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Push notifications are the techniques of gaining income online most arranged and popularly used. Today, the internet is a place where tiny companies from all over the world thrive to gain well gradually and maintain up with the ever-growing online market.

Push notifications have enabled companies to gain income rapidly by displaying pop-up notifications about fresh products, facilities, deals, discounts and significant updates to customers and subscribers on desktop browsers and smartphones.

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Rising importance of Push Notifications!

When the brand to which you have subscribed publishes a fresh attractive offer, you may be interested and you will tap on the notice to learn more about it or even end up buying or subscribing. For both the brand and the client this becomes a win – win situation!

  • Brands can gain more income from your clients ‘ impressions, subscriptions and acquisitions.
  • Clients may run into some cool, appealing goods and fresh purchasing deals that are generally up for a restricted moment.

Many internet applications have been created to really let companies up their push notification game to assist users generate push notification campaigns. ProPush is one of those common platforms for push notification. We’ll inform you all you need to learn about this wonderful platform in this article.

Therefore, just read on!

What is ProPush?

ProPush is a common platform designed to assist internet businesses and publishers monetize traffic via custom push notifications. Created by the famous ad network Propellerads, ProPush provides internet clients a broad range of payment systems (CPS, Revshare). This platform users can play for each subscription with an simple configuration, tracking and comprehensive statistics.

ProPush enables editors to easily gain cash by pushing notifications. Bloggers and editors have become a common option for the platform to produce cash from their web content based on the achievement and knowledge of PropellerAds.

How can you earn through ProPush?

Since an online business is about offering what they want to the audience and getting cash out of it, let us know and comprehend how to create cash with ProPush using push notifications and press lockers!

The first and most important thing to do here is to add a smart tag to your blog, which in this article we will construct on subsequently. Simply allowing the user to submit push notifications is required for this smart tag. You begin earning cash once the customer subscribes to these notifications.

Payment Modules

There are two main methods to gain cash on ProPush

Β Propush Payment Module

β€’ Immediate income-CPS (Cost per subscriber)

Once a customer registers for push notifications, this payment system will cost you only once. This model is therefore called “Cost per Subscriber” and should not be confused with “Cost per sale”. There is no science about rockets here. You only get charged when you sign up for push notifications.

β€’ Long-term revenue-CPM Revenue Share (Revshare) Model

Revshare is very comparable to internet marketing networks. The usual story remains the same. Whenever someone signs up to get notifications from the button, they are going to reward you.

Join ProPush in 3 simple steps!’s greatest plus is ABSOLUTELY FREE TO JOIN! You will be immediately endorsed once you register to enter them. Many editors and bloggers have said joining and adopting more quickly than many other ad networks is simpler. All you have to do is obey the directions below:

  • Visit ProPush’s official portal
  • Click on the Register button. Just press on the document shown on your website to enroll and get accepted instantly.

Once you have enrolled, inspect your email with the validation link.

  • Last but not least, log in to your account! (Check your spam folder if you can’t locate your mail in the main inbox).

Add a website

Adding your first website or a landing page to your account is one of the first and most important things to do to begin earning once you have successfully joined ProPush.

  • Log in with your email or username and password to your desk.
  • Click the Add Source key below.
  • Apart from entering a website, you can also attach a landing portion.
  • Enter your website’s product name ( It is not necessary to add the URL prefix to http or https.
  • Check your website in the name folder of your website by typing and inserting the code.
  • Then click Check.

That’s all you need!

Now you can go to your improved page and choose the types of advertisements that you want to use to monetize your website.

Smart Tags

Let’s know why you should add a smart tag to your blog now that your first ProPush account has been recorded and released.

Propush Benefits

  • Push notifications will subscribe to your present and new clients.
  • Your Smart Tag will require approval from your customers to submit press notifications.
  • Earn on each push subscription
  • Each push notice subscription will increase your revenue.

Other key functions!

  • Payment of traffic: teaser, redirect, clicker, etc.
  • Newsletters
  • Banners
  • Social traffic
  • Inappropriate traffic

More about Payment Modules

ProPush will cost all licensed editors using CPS and Revshare accounting methods. As you see all the GEO CPS prices shown in your account, everything is clean. Detailed access to expanded information such as:

  • Subscription number / unsubscription number
  • Subscriber quality
  • Number of emails sent

** And more!

For all kinds of traffic, ProPush charges publishers and the Smart Tag feature will do everything you can to improve your traffic. You can monitor your sources of traffic readily. You can also use the S2S postback transformation surveillance function. This will assist you figure out rapidly which sources of traffic give the greatest revenue.

Why is ProPush better than others? (4 quick reasons)

  • ProPush offers website efficiency tracking in real time.
  • RevShare and CPS, two advance revenue models.
  • Publishers can use the referral program to gain extra cash.
  • You will be paid for every feeling and subscription. Content locker

ProPush has also created its indigenous content locker functionality that enables you to add constraints to your blog content. You can limit visitors ‘ access to a blog, video, images, libraries, and so on. Now if individuals want to get there, they’re going to have to do the job.

When you attach the smart tag, you can attach the item cabinet. Once you do that, the material of the customers will be locked automatically. Once the client finishes the assignment, the paper will be introduced. This is a wonderful way to make more cash out of your stuff!

Final Verdict!

Push notifications are an exceptional and possibly the most common way of bringing online companies a reasonable quantity of internet income. This has many significant benefits that render it such a warm stance for editors and website holders, and ProPush makes perfect use of all these!

First of all, entering ProPush is ABSOLUTELY FREE. Once your website has been authorized, the smart tag must be implemented. You can then pick the alternative to substitute CPS or rev. You are told to subscribe when you pick a CPS model.

If you select the revshare choice, you will receive compensation for each membership and flavor created by the tourists. Here, you can also use the trafficback option to redirect customers after clicking allow notifications. Finally, you have the content locker function that can be used to limit customer viewing of chosen material and promote customers to subscribe to send notifications.

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