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NetoPartners Review: Is It Best Casino Affiliate Program?


NetoPartners is a leading network in the affiliate marketing industry that has an experience of over 10 years. They offer marketing services for various scratch and slot games present online and are the most trusted ones in this case. Their affiliate program is in touch with the world’s best and most exclusive brands and these companies only trust NetoPartners for the same. They’re working for years and have thousands of affiliates working under them. The affiliates never need to worry about their payments since they’re always on time and can be tracked easily. They provide pre-landing pages to all their affiliates and they don’t need to worry about doing these things manually. These landing pages include everything such as customized funnels. They offer CPA, CPL, and Hybrid deals based on everyone’s comfort. These can also be done on the basis of Revenue share as well.

NetoPartners Review

They pay millions of euros to their affiliates based on their performance. Everyone is satisfied with their services and there some amazing testimonials too! Check it out in our Neto Partners Affiliate Program Review.

What Neto Partners Exactly Do?

They have an outstanding affiliate program for scratch cards, slots, and instant win games. It helps in maximizing traffic potential and bring more profits to the landing page. Founded in 2008, they begin with their game and brand promotion, and now they have a huge group of affiliates working under them. They provide intuitive marketing material including pre-set landing pages and promotional game advertisements. Another great thing with them is that they have tailor-made high paying commission plans. A user doesn’t even need to create funnels, they provide that too. They’re direct advertisers for 5 in-house boutique brands and have 150+ games present in their arsenal. The best part is that there is no need for waiting for payments for a long span, their payments are quick and can be tracked anytime. They have partnered with some amazing gaming firms and promote their advertisements which is great!

Features of Neto Partners Affiliate Program

1. Tailor-Made High Funnels

They have customized funnels based on the clientele and it includes everything required. Creating funnels takes a lot of time and is usually a very hectic task. They simplify it by proving everything in their intuitive marketing material that usually involves everything from pre-landing pages to ad setups.

2. In house exclusive scratch and slot games

Apart from working with several companies that host such advertising games, they too have their own scratch and slot games that can be used as pre-landing pages to increase & generate more leads. Affiliates are provided with such details and games so that they can work for it.

3. Helps in maximizing traffic potential

Their innovative spin the wheel and other such offers in the form of games are able to generate a good amount of conversions on the page and can also generate a good amount of leads. This is a great thing as the main motive behind offers gets fulfilled this way.

4. Dedicated Affiliate Manager Support

They have 24/7 support available for their affiliates if the user faces any problem in the entire process. They guide through everything and provide the best solutions to every problem. Also, they provide everything pre-made material, top converting locations & etc so that marketer doesn’t have to face any problem. NetoPartners manage all the affiliates together in a bunch.

5. Personalized Deals

They provide personalized deals to all the affiliates and these vary on the CPA and CPL basis. There are also some hybrid deals available for the affiliates and can be customized based on their performance. It works on the basis of their ‘Standard RevShare Plan’ and they make sure everyone gets the best commission plan according to their work!

6. Pays millions of Euros every month

They have a huge affiliate network and pay millions of Euros to affiliates every month. They started small and now provide commissions for so many people. Also, their plans let everyone earn in a great way and generate a good amount of commission for them.

7. More than 10 years of expertise in the Industry

They are working since 2008 and now have more than 10 years of expertise in the industry. They are the most-preferred network when it comes to having advertisements and promotions in the form of games such as spinning wheel and small and fun FAQs. NetoPartners have more than 150+ games waiting in their arsenal which is pretty huge.

8. Great contacts and partner firms

NetoPartners Partnership

Their contact list is huge and they have partnered with top-most firms such as Gratorama, Winorama, WinsPark, ScratchMania, and WinOMania. They work with a huge network and their reach is amazing to look at the demand for them in the iGaming Industry.

Commission and Payment Plans

They make sure that the commission received by the affiliates suits their requirements and their payments are amazing. Being an affiliate isn’t easy and therefore they make sure that the payment is fast and can be easily tracked on affiliate panel. Once an affiliate registers, they automatically add then to the ‘Standard RevShare Plan’.

