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Muvi Review 2024: Is This OTT, Vod Platform Worth To Join?


Today, in this digital era, we can see that there are many online platforms to upload and sell online videos.

Muvi is the platform where you can upload & sell on-demand, live-streaming videos through the sources OTT, Smart TVs, etc.

So Let’s review, what includes in Muvi, its features, benefits, pricing, support, etc.

👉 What is Muvi?


Muvi is a platform where you can launch any video or audio content like many other sources YouTube, Twitch, NetFlix, Spotify, etc.

Overall it is a complete video streaming platform that comes everything from managing end-to-end services without the requirement of coding skills or IT teams. 

In order to experience flawless streaming service, Muvi is the right choice and it is most useful for filmmakers, broadcasters, church & faith, eLearning, Live Events, e-Sports, and many more.

If you want to get more engagements and interactions to your streaming videos and audios, then it is good to review the Muvi platform. 

🔅 Muvi Key Features

Muvi kart is fully packed from basic features to advanced features with an end-to-end solution for video/audio streaming to physical products Mobile, TV, etc.

Muvi Features

Let’s review all the features of Muvi that it offers to run the video and audio streaming services without any interruptions. 

  • No need to mention the Muvi name, because it allows you to use your own custom domain name and get a complete white-labeled website for your business niche.
  • Get an iOS app, Android App, webOS app to work on all iOS, Android, and all sizes of webOS devices.
  • The visiual designer feature allows the users to perform quick edits for their website and within no time it can update and showcase on the website.
  • It allows you to download the content, and also you can watch history on what are the videos watched by the end users with full details.
  • The website or app that you create with Muvi has an in-built chrome streaming service.
  • Manage all the data that you want to showcase on your web and OTT platform.
  • Accepts payment of different currencies and also bitcoins too.
  • Can integrate with multiple payment gateways
  • It allows you to launch the Roku channel or app on your own.
  • With Muvi, get Roku TV, Fire TV, SVOD, Apple TV on your own and the subscription-based on pay per view.
  • Offers various filters, so that you can understand the subscription status of your audience on your panel.
  • In order to syndicate the video and audio streaming, Muvi uses a top CDN i.e, Amazon CloudFront which is in-built.
  • The custom DevHours package takes care of everything of your video content, and even it is easy for you to add a new feature and also it can easily customize your website.
  • Muvi permits the end-users to upload their own audio or video content and publish it on your streaming.
  • One can easily and quickly build a wide range of apps and websites across all the devices for streaming their content.
  • On your e-store, you can describe and explain the products & services by uploading files that consists of images and videos.
  • In the same window, it gives permission to upload many variants related to a single physical product.
  • Muvi provides a bucket full of customized and responsive templates that are suitable to your niche, so choose the best template that reflects your brand.
  • In order to optimize your content of audios, videos, it comes up with different SEO tools.
  • To raise and reshape your streaming services, Artificial Intelligence is correctly positioned.
  • Integrations, email marketing to launch emails, and many more are provided at Muvi.

😋 List of Industries Muvi Manages

List of Industries Muvi manages

Muvi comes with various in-built features, in-built infrastructure, in-built monetization services, and many more services that can manage from end-to-end. The major benefit of having Muvi is you can create and video or content on its CMS by utilizing on-demand streaming services.

It allows you to record all your conferences, boost your brand’s online presence and manage all your business activities with ease. 

Muvi platform is most probably suitable for industries such as 

  • Enterprises
  • Broadcasters
  • Marketers
  • Entertainment
  • Religion
  • Education
  • Health & Fitness
  • Live Events & Sports coverages
  • Youtubers
  • eSports
  • eLearning
  • Real Estate
  • Content Creators
  • Podcasts

All the above-mentioned industries can use this Muvi platform and it is more purposeful for them by managing every single activity to run their business smoothly. From a marketing or promoting products & services to engaging the audiences, everything is possible with Muvi.  

✔️ How Does Muvi Work?

Muvi works in simple steps and just step ahead to launch your own VOD platform without any risk and increase your brand visibility from every corner of the world. Muvi offers various templates, and review those templates to pick the right one for your requirement.

How Muvi Works

No need of doing website customization, as the templates that are provided are customized ones, and in the next step, you have to finalize the type of content that you want to publish such as movies, songs or video clips, or TV series and set up a payment gateway option to earn money from your audiences. 

Now, with the help of Muvi’s secured browser interface, you can upload the videos, and maximum it takes 30 minutes for a one-hour duration video. Give a brief description of your video information and this metadata really helps the audiences to find your content easily. 

To go live with your video approximately takes a week and moreover, the time completely depends on the duration of the video content. Everything is set, your VOD platform is ready to go public and now it’s time to sit back, relax, and start earning the money. 

Here are simple steps on how does Muvi works is

  • Signup and Choose a template
  • Finalize the content from the list of different types of content
  • Setup the process for payments
  • Upload videos, and add valuable data in brief
  • Go Live and Earn the income.

