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Kartra Vs Thinkific (Comparison): Which One Should You Buy?


Online businesses need a wide range of tools that help to grow their sales and also to increase revenue. From visiting the landing page to buying the product, checkout process everything should be attractive and cool.

There are plenty of platforms in the market, and it is important to pick the right one that suits your business requirements.

Kartra vs Thinkific

Among the list of the platforms, Kartra and Thinkific, are the two which can manage various business activities from creating to promoting, selling.

Still in some out of clarification on what to choose for your business, just compare Kartra vs Thinkific to know what are the features, benefits and proceed with the right one.   

😇 What is Kartra?


To make your online businesses easy, Kartra is the place where you can find all the required marketing tools. It is one of the greatest all-in-one marketing platforms, that help in performing email marketing, creating landing pages, list building, web-hosting services, and many more. 

In order to grow your business, Katra is the solution in creating membership sites, sales pages, checkout pages, product carts, and others. On the whole, Kartra is a place where you can create, launch, promote, and sell your products and services with ease. 

✨ Pros and Cons of Kartra 


  • 14 days free trial period
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Ease of use platform
  • It is a complete all-in-one internet marketing solution
  • Offers membership sites
  • Great third-party app integrations
  • Affiliate marketing feature
  • Provides checkout tool
  • Leadpages & sales funnels builder
  • Email marketing automation


  •  Kartra agency is not available in starter plan
  • Little bit expensive
  • For beginners it will take some time to understand

😍 What is Thinkific?

Thinkific Review

Thinkific is also another platform, that helps to create & sell your online courses, at the same time, it allows you to track your sales up-to-date. It provides great support to your business, especially in marketing your products, and today, most entrepreneurs preferred the Thinkific platform to run their businesses.   

Looking at the stats of Thinkific, as of now there are more than 50,000 creators, over 100 million students are taken Thinkific courses, and 165+ countries are likely to prefer Thinkific. Moreover, 650+ million are gaining income right away on this platform. 

💫 Pros and Cons of Thinkific 


  •  User-friendly interface
  • Create and host course
  • Transaction fees – zero
  • Offers free version
  • Sell courses
  • Plans are affordable to pay
  • Allows third-party integrations
  • Create unlimited courses as you want
  • Can earn unlimited learners
  • Quizzes and certifications are provided
  • Drag and Drop builder option
  • Designing and customizing the site is easy
  • Allows to integrate with Zapier tool


  •  The free version has few features
  • Not conduct the Live workshops
  • In the pro version only you can experience all features
  • Only with Zoom conduct live sessions

✔️ Main Features Differences (Kartra vs Thinkific)

Here, we can see the advanced features difference of Kartra & Thinkific, and analyze in what areas are they more strong and how the tools are important to increase the sales of your business. 

💥 Kartra Features

Kartra offers different types of features and the list are  


If you’re selling products & services online, then the customer has to step ahead for the checkout process. The checkout and cart feature at Kartra helps you to design it for your website so that the audiences can experience smooth online shopping from adding products to the carts to bill payments. 

When compared to other shopping carts, this Kartra makes it to design simple because of its easy-to-use interface. With the help of integrations to the payment apps, the payment gateways are easy. Even it is easy to set up pricing, cart abandonment, design the thank you page, and many more are easy with Kartra.



If you want to create different web pages, then Kartra is for you as it has a drag and drop builder. It offers various templates, so choose the right template based on your business niche, and next, you can create your site as you want.

The website designing and customization process are easy, as you can add images, colors, logos, and many more to look your web pages attractive. 

If you have the coding skills, then you can customize the page with HTML, Javascript, and CSS. The biggest advantage is the web pages that you create with Kartra are compatible with all devices. So, you do need to create pages according to the device separately. 

Email Marketing Automation

Kartra Email Marketing

Email marketing strategy is the best solution to get more leads for any type of online business. At Kartra, there are various templates, create for your email requirement and the best part is this email marketing feature replaces different email marketing tools in the market. 

This email marketing helps to get more leads, more customers, and automatically more sales and revenue for any business. With this, you can experience various tools like email sequences, automation, broadcasts, tagging, and many more. 

Funnels & Campaigns 


Marketing campaigns are another feature to get success in online business, and at Kartra you can create different marketing campaigns. For campaigns, choose the premade templates of Kartra or else if you have technical skills, then create your own. 

It allows you to set up the marketing campaign according to the goal as you want. On the other side, the drag and drop options help you to create different sales funnels from scratch that brings more sales.  

Membership Sites 


The membership sites are especially for the people who sell the courses and for the creators. If you’re a content creator and want to publish & sell the courses, then this membership feature is very useful for you.

It has some limitations while designing and customization process, but it is good to provide coaching services and even the students can experience classroom training. Even it allows you to track the student’s activity right from purchasing the course to completing the course. 


