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Nimbleway vs Oxylabs 2024: Which Platform is Best For You?


What is Nimbleway?

Nimbleway is a thorough web data collecting platform that assists companies of all sizes in streamlining their data pipelines.

Web data collection is made simple and hassle-free with Nimbleway.


Its robust platform removes the technological challenges that frequently accompany data collection, enabling companies to set up new online data pipelines in minutes as opposed to days.

Nimbleway enables instant access to any public web data source, allowing organizations to capture more data than ever before.

It is now simpler to confidently deliver thanks to the platform’s direct delivery of dependable, clean, or organized data to your storage.

What is Oxylabs?

Oxylabs is a proxy service provider from Lithuania. It is one of the leading companies in the industry, providing a wide range of proxy services as well as a number of data collecting APIs that allow you to scrape virtually any target.


Web scraping and proxy integration with innovation is a specialty of Oxylabs.  They assist companies of all sizes in gathering massive amounts of public data in any industry.

The startup was established in 2015, and a real-time crawler was later released in 2017. This could be useful for extracting data from search engines and eCommerce websites.

In Vilnius, Lithuania, Oxylabs presented Oxycon as its inaugural conference on web data harvesting.

Next-gen residential proxies are one of the ground-breaking products Oxylabs has introduced. These proxies employ AI and ML-based technologies.

Almost a thousand clients globally are served by more than 102 million ethically supplied proxies.

Nimbleway vs Oxylabs: Web Scraping


You can obtain any public online information from any website you choose with Nimbleway’s user-friendly and dependable API.

With the help of Nimbleway, even the most complex and dynamic web content may be continually accessed while scaling your web data activities.

Nimbleway Accurate Web Data

Nimble APIs are inexpensive, automated, swift, and adaptable. The service is completely controlled and offers data collection from any worldwide hosted website.

With no additional human work or upkeep required—just you and the required data—you can take advantage of improved functionality.

The industry-recognized restful design is closely adhered to by Nimble’s Data APIs, resulting in a streamlined, quick, and easy integration process. Your cloud storage repository will acquire the most recent data if you just use the proper parameters to query the API endpoints.

You won’t need to be concerned about blocks if you use the Nimble web scraping API service. You only need to send a basic web request to retrieve the data you want — no dealing with proxies, headless browsers, or captchas, for example.

Three web scraping APIs are available through the Nimble API. A general-purpose web scraping API for extracting the whole HTML, a SERP API for extracting search engine results pages from Google and Bing, and an e-commerce scraping API for extracting product information from e-commerce sites such as Amazon.


You have a choice of four web scraping APIs with Oxylabs: Web Scraper API, SERP Scraper API, E-Commerce Scraper API, and Real Estate Scraper API.

Oxylabs Web Scraper

They allow requests to be sent to the Oxylabs endpoint, which selects the appropriate proxies and uses anti-detection measures to successfully retrieve data. Almost every website is covered by the APIs.

All four methods are based on the home proxy network of Oxylabs, enabling global targeting. For local SEO, SERP Scraper API allows targeting at the city and even the coordinate level. It also allows you to download data in CSV format, but only for Google online search results.

Furthermore, crawler and scheduler features are included with every Oxylabs API. You can crawl web pages with the first, which costs the same as doing so with Oxylabs’ standard scraping APIs. You can schedule chores using the latter’s free service.

Nimbleway vs Oxylabs: Proxy


The integration of Nimble proxies (Nimble IP) is quick and easy because they were designed to work with your current setup.

The current proxy solution from Nimble is designed for the transfer of large-scale web information, ensuring a seamless and reliable flow of precise and real web material from any place.

Nimbleway Proxy Provider

They built the greatest IP Infrastructure anyone could have imagined, achieving outstanding outcomes, seamless integration, and top-notch quality through time and at scale.

You can manage your operations in addition to using their user-friendly interface by selecting from a number of one-click options or using a flexible API.

One of the top proxy services on the market is provided by this service. The three proxy networks that make up Nimble IP are datacenter, home, and mobile proxies. Each kind of proxy can be used separately and even for third-party purposes besides the Nimble infrastructure.

The service carefully chooses its proxies to guarantee that every proxy that handles your requests is of the highest caliber. They are ideal for localized web data extraction because all nations in the globe can use their residential proxies.


All four of the major proxy types can be found in the rotating proxy networks provided by Oxylabs. Another tool that makes accessing secure websites easier is a web scraper based on proxies. The only restriction on your ability to use the proxy pool is your traffic allowance for each service.

They have comprehensive coverage, precise targeting options, and only lack ASN-level filtering. On paper, it presents itself as a solid but ordinary offering. The fact that Oxylabs owns the world’s biggest proxy pool is what really stands out. Because fewer individuals are sharing addresses, IPs will not only be easier to discover everywhere but also less likely to be misused.

Oxylabs Residential Proxy Features

In terms of size and features, the mobile proxy network is likewise enormous. The primary distinction is that while you cannot target cities, you can filter IPs by carrier.