💥 How Muvi is Different from other Sources?

Looking for why Muvi is a unique video streaming platform compared to others? then here is an answer.

No matter, whatever the industry maybe if you’re looking to grow in this video streaming platform by creating your own brand means Muvi right choice and the main reason is it is the only platform that offers an end-to-end solution.

How Muvi is different from others

Now, you can launch your own platform across all devices with full safety & security to get recognized around the globe. 

It encourages the users to upload different components of video with the latest on-demand technology, one can easily build a video streaming platform.

If we examine the other products, they just provide one or two components, and the rest you have to build on your own, such kinds of platforms are not useful as they come under poorly build products.

But coming to Muvi, it is not like that and even we can see clearly in the image what exactly it provides to us. This makes a huge difference why Muvi is a different platform compared to others.

One does not need to put any hard efforts to build a video streaming or audio streaming platform at Muvi. From creating the platform, uploading the videos or audios, and getting payments everything is said to be handled in simple steps.

From this, we can suggest that Muvi is an entire solution and you can build a brand effortlessly.  

🤗 Migrate Content or Whole Platform to Muvi

Migrate to Muvi

If your content or if you have a platform and want to Migrate to Muvi, then it is so simple you can migrate everything to Muvi as it is a quick and easy process. Yes, it allows you to migrate or import the whole content of an existing platform including your audiences, meta description, payments, reports, history, and other necessary data to Muvi.

Here the thing to notice is the migration process will not take a huge amount of time but probably a few hours of time or else some couple of weeks. The time taken for the procedures completely depends on the existing service provider. The import and migration services at Muvi helps to move forward and complete the task without facing any risks.

Along with this, in the backend, the team members of Muvi take care of everything by managing the work by focussing on your business activities and other main things.

If the migration process is completed, you can review & continue to proceed to host or stream on Muvi. Overall, the migration to Muvi is a smooth as well as seamless procedure.

🥇 Awards and Rewards of Muvi

Muvi Awards

Today, Muvi is one of the video streaming platforms recognized globally and as a result achieved many awards and recognitions. These awards are received in recent years and they are

  • Crozdesk Quality Choice award for the year 2020
  • Crozdesk Trusted Vendor award for 2020
  • Streaming Media Awards in 2019
  • Top Enterprise OTT platform by Fierce 15
  • Great User Experience Award for 2016 and 2017, Rising Star Award 2016 by FinancesOnline
  • TVB Awards for the excellence
  • Content Innovation Awards 2015 – Cloud TV Initiative of the Year

✨ Pros and Cons of Muvi 


  •  It is an ease of use video/audio platform
  • Offers trial period for every plan i.e, 14 days
  • All in one OTT platform
  • In-built infrastructure and features
  • In-built monetizations
  • Provides end-to-end solution and fully managed
  • Awesome for any streaming purposes like audio, video, gaming
  • Easy setup and navigation
  • Can easily integrate into social media apps
  • Build a website, mobile apps, TV apps for your brand
  • No credit card to use the free trial offer
  • Increases the brand value with great customer engagement
  • Great customer service with a dedicated manager to your brand
  • It updates the features regularly
  • Provides high security


  •  Prices are expensive
  • Not having cons

💙 Muvi Customer Reviews 

The customers and users of Muvi are provided their thoughts and experiences on how it works.

Let’s see one of the customer reviews in the below picture.

Muvi Customer Review

Most of the customers are satisfied with Muvi and says that it is recommended platform for those who want to build an app for your industry.

Its professional services, a lot of features, and easy-to-use navigation are the major attractive things loved by its users. 

🎁 Muvi Pricing Plans Details

At Muvi, one can upload unlimited content in every plan with Zero revenue share and one can collect 100% of income from your video/audio content.

Muvi Pricing Plans

It offers 14 days free trial period and you can use this free trial offer without credit card details. In this free trial period get 

  • An instant account set up and launch 
  • Video streaming and audio broadcasting
  • It is an end to end platform and also fully managed
  • Upload content to TV Apps, Mobile, and Website
  • Content management system controls all the things
  • Offers multiple monetizations like subscriptions, pay per view, etc
  • Provides great maintenance, customer support, and updates regularly
  • DRM, CDN, Servers, Cloud hosting services, online video player

The standard plan is a fully-featured, white-labeled website or app with hosting services and CDN costs $399/month + $299/month/app + Infra fees. 

  • The users can experience Unlimited content and Encoding services
  • Can share the hosting server
  • Get 2000 concurrent user
  • Bandwidth – 1TBMmo + Infra fee payment
  • Storage – 1TB/mo + extra infra fee
  • 2 admin accounts are manageable
  • After device or OS release, get within a month the mobile app update
  • The DRM charge per view is $0.01
  • CDN shared server
  • Email and Ticketing system
  • Monetization engine includes TVOD/SVOD, AVOD, etc.

