach

If someone wants to begin with advertisements, then for them the ‘Start’ option will be the best as higher quality traffic can arrive with reduced volumes and save the ad costs. Whereas someone who has already tested the campaign can go for the ‘Scale’ option that’ll reach larger audiences with their campaigns. It is ideal for scaling up proven campaigns.

10. Bids and Budgets

What if someone doesn’t have a big budget to spend on the advertisements?  The minimum deposit lies at $20 and a seller can optimize their bids accordingly. Well, the user can fix their per click budget as it starts with as low as $0.001. The ad network is super affordable with Push ads working on a CPC basis and Native Ads working on a CPM basis.

11. Campaign Status

Identify the campaign’s status and the user can pause it anytime. If campaigning is not giving profit or good ROI then keeping campaign active may increase ad cost, therefore user can pause the campaign for a while to analyze what’s wrong in creative or targeting. At a single click, the user can decide the campaign status according to the requirements and their outcomes.

12. Customized Rule: Unique & Different Feature

Pushground Automated Rules

Who said that the users have to monitor the advertisement campaigns for each span of time & always make changes for optimization?

When it comes to monitoring campaigns it takes hell lot of time to analyze & to optimize, there are many tools available in the market which can optimize bids, active/pause campaigns & more, according to desired rules. All campaign automation tools have various costs & it is not free.

BUT! Every Pushgroud users have an option to set up automatic rules & there’s no need to buy any 3rd party tool for campaign automation. The best part of Pushground is that they don’t charge any extra fees for anything.

There’s an option to create automatic rules which automatically change bids, pause campaigns &, etc. Pushground Ad Network specializes in letting the users work according to the custom features. There are specific options to customize the campaigns according to the advertiser and create new automatic rules according to every campaign. One can create rules with options such as:

  • If Campaign ROI is Higher/Lower than (Desired Percentage)

& ROI is Higher/Lower than (Desired Percentage)

Within 1h-15d then Pause/Increase Bid/Decrease Bid/Increase Budget every 30m-4h.

All an advertiser needs to do is customize everything according to desired rules and that’s it! The network will run according to the set rules for the particular advertisement.

We decided to first publish a review of Pushground & Soon we are going to publish our Case study with Pushground because these automatic rules helped a lot to save our time & to get GOOD ROI.

13. Lowers the Ad Cost

Every advertiser has just one fear, and that is having super high ad costs. Pushground ad network has features such as Campaign Reach and Frequency Capping that help in reducing the ad costs with major differences.

14. ASAP Approvals

Rather than working like other ad networks and frustrating the advertisers by taking a lot of time in approvals, the network works very fast and makes sure that the Campaigns can get approved as soon as possible.

15. Responsive Ads

Will the advertisements make sense if advertisers don’t get any product or service sales? Of course not! And this can be because of non-responsive ads. If the audience cannot see the ads properly because of non-responsive advertisement, it may go out of the screen, can display half &, etc.

Pushground ensures that each ad should be displayed fully responsive to the audience in every device so that advertisers can get good results from their campaigns.

Pros and Cons


  • Highly qualitative traffic.
  • Massive Reach.
  • Unique Customizable & Automatic Rules.
  • Responsive Advertisements.


  • No Free Trial.

Final Verdict- About Pushground Review

Whilst the platform is currently developing and improving, it is pretty great to go for. Anyone who wants to go for native, push, or in-page push ads can go for this network without any doubt. Pushground is super affordable as it begins with just $0.001 per click. They are already popular in Push-ads and currently working on the Native Ad network, though the features provided by them are also pretty great. It is a good option if someone wants to go for advertisements as beginners or wish to scale up a few of them. The best part is their customizable rules features where the advertisers can make the ads work according to them, without any issues. Overall, it is a great ad network and one must go for it.


Is Pushground good enough?

Yes, that's why we published Pushground review, it is a great ad network to go for. Those who want to have push or native ads then they can go for it.

Is there any way ot try out Pushground?

No Free trial, one needs to deposit a minimum of 20 dollars, to begin with, any advertisement. The CPC Rates vary according to the country.

Is there any option for Publishers?

So far, the network only works for advertisers, but provide all the services in the best manner to them.

How good is Pushground's reach?

Their reach is massive, Pushground works with as many countries as any advertiser would expect to.

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