Without any integration of a third-party app, Kartra is offering video hosting services on its own platform. Create unique video content or else can upload your external video directly on this platform. Also, it offers some tools like pop-ups, follow-up messages, and others. When compared to other video hosting platforms, Kartra needs some effort to manage the video hosting. 



For any business, it is important to manage the audience queries and maintain a relationship with the customers. To do this, the Kartra helpdesk is for you, even it has the capacity to track activities like how the customers are finding your products and services. To manage all your customers, visitors, Kartra allows through email services, live chat, phone calls, etc.

The helpdesk is one of the best features at Kartra because it is easy for every business to manage all the activities of your customers. Even more, Kartra supports the Facebook group, so you can stay connected and can be in touch with the customers.

Along with all these features, Kartra offers integrations options, so in case if you want any tool to use immediately that is not provided by Kartra.

For example, you can connect with Zapier, so that you can automatically integrate with any application that you want. Not only the integrations, but Kartra also allows you to schedule your business activities, and track all the reports and their functioning regularly.

💥 Thinkific Features 

To know why Thinkific is the best option is it provides different features that help in creating, promoting, and selling the courses effortlessly without any restrictions, you can do anything to get sales for your course. 

Create & Sell Courses 

Thinkific Sell Online Courses

Without any tech skills, you can create courses at Thinkific, as the drag and drop builder helps you to create the content with ease. The video hosting service helps you to launch the course in video format with full support and so the learners can experience an excellent learning pattern.

Including with the course, create assignments, tasks, and quizzes, and the learners can download them to learn your course.

In fact, the feedback and reviews are more important because knowing how your content is helpful for them. If there is an issue, then immediately you can change them to give in-depth information. For any narration, presentations, it has an in-built voice option, so that you can provide your course workshops or any other details in presentation format.

Website Designing 

Thinkific Drag and Drop Builder

In order to get more sales to the course that you create at Thinkific means, just build an attractive website. To do this, give a click on the theme that is suitable to the course and so the visitors can easily show interest to buy it.

Provide details of the course like curriculum, a brief on the course, different sections & modules so that the audience can easily know about the course details before purchasing.

Customization is so easy and so with simple techniques choose a theme related to the course category, and manage to add pages or delete wherever necessary. The best part is you can create and add the website directly to the Thinkific or else link your website to Thinkific.

The easy-to-use interface of Thinkific helps non-technical users to create the website easily and to get more conversion rates, build attractive sales pages with proper call to action buttons, along with about page, FAQ page, etc.

Promotions and Sales of the Courses 

Thinkific Promote Courses

After the creation of the course, marketing is important to recognize about your course, and at Thinkific there are various marketing tools. Including with that, set the pricing options to sell the courses, and if necessary pack the courses, so that it is easy for the visitors while buying them.

The audience firstly looks into offers, discounts, so provide free trial options, affordable pricing, and easy payment methods. Provide access to pay in different currencies, mention clearly the call to action button, make sure all the payments to be secured, and finally, it is good to accept all types of cards.

To reach more people across the world, Thinkific provides different marketing tools so that the affiliates can manage to promote your courses. For this work, you can reward the affiliates and partners with different pricing options based on the purchase.

Analytics & reporting are also a big help for you to analyze how the course is working and how many people are visiting your site.

For more sales, create attractive email campaigns, so that you can examine who your right audiences are and segment them to send more details of the course, offers, etc.

To get notified worldwide, Thinkific can integrate with other marketing tools, and this helps to promote the courses as well as get more sales.

Provide Support to Students 

Support Learners - Thinkific

Designing the course is a major task because you are providing information to the people to learn and gain knowledge and helps them to succeed in their career. Along with the course, provide coaching on different skills that help them for their career and so it completely depends on your hands.

So, create the course by providing great support to the students by setting the goals, create a customized learning environment, and so they can step ahead to complete the course easily.

For every course creator, it is important that the learning process should be in a delightful way so that they can grab the concept.

With Thinkific, provide materials related to the course, conduct quizzes, tasks, weekly assessments, multi-lingual support, and many more.

Thinkific offers a tracking facility so that you can stay up-to-date with the progress of the students. Even send emails to the students about their performance, and from this, they can improve their skills.

Encourage them by providing beneficial perks like rewarding certification after completing the course, provide rating structure and grading based on their quiz marks. Thinkific offers various certification page templates and picks the right one that matches your course.

Security & Safety

Thinkific does not compromise on providing the quality of safety & security to its users and their clients. It provides daily backups, gives access to update the content instantly, 24/7 monitors all the content. As a creator, now your job is to focus on providing quality content and train your students.

🤗 Kartra vs Thinkific – Pricing Plans 

Kartra offers a free trial period of 14 days and on the other side, Thinkific offers a free version but with limited features. In the free version of Thinkific, we can see the features like limitations in course creations, unlimited learners, constant hosting services, and also provides instant access to the funds. 

