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Kicksta Review + (40% OFF) Discount Code [100% Working]


Among the social media platforms, Instagram has more active users and Instagram automation is taking the businesses to another level. 

Today, we are going to talk about one of the automation services for Instagram that is Kicksta, it helps brands, businesses, influencers to connect with people easily.

In this Kicksta Review, we’ll see how it is a powerful tool to bring real followers for the growth of a business.

πŸ‘ What is Kicksta? In-Depth Review Guide

Kicksta Review

Kicksta is an automation tool designed to bring real followers at Instagram and also boost audience engagements.

Kicksta “Artificial Intelligence Technology” helps to bring followers and one can see the pure organic growth to their businesses. Kicksta does not encourage any bots, spam, and other fake followers, and this is to get the real followers. 

Kicksta is an automation tool that helps to increase your follower’s growth, as it helps to engage with true, relevant audiences relevant to your business niche. In the Kicksta review, let’s know how this automation will be a keen part of the growth of the business by driving the followers.  

Find Related Profiles - Kicksta

Find Related Profiles of Yours 

Based on the niche, at first list out the competitors, brands, and influencers, and organize them. In addition to this, there is a chance of getting your competitive followers to your page. 

Auto-Engage with the Similar Followers 

On behalf of yours, Kicksta will like the posts of the people profiles who follow the pages that are similar to your business. Get the maximum exposure by adding the relevant profiles as Kicksta proceed to like the profiles that are relevant ones.  

Get Follow Back from Similar Profiles

When you engage with similar profiles, then some of them will follow you back to get the updates regularly. The main thing here is to post high-quality content regularly, then there is a chance of huge success. 

Real Followers vs Buying Followers

Real Followers vs Paid Followers - Kicksta

Kicksta is always better than buying followers because it brings new real followers as you can see real growth for your business. Whereas, when you buy the followers or likes for Instagram, then there is a risk of getting spam or bots that wastes time & money.

But Kicksta is the real one to provide followers and likes which is completely safe and till now it helped more than 10,000 brands and influencers to earn followers. 

Even Instagram does not agree on such things and deletes all the suspicious activities that tend to ban your business page. 

😍 Working of Kicksta [Step-By-Step]

Firstly, sign up to the Kicksta, after that you have to review and provide a list of Instagram accounts related to your business.

The reason behind this is whether the followers of those targeted Instagram accounts have a chance to attract your business. Coming to the details of the profiles are competitors, influencers, complementary brands that belong to your niche. 

Working of Kicksta

In the next step, Kicksta will like 1-2 photos to each of the targeted Instagram profiles that you provide. Those people will get notifications that you liked their photo, from this they will come and check your Instagram profile.

Kicksta is targeting similar accounts of your niche, so that there is an increase in engagements, and likes to your brand. If they like all your content, then the people will start following your Instagram business page. 

Kicksta supposed to like more than 10,000 photos per month on Instagram to boost the organic reach of your business page. The liking method is one of the prominent & effective tools that really helps in increase in the reach organically. 

You have the opportunity to manage the target accounts and directly on the Kicksta dashboard always look into the progress. 

Liking Method of Kicksta 

Liking Method of Kicksta

Compared to other services, Kicksta’s liking method has shown a huge difference and it works in connecting with the real profiles. This means it drives the people in a natural and organic way and it gives more trust to its clients by helping them to grow their followers. 

On the other side, Kicksta will not follow or unfollow people, and also does not send messages, comments to their photos. This is the reason why its client’s trust and its own AI technology will take care of this liking method. The users of Instagram receive likes and one can gain new followers are completely organic as it does not encourage bots & spammers. 

Selection of Target Profiles 

Kicksta Target Page Options

When you are likely to use Kicksta for your business means, firstly you have to review & filter out the right Instagram profiles, and to attract the right followers use appropriate hashtags.

Kicksta works perfectly in the modest plan also, but the premium plan helps to aim the right accounts related to the particular niche.

The liking method of Kicksta works effectively in targeting the right accounts organically and attracts followers to visit your business page. If you’re not aware to whom have to target? then kicksta’s team is always with you to help and proceed according to their ideas. 

