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Kartra Review 2024: Is It Best Platform To Start Business?


If you have an online business and, in this article, we are here to provide the Kartra review. From this review, you can decide whether this tool is right for your business or not. Kartra offers various tools that really help your online business to get instant results.

It is proven that Kartra is an all-in-one marketing tool and can build attractive websites and navigate to increase conversion rates. Let’s get into details of everything on how to create a website and how to deliver the content to the audience with the help of the Kartra tool.  

💜 What is Kartra? 


To run an online business, Kartra is preferable as it is an all-in-one marketing tool that helps to grow your business easily. With this, one can scale the business activities, and from this improve the marketing processes that bring sales, conversion rates, and also can increase the brand value.

If you want to improve your sales, then Kartra is the preferred choice as it has various marketing options. With Kartra, build & implement a good marketing strategy where your visitors turn into customers and the customers into potential customers.

Kartra offers various services for online businesses to run their businesses smoothly, and of course, it is an all-in-one marketing solution for businesses to get instant results.

When compared to other software, Kartra is a very much impressive platform because of its sales funnels as it brings more sales to the businesses.

It mainly focuses on email marketing, campaigns, generating leads, etc that helps businesses to grow more. In order to experience its services, you pick the right pricing plan based on the business needs.

🤔 Features of Kartra  

Kartra is the tool where it offers many features to run a successful online business. Let’s see the prominent features that help to give a better understanding of this platform.

Does really, Kartra offers all the features that an online business required? The answer is not, but Kartra quite offers the important features that an online business need. Now, take a look at the features that it offers.  

Page Builder  

Kartra Pages

If you want to create your online presence, then Kartra offers a drag and drop page builder. To get the desired look and feel to your website, Kartra has over 500 pages and templates to choose from.

After selecting a template, the process of creating the website is painless and highly intuitive. You have to do just drag and drop the template and then proceed with images, headers, navigation buttons, logos, social media icons, etc.  

If you want to create a unique version of pages, then go with the blank canvas and import elements like logo, domain, fonts, colors, etc. Even you can customize your pages with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS if when you’re a coder. The Kartra pages are mobile responsive and even the pages are formatted according to the device screen size.  

Split Testing 

Right now, Split testing landing pages is the rage and this allows the users to create two different variations of a page. The two variations will randomly show on the browser.

The Split Testing at Kartra will give plenty of flexibility to perform the test. With this, you can edit the copy of a page and you can completely scrap the whole page. When compared to other landing page builders, the flexibility is invaluable as this allows the users to use some features at a time.    

Products and Carts  

Kartra software will help you to sell your products and to do this it offers a Products and Cart feature. If you have a website and the products are not selling, then what is the use of having a world-class website?

To help you out, Kartra sells your products and services as it has an in-built shopping cart feature. If you add a product to the platform, it gives you two options. The first option is to create the main product and the second option is to upsell or downsell the product. By selecting among these two options, the product will be showcased to the audience.  

The process of adding products in Kartra is like a usual process and if suppose, you already have a shopping cart feature then the setup will be more familiar. The easy-to-use interface in Kartra makes it an easy process when compared to another dedicated shopping cart. 

The payment gateways will be easy with the integrations of PayPal or other credit cards. The product pricing, checkout, trail structures, the design of thank you page, cart abandonment rules, and many more are added to it. Craft-in-depth, complexity, are some of the features offered by Kartra. If you want to sell an online course in Kartra, with the Kartra membership feature you can integrate the product, and for customers, the process will be run so smoothly.  

BAM – Behavioral Adaptive Marketing 

The most attractive feature in Kartra is BAM- Behavioral Adaptive Marketing and the purpose of the tool is to adapt the contents of your page by your contact profiles. For each visitor, it can create a personalized and unique experience and the push button will multiply the conversion rates.

The main function of BAM is it can able to switch on or off the different automation options and this is based on customer behavior. With this feature, you can adjust your automation settings as you want and then the rest will work for you.   

Affiliate Marketing  

Kartra Affiliate Marketing

Already in Kartra, there is a shopping cart feature and when you include the Affiliate portal, it will be very much impressive. The product which you want to sell has to integrate an affiliate portal and this will help the customers to become promoters of your product.

By using mandatory terms & conditions and tailored questionaries, the potential customers are screened and chosen. The Affiliates are in the form of custom URLs to share the tracking code and you can use the code to get the offer the percentage of the cost will be reduced from the sale.  

You can analyze the data and information of your affiliates regarding their payment history and the number of referrals they earn. For the rest of the product sales and analytics will also be tracked. It provides an overview of all the data from visitors, cancellations, sales, revenue, refunds, and customer value.

We can see some of the shopping carts are tedious but in Kartra, it is easy to use and available with more added features. With the Kartra shopping cart, you can sell your products and services because it has advanced features in it.  

Email Marketing 

Kartra Email Marketing

To get more leads to your business, the best email marketing strategy is important and with Kartra you can get email broadcasts, automation, sequences, tagging, and more.  

This Kartra Email Marketing can replace other big names such as Active Campaign, MailChimp, and ConverKit. Kartra’s email marketing module will work to create the email list by adding the leads manually and can import the leads from a CSV file.   

Funnels and Campaigns


The other key feature of Kartra is Marketing Campaigns that help the users to create a successful marketing campaign for your online business. If you have the technical skills, you can have an option to create campaigns from scratch, or else you can go with Kartra’s handy premade campaign templates. 

If you’re likely to design a marketing campaign with Scratch, the setup is required media within the platform that you’ve created. If you prefer to design a marketing campaign with the premade campaign then Kartra will sort out all for you.  

The simple list builder campaign will focus on the growth of the email list that will help in increasing the leads. You can close sales with the existing email list with the help of a 4-day cash machine campaign. You can set your campaign based on the business goals and requirements.

If you choose to import a campaign, then you have to complete all the email sequences, advanced automation, product sales funnels, and other components.  

Once you deployed the campaign, you have to look for the relevant assets and some necessary edits are also important before proceeding with it. You have to keep an eye to spot the campaign name and even you can edit the pages of your campaign that are suitable to your business and its offerings.  

Video Hosting  

Kartra Videos

The most popular video hosting services are Vimeo, YouTube, and Wistia will strike our minds. But for businesses, Kartra offers the video hosting service on its own platform without integrating any third-party service. To drive more sales, unique video content is necessary as it has the power to engage the audiences more than any other type of content. Even the social media platforms are favor video content to engage the audiences to compare to text and image.  

You can upload your marketing video footage and other content videos related to your product directly to Kartra. And these can embed into various pages that include membership portals, WordPress blogs, and other landing pages. The video hosting service of Kartra offers some unique features like the call to option will pop up even while the video is playing, can send follow-up messages automatically to new subscribers.  

At some point, Kartra is not much impressive as Vimeo or YouTube because uploading video at Kartra is a little bit hassle. You may face video buffering also and other issues like videos can stop and start to play when there’s a high usage of playing more videos. It is recommended to host only the main important videos on this platform and before uploading the videos, you have to compress your videos and then upload them.   

Membership of Kartra 

Kartra Memberships

The membership feature at Kartra will work especially for business owners as well as for the people who offer courses to sell them. This feature is also important for those who Publish the premium content or who offer group coaching services. It will make the learning process easy for the customers and provides a more exciting feeling to learn.  

In the membership scheme, some features may miss like example if a student how far completed a course in percentage.

But with a handy eye icon, it shows if a lesson has been seen or not. For membership sites, there are several themes and each one follows a similar structure and even it has quite limitations on customization of the layout. If you want to run successful membership sites, then Kartra is the right choice, and as it offers pretty much everything to do so.    

Helpdesk and Support 


If you are successful at your online business, but if you feel difficult to manage the customer queries and requests via email box. So, in order to save from all these to your business, Kartra Helpdesk is with you.  

It helps the users to create a trackable ticket sheet and from this, you can know whenever customers look or browses questions related to your business or product.

The email management also answers the customer queries quickly and Kartra helpdesk offers various options to the customers to contact like live chat, ticket, phone call, skype, etc. The tickets are to be tracked based on the status like opened, waiting, and resolved.  

The helpdesk in Kartra creates a fair system and it allows the businesses to keep everything in order. The customers also rate the assistance provided to them and so your service team and the customer will know whether you’re doing a great job to them or not.

