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Opinion Stage Review: Create Best Surveys, Quizzes, Polls & Forms


Opinion Stage is a widely used online tool that is used by marketers and publishers to create interactive formats like surveys or quizzes to gain the attention of customers and for review or feedback purposes to improve their services. These interactive pages enable the customers to express their opinion on the product and stay engaged with the publisher’s page and communicate both positive and negative feedback.

Opinion Stage Review

Opinion Stage serves the purpose of allowing the marketers to create a wide range of interactive pages with their pre-defined templates. These templates can also be customized as per the publishers’ requirements and a new template can also be built as per their need and design. The tool offers analytics which enables the marketers to understand its functioning from end to end with respect to its behavior once the template is set up. Opinion Stage tool is a great option and highly useful to create such quizzes and surveys.

Opinion Stage: A Brilliant Tool Review

Opinion Stage, as the name suggests is a significant tool that helps the publishers to understand their customers better with respect to their use of services and products and also add comments if they provide any. It has a highly useful WordPress plugin that automates the functionalities on the site instead of simply copy and pasting the embed codes. Publishers and Marketers can now easily set up surveys and certain quizzes to constantly interact with their customers and work on the comments and feedback provided.

Opinion Stage Working

Opinion Stage works on a very simple and user-friendly platform with a simple plugin in the front end as it appears but it is handled by numerous integrations and use cases for the publishers and marketers. The quizzes and surveys set up in this tool can be viewed by the marketers and access the backend information like the number of people who viewed the quiz, started it and also the different breakdown of results.

It comes across as a one-stop perfect solution for such interactive formats and works seamlessly owing to the backend excellent code embedded and testing that allows the tool to work flawlessly. Marketers can easily understand the customer’s mind-sets by looking at the responses and thus work on their products and services as per the customer’s interests and requirements. A simple quiz and survey can now bring out the thoughts and opinions of millions of customers. Isn’t it great?

Features of Opinion Stage Tool

Opinion Stage Quizes, Polls, Surveys

Opinion Stage is not just confined to the creation of interactive templates for quizzes and surveys but it offers much more than this basic functionality. There are about 8 interactive tools which can be used as per your need and marketing requirements. It also offers useful promotion, marketing and analytics tools that can help to engage more customers and lead in the business.

Some of the most interesting and useful features of Opinion Stage tool are discussed below:

Opinion Stage Quiz Maker

The Option Stage Quick Maker tool is the most commonly used tool and enables the publishers and marketers to create valuable magnets that will gain the attention of customers and keep them glued to their websites.

Opinion Stage Quiz Maker

  • It helps to create amazing interactive quizzes and has proven to be highly useful in understanding the market customers.

Pre-loaded Templates

There are a plethora of preloaded templates like trivia, personality, assessment and many more which are suitable for different types of marketing needs.

  • You can also check for templates under different topics like technology, pop culture, business, marketing etc. These are very well built and useful templates which can also be further customized as per marketing requirements and targets.
  • These templates are very well tested and work seamlessly. New templates can also be created from scratch and edit functionalities can be used to design from end to end.
  • These quiz templates are very attractive and customers enjoy responding to the questions and thus express their views and opinions that prove highly significant for business marketers and publishers.

Opinion Stage Poll Maker

Opinion Stage Poll Maker

Poll Maker by Opinion Stage tool is yet another brilliant feature in which high level audient engagement can be recorded using advanced scenarios. This feature helps in bringing insights, gathering leads, boosting engagements and a lot more. It can be easily deployed in websites, social networks, landing pages, etc.

  • The Poll Maker also contains features like automatic closing and configuring with which results can be viewed easily. It is designed to increase the participation of customers and users in an interactive and mobile-friendly way.
  • It also allows detailed reports and displayed results on all aspects including performance and a summary report with vote data and performance data with timestamps.
  • It gives an additional option to export the information to a XLS/CSV file for further analysis.
  • This also comes with preloaded templates and a provision to create a new template from scratch which can be personalized as per requirements.

Opinion Stage Survey Maker

Opinion Stage Form Maker

Survey Maker works like a data collection tool and comes in handy for data collection and research purposes. You can create operative digital marketing strategies or run experimental research using this tool.

  • It will fetch all the relevant data and help you analyze them and draw inferences and conclusions. An online survey can be easily built which is one of the fastest ways to gather leads and data.
  • Opinion Stage survey maker works seamlessly to create an online survey with its survey maker tool which has preloaded templates and many advanced features to customize them as per your requirement.
  • You can choose the already existing templates and then customize them as per your design and build new templates from scratch and design it completely.
  • You can conduct an NPS survey to gauge all your customer opinions and reviews or simply target the user base by conducting a simple demographic survey. It works fantastic in all these user cases.
  • It also allows the users to choose questions that are open-ended or close ended, single answers or multiple choices with additional options to add videos, images and a lot more to make it fun and interactive.
  • Basically, it allows customizing in all forms with neat branding. You can insert your logos, background images, customize font styles, add borders, etc.

Opinion Stage also provides publishing and marketing tools like standard alone forms, interactive stories, slideshows etc. to use in your marketing operations and strategies. This certainly helps in converting the data and leads and hooks users and customers to your pages to understand their psychology.

How Marketers & Publishers can use Opinion Stage Tool for their benefits?

Markets and Publishers use Opinion Stage tools majorly to generate leads with the various options available in it. You can integrate a lead with the help of an engaging quiz or survey and generate more leads from it. It has been seen that lead quizzes by this tool allow up to 500% more lead generation than stand-alone forms.

Opinion Stage Marketers

Let’s review other uses of Opinion Stage Tool by marketers and publishers are as below:

Content Marketing

You can replace the static content with exciting, smart and interactive content from different marketing situations and experiences. The easy pre-loaded templates can be used to boost the content and garner more customer engagement.

The interactive content marketing formats which are offered by this tool have proven to be most useful on the internet and are hence widely used. The content is rich and makes it appealing with high sharing rates.

Audience Insights

Opinion Stage quizzes, polls, surveys etc. provide insights with its interactive and visual designs that outperform the old conventional formats.

The templates in the tool offer high performance and result for every marketing asset. You can also optimize your surveys, polls and quizzes to increase audience participation and boost their engagement.

This tool helps in tracking the aspects of campaigning and includes engagement rates and drop off points and many more. The result report contains different visual displays and breakdowns which helps in further detailed analysis.


Opinion Stage offers you all detailed reports and statistics which you can use for performance analysis using the response reports, outcome results, drop-off reports and review what works for your customer better.  This can help you gain stable returns from markets by keeping your customers engaged.

Opinion Stage Pricing

Opinion Stage has different pricing tiers so that the business users, marketers can choose the best plan suitable as per their requirement. There are 4 pricing tiers to choose from with basic charging absolutely nothing and comes as a free start to this tool.

The starter pack is about $19 which can be tried by beginners and has many essential features to give you an amazing experience.

Opinion Stage Pricing

Final Words For Opinion Stage Review

It is an outstanding and highly useful online tool to satisfy different marketing requirements. It works seamlessly and delivers what it promises to create interactive content and align with the requirement. It’s super friendly interface and analytical backing helps you reap the appropriate benefits and keep your customers glued to your sites and pages. Go for it and check out the pricing tiers to get started and enjoy the brilliance of Opinion Stage.

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