NetoPartners Revenue and Commission

1. Level 1- 25% Revenue Share for 0-9,999 Euros.

2. Level 2- 30% Revenue Share for 10,000-19,999 Euros.

3. Level 3- 35% Revenue Share for 20-000-39,999 Euros.

4. Level 4- 45% Revenue Share for 40,000 Euros and Upwards.

Pros and Cons


  • They Have Unique Offers
  • High Converting Pre-landing Pages.
  • Proud advertiser for 5 in-house brands.
  • Huge ad Growing Community.
  • Very user-friendly.
  • 24/7 Affiliate Support.
  • Customized Deals.
  • Tracked and on-time payment.


  • It only works in the iGaming Industry.

Pros in Detail

  • A unique affiliate network:

This is a very unique affiliate network and there aren’t many in the market of this kind. This network works very differently and has an innovative working.

  • Proud advertisers for 5 in-house brands:

Apart from working for other companies, they also promote their own brands on the platform with those innovative gaming advertisements.

  • Huge and Growing Community:

They have a huge affiliate community and work with the world’s best companies. Their community is growing with time because of the efficient commission they provide to the people.

  • Very-user friendly:

The platform is very user-friendly and so is the entire working area. It doesn’t involve something too techy or irritating present over here.

  • 24/7 Affiliate Support:

They are present for the affiliate community throughout the day and are ready to sort them out at any time of the day, without any issues.

  • Customized deals:

They provide customized deals to all their clients on the basis of CPA, CPL, and can also be hybrid. Everything takes place on the basis of the revenue share percentile.

  • Tracked and on-time payment:

They provide payments on-time and don’t trouble at all in this case, also, these payments can be tracked based on the mode of payment.

Cons in Detail

  • It only works in the iGaming Industry:

The platform is very unique and innovative, but the sad part is that they only work in the iGaming Industry. If they could work more, then that’ll be great!

Testimonials and Appreciation

NetoPartners Testimonial Proof

There various testimonials from companies who have taken NetoPartner’s services and created promotional advertisements with them. Betmentor says that NetoPartners is very helpful and promoting brands and are really fun to work with. They are super sure about their work and assure that they give their level best in providing the readers with various daily deposit offers and slot machines.

NetoPartners Testimonials

Next, there is a testimonial from GoodLuckMate that reads that NetoPartner is their first choice when it comes to affiliate partnerships. They say this as mainly find it very easy and convenient as they are finding great deals on the traffic its casinos are getting. They are very happy with the ease of use and customer support this platform has. Just like this, there are hundreds of testimonials present on the website appreciating the product in numerous ways.

Final Verdict-Yes, it’s a great Affiliate Network!

While these promotional offers are pretty amazing, another great thing is that their commission rates are pretty amazing. They are one of the best and most unique advertising platforms where the experience of more than 10 years comes to work. They have a very friendly user interface that helps the affiliates in various ways. Another great thing is that they provide all the intuitive marketing materials which help every affiliate and saves their time that goes into making a landing page or setting up everything. The support system is also very facilitating and they provide solutions to every problem a person encounters. The commissions are also great and don’t go anywhere for less than 25%. The payment is also released very quickly and can be tracked in everything in the affiliate panel. There is nothing to dislike about it, and the games for promotion are also pretty great.

In Conclusion

There are many kinds of affiliate networks in the market, but out of them, they are the most facilitating. Their network is very unique and so are their clientele. They have a huge network from various casinos to companies and all of them have been able to generate a great amount of traffic. This is an amazing platform and they have more than 150+ games in their arsenal that can be used for such promotions. With these games, an affiliate can generate a good number of leads which is pretty great. Overall, we totally recommend this Network, and one can go for them to earn money NOW!


What if a person doesn't have a website to promote?

They don't need to worry if there isn't a website. All they need to do is just contact NetoPartners and they'll take care of the rest.

How does one join NetoPartners?

Its very simple, just click on 'Register' and fill in the details. The dedicated account manager will then call up shortly.

Where does NetoPartners not work?

Currently, they do not accept real money players from the US, Israel, Palestinian Territory, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Iraq, Algeria, Jordan, Pakistan, Tunisia, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Latvia, Iran, Tonga, and Turkey.

How is the commission calculated?

Revenue share is calculated on the basis of Net Gaming Revenue. Net Revenue= Bets-Wins-Bonuses-Admin Fee-Chargebacks.

Are the live stats visible on the account?

Yes, the stats are updated at 6:00 AM (GMT), so they will be visible on the following day. If someone is using their own platform then it will connect with an S2S integration to get real-time stats on the system.

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