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As the days go by, the number of people interested in crypto keeps on consistently growing and publishers might wonder which platform could be a reliable and secure crypto based affiliate network in 2024.

With a plethora of affiliate networks existing as of today, it might get confusing and increasingly difficult to choose the right platform among a wide array of selections which specializes in the cryptocurrency niche. 

Every affiliate marketing platform offers almost similar solutions, however, they do differ in certain aspects. Some networks focus on details such as a particular industry or a speciality whereas the other networks might approach the situation differently and pivot around broader topics instead.

In any case, if you are looking to start your journey as a crypto affiliate or an advertiser or are simply wondering about a better, scalable and trustworthy alternative to the current network, review can be of great help to you.

In this Primeads review we are going to cover details such as the onboarding process, features for advertisers and publishers, contact support, crypto offers and much more. 

What is

Founded in 2018, Primeads is a global crypto based affiliate marketing network which has gained popularity over the years due to sustainable growth and the flexibility it offers for scaling. Therefore, scalability and growth are the two measures that the crypto network focuses on. Review

Primeads won the position of “Top crypto/Forex network” in Summer 2022 at awards, which is a great achievement indeed. 

Primeads also provides generous offers and payouts for affiliates and an equally advantageous platform for merchants. Advertisers can pay for the high quality traffic directed by the community of publishers from all over the world in order to drive conversion and boost sales whereas they can generate profits by monetizing their audience. 

Primeads is a customer centric network and therefore provides professional guidance to both advertiser as well as affiliates all along their journey and encourages them to grow sustainably. You have access to tons of advanced features like accurate reporting, robust channel integrations, availability of a wide library of offers and more. 

How To Choose An Ideal Crypto Affiliate Network?

Affiliate marketing networks act as a bridge which connects brands or advertisers to affiliates with a massive number of audience. This scheme lets both merchants, as well as publishers, benefit from each other with minimum efforts and difficulties.

Prime Ads benefits

However, different networks work on different principles, therefore, it is necessary that as an affiliate you connect and promote the right organizations and vice versa. Some of the tips you should keep in mind while finalizing the crypto based affiliate network are as follows. 

  1. First and foremost, how much amount you will receive in commissions if you choose to promote a brand or a company. 
  2. It is important that the organization you deal with has a good reputation to ensure no fraud will take place. 
  3. Pick an offer which is advantageous to you while simultaneously ensuring that it is relevant to your audience.
  4. Research more about the alternatives, status of other participating affiliates, types of commission models, etc.

As far as choosing the best possible crypto based affiliate program for yourself is concerned, the best bet would be to look for Bitcoin (BTC) alternatives. 

Why Choose Primeads As An Affiliate?

Well, besides, Primeads being one of the most popular, reliable and reputable crypto affiliate networks, some of the benefits you can leverage as a registered publisher are as follows.

Prime Ads For Affiliates
  1. Primeads is a global marketing network and is therefore a great platform for publishers of all sizes. Whether you are a webmaster, blogger, website owner, Youtube influencer, Twitch Streamer or any individual with monetizable traffic, you can simply register and start earning. 
  2. The platform offers high payout which yields you greater revenue in total. You also have access to consistent payment payouts scheduled on a weekly basis which ensures the credibility of the network.
  3. In case you need guidance, have concerns, and need answers to your queries, the customer centric support team of Primeads offer round the clock help to assist you whenever you need them. 
  4. Primeads network offers immensely advanced tracking capabilities and intelligent features. The available tools and resources enable you to track, monitor as well as analyze the performance of your advertising campaigns and its progress to make data driven decisions.
  5. The affiliate network reaches globally located potential customers and provides you engaging promotion content for ad campaigns. 

How To Get Started With Primeads As An Affiliate

In order to get started with the crypto based affiliate marketing platform, you have to register yourself on its website for an account. The onboarding process is very simple and takes no more than a couple of minutes at max.

Follow the steps given below in order to sign up at the Primeads network:

1. Navigate to the official website, and click on the “Register” button present on the top right corner of the home page. 

Prime Ads Registration

2. You will then be redirected to the “Sign Up” page where you need to fill up the form by entering details such as email address. 

3. Once done finishing the form, read and agree to the consents and privacy policies.

4. Next up click on the “Create Account” button. Further instructions will be sent to your designated email address. 

5. Verify your registered email id for your Primeads account by hitting the “Activate” link to be redirected to the authorization page. 