The professional version costs $1499/mo + $499/mo/app + Infra fees with Standard plan features and Alie Recommendation Engine + other professional features. 

  • Get 10000 Concurrent user
  • Bandwidth – $2TB/mo + additional infra fess
  • Storage – $2TB/mo + extra infra fees
  • 5 admin accounts are manageable
  • DRM charges are included
  • Get own CDN
  • SLA – a relentlessly driven support system

In the Enterprise version, get MUVI Professional + Dedicated Server + Enterprise support costs $3900/mo + additional cost $499/mo/app + Infra fees. 

  • Get 50000 Concurrent user
  • A dedicated server with an Autoscaling option
  • Get 5TB/mo Bandwidth + infra fees
  • Get Storage 5TB/mo + infra fees
  • Can manageable – 10 admin accounts
  • The staging Environment is available
  • It comes with a Stress & security test
  • Phone, meetings on weekly basis, and a dedicated account manager

The Ultimate version comes with Muvi Enterprise + Unlimited users + Proactive consulting which costs $8900/mo + $499/mo/app + infra fees. 

  • Bandwidth – $10TB/mon + Infra fees 
  • Storage – $10TB/mo + Infra fees
  • Can manage unlimited accounts
  • Security & Stress tests on monthly basis

The Black version is comprised of Muvi Ultimate + Premium consulting services such as project management services, proactive monitoring services, setup, and a complete handholding. For the pricing details of the Black version contact the vendor.

  • Get Discounted bandwidth & storage fees 
  • Can do Security & Stress tests anytime you needed
  • On-demand consulting services
  • A dedicated support team for its users

Go with yearly billing and save 15% and if you are likely to pay on a half-yearly basis then save 10%. You can cancel the plan at any time and get support 24//7/365, also no extra payment for setup and configurations. 

😇 What Exactly Muvi Offers to Us?

With Muvi you can launch an OTT platform, yes what you heard is right. It allows you to launch OTT apps, Video streaming services, Live Streaming services, Music streaming, audio streaming or broadcasts services, VOD, Monetizations, DRM, and other services. 

So, after creating and launching an on-demand video with the Muvi platform, you can review and manage to stream different activities such as events, meetings, conferences, festivals, Sports, TV channels, and many more.

The best part is you can turn on the peer-to-peer video streaming and audio streaming services on your admin panel. This helps your audiences to watch all your content directly from their mobile devices, laptops, and tablets. 

When you include a Website or Native Apps, there there is a huge chance of getting audiences to visit and watch your video or audio content. Without any IT or coding skills, you can deploy your platform in just minutes across Andriod, Website, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, iOS app, and other smart TVs.

Now, all you need to do is create a video/audio and deliver the content with Muvi to your audiences to educate, entertain, or inspire them.

🔥 Muvi Review: Is It Worth To Join? 

Yes, Muvi is a platform that is suitable for many industries, especially those who want to grow their businesses with live streaming, video streaming. and audio streaming.

We all know that in this digital world, we’re stepping ahead by conducting different online streaming to connect with the people, so at Muvi you can launch OTT apps for different devices, launch websites. 

The best part of launching OTT platforms, apps, websites is your brand is going to be recognizable by people across the world. You can get people from any part or any corner of the world and with Muvi you can do it in a better way.

The launching process of apps and websites is very simple and easy at Muvi and it is one of the great platforms that provides video or audio streaming services when compared to others. The reason we recommend Muvi is it is a unique one that comes with end-to-end solutions to run all the streaming activities smoothly and securely. 

Moreover, with Muvi you just not stream videos but also audio content like podcasts, music, etc. You can launch anything that you want and to do so it is not necessary to having coding skills or IT teams as you can do it on your own.

The other advantage of Muvi is it has various in-built features, in-built monetizations, cloud hosting services, and many more to manage all your streaming. 

Overall, in conclusion, Muvi Review states that live streaming, video streaming, can upload on-demand video/audio streaming, live broadcasting are very simple as its services are out of the box as there is no need to look into any other products. 

☄️ Frequently Asked Questions

🤞 What is Muvi?

Muvi is a video platform that allows you to launch videos, audio streaming like many other platforms like NetFlix, Spotify, Hulu. With Muvi in a matter of minutes, you can launch an OTT platform across all devices with its fully managed services. From podcasts, music streaming, to video streaming, launching a website everything is possible with Muvi.

✌️ What does Muvi do for your business?

Muvi is a platform where businesses are to promote and advertise their products and services in the form of audio/video content. It is a complete self-service white-label platform as the users can launch their OTT platform on their own without any requirement of coding skills. It is suitable for all types of business and it helps increase audience engagement and also income too.

👊 Is Muvi the fastest deployable Platform?

Yes, Muvi is the fastest deployable video streaming platform, no matter what is your requirement it provides the best and professional services with full features and end-to-end solutions.

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