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pCloud Review – Is It Worth & Secure Cloud Storage Platform?


Sharing and Syncing the files is not a difficult task now because we have various cloud storage service providers that make our work easy. After the arrival of cloud storage services to store the data in the market, we can share and sync files between any device. Are you looking for the best cloud storage solution? We are giving complete comprehensive details on pCloud. pCloud has been playing a keen part in providing storage solutions. Check out the review on the features, benefits, data security, pros, cons, and how it became the best in providing cloud storage solutions in the market.

👉 What is pCloud?

pCloud is an online storage service provider where you can share, sync folders, and store the files or documents, pictures, videos, music, media player, work files, etc. It is a simple and secure cloud storage solution, at the same time you can access it to view & edit them at any time, anywhere. If you download the pCloud to your device means, instantly you’ll get 10GB of storage for free. More than 10,000,000+ users have stored their data and all files on pCloud.
  • pCloud works on all devices, and so you can store all the files on your desktops, pCloud drive, mobile, tablets, and on the web too.
  • It allows you to share files, documents, photos, videos, etc. At the same time, you can collaborate with your friends and so you both can work on every file.
  • pCloud Crypto keeps your files more secure and confidential as it comes with a high level of encryption.

✅ pCloud Features

pCloud has various features so that it will be easy to manage all the files and folders and proceed to review them to analyze how those features benefit both businesses and individuals.

Managing the Files

File Management
pCloud allows you to save files and folders as many as you want, the best part is you can find everything in one place. It gives access to all types of devices to manage easily on the go.
  • If you want any particular folder or file, then just type the folder name or file name on the search bar and simply get it.
  • pCloud offers a filter option so that it will be easy for you to search & review the documents, files, folders, and everything by clicking on the icons.
  • If you deleted any files or folders, then all these files are available in trash according to some time based on the plan, For the free plan, it will be 15 days and for the paid plan, it will be 30 days. Even it allows you to delete the folders that are available in the trash whenever you want.

Unlimited Capabilities

We can see that some cloud storage service providers offer limitations in storing the files and it is difficult to maintain all the files in one place due to the limitations. But coming to pCloud, it offers an unlimited file storage facility, and also you can store, and review all the files in one place.
  • pCloud allows the users to upload any type of file, of any size including HD videos into the cloud which will be 100% secure. This is the reason why we recommend pCloud and yes, it allows you to upload a collection of docs, files directly from the web.
  • Coming to the details of uploading and downloading the speed, it completely depends on the internet connection. Of Course, it offers unlimited upload and download speed to its users.

File Sharing Services

File Sharing
The pCloud applications and pCloud web both offer multiple file-sharing options and you can share any file with anyone as you want.
  • The shared folder option at pCloud allows your team to collaborate to share the files and everything. So you and your team both can work simultaneously and on the other hand, it offers to INVITE TO FOLDER option so that you can share private folders with the selected people. Even you have the right to manage the folder like stop access the files to some people by changing the permissions if necessary. Anything you can do at any time according to your requirement.
  • Even to the people who didn’t have a pCloud account, you can share large files as they by just giving a click to the link they can view, download the files.
  • For more protection to the links, it allows you to set up a password, and moreover, when you share the files with the pCloud account users, they have the opportunity to upload the files into the same folder via the link that you shared.


There is a huge chance of getting our devices hacked, corrupt or broken, so it is always good to back up all our business important files regularly. The data synchronization at the pCloud drive provides great safety and security too.
  • After uploading the files in pCloud, you’re going to experience the latest version on your devices. Even it has an additional synchronization option, where it can connect the local files that are available on your desktop. It provides support to block-level sync so that fastly the files are uploaded in the pCloud drive.
  • All you need is just a single tap to upload all your files, photos, videos, and other important things by turning on the Automatic Upload feature. So, when you click a photo then it automatically synced from your mobile device to your pCloud account.

Safety and Security

The safety and security of your files is the major priority of pCloud and it uses TLS/SSL encryption. This safety is ensured when you transfer the files from the desktop or any device to pCloud servers. Another reason to recommend pCloud is it provides the best first-class security services to its customers. The files that you upload at pCloud are said to be stored in three different server locations as this is a clear indication that it offers high security to your data storage. For more protection to your data, it provides an option to subscribe to pCloud Crypto. So, that you can experience more encryption to the files and also allows you to set a password to the files. The client-side encryption is provided by pCloud which is nothing but server-side encryption whereas you only have the right for the file decryption.


