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Push House Review: Best Ad Network Of 2024 For PUSH Ads


If you are an advertiser or publisher, 😘 you know very well that advertising is a great source of revenue, and there is a different type of Ad network is existing in the market, 🤗 but only a few of them are good and trustable.

These Ad networks is a great way to advertise something, 🤔 whatever it is, and you can also monetize your website by publishing other’s people advertisement to your site with the help of Ad networks.

If your website is getting a high amount of traffic then this is a great way to earn passive income. There is a different type of advertisement format are available to advertise differently, 🤡 but one of the popular ways is, “Push Notifications Ads.”

Push House Review

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Push notifications are a very popular form of Ad where you can easily run ads in front of your targeted audience and earn more and more. #Pushads #Adnetwork

Today’s topic is all about Push House Review and how it can help advertisers and publishers to run Push Ads to their website. So, read this article, and you will surely get more information.

😍 What is Push House? Should You Join it?

Push House is a push notification advertising network-based company located in Slovakia (Country in Europe) in the year 2018. It is known for push notifications Ad network providers to advertisers, and publishers, and it is the fastest-growing Ad network in the world.

✔️ Push notifications are a type of notifications ads that appears on your mobile, tablet, desktop, or any other device. Push notifications come in different formats including images, videos, in-app banners, and sounds.

Push House Features

funnyThe company has a strong algorithm that allows advertisers to send push notifications in between their targeted audience which results in a high conversion rate, and a high earning.

The company claims that they have 340 Million+ active subscribers, 12 Billion+ daily impressions, 20 Million+ daily clicks, and also, they have worldwide coverage of 180+ countries.

The numbers are huge because they are professionals in this field that’s why it’s cool and interesting. They are continuously working to improve their system and adding more features to help advertisers to grow their business and generate a high amount of traffic with push Ad notifications which lead to more sales and more income.

🤗 Steps to start with Push House [5 Easy Steps]

The process to start with push house is quite easy and understandable but you need to do some action after creating an account. 🤔 The process to start your Ad is mentioned below:

Push House Sign Up

  1. Create an Account 🎁

           The first step of this entire game is to create your account on their website. When you go through the website homepage, you will see two tabs, “SIGN UP” and “SIGN IN.” Just tap on the “SIGN UP” button, and you will get one registration form to fill out.

Just fill out the required details including your Name, Email-ID, Password, Skype, and Telegram. After filling in all the details, tap on the “Send” button and do your registration by verifying your account.

  1. Create an Advertisement 😍

           Now, move on to the next step which is creating your advertisement. After approving and verifying your account, simply you need to start your first ad with it. Go to Push>Create Campaign.

Give your Advertisement title, description, and image. Don’t forget to give your website link because the user who clicks on the Ad will redirect to your website directly. Choose the country name and city name, where you want to run your Ads.

This Ad network helps you to target your audience with device type, Android OS Version, Browser language, Subscription Age, and CPC, etc. Once you are done with all the details, you can start your Ad campaign easily. After that, the Push House team will verify and approve your Ad and your Ad campaign will run successfully in your targeted audience.

Push House Money Deposit

  1. Getting Results 🤗

           Now, all work is done from your side. Now, it’s time to Push House to give you amazing results at your website. An account manager of the company will check your Ad campaigns and approves them. After approvation, you will get notifications from the company that your Ads have been approved.

You’ll start getting results for your campaign, high-quality audience, impression, and clicks. All your statistics will appear on the dashboard of Push House, and you can easily track real-time results, impressions, clicks, CTR, and the amount you have spent. Did you think, that it would be so easy to run Ads at Push House?

This is why peoples like this Ad network and gains much more results and earning more and more.

🤔 Pros and Cons of Push House

💥 Pros:

  1. Quality Traffic:

            Yes, you heard it right! If you want to get high-quality traffic for your website and to earn more than nothing will be better for you than Push House. One of the main advantages of this network is, it has coverage of 180+ countries which means you will reach your target audience surely.

  1. User-Friendly Interface:

The interface of this network is really simple and user-friendly. If you go to their website, you can easily understand, how to run an Advertisement. A user-friendly interface is very much important for any Ad network.

  1. Real-time data:

           If you have filled in all the necessary information about your Ads then, after successful approval from the account manager, you can track your results like, where is your Ad is running, what is CTR, your CPC, and many more data. The dashboard of results is easy and user-friendly.

  1. 24/7 Support:

           The support system of Push House is very supportive, and always ready for you to solve your queries. You can contact them, if you face any problem related to your account, Ads running, etc. They will surely help you and solve your queries.

  1. Multiple Payment Options:

           You can choose multiple payment options to spend your money such as advcash, master card, visa, bitcoin, web money, etc. Choose the payment method according to your choice and spend money.

💥 Cons:

  1. No bot traffic:

           If you are running Ad through this network then this point is very important for you. If you think that you will make money by generating fake traffic to your Ads then you are thinking wrong because you don’t have permission to generate bot traffic to your Advertisement.

👊 Why choose Push House

Well, the question is right. Why you choose Push House? There are various reasons to choose this network but important thing is, users choose to this network because it provides them quality results, right?

This Ad network has made a great reputation worldwide and reaches 180+ countries in a very short time, and that’s really appreciable, right? Push notifications are really a great form of Ad with high CTR and users can’t avoid this type of Ads.

Push House Impressions & Clicks

The reason why this company stands out from other networks is that they provide a high quality of traffic to your website through which you can generate more income just by implementing push notifications Ads which is easy to set up.

🎁 Push House Affiliate Program

This Ad network is providing you the opportunity where you can extra income just by referring to your friends, family, and others. The main benefit of this network is that, if you join their affiliate program and send advertisers to their network through your link, you will get a 3% commission.

We think this is the best part of this Ad network, right? It is a passive income source and anyway what you have to do is just join their affiliate program, and you will get a tracking link to promote.  If you share that link to anyone and if that person joins through your affiliate link, then you will get 3% commission.

✔️ FAQ’s

  1. Is it sign-up at the website is free?

           Yes, sign-up at the website is totally free. Only you have to register to their website by just filling the registration form.

  1. How can I track my results?

             When you have done the step of creating Ad campaign, an account manager will approve your campaign and after that, you will assign one dashboard where you can track your data and results.

🤗 Final Say On Push.House Review

After covering so many points, I will definitely recommend this network to all of those Advertisers, who are facing difficulty in finding the best push Ad notification network. This is the leading Ad network in the market and believes me it is the best choice for you to gain more traffic to your website.

Push House Contact

YES! This network is also providing you an affiliate program where you can earn passive income just by sharing with your friends and family. So, this is all about today’s review and thank you for reading this post and we will meet in the next post.

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