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ProxyGuys Review: Best 4G LTE Mobile Proxy Provider 2024


Are you looking for the best and trusted proxies in the market to hide IP from 4G Mobile Phones then you’re in the right place. πŸ‘ ..πŸ‘

ProxyGuys is one of the best proxy providers for mobiles πŸ’₯ and It’s the best proxy solution for social accounts (like: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok etc.) as well as Google Ads, and Bing Ads so, let’s review it.

ProxyGuys Review

It can switch to another IP address to hide the real IP and it is more suitable to manage business accounts, clients, etc. Let’s get into the details and ProxyGuys review in this article.

πŸ”₯ What is ProxyGuys? {100% Working} Mobile Proxies

ProxyGuys is the USA largest mobile proxy provider with millions of fresh mobile IPs which is feature-rich, high-quality, and stable. The IPs will come through various wireless carriers with the availability of unique mobile IPs.

The best advantage of having ProxyGuys is it offers unlimited instant IP changes, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited instant change locations, with 24/7 live chat support.

ProxyGuys 4G Mobile IPs

Every single mobile proxy with ProxyGuys can get 40-60mbps speed consistently with network uptime is nearly 99.9%. It is the dedicated proxy provider with instant order setup time and offers 24/7 customer support.

All the proxies of ProxyGuys are compatible with mobile operating systems and every desktop. HTTP(S), Socks5 & VPN are the supporters of the modems and the free plug-ins are available for download to use. ProxyGuys are not data center proxies or any other type of proxies as it is an enterprise-level modem that can connect to the carriers.

πŸ’₯ ProxyGuys Services (Un-Beatable)

ProxyGuys offers different services that are quite unique from any other similar platforms and now let’s get into the details of those services.

True Mobile IPs

ProxyGuys utilize Verizon wireless to offer enterprise grade dedicated 4G modems to provide high-quality true mobile 4G IPs. The mobile IPs are mainly used for data scraping, affiliate marketing, advertisement verification, SERP, retail price comparison, law enforcement fraud protection, sales intelligence, cybersecurity, bulk account creation, paid survey sites, self-testing & brand protection, and many more.

Premium IPs: ProxyGuys offers over 50 million IPs and many users access to the true mobile IPs that never have been used.  At the current date of ProxyGuys they provide over 25 physical locations of Verizon IPs in the USA and 1 Location with AT&T (more to come soon – Phoenix and San Diego will be next for AT&T). Every proxy license has a connection speed of 50+ MBPS and allows to access unique IP ranges

Static Mobile IPs: ProxyGuys are the only 4G provider as the customers can keep the mobile proxy IP as short or as long as you want. There is no force to IP changes as it may trouble your accounts as other providers do. You can pick and use it when you get a new IP address and the time taken to IP changes is only 5 seconds. Each proxy license at ProxyGuys could be used daily is up to 8,500 unique IPs.

ProxyGuys Customer Support

Enterprise Level Service

The premium VPN and mobile proxy services at ProxyGuys are fully 100% compliant and legal with all US laws and international laws. There is no scope to complain regarding virus-infected computers and the also with the unreliable or slow speed. You can get 100% uptime on all servers and proxies as it offers to use with all the ethical services

Premium Speeds

Like any other competitive platform, ProxyGuys are using enterprise-grade 4G modems and it offers the speed consistently between 50-60mbps. You can expect the same speed throughout the year without any complaint and the modems in many physical locations are not all competing with the same cell towers bandwidth.

Premium Support

Most of the competitors of proxy platforms will offer to take the money and the customer support is very poor. But coming to ProxyGuys has staff members who are available to assist promptly and quickly solve the problems that arise. The live chat system is assisted by real staff members who are available 24/7 and they are not bots, ProxyGuys support team review each query & solve it ASAP.

πŸ€— Review Of ProxyGuys Features

ProxyGuys offers some of the premium features to users as they sell and stand to their enterprise level services. The premium features are included:

ProxyGuys Features

Various Locations

ProxyGuys offers true 4G LTE dedicated VPN and proxies in various states and cities. If you want the current list of the physical locations of ProxyGuys then you can visit the site

Premium Speeds

The proxies and VPN at ProxyGuys have an average download speed of about 50mbps which is not available to other competition sites. The download speed is stable and you can see this throughout the year 24/7/365 without any change.

Changing IP

You can keep your 4G LTE proxy or VPN IP as long as you want. If you want to change then just simply give a click on the 1 button and you can get a fresh new IP. The changing process of old IP to new IP will take is within 5-10 seconds.

Paid Surveys

The proxies or VPNs at ProxyGuys will work great especially on paid survey sites and it is easy to make money. If you’re having a paid survey site then this is for you.

IP Whitelisting

ProxyGuys offers both user pass authentication or IP Whitelisting (for proxy only). One IP can be whitelisted or secured unless the user IPs are in the same subnet.


The proxies or VPN at ProxyGuys will support HTTP(S), L2TP w/PSK VPN, as well as SOCKS5 and they work with every mobile operating system, desktop, and automation tool or bot.