Selection of Relevant Hashtags 

Kicksta Hashtag Generator

Hashtags are very important and they play a key role to recognize the presence of your business on Instagram. The main purpose of hashtags is to discover your content easily by Instagram users, brands, and influencers. It is better to provide relevant hashtags according to your business, and today Instagram users search the content with hashtags.

Create hashtags for your content easily with Kicksta free hashtag generator, all you need to do is just input the keyword. Then submit an email address to unlock the list of hashtags generated by Kicksta and you can use them to your content.

Features and Filters

Kicksta Filters

Kicksta offers various features and filters that help to maximize the growth of the Instagram business pages. To avoid spam and bots, Kicksta does not comment or messages to people and this is not the commitment of Kicksta. The only aim is to grow the followers to its client’s pages in a real and an organic manner.

Review and access the smart filters of Kicksta to gain as many as followers to your Instagram page and see the growth of the engagement. If you want a filtering method means go with the plan which provides filter access and see the results.

βœ… How to Apply Kicksta Discount Coupon?

If you’re likely to buy Kicksta, then don’t forget to grab the discount and just apply the code, have the chance to save up to 40%. This discount code is valid for all the pricing plans, you just copy & paste it during the checkout process. 

To all the pricing plans of Kicksta, it brings some deals and it is a great deal to the businesses who want to increase their followers to get organic reach. Pick the Kicksta plan that you want, and apply code to save your money.

Select Plan of Kicksta

GET up to 40% OFF on every plan of Kicksta, Apply the coupon to save the money, the coupon code is verified and a 100% working discount code: KICKSTART21

Copy the coupon code and use to save up to 40% of your money. The standard version pricing plan is $49/month/user and for the premium version, the pricing plan is $99/month/user. The discount coupon is applicable to both of these plans and you have to renew this plan every month. 

There will be no change in utilizing the features even after getting a discount and before applying the coupon code, check how many months it work.

Everyone likes to save money by applying the coupon code, Kicksta is offering a great deal and check the change of the price after applying the code on the checkout page. From this, you’ll get to know how much money is saved from the original pricing plan. 

Steps to use Kicksta Coupon Code

The following steps are provided with an explanation on how to use and apply the Kicksta coupon code. It is simple and easy to apply the Kicksta coupon code and here are the steps. 

  • Give a click on the show coupon button, it will take to the new tab of Kicksta. 
  • The next step is to copy the coupon provided in the box. 
  • Then, give a click on “Get Kicksta Now”, and according to your requirement choose the license. 
  • Later, you have to Enter the coupon code or copy the coupon code and paste it on it. 
  • After that, click on the edit order, give all your details & click on the “NEXT” button.
  • To proceed with the payment, provide your bank details and make the payment. 
  • Everything is done, it’s your time to enjoy Kicksta for a low cost by saving your money. 

πŸ˜‡ How Kicksta Help to Get Instagram Followers?

Social proof is the best game playing in this digital world, and if there is no number then people won’t recognize your business. We have many active users on Instagram, and it is a great platform to run the online business with ease. 

In order to get more real and organic followers, Kicksta will help you out to get more followers, and it states that it is better social proof. This is the first step, that your business succeeds in social media, and even the people are recognizing your business.

How Kicksta brings new followers

Now, you can gain more audiences, sales, paid partnerships, and you can see a wide range of growth for your business. 

We already know that Kicksta brings real followers, but here the thing is it brings followers according to the business. Every business account is different and so the follower numbers may vary, and it all depends on you. When you consistently provide high-quality content, then you can observe more followers to your account.

Kicksta doesn’t guarantee to bring a particular number of followers because the people are real to decide whether to follow or not. Kicksta is reminding that don’t believe any rumors about them especially guarantee of the particular number of followers. Because it is impossible, but all it does is just identify the people’s profiles who are interested related to your niche. 

πŸ€” How Much Time Does it will Take to Start Seeing the Results?

First to set up all your account, give 24 hours of time to Kicksta, after that it will start trying to bring the traffic to your account. Kicksta only drives the real & organic by using the liking method that attracts the people and from this people come to check your business page.

Now, the engagement turns into waves, and on the Kicksta dashboard check the progress every time. So, learn from this which targets are working to bring the followers and which one is not working. This analysis helps you to adjust the targets and optimize your account to see the best results i.e, growth of your business. 