Prime Ads Sign Up

6. Enter your credentials and hit the “Sign In” button. Upon verification, your dashboard page will be displayed where you can view various information such as offers, smartlinks, clicks, conversions, statistics and more. 

Affiliate Dashboard 

Being able to access a beginner friendly dashboard with a super easy interface is one of the most important factors. The Primeads network succeeds in this aspect with more than enough counts. The affiliate dashboard is simple and minimalistic in nature with organized menu links, graphs representing statistics and more.

Prime Ads Dashboard

Through the affiliate dashboard you can access all of the information you need and the data available to you through it are as follows; balance, daily stats for conversions, clicks and hosts, payments, referrals, statistics, news, support, etc. 

Available Payment Methods 

In this section of review, we will go through the overview of available payment options for deposits as well as withdrawals. First and foremost, the affiliates payments are processed on the weekly basis where they are compensated with commissions based on their performance.

The payouts are generally paid by Tuesdays. You can choose to get paid or withdraw your commissions through any of the following available options; Bitcoin, Qiwi, Neteller, Bank transfer, WebMoney and Skrill.

Prime Ads Payment Methods


Selecting incorrect choices for GEOs are common issues and therefore should not be neglected in order to maximize profits. Some of the GEOs from where your traffic is accepted includes Ireland, United Kingdom, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Malta, Belgium, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Croatia, Poland, Turkey, etc.

Verticals & Affiliate Offers 

In this section of review, we will discuss the verticals supported by the network along with available affiliate programs. The niches supported by the platform includes Forex, Crypto Trading, Casino, Binary Options, GameFi, Copy Trading and Gambling & Betting.

Prime Ads Offers

You can look up for the available and relevant affiliate offers by refining the search result by applying filters based on countries, vertical categories, etc. Some of the top offers are from brands like 1Win, Crypto Ninja, Bitcoin Prime, Joycasino, Bitcoin Era and more. 

Targeting Options 

As the name suggests, targeting options let you precisely select your audience to show the ad campaigns to. You can apply various targeting filters to deliver ads to potential clients, groups of people you think are already brand’s customers and more. The advanced targeting options available to you include the following; Region, City, Country, Operating System, Mobile Carriers and Devices.   

Allowed Traffic Sources 

The allowed traffic sources depend on the affiliate program which is set up by the advertisers and therefore can differ depending from offer to offer. However, some of the allowed advertising sources include PPC, Email, SEO, In-app, Social Media and Push. 

Why Choose Primeads As An Advertiser?

Some of the reasons why advertisers should register themselves with Primeads Marketing Agency include the following reasons.

1. With a community of more than 20K affiliates worldwide, advertisers may reach a wide audience and can always expect high volumes of meaningful traffic, successfully driving sales and expanding your business. 

2. The platform allocated a personal manager dedicated to you and your journey with Primeads ensuring 24/7 customer support. 

Prime Ads For Advertisers

3. Primeads allows you to leverage the benefit of attributes such as Crypto purchase widget, Margin trading platform, Fraud prevention technology, etc.

4. It is a global marketing agency and with the help of its well aligned distribution systems, you can easily reach audiences from around the world by increasing the scale of brand awareness to bring in new prospects.

5. You can define multiple preferred GEOs for product promotions. 

Customer Support

Needless to say, speedy and professional customer support must be one of the most important factors while finalizing your decision. Luckily, provides an immensely friendly support team with quick query response.

You can contact the Primeads representative through live chat, ticket and email options present on their site. You can also join their social forum based community on channels like Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

Prime Ads Customer Support

Conclusion – Final Say

Wrapping up the review by concluding all that we have discussed so far. The global affiliate marketing agency quickly became a popular and widely used platform for crypto-based promotion offers since its establishment.

The ad network connects advertisers with publishers and ensures that the mutual relationship receives equal advantages out of the deal.

Both affiliates and merchants can leverage the benefit of all the features offered to them by the platform. Some of the major attributes for affiliates include round the clock assistance, weekly payouts, various payment processors, multiple GEOs around the world, a wide selection of allowed traffic sources, more than 30 offers and more.

As for advertisers, they can promote over 5 niches, have access to more than 20K global affiliates, pay commissions only when the results are produced, 24/7 VIP support, advanced reporting, etc. All in all, Primeads is a legit and reliable ad network which specializes in crypto programs and strives to provide advantageous deals to publishers and advertisers. 

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