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pCloud Review – Simple Way of Saving Your Files and Data

There are a number of cloud softwares when it comes to the preservation of the important files and documents. You will encounter numerous of these software that will guarantee you a safe depository of all your valuable files and documents including all types of medias and several other important documents.

pCloud is one such swiss originated software that ensures you of complete safety of all your valuable documents.When we talk about the  cloud storage providers, pCloud is the storage provider that should be considered primarily. Though it isn’t successful yet in grabbing  the biggest name on the market in these 2.5 years of its establishing, the company has a lot of plans & features for all users especially for those who are looking for a simple, easy to use  as well as a free service. It is a great alternative to those who use Dropbox or Google Drive.

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Features of pCloud Services

    1. Unlike the other types of cloud providers , pCloud does not occupy any space on your computer.
  1. It ensures that you always carry your files with you and that you can always access to them whenever in need and share easily with friends, family, coworkers and partners so you are always on the same page.
  2. pCloud is faster than Dropbox and hence it is better than it.
  3. It has the Crypto software that makes it more secure because of private encryption.
  4. pCloud provides you upto 10GB Free space along with the option to level that upto 20GB in case some user attains the bonus steps.
  5. The most fascinating feature of the pCloud is that you can share the data  with someone that isn’t even a pCloud user.
  6. Unlike Dropbox , pCloud can sync ANY folder, and not just one.
  7. pCloud has a Built-in audio and video players so you can stream music or video.
  8. You can send large files within just a few seconds with your download links, you just need to invite to your folders and receive files in your pCloud account through upload links.
  9. pCloud is the first ever cloud storage provider that provide both encrypted and non-encrypted folders in the same account.

pCloud Features

Below given are a few insights to the lightening fast speed of this wonderful software

    1. Upload Speed :-pCloud comes with an amazing uploading speed of 80mb/sec
  1. Time taken to upload 1 GB file :-

It just takes 59 seconds to upload a 1 GB i.e a 1000 mb file, and that is not even a complete minute

Time taken to download a 1 GB file:- It just takes 36 seconds to upload a 1 GB file , that is somewhere around half a minute.

The security function of the pCloud:- In order to ensure and guarantee your files’ safety, pCloud uses TLS/SSL encryption, that is applied when information is transferred from your device to the pCloud servers.

Security of the data is the top priority for the company and they ensure first class safety measures. With pCloud, your files are stored on at least three server locations in a completely and highly secure data storage area.

The is an option for you to subscribe for pCloud Crypto and have your most important files encrypted and password protected. We provide the so called client-side encryption, which, unlike server-side encryption, means that no one, except you will, have the keys for file decryption.

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The pCloud crypto feature:-

pCloud Crypto is the most simplest way to keep your data secured.

The pCloud’s unique client-side encryption functionality allows users’ to keep their files safely hidden  and does not allow access of any unauthorized user or device.pCloud Crypto allows users to protect their confidential files with high-end security, which makes it as easy as placing a file in a folder.

pCloud’s security application encrypts data on user’s computer, and uploads only the encrypted version to the servers. Files do not ever leave user’s device, so there is nobody can ever receive a sensitive information in a plain version. The company applies a zero-knowledge privacy, which means that encryption keys are not uploaded or stored on any servers, and nobody is incapable of viewing user files.

The encryption key (Crypto Pass) is only available to the one who creates it, i.e. the user only.By now, the combination of all keys and security layers that pCloud uses has proven to be unbreakable.

The systematic file management of pCloud:-

No matter how many files and folders you wish to store in the pCloud, all of your data will be available to you at your fingertips.No matter how you use your space in the cloud – via web, desktop or mobile – your files are truly easy to manage.

You are provided with an option of search field which is available at the top part of the pCloud web interface and the mobile applications. You have to do is Simply enter the name of anything be it a file or a folder that you are looking for, and pCloud will find it for you. And after that you can filter your files by their file format.

The pCloud filters are the quick search icons in the left-hand side menu (for web and mobile) Documents, Images, Audio, Video and Archives. Clicking on them opens a list of your filtered files.All the files that you have deleted from your pCloud account will not vanish completely but will be present in your Trash folder for some stipulated number of days, depending on the plan you are using.

Different plans provided by pCloud:-

1) Free

Plan – Free

Price plan – free

Storage provided – 20GB

2) Premium

Plan – Premium

Price plan – $3.99/month

Storage provided – 500GB

3) Premium plus

Plan-Premium plus

Price plan-$7.99/month

Storage provided – 2000 GB

pCloud is an amazing online storage space for all of  your memorable photos and videos, your favorite music, and personal and work documents.

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