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Moonrover.Pro Review: Is It Best Performance Marketing Network?


In 2018, we started as an affiliate network for large e-commerce projects.

Our team initially consisted of marketing professionals and over the years, including the pandemic, we have gained more experience. Review

Today, Moonrover is known as a global performance marketing network of over 1,000 affiliates worldwide with a variety of traffic types including direct websites, price comparison websites, display websites, cashback and coupon websites, and many more.

Head of Growth, Andy Parus:

“We started as an e-commerce network that focused on working with major advertisers, such as eBay. We focused on providing solutions for them in 150+ countries. Several managers purposefully searched for affiliates in specific geos.

For instance, in this quarter, the goal was to promote cashback and coupon sites. Systematic weekly work and dozens and hundreds of new sites already work with eBay through us. We provide detailed and fast support, we understand how an affiliate often lacks attention and may provide a vague response to a question. We elaborate on how the system works, how you can use the eBay inventory for promotions, because there are hundreds of millions of products. Advertisers

So we learned how to communicate with affiliates. It may not be enough to give good payouts, but it is also important to quickly respond to affiliates’ problems, and provide a suitable solution that can benefit both sides and prevent such issues in the future. For several years, with this approach, we have increased traffic volumes in several cases, and we are proud of our growth in every quarter, which is tens of millions of dollars in turnover.”

Large selection of offers for fine-tuning

At this time, we promote over 1000 active campaigns, in various verticals: e-commerce, travel, online games, online services (web hosting, education, grocery delivery, etc.). A large selection of offers gives our affiliates an opportunity to customize campaigns for any available type of traffic.

As an exclusive eBay affiliate partner in high potential markets, we promote various campaigns for eBay’s partners. High payouts to our partners is also our income, so we try to provide offers with the highest commissions.

Here are some of the best Moonrover deals:

  • eBay (WW) with a payout of 3.84% CPS;
  • Marriott International (WW) with 2.3% CPS payout;
  • Canva (WW) payout up to 11.53% CPS;
  • (FR,ES,NL,BE,DE,AT,UK,CH) with a payout of 3.07% CPS;
  • Zulily (IE, MX, UK, CA, AU, US, SG, HK) with a payout of 6.15% CPS;
  • NordVPN (WW) with a payout of 40% CPS;
  • Avis (AU) with a payout of 5.38% CPS;
  • Etihad Airways (WW) with 1.92% CPS payout;
  • Disney Movie Club (US) with a CPS payout of $26.92;
  • (UK) with a payout of 1.5% CPS.

Head of Advertising Department, Alla Lia:

It is important for us to be always in touch not only with partners, but also with clients, regardless of their time zone. Transparency, prompt resolution of issues and an individual approach are extremely important for the development of relations with clients.

We are working together to improve conversions, the number of partners, the average check, and monitor the quality of partner content. Most advertisers regularly raise rates and run various individual promotions for our partners, which also contributes to the development

Head of Webmaster Relations Michael Cubase:

We completely devote ourselves when it comes to partnership, and we pay close attention to each one of them. Because we understand their needs, wishes and experiences. For each partner, our managers try to find an individual approach to achieve maximum results on both sides.

Daily notifications and launches of offers, constant improvements and updates to the system – this is just a small part of what our team does on an ongoing basis, so that all our partners are satisfied.

The best offers from all over the world

Moonrover successfully works with partners and affiliates from USA, Turkey, Brazil, Great Britain, Germany, France, Poland and the Middle East. Accordingly, we try to add the most interesting offers for all GEOs and verticals. Publishers

We constantly stay updated with the latest trends in the global market, and quickly provide our affiliates with access to the most popular niches in the ever-changing e-commerce sphere. If our publishers cannot find the offer that they need – they can always inform their manager about it, and we will do our best to make it appear in our network.

Head of Support and Integration, Marianne Copamini:

Moonrover has a user-friendly interface, and all possible tools that allows you to receive all updated data from advertisers and transfers all the necessary information to partners. The system has a convenient and intuitive interface, which allows our managers to quickly set up and launch offers. Publishers, using all the possibilities of our system, especially statistics, can easily find any statistical data on their campaigns. Contact

Also, a special training program has been made for our managers, which contains unique methodological materials developed by us personally. The program is based on our team’s experience, as well as on the current needs of the market. We continue to update and supplement all materials in order to be on the same wavelength with the market.

Experienced Management Team

Our main advantage is a team of experienced managers, who always stand close to the interests of their affiliates. Our team will always help you to understand the conditions of the offer, promptly solve any issue that has arisen and answer any question. By keeping in touch with our advertising partners, we strive to provide the highest payouts in the shortest possible time and in the long run. 

HR Director, Mary Baso:

“Moonrover team is my personal pride, we select personnel very carefully, some of the employees work remotely from different parts of the world – it is extremely important to create a friendly environment based on support and understanding, since not every employee can fit in to a colleague during lunch and ask a question.

We practice not only corporate events where all employees see each other, but also informal communication. Our team enjoys getting together, where work related issues are often discussed. We believe that the personal relationships of all Moonrover employees, without exception, affect the final result, so we maintain the family atmosphere as much as possible. We are growing rapidly, and always strive to have a safe – friendly environment for everyone.”.

Join Moonrover and your payouts will skyrocket to the moon and back!

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