πŸ’œ Case Studies of Kicksta  

Kicksta Case Study

Kicksta is suitable for every business & every industry, and today it works with different brands, businesses, & influencers around the world. From marketing agencies to fashion brands, everyone is interested to make partner with Kicksta. And the reason is that kicksta automation will guarantee to bring real & organic followers to Instagram. 

Kicksta and The Photographer, Todd Pickney

Todd Pickney, who realized that Photography is his interest in the fourth year of schooling and many questioned his decision. But he moves on to achieve as a photographer and committed to his photography work more quickly.

Years passing, he received the inquires & revenues and finally reached his milestones by seeing a lot of growth in his photography business. The main reason is Kicksta, it helps him in every aspect from getting the inquires to recognizing him through his Instagram profile. 

Todd provided the review on Kicksta, and it is that β€œInstagram is a tool to showcase my work and in doing so, create excitement around my imagery. This is huge right after a wedding when couples are on pins and needles waiting to see how their images turned out. And much of the time, this excitement from just a few images, leads to referrals.”

❣️ Customer Reviews on Kicksta

Today, thousands of brands, influencers, and businesses are getting real and organic followers to their Instagram with the help of Kicksta. Yes, Kicksta customers have shared their experiences and review on how it helps in getting more followers for Instagram, and the followers are turned into their customers.

Some of them are shared their reviews on Kicksta, one of them wrote ” Definitely recommend Kicksta. Super professional, easy to work with and also really effective to work with too.” Another Customer of Kicksta wrote ” Knowledgeable and easy to work with.

They make Instagram easy for those of us who aren’t that savvy. Growth has been great and the followers have been quality. Couldn’t be happier.” Look into the below picture what other customers says about Kicksta.  

Customer Reviews Kicksta

😍 Pros and Cons of Kicksta


  • Drives organic traffic
  • It is an automation service provider
  • Does not encourage bots, spammers
  • An excellent support system to the clients
  • Improve your Instagram followers
  • Generate free Hashtags
  • Increase engagement
  • Target the right audiences
  • Quick set up and easy to use
  • 14 days money-back guarantee
  • Cancel at any time
  • Smart filters and features
  • Track the progress



  • No free trial period
  • The premium plan is a little bit expensive
  • Offers moderate growth in the standard plan
  • Offers maximum growth in premium version only

🎁 Pricing Plans of Kicksta 

Pricing Plans of Kicksta

Kicksta offers two different pricing plans that helps you to grow your Instagram followers. 

Pricing Per User for First MonthStandard Plan Premium Plan
Additional Months$49$99
Growth Speed Moderate Growth Maximum Growth
Video Onboarding YesYes
Targets 1040
VIP Email SupportNoYes
Live Chat Support NoYes
Advanced TargetingNoYes
Blacklist NoYes
14 Days Money Back GuaranteeYesYes
For Bulk PricingGet Standard PlanGet Premium Plan

πŸ”₯ Final Verdict On Kicksta Review

Kicksta is an automation tool that drives organic traffic to the business pages on Instagram and it also increases engagement. If you want to lead your business through Instagram means then Kicksta is the excellent choice to pick and use. It helps businesses, influencers, and brands help to gain real & organic followers.

The liking method of Kicksta is the service that helps its clients in growing the right followers and they can quickly turn into customers. It does not encourage bots, spammers to clients and today it helps more than 10,000 brands, from this we can understand how it provides quality services.

On the whole, Kicksta is very helpful for influencers, business, and brands to increase the real and organic followers to them. They can see an increase in sales and also growth in their businesses.

🀠 Frequently Asked Questions

πŸ‘Š Is there any risk to get banned on Instagram with Kicksta?

Kicksta is an automated tool that provides real and organic traffic for businesses, influencers, and brands. It does not encourage bots and spam, so there is no risk to get banned on Instagram.

✌️ Does Kicksta follow and unfollow people on Instagram?

The main work of Kicksta is to drive organic traffic or followers to its clients. So, it does not follow, unfollow, comment, and do not send direct messages to Instagram users.

🀞 Does Kicksta needs Instagram password?

Yes, Kicksta requires a username and password to get the information of your business and behalf of you it proceeds liking method and brings real followers.

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