To encrypt all your files and data, pCloud Crypto is the simplest and more secure, whereas client-side encryption provides safety to your files and also prevents any unauthorized access. If you want more security to all your confidential files, pCloud Crypto is there for you which provides high-end security to the files and folders. Even pCloud applies zero-knowledge encryption to the files so that it prevents suspicious activities and even for pCloud is difficult to review all your files. The Crypto pass i.e., an Encryption Key is available for the creator of the file which means the user. When compared to other storage service providers, pCloud is completely different because it provides high security to your files and also offers both encrypted & non-encrypted folders to the same account.  So, you can choose files to encrypt and lock them for high security. The encryption at pCloud is user-friendly and to use the file from the storage just enter the Crypto pass to unlock it. So, you only have the right to use the files and folders whenever you want. The data authentication process at pCloud will be done in an easy way, and the experts are saying that considering the authentication process is an important part of the encryption. The pCloud Crypto solves any problem that you may face with the help of a tree of hashes which is the same as a bitcoin. As of now, the layers of security and keys are unbreakable at pCloud and they give access to the respective user of the pCloud account to review all their files and folders.


Any cloud storage provider should offer services that are effective as well as with the user interface and pCloud is on the top in providing such kinds of services. Moreover, it also provides access to all devices like mobile apps, desktops, and tablets, as it allows you to save on your pCloud account, which will always be with you and use at any time.
  •  The pCloud web platform is accessible on any device browser like mobile, computer, etc. Get all the features and functionalities on the web itself including collaboration with friends, colleagues, or family.
  • It is easy to store all the data, synchronization and accessing the files at pCloud as it has a pCloud drive that allows you to create a secure virtual hard drive for your desktop. This pCloud drive’s main intention is to make your work easy and the desktop app is available for Mac, Linux, and for Windows too.
  • When you use pCloud Crypto with pCloud drive, it assured in providing high security for the data that you are supposed to store on the cloud.
  • For mobile versions, just turn on the automatic upload function, and then it automatically backup all your photos, videos, files, and everything to your pCloud account.
  • The advantage is all the files will be synced between both web and mobile devices. Overall it automatically backup every data of any format which is available on your device including the music player too.
  • If you add favorable files or media on pCloud, then it gives access to watch them in offline mode also. Not only music files, but you can also connect photos, documents, files, and other important things to your favorite you can access them without an internet connection.

File Versions

For a specific period of time pCloud saves the data versions to all your files and so it is easy to review the previous version of the work. Now, you can check all the actions that you have done on the pCloud and at the same track every single activity on a daily basis and find any suspicious activities or if there are any edits in the file.
  • With the pCloud Revision option edit the files and restore the previous versions and according to the pricing plan File versions are kept for 30 days.
  • pCloud rewinds all the data that are stored in it and also browse the file according to the name, date, etc.
  • The Extended file history features allow you to record everything about the file changes for up to 365 days. At the same time, you can recover the data that is deleted or edited in a time period of 365 days.


If you’re feeling worried about the safety of your pictures on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram then without any second thought just backup all your memories to pCloud. Even pCloud is working on developing different plugins that help you to work on other platforms too.

Backup Services

As soon as you begin your system to backup, then automatically pCloud stores all your files, folders and also if you do any changes then automatically you can see the changes in the files that you saved in pCloud. The best part is it does not limit the file size as well as speed limits. pCloud is available on all devices and so you can access the stored files and folders at any time and anywhere you want. It keeps all the older versions of the files in the trash for a period of 30 days and also if you want to extend the time means you can do it. pCloud is the solution to protect all your valuable files from any random theft, hard drive failure, or else any virus.

