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May Finances Flourish With A Cashback Of 15%


RollerAds Finance Offers

Do you like driving for finances? Then, join RollerAds promo and receive a cashback of 15% for your total spending, which will be transferred to your RollerAds wallet.


Duration: 05.01.2023–05.31.2023

Eligible GEOs: CA, AU, US, IN, PH, MY, BR, TW, ID

Min spend threshold: $100

How it works

  1. Launch a new campaign for finances in one or a few eligible GEOs from the 1st to the 31st of May
  2. Spend at least $100 on it
  3. Get back 15% of your total spending to your RollerAds wallet once the promo is over

For instance: 

You launch a campaign for CA and PH that rolls till the end of the month, with $600 spent on it in total. Once the promo runs out, you get $90 for your wallet!

NB! Only new campaigns qualify that were launched for the first time on or after the 1st of May (but not later than the 31st of May)

How to enter

Do you feel like squeezing out even more profit out of your financial campaigns in May? Contact the manager, who will help and answer all the relevant questions about the vertical and launching.


Can I earn the cashback for a financial campaign for the eligible GEOs that is already launched and run?

Alas, only new campaigns are eligible for the cashback. If you want to get one, it is important to create the campaign from scratch.

My campaign goes not only for the eligible GEOs, does it qualify?

Sure, but 15% will account only the spending made for the eligible GEOs (CA, AU, US, IN, PH, MY, BR, TW, ID).

Once I spend my first $100, do I get the cashback right away?

Nope, the cashback will be delivered only after the promo is over but for the whole sum. Think about it, we need to take our time to check and calculate everything.

I am a newbie at RollerAds, can I still participate?

Of course, just register and create your very first campaign. The manager will explain the basics, consult on the first launch, and advise the ways to maximize the result.

How many campaigns can I run?

As many as you want, but for a campaign to qualify, you ought to spend at least $100 on it.

Best of luck and see you on the 1st of May!

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