It’s also one of the few mobile proxy networks that uses real people’s IP addresses rather than dedicated USB dongles. This increases variety and options while reducing traffic consumption.

Oxylabs offers proxies from rotating data centers for easy web scraping projects. You can pick from six different IP pool locations: the United States, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Romania.

The primary advantages here are lower prices and the fact that these proxies are constantly available, allowing you to keep the same IP for as long as you’d like.

Lastly, there are the ISP proxies that change. Because Oxylabs purposefully restricts the length of available sessions, it initially appears to be the most uncomfortable choice. Nonetheless, they can still provide consumers that require the residential IPs’ anonymity with more certainty with benefits.

Nimbleway vs Oxylabs: Browser

The Nimble Browser is unique. This particular browser was created for web automation. Nimble Browser is the answer if you need to automate things online and need to utilize a browser that is unaffected by browser fingerprinting technology.

Nimbleway web data

It manages cookies, canvas fingerprints, and other tracking technologies while disguising your browser’s fingerprints. It may be smoothly integrated with current browser frameworks and used to imitate widely used devices and browsers. It outperforms more seasoned rivals like Puppeteer and Selenium in speed.

To the best of my knowledge, Oxylabs does not have a web automation-specific browser, although it is compatible with other automated browsers like Selenium and Playwright.

Nimbleway vs Oxylabs: Features


The features of Nimbleway are truly exceptional in addition to the ones mentioned above. It offers users a personal Technical Account Manager who is accessible to answer questions and provide advice on how to make the most of the platform. In order to help customers use the site quickly and easily, it also provides customised onboarding.

Data Collection Technology

Users can receive real-time alerts from Nimbleway about any faults or problems that might occur while collecting data. Users may better manage their online sessions with its powerful session control features, ensuring that they can continue to gather the data they need uninterrupted.

Users of Nimbleway have access to Treasure Labs, a collection of tools and resources made available to assist users in getting the most of the platform, and are able to submit an infinite number of concurrent requests, making it simple to scale their data gathering efforts as their business expands.

It is simpler to get the information you need thanks to Nimbleway’s AI Parser, which lets users build custom abilities that can be used to extract particular sorts of data from websites.

Nimbleway Features

Additionally, it offers a variety of pipelines that may be utilized for data collecting and processing, making it simple to adapt the data collection procedure to match unique business requirements.


On the other hand, geo-targeting is one of the aspects of Oxylabs that gives you the most versatility by letting you work at the national, state, or local level. When you contrast that with the really low-budget segment of the market, where, for example, certain Storm Proxies plans only offer the US and EU as targeting possibilities, you can clearly see what you’re paying for.

Oxylabs Self Service Dashboard

Proxy access can be verified using a trustworthy IP address or a login and password. You can add ranges in addition to as many particular IP addresses as you require with Oxylabs. Chrome-based web browsers can use an extension from Oxylabs. It makes it simple to set up and swap proxy servers in a web browser. 

This is a thoughtful gesture because the plugin works with any proxy servers, not just Oxylabs’. There is an Android app as well. You can configure a proxy server on your phone using it.

The dashboard’s thorough manuals and instructive tutorials are an additional useful feature. Your side panel’s “Documentation” button will direct you to Oxylabs’ documentation website, where you can discover all the details you require to set up and manage your services. You may discover integration tutorials, step-by-step setup instructions, and other crucial data here.

Nimbleway Pricing 

Nimbleway Pricing

This platform has four plans:

  • Essential: $300 monthly 
  • Advance: $700 monthly 
  • Professional: $1100 monthly 
  • Enterprise: $4000 monthly 

Oxylabs Pricing 

Oxylabs Pricing

Residential proxy pricing:

  • Starter: $300 monthly
  • Business: $600 monthly
  • Corporate: $900 monthly 
  • Enterprise:  $5000 upwards 

Mobile Proxy 

  • Starter: $500 monthly
  • Business: $1100 monthly
  • Corporate: $2000 monthly 
  • Enterprise:  $11000 monthly 

Conclusion: Why Nimbleway is the Best

Oxylabs is a reliable proxy provider, but their service is geared at large corporations’ requirements, and because of their expensive startup charges, bandwidth expenses, and above-average learning curve, they are overkill for the majority of small-scale and freelancer projects.

As a result, Nimbleway is superior to Oxylabs. It is a dependable and expert web data collection system that gives companies a productive approach to capture, store, and handle their website traffic data.

Nimbleway Gathering web data

The system also provides a huge selection of capabilities, like automated tagging, mobile compatibility testing, and more. In order for them to make wise choices about their marketing initiatives, it also gives thorough information about the behavior of the user’s web visitors.

Nimbleway is the best option for businesses wishing to streamline their web data collection procedure because of its extensive feature set and affordable pricing structure. Businesses can utilize it to make defensible conclusions about the data from their website visitors thanks to its security, economy of cost, and user-friendliness.

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