No logs or leaking information

ProxyGuys do not store or keep any logs and their proxies or VPNs do not leak any of your actual data or information. This is the main reason why this proxy is most useful for businesses and organizations.

Auto-rotating IPS

With this feature, you can set up to change your IP address whenever you want automatically. The specific intervals of changing the IP ranging the time from one minute to 24 hours. This is completely optional and you can able to set up the portal in multi-locations as well.

Fast setup times

ProxyGuys can set up the order in about ten minutes either buying 1 or 50 no matter regardless of the time of the day. To know more, click on the blue chat that is available in the bottom right-hand corner of every web page of ProxyGuys site.

24/7 Live chat

The staff at ProxyGuys provides a live chat system 24/7 and this is a real USA-based staff support. It never uses the bots to send replies as they are staff members to respond to the customers. Even it extends its support in various social media channels to the customers through Helpdesk, Discord, Skype, and Telegram.

100% Legal and Ethical

The premium services offer at ProxyGuys through enterprise level contracts along with the mobile carriers. There is no scope to hack or infect the virus to your device’s operating systems and mobile phones.


ProxyGuys have their own modems, they never make the connection from public smartphones or computers all IPs are fresh & clear. They own 1500+ modems to provide their best service to their customers at an affordable price.

Fast Reset IP

It’s specially made for customers who need to change or reset IP instantly, by clicking on the Fast Reset IP button your IP will reset quickly in 8 seconds. You can use it when the connection fails or slows down.

Free Plug-Ins

ProxyGuys Chrome & Firefox Plug-In

ProxyGuys offer a free plug-in for Chrome & Firefox web browsers so that you can easily change IPs, Cities & States. You can find it on the pricing page.

Competitive Pricing

ProxyGuys have an idea of what its competitors are offering and charging to the customers. But coming to this platform, it is the industry leader by providing excellent services and products but also in pricing. The products are newer when compared to others and what they offer as ProxyGuys offers free and discounted access to the honest review given by the users.

πŸ‘Š How To Use ProxyGuys (Step-By-Step)

There are few steps that will guide you to know how to use this best proxy provider service in just a few steps. Let’s check:

Step 1: First you have to visit the login portal of ProxyGuys:

Step 2: Click on the Proxy that is assigned to you.

ProxyGuys Click On Proxy

Step 3: Select the location which you want to access & click on the button “Connect”.

ProxyGuys Click On Connect

Step 4: Enter the Proxy with Port in Browser network settings or where you want to use it. If you’re using HTTP(S) then use port 8000 & If you’re using SOCKS5 then use port 9000.

ProxyGuys Port

Step 5: Enter Username & password given in the ProxyGuys dashboard.

For more details, you can read this post.

πŸ€— Single Location IP Or Multi Location IP


Single Location means you pick a single location from the list of the locations. Once you order any one location proxy then ProxyGuys will send you proxy credentials. IP:PORT, USER:PASS, and a URL to change their IP and after your purchase you can’t change location.

Single-Location Shared is a cheaper service, you pick one of the locations and you’ll get 5 MB up / 5 MB down speeds and the IP auto rotates every 10 mins.


ProxyGuys Pricing Multi & Single Location

Multi Location proxy means you’ll get access to all locations at any time. If you need different location IPs then you must use multi location plan and change your IP location when you needed. Its pricing is different than a single location, you’ll be charged higher for this subscription.

πŸ‘ Pricing Plan Of ProxyGuys: Let’s Review it

ProxyGuys offer pricing according to the single location or multi-location proxy or VPN and giving access to a wide variety of fresh IP ranges. When you buy more than five proxy/VPN licenses it offers bulk discounts. For multi-location 24hr day pass costs $20 and for a multi-location week pass it costs $80/week. If you go with a monthly plan then it costs $300/month for multi-location month pass.

ProxyGuys Pricing

The multi-location bulk order costs $1,125/month and you can get 35% discount in this purchase. For a single location monthly pass is $180/month and ProxyGuys also offers shared auto-rotating 4G mobile proxies. The shared 4G single location proxy is $40/week and the monthly shared 4G single location proxy is $90/month.

In this monthly shared 4G single proxy, you can save 48% and a maximum of 3 users per dedicated modem. Give a try today as ProxyGuys never fail in their quality, speed, and support.

βœ”οΈ Final Verdict On ProxyGuys

From this ProxyGuys review, it is clear that this is one of the trusted and affordable proxy platforms with extraordinary services and quality in the market.

ProxyGuys 4G LTE Proxies

The premium support to the customers is round the clock and gives instant solutions. It follows all the ethical laws according to the US international legal services and also available without any hidden limits and speeds. So, based on the requirements and preferences pick the right plan and use it.

🎁 FAQ’s

Is ProxyGuys allows to set a static password?

Yes, ProxyGuys allows you to set a static password to your proxy and even can use a VPN also can change locations.

How many threads are allowed per proxy/VPN?

ProxyGuys does not allow any thread limit and you have to purchase according to your needs.

Does ProxyGuys log data?

No, ProxyGuys does not have any access to logs.

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