Now, let’s compare Kartra vs Thinkific pricing, exactly the price of paid plans and are the features in different paid versions.

Kartra Pricing 


The starter plan version price is $99/month and for yearly payment is $79/month. In this version, get leads up to 2,500 with one custom domain, each month can send 15,000 emails, the bandwidth range is 50GB, allows to host for 100 pages & 50 videos. It allows you to build two membership sites, sell products -20, connect to one helpdesk, along with one additional team member. 

The price of the silver version costs $199/month and $149/month for yearly billing payment with 12,500 leads and three custom domains.

The Price of the golden version costs $299/month and $ 229/month for yearly billing and gets leads up to 25,000 along with five custom domains. The price of the platinum version costs $499/month and $379/month for yearly payment structure with leads up to 50,000 and custom domains 10. 

For all the pricing plans of Kartra, the available features are the same and they are unlimited emails, bandwidth, pages, videos, products, team members & membership sites, help desks, calendars, forms, and at last Kartra Agency. If you’re not satisfied with Kartra, you can request for refund as it offers 30 days money-back guarantee.  

Thinkific Pricing 

Thinkific New Pricing

The cost of the Thinkific basic plan version is $49/month and $39/month for the yearly bill payment structure.

  • Unlimited learners and course creations 
  • Coupon codes 
  • Scheduled content or Drip content
  • Send emails to the students
  • Integrations along with Zapier
  • Thinkific App store access
  • Student enrollments manually and exports
  • Access to the custom domain

The cost of the Pro version is $99/month and $79/month for yearly billing. Get all the features that are available in the basic version including 

  • Admin accounts for two sites 
  • Access course admins – 5
  • Create private courses and hidden courses
  • Offers advnaced course pricing options
  • Bundles, and Membership sites
  • Certifications as an achievement
  • Student support
  • Designing and customization
  • Communities, Live sessions, and Assignments

The cost of the premier version is $499/month and $399/month for the yearly payment structure. Get all the features of the Pro version including admin accounts 5, group analysts 15, course authors 50, growth package is available unlimited, along with the onboarding package. 

💛 Kartra vs Thinkific – Testimonials 

The users of Kartra and Thinkific had given their views on how these platforms helped their online businesses. 

Kartra Customer Review 

Coming to the reviews provided by the users at Kartra, one of the customers James Fisher Mtn Jim wrote “he got his first product page, list, thank you page, automation set, and everything is awesome at Kartra”. 

Another one Dave Foran wrote, “Kartra is a Gamechanger and it is the only platform that integrated with all pieces of marketing. In one system, has all the elements are available with affordable costs”. 

You can find some of the other reviews provided by its customers in the below picture.

Kartra Testimonials

Thinkific Customer Reviews

Coming to the Thinkific, its customers also provided reviews and their experiences. One of the Thinkific customers Marshan Evans Daniels, Believe Bigger – built a community of 100,000+ extraordinary women wrote “Thinkific platform is a complete dream partner and impressed with its services which gives every attention in detail.

Overall the company deals with their customers and customer’s clients like a family. Without compromising the quality, the platform provides various functionalities and they are easy to use. It is changing the game in the world in creating and selling the courses”. 

Thinkific Testimonials

🔥 Kartra vs Thinkific Summary  

Kartra vs Thinkific, both platforms are good at providing their respective services, Thinkific is mainly focused in creating, marketing, and selling courses. Whereas Kartra is a complete all-in-one marketing solution for online businesses to create landing pages, membership sites, sales funnels, and many others.

In order to decide the clear winner, between them just prefer to choose according to your business needs. 

Select Kartra if:

  • Offers free trial period to all the pricing plans for 14 days
  • Perfect for marketers as it is all-in-one marketing solution
  • Marketing, sales funnels, forms, and more features
  • More focuses on marketing rather than creating the course

Select Thinkific if:

  • Offers free version but the features are limited
  • Suitable for creating and selling the courses
  • Allows to design & customize the course as you want
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Video and audio coaching services
  • Email marketing
  • Safe and secured payments
  • Less marketing tools compared to Kartra

🤡 Frequently Asked Questions

👊 Does Kartra provide web hosting?

Kartra is perfect for building web pages as well as allows you to host your site. Just choose the plan that offers web hosting services and utilize it for your existing website.

👍 How many courses can create at Thinkific free version?

Thinkific allows the creators of the course to create up to three and it does not have any restriction on the limitations of the students.

✌️ What is Kartra Agency?

Kartra Agency is nothing but that allows to run and manage the client accounts with the help of a centralized master console. The main advantage of Kartra Agency is to track everything at a glance in real-time.

🤞 How do you do gamify Thinkific?

Thinkific allows creating the courses in a gamification process as the Thinkiifc App Store offers different gamification apps. Just connect with those apps and create courses that motivate the students and also provide rewards, quizzes, etc.

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