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Nimbleway Review 2024: Is It The Best Tool For Data Collection?


Collecting data is not an easy task, especially if you don’t know where to begin. It takes a lot of time and effort to acquire information from the internet.


You may waste hours scraping web pages and getting data that could or might not be correct.

There are various obstacles to overcome when gathering data online. Among them is rate limiting.

Nimble technology was developed from the bottom up to enable effective data collecting at scale from almost any public source, overcoming this obstacle.

In this post we will discuss “Nimble,” an online data collecting tool created to help businesses conduct targeted web data collection activities.


Nimble is a top data-gathering platform that was established to revolutionize how businesses collect and use data.

Deep learning algorithms run the platform, automatically pulling relevant and essential data from a specialized network architecture.

A group of knowledgeable professionals is driven by Nimble founders, returning customers, and industry veterans with support from a Tier 1 VC and a strategic Advisory Board.

Nimbleway Gathering web data

Even though the platform is new, it is brimming with useful functionalities that will influence how online data is used in the future. Business organizations can use it to get end-to-end solutions for web data collection from any website.

You can use Nimble, a feature-rich proxy program, to acquire information from the web. To support user needs, it has a robust infrastructure built in.

Nimble’s robust IP Infrastructure guarantees a continuous and steady flow of information for your company.

With the help of the secure platform Nimble, you can ensure that your data collection procedure complies with all legal requirements and that the entire procedure is secure.

It is a dependable platform that promises 99.99% uptime, state- and urban targeting, and more.


Automated Browser

Nimble Browser

In comparison to Puppeteer, Selenium, and Playwright, the Nimble browser operates more quickly. Due to its 70% lighter weight than other browsers, the Nimble browser explains this. Additionally, you don’t need to manage any server infrastructure because it is simpler to use.

You can use it to handle sophisticated aspects automatically, such as canvas checks, TLS fingerprints, headers, and cookies.

Make use of a variety of distribution options, including batch, synchronous, and asynchronous cloud delivery.

Their infrastructure is always on and always available, which ensures dependable uptime and higher success rates.

In order to achieve the greatest results, the Nimble Browser controls requests throughout.

No coding experience needed

Nimble APIs don’t require any code, therefore anyone can utilize them. Additionally, by providing a completely managed data gathering system, it also reduces maintenance expenses.

Data gathering and analysis are two distinct processes. However, both may be completed instantaneously thanks to Nimble APIs, saving countless hours.

Versatile APIs

Nimble IP

The RESTful design, which is the industry standard, is closely adhered to by Nimble’s Data APIs for a comfortable, simple, and quick integration process. Your cloud storage repository will receive the most recent data if you simply query the API endpoints with the necessary parameters

Simple To Integrate

Nimble can help you replace your Puppeteer, Playwright,  Selenium, or other browsers with just three lines of code. You can save time by using the Nimble browser, which interfaces with any browser framework.

Uncomplicated Integration

You can update and enhance your present data-gathering pipelines with only one line of code.

By supporting all existing browser automation frameworks natively, the Nimble Browser makes integration easier at any stage of the project.

Sturdy Security

Keeping up with cybersecurity is crucial given the rapid rise in cybercrime. The weight of cybersecurity burdens is eliminated with Nimble, nevertheless.

The platform’s goal is to ensure the security of data collection projects during their full lifecycle.

The AES-256 algorithm is used for all API requests’ encryption. Even with the application of the brute-force approach, this encryption is practically unbreakable. The decryption keys are kept on different machines by Nimble, adding an extra layer of protection.

Additionally, Nimble handles compliance for all of its software and infrastructure.

Residential proxies

Nimbleway Enjoy Modern Proxies

Nimble’s residential proxies make these possible:

  • You can visit websites located anywhere in the world without worrying about your IP being blocked. 
  • Additionally, scrapers and crawlers make it simple for you to obtain the device’s IP addresses.

Using its AI engine, Nimble assigns you the optimal proxy, further streamlining the process. It’s practical to use this proxy allocation if you wish to be on guard against:

  • Time and speed of IP reputation rotation
  • Duration of the connection

You can maintain all of your needs using the platform’s contemporary proxy solution.

Availability Of Structured Web Data

Data collection and analysis are two distinct processes. The former takes more work, particularly if the data is large.

Nimbleway Accurate Web Data

You don’t have to stress about data analysis complexity with Nimble, though. Before sending the data to you, Nimble organizes the information from the public web. Depending on your choice, the structured data is immediately sent to either your database or the company’s data warehouse.

As a result, you now have ready-for-analysis web data.