You can measure how long it takes a request from a customer with the help of Kartra Analytics. To grow your business positively, you have to turn on this feature as it can manage the employees and also workload effectively.  

You can automatically add individuals to the mailing list when you receive a help desk ticket and also notice a pattern of common queries too. This functionality will help to inspire blog content FAQ pages to reduce the email load. The helpdesk of Kartra is useful and also attractive when compared to other platforms. But the only drawback is to put any effort into creating a worthwhile chat experience.  

Kartra supports a Facebook group, where you can connect and speak with the other users of Kartra and also marketing professionals. This group will monitor how to deal with unwanted promotions.

😍 Pros and Cons of Kartra 

Like many software applications, there is a list of advantages and disadvantages of Kartra too. It is always better aware of the pros and cons of software because this section is key to decide whether to use it for your business or not. Here, is the list of pros of cons offered by Kartra are: 


  • All features are the same in all pricing plans
  • Each plan has different set of instructions to use them
  • It is all in one marketing tool
  • Has in-built video hosting app
  • Has video embeddings, subscriber management, file sharing, etc
  • Has a lot of video explanatory videos with video hosting capability
  • Easy to use for experienced marketers
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Pricing plans are cheaper



  • Not suitable for physical products
  • Little bit complex and will take some time to adjust
  • Has few features compared to others

🎁 Pricing Plans of Kartra  

Kartra Pricing Plans

Coming to Kartra, the pricing plan of the starter is $99/month, and can save $240 when you go for the annual billing. For the silver plan, it costs $199/month and you can save $600 when you go with the annual payment structure.

You can go for the gold and platinum plans, that is available for $299/month and $499/month. You can save 25% of your money by picking the annual bill payment structure. $840, and $1440 are the saving price for the gold and platinum plans. The bonus of picking any one of the pricing plans silver, gold, and platinum is Kartra agency is free of charge. 

The Kartra plan includes Kartra Checkouts, Kartra Pages, Kartra Leads, Kartra Funnels and Campaigns, Kartra Mail, Kartra Memberships, Kartra Forms, Kartra Affiliate Management, Kartra Videos, Kartra Helpdesks, Kartra Agency, Kartra Calendars, and Kartra Market-place. In addition to this, you can get additional domains, integrations & API, and Emails & Bandwidth. If you’re not satisfied with Kartra, you can get your money back within 30days. 

🔥 Final Words On Kartra Review

Kartra is a powerful online tool for marketing and because of its page builder, funnel creation tools will attract most online businesses. If you’re a beginner, nothing to worry about it offers tutorials on how to do email marketing, campaigns, and all.

The tools in Kartra are ready-to-go as they will help to build and scale our business regularly. In this, you can experience some of the features like a flexible shopping cart, intelligent A/B Testing, stunning pages, ready-to-go marketing campaigns with great templates.

To earn more through your online business, the Kartra platform is the right one to deal with by offering ridiculous features that are necessary for a business. On the whole, Kartra is packed with every tool to get success online too.

🤠 Frequently Asked Questions 

😇 What is Kartra used for? 

Kartra is an all-in-one online marketing platform that can easily run your online business. Because of its advanced automation, you can earn profits without any extra effort. Based on your recipient’s behavior, Kartra allows turning host of automation like opening a mail, watching a video, etc. 

✔️ Is Kartra good for SEO? 

Kartra platform is at its best to work in the backend for any online business and with this, you can create evergreen campaigns, amazing funnels, and many more. For SEO, it is good to install a WordPress Theme on the fast-holding account, and from that, you can build SEO. 

👊 Is Kartra a CRM? 

Simply, the answer is Yes, without any second thought. Kartra has various features that help online businesses to manage all the databases of customers.

✌️ Can I build a website with Kartra?

For your online business, you can use this Kartra platform to build websites and even it offers various website templates. So, that it will be easy to create websites and pages within less time.  

👍 Is Kartra good for blogging?

Kartra does not have any additional functionality for blogs like WordPress and for the users, it provides blog templates found in Kartra pages. So, this allows creating pages that look like blog posts inside it.  
The pages are not available in post style and you can find this on search engine through organic traffic and from this we can understand that Kartra is not suitable for blogging purposes.  

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