Management of Digital Assets

Digital Management Asset
pCloud is a secure and easy-to-use platform as it allows you to store, organize, and share all your digital media like photos, videos, etc. One can share the digital assets with your own brand name, logo, cover image, and others. Whenever you share large files add your branding and it is the best tool that can help your online store.
  • It offers 24/7 access
  • It comes with rich media support with an in-built video and audio player
  • You can track how many people are access to your assets from your online store
Even pCloud comes with different features so that you can review & use them according to the business requirements.
  • Encrypt the files with the help of pCloud Crypto
  • One can upload the files and folders from servers, cameras, cell phones, or hard drives
  • Upload unlimited files with unlimited speed

💚 Customer Reviews on pCloud

pCloud customers have shared their views and also been given five-star ratings. Various people from across the world are likely to use this pCloud storage program and everyone is satisfied with its features. From individuals to businesses, everyone is happy with pCloud and the main reason behind this is its security. Now, they can share any file, work together by collaborating with others, and many more things that make their customers impressed with it. They are in love with the product and also recommending the individuals save their files by using it on any device. We can witness more ratings provided by its customers and see the below-captured image to understand more how pCloud help them.
Customer reviews

⭐ Pros and Cons of pCloud


  •  Easy-to-use cloud storage platform
  • Two-factor authentication for more data security
  • Can upload a large number of files
  • Offers live chat support with the pCloud team
  • Can also upload from google docs, Microsoft onedrive, etc.
  • Available at affordable price
  • Create a free pCloud account to get 10GB of free storage
  • Allows to save any type of file like photos, videos, to documents
  • Use pCloud on a smartphone app, desktop app, or web
  • Create a new folder to add favorite files


  •  No cons

🎁 pCloud Pricing Plans

pCloud offers 10GB free and without providing credit card details, you can utilize this free storage. With this free storage, you can share links, get access on any device, share folders, music player, TLS/SSL encryption, and finally file requests. Coming to the paid plans details, it provides different plans for individuals, businesses, and families. A complete review of all the lifetime plans is provided and choose which one do you want.

Individual Plans

Individual Plans
The premium version costs $49.99/year and $175 for a one-time payment and lifetime access. This version is most favorable for sharing large files regularly and along with that get
  • Storage of 500GB
  • The shared link traffic is 500GB
  • Fair sharing and showcase 30 days trash history
  • Shared link branding
The premium plus plans cost $99.99/ year and $350 one-time payment as it is more suitable for the people who are supposed to share very large files on a regular basis.
  • It provides 2TB of Storage
  • Shared link traffic of 2TB
  • Fair share options
  • Shared link branding
  • Free trash history of 30 days

Family Plans

Family Plan
The cost of a lifetime payment for the family plan is $500 and it is a one-time payment option. It allows you to share up to 2TB lifetime storage and it gives access to manage up to 4 people for a family. Get all the premium features, along with that get 2TB shared link traffic, fair share, and trash history for a period of 30 days. Buying a pCloud family plan means get advantages like saving huge amounts at a time, easily share the files with the family members, and also each member can review their own personal space.

Business Plans

Business Plans
pCloud for business is a completely secure storage platform that allows you to syn, share, and review all the business files with the team of your business. pCloud business is available for free for 30 days and the paid version is $9.99/month/user, $7.99/month/user for yearly billing. In this plan get,
  • Allows unlimited users
  • Per-user, it gives 1TB of storage
  • Provides teams and access levels
  • Allows to share the folders
  • Provides trash history – 180 days

🔥 Final Words on pCloud Review

If we talk about pCloud, it is one of the best among the list cloud storage services, and today, it is an excellent choice for both businesses and individuals. It gives access to save, share, and collaborate with others, and also it has an easy user interface. It provides great security to your data and so you can upload unlimited-size files and other documents. Also offers 24/7 chat support and so you can contact the team if you have any doubts and problems. pCloud works on all the devices, so you can use it as an app on a mobile device, or as a desktop, and also as a web on both devices. Overall, the pCloud review states that it stands out from all types of services to provide the best to its from storage, security, upload speed, and support everything is super good.

👀 Frequently Asked Questions

🤞 How secure and reliable is pCloud storage?

pCloud is a completely secure and safe storage service provider as it is secured with the 256-bit AES method while sharing and uploading the files. Along with that, it applies to TLS/SSL protection.

👊 Is pCloud any good?

The pCloud is an easy cloud storage platform as it allows you to store data up to 10 GB for free of cost. For lifetime plans it offers to store up to 2TB of storage and today pCloud is recommended by its users because of its security and customer support.

✌️ Is pCloud Crypto Secure?

It has a unique feature that is nothing but client-side encryption functionality and it helps to provide safety for your files by hiding from any authorized access.

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