Simple and Reliable API

You have total control with Nimble thanks to its straightforward API access. Furthermore, it has an API that is trustworthy and strong enough to go beyond any geo-restrictions.

Nimbleway Access Unlimited Data

The platform’s learning curve is significantly lowered by the incredibly simple account management. The interface is straightforward, yet it has a lot of power. It provides you total command over:

  • Protocols for Proxy
  • Budget 
  • Permissions

Along with that, it notifies you of the operation and provides you with timely alerts.

Furthermore, you may manage projects of any scale with less latency because to the reliable infrastructure.

Other features of Nimbleway

With no mention of service interruptions or downtimes, the service is always available. Because of this, you may depend on it to provide services whenever you need them.

With support for a customized onboarding procedure for each customer, an experienced technical account manager is provided to them.


Nimbleway Data API

The Nimble Web API makes it simple to obtain the required information from any website worldwide.

It provides IP addresses from all over the world, making it ideal for scraping localized data from all over the world. Particularly relevant here are their mobile and residential proxies. For a few particular nations, datacenter proxies are available.

Unrestricted Data

For a streamlined, quick, and easy integration process, Nimble’s Data APIs rigorously adhere to the RESTful design, which is the industry standard. Your cloud storage repository will receive the most recent data if you simply query the API endpoints with the necessary parameters.

Data Delivery in Real Time

Get the facts you want sent to the exact location where you will need it. With pipeline authorization, Nimble makes it simple to transmit data to Google Cloud Storage or Amazon S3.

Save money and time.

With Nimble’s premium proxy network, reliable device emulation, and elastic cloud environments that can be scaled dynamically, maintenance time and costs are completely eliminated.


Here, you will discover how to create a free Nimble account and utilize its IPs for any purpose.

  • Step 1: Open the Nimble official website and select “Pricing”.
  • Step 2: Select your preferred plan and click “Get started” to proceed.
  • Step 3: Complete the form by providing the necessary information, then click “free registration.”
  • Step 4: You can now access your Nimble dashboard by logging in. It appears as follows:
  • Step 5: You can get going right away by building a pipeline. Select the Add Pipeline option.
  • Step 6: Select the optimization engine and add a name to the pipeline. These are some of the several uses for Nimble proxies.You have the option of selecting account administration, eCommerce, social, SERP,  travel, or other usage. Select Next.
  • Step 7: Various pipelines can be added. It will be displayed under Nimble IP once you have installed a pipeline.
  • Step 8: Select the pipeline in order to adjust the utilization and other options. Changes to the location and domain are possible within the usage. It would be set to all domains and the global setting by default.
  • Step 9: Select the Option tab to modify the optimization engine, the default setup, and the advanced setting. You can choose between using a rotating proxy or a datacenter proxy in the Default Connection settings parameter. Changing the location is also possible by selecting a different nation, state, and city.
  • 10th Step: At this point, you can choose between Fixed and Rotating IP.



  1. A single API interface that is easy to use.
  2. Data can be transmitted to S3 and GCP, among other storage options.
  3. Data collecting solution that is fully managed and automated.
  4. The Nimble browser allows for unrestricted data collecting.
  5. Easily integrate with just a few lines of code.
  6. Advanced analytics with important performance KPIs.


  1. In the Essential plan, there are only 10 pipes.
  2. Recently developed platform



The service is priced starting at $300 (300 credits) for the basic plan. 700 credits are included in the advanced plan, which costs $700. The professional plan will cost you $1,100 for 1100 credits. The most extensive plan is the enterprise plan, which costs $4000 and comes with 4,000 credits. The cost is entirely on a monthly basis. A 15% discount is offered if you pay in full annually.


Nimble is a powerful platform for web data collection that enables quick and efficient data collection at any size. The platform also offers you structured data on top of that.

Nimbleway About

With all of its features, it provides an excellent customer experience. To maintain market competition, which is advantageous to all parties, web data is necessary. The accessibility of this web data is made simpler by Nimble.

Nimbleway is a great option to take into consideration whether you’re looking for a great web scraping API, an automated browser, or a reliable proxy service.


Will there be geographical limitations when using Nimble to collect data from the public web?

No, you can rest easy knowing that everything will go smoothly and without any difficulties or limitations thanks to Nimble’s residential proxies. From any geolocation, Nimble has a success percentage of 99.4%.

Is a free trial available for Nimble?

Nimble does really provide a 14-day, 22 GB full live trial. During the trial, you will be accompanied by an accounts manager and a dedicated support staff to develop and test the project.

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