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Just One Dime Review: Is It Worthy For Amazon FBA Business?


Many people want to take a step ahead in the Amazon Business Industry, but don’t know where to start. For them, Just One Dime is the best platform to work on their success.

Just One Dime is an all-in-one course and expansion tool for all those who want to make a living out of the selling platform. To this date, they have coached and assisted a whopping 9 million students, and many of them are millionaires now!

There are some amazing features in all of their products, check out our Just One Dime review for more!

Just One Dime Review

Their knowledge is no joke as they have real-time Amazon users who are coaching students. They have a premium coaching company and have a great course outline.

Also, they have solutions for them who want to build a brand from scratch or also expand their existing brand. Not only they provide some courses or assistance, but they also host some great informative events throughout the year!

Why Just One Dime? In-Depth Review

Just One Dime is not just an average platform, but it is very different from all those present in the market. They teach what they have experienced, and all their modules are extremely detailed with real-life examples.

It is not just an ordinary recycled course, but even the experts teaching over here are extremely thorough with the entire Amazon platform.

Increase Sales On Amazon

Unlike others, they are not the ones who claim 99 percent success if one follows their rules. But instead, they work with their 20+ hardworking people who were themselves highly successful Amazon sellers. They operate from Austin and have custom-built courses based on every country’s working.

The course has a humungous amount of content which is very helpful to understand how the selling platform exactly works.

Plus, a great thing about this course Seth, the founder himself focusses on these services and makes sure that the students and users don’t have any problem. Being an Amazon seller himself, he knows the struggle more than anyone.

He was in $24,000 debt before doubling his dimes again and again and earned a whopping $100,000. Since then he has never looked back and has now helped more than 9 million people to succeed in the business.

Review Of Just One Dime Courses

Amazon FBA Mastery

Amazon FBA Mastery Course

Amazon FBA Mastery is a course offered by them in order to learn how the entire platform works. Build a great income on FBA with the help of this course that guides towards every step of its operation. There are a total of 5 modules present in this course and it is a pretty huge one.

Module 1: Establish Business & Brand

Learn the foundations of how to build a business with the help of this course and develop a mindset for building a good income. They teach how to build assets, picking the right structure, setting up the Amazon store, starting a brand, trademarking it, and setting up the supplier accounts. Majorly it includes:

  1. Strategizing the brand.
  2. Setting up the business.
  3. Opening an Amazon account.
  4. Setting up supplier accounts.
  5. How to manage accounts.
  6. What one needs to know about taxes.
  7. Guide towards business insurance.

Module 2: Master The Market

They teach how to evaluate the market, understand the market trends amidst all the hoax, discover some highly profitable products, find shoppers who are looking for products that no one is selling, differentiation for crushing the competition and analyzing the research data. It includes:

  1. Listings and terminology.
  2. Product Research Criteria.
  3. Product focusing hunt.
  4. Keyword focusing hunt.
  5. Country-based product hunt mainly focussing on the US, Europe, Canada, and Australia.
  6. Other platform product hunt.
  7. Evaluating the research data.
  8. Differentiating the product.

Module 3: Manufacture The Product

They show how to make a product stand out from the others in the market, finding and negotiating with trustworthy suppliers to build up the differentiating product, setting up shipping & inspections, creating Amazon listing, getting photos of the product, setting up shipping settings, and getting products shipped to the Amazon Fulfillment Centres. It includes:

  1. Finding & Negotiating with the suppliers.
  2. Building the differentiated product.
  3. Setting up shipping.
  4. Creating the Amazon Listing.
  5. Ship the product to Amazon.

Module 4: Launch The Brand

They turn the students a master in launching the products and help them in various ways. With Amazon FBA Mastery Course it will help to learn how to marketing the products via Amazon PPC Advertisements, and using some other platforms for promoting. This is the major stage where the students turning into sellers need to focus on sales and growth as they need to introduce their product and brand to the world.

People also learn how to strategize their launching, moving ahead for the final launch, and run PPC advertisements for promotions. They also teach how to use advanced techniques, boosting sales, collecting customer information, and starting to build the brand and its following. With this module, the coaches make sure that the student is very much thorough with brand-boosting techniques. It includes:

  1. Understanding the power of launching.
  2. Doing Amazon Giveaways.
  3. Creating seller sequences.
  4. Generating organic reviews.
  5. Launching with PPC.
  6. Analyzing PPC Data.
  7. Improving the listing’s ranking and conversion from the PPC data.
  8. Launching with Facebook Ads.
  9. Other advanced launched strategies.

Module 5: Expand The Reach

They train in order to make the students grasp the techniques for optimizing techniques in order to attain high conversion, and also make them understand the power of visibility and desirability.

Learn how to return back to the customers, responding to all A-Z claims, credit card chargebacks, looking at the customer positive and negative feedback, and how to remove all the negative ones. This module consists of everything from expanding the reach as the business builds its status in the market. It includes:

  1. Optimizing sales.
  2. Protecting the brand.
  3. Delivering great customer service.
  4. Keeping the Amazon account healthy.
  5. Expanding the brand.
  6. Handling IP infringement authoritative claims.
  7. Handling hijackers and blackhat competitors.

Just One Dime Importance For You

Bonus Learning

They also have some bonus modules in this course that come up when the user pays for the course once. The course has two payment options, either paying it all together or in the form of installments.

When one pays through the second option, they might miss out on some great options such as bonus learning, having potential ideas, and getting information about suppliers. They have a total number of 7 bonuses:

  1. Product research dominance.
  2. Ranking the products on Page 1.
  3. Amazon Ads Mastery.
  4. Protecting and Expanding the brand.
  5. Business cash flow mastery.
  6. Amazon Listing Conversion.
  7. 5-star organic review secrets.

What does one get with Just One Dime Amazon FBA Mastery Course? Let’s review it.

Here’s a detail of Amazon FBA Mastery teaching methods and what do they offer:

Course Teaching MethodsExtras
200+ step-by-step training videos.Suppliers to help building up the products. (One-time payers only).
500+ training slides.Amazon Seller Community hat cares about the student's success.
2-3 hours of weekly group coaching.Team of 20+ staff members and coaches.
3 private 1x1 mentor sessions with Amazon Expert Coaches.Weekly live Q&A sessions.
Interactive Quizzes.

Pros & Cons of The Amazon FBA Mastery Course


  • Great Learning Methods.
  • Private assistance and support.
  • A-Z coverage on Amazon FBA by the course modules.
  • Extra bonus learning.
  • Supportive and Interactive learning method.
  • In-depth details are available.


  • Some things are only available to one-time payers.

Amazon FBA Mastery Pricing:

  • One-Time Payment: $1997

Includes all the features from the course.

  • Three Installments: $597/Per Installments:

Excludes bonus courses, potential product ideas, and supplier information.

Amazon Arbitrage Mastery

Amazon Arbitrage Mastery Course

Arbitrage is a part of Amazon FB, but some people want to attain specific learning on how the entire thing works. Those who want to sell books, jewelry, electronics, etc. For them, the Arbitrage concept is a must to understand. The learning platform also provides a learning method for Amazon Arbitrage.

Generate massive cash by reselling through their techniques and one will never face any sort of harsh losses in 5the industry. Their formulas are foolproof and tested a million times before those are presented to the users.

Those who don’t want to have their private label and sell those products, they do not need to worry! Amazon Arbitrage helps in having better ROI in a shorter time-span. They teach everything on how to brand the product, have proper analysis, understand the market working, etc. Check out the amazing things that they offer in this course below:

Arbitrage Training

Amazon Arbitrage Mastery is a part of Just One Dime course that teaches us how the entire arbitrage platform works, how to generate better ROI, increase Profit margin whilst buying from Merchant Fulfilled sellers and selling it on the FBA platform, increases review and ratings, check out the profitability percentile, and many other such things.

Just One Dime Course For Amazon Sellers

They provide over-the-shoulder training techniques that are tough not to look at and make the students thorough with the entire Arbitrage functioning.

Ninja Training

They provide ninja-level tactical videos every week that help in having a keen eye on how to generate better sales or source out more profitable products. This ninja training begins with great details on how to observe, and once moving ahead, it goes explaining to the point the students are able to successfully analyze everything on their own.

Community Support

Amazon Arbitrage Experts from all across the world are present over here in order to help the students. They also share their success stories and the tactics that specifically benefitted them.

Any eCommerce seller would love to have access to these details as the experts keep posting every short technique over here to give an extra idea of how to manage things. A student can also ask up any question over here and they’d respond.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

In case a person doesn’t like the course, they can always ask up for money back within 14-days. Seth and his team are not after the money and those who don’t want to have the course ahead can ask for a money back.

Step-By-Step Learning

They provide step-by-step in-depth training videos to a student to explain every small thing. These videos and sessions comprise of all the things that are required to achieve the best sales through reselling on the Amazon FBA platform. Their goal is to enable the sellers to generate massive amounts of cash and attain the best ROI possible in a shorter span.

What does one get once they subscribe to this course?

Here are the details for what one gets when they subscribe to Amazon Arbitrage Mastery Course:

Course Teaching MethodsExtras
60 step-by-step training videos.1 Live Q&A Session every week.
60+ slides from beginners to advanced. 4 fresh profit increasing strategy videos every month.
35-shared screen tutorials.
30 minutes of private training sessions with Just One Dime Coach.

Pros & Cons of the Amazon Arbitrage Mastery Course


  • Great Learning Methods.
  • Private assistance and support.
  • Supportive and Interactive learning method.
  • In-depth details are available.
  • Flexible monthly pricing.


  • Slightly limited features.

Amazon Arbitrage Mastery Pricing:

$83.00/Month: Can be paid both monthly and annually.

Build an Amazon Brand

There are several people who have enough knowledge about how the entire platform works but still aren’t sure where to begin from. For those, this service will be really helpful in building a brand from scratch. Building everything from a new end is no joke at all, and therefore requires a hell lot of planning.

Build an Amazon Brand Tool

They help in boosting the brand as soon as they start building it on Amazon and also promote it in numerous ways. Here are some of the ways it helps out the budding entrepreneurs in:

Real-Life Viewing

Rather than going through data that is a lot of time-taking and not functioning enough, the platform straightly moves ahead with practical knowledge. They do not provide scripted and old tactics that are working universally but provide access to real-life practical knowledge that is very helpful.

Real Amazon Store

The sellers can witness how they try and test every technique and also watch them move up & down with the sales. They are not going to work in one similar way and help in optimizing, but in fact, they will apply real-life techniques that are going to efficiently increase the brand’s reputation.

Original and Real to Life

Watch them take it ahead from 0 to 100 with several steps. Unlike others, they don’t promise things such as moving ahead in an instance. Good things take time, and apparently, they too take some and gradually move ahead for a year to the stage where profits will be amazing.

Training & Teaching

One product at a time

Watch them scale from a single product to several products from the same niche in a time span. Rather than beginning with several products at once, they analyze each of them separately and work on it one step at a time. This helps in bringing out individual product-level profitability and keep better note of everything.

Great Process

The process is not pretty overwhelming and a lot to take, but rather it is pretty easy and basic to take. The sellers don’t have to crash their minds and spend a lot of time in figuring out everything. They help in analyzing everything effectively and also relax the seller’s minds.

Rather than making the setup process a huge headache, it is better to trust the Brand Building ‘Lab’ Tool and boost the product establishments in a great manner.

Pros & Cons of Build an Amazon Brand ‘Labs’ Tool


  • Private assistance and support.
  • Step-wise brand building process.
  • Provides details of every step.
  • Works on one product at a time.


  • Could have been slightly more advanced.

Build an Amazon Brand ‘Labs’ Tool Pricing:

  • $147.00/Month: Includes all the required features.

Expand on Amazon

Expand on Amazon Tool

Expand on Amazon with the help of this tool as it helps in boosting the beginners from advanced in just a few steps. Those who want to expand on Amazon through great methods and positive steps then they should go for this tool.

Their Amazon team will launch and manage everything on their own and free the sellers so that they can focus on production and other sales channels. They place a strong focus on building up the brand value, using market intelligence so that the sellers can launch products that shoppers want, launching exclusive product lines that don’t stop the online store sales.

Here are the basic safety and security steps they use initially:

Outline a plan in order to scale the brand with an Automated business model so that the sellers can sell it to a better brand.


Create a holistic brand building strategy for the products on Amazon.


Implement the strategies to protect the eCommerce website and move the sales up and down from getting stopped from Amazon.


Split test on Amazon for conversions, and optimize it until they convert into potential sales.


Create a follow-up sequence for Amazon customers so that they can collect the contact info and drive them up to the eCommerce website, social media page, or other platforms based on the marketing plan.


Apply up for brand protection programs on Amazon so that on one can hijack the listings or sell the products.


Leverage tactics to remove competitors who are illegally operating and using the keywords on the backend of the listing.

Advanced Selling and Expanding Steps on Amazon:

Strategize new product launches on Amazon, run PPC advertisements, and leverage some advanced techniques for boosting sales & brand building.


Leverage Amazon’s Fulfillment Network so that one never has to touch the inventory or stock it up again.


Build and Implement Amazon giveaways, create Amazon-compliant motivation in order to attain 5-star reviews, and improve the listing’s conversion based on the PPC keyword reports.


Identify and leverage the trends for the newly launched products one can launch so that it complements the main product.


Differentiate Amazon listing and products from all other competitors on Amazon.


Ensures that the sellers are Amazon compliant and brand proof so that the account is healthy.


Testing up the new products on Amazon before spending a huge amount on its production. Get real-time customer feedback.


Identify and address the hijackers, copying personnel, and copyright-infringing competitors.


Respond to the critical reviews and negative seller feedback on listing from the competitors.

Expand on Amazon Pricing:

Contact them on an application based on the needs on their website. They’ll then provide the overall costs to the sellers.


  • Private assistance and support.
  • Step-wise expansion process,
  • Every step is extremely detailed and taken ahead with monitoring.
  • Works on A-Z things altogether.


  • Slightly overwhelming.

Just One Dime Event Review

Just One Dime is literally KNOWN for the amazing events they host, and they are sold out for the events in just a month of their announcement. There are several Amazon experts who come and grace the event with their presence. Various students also arrive and boost their Amazon Network here.

The events consist of several speakers who are known very well in the industry, also, they come and motivate the newly budding sellers to earn great profits on Amazon. However, this year, their events took place online rather than the major even being hosted in Texas.

The event took place on May 15 and 16 and was a super hit! Several people joined online and learned some really interesting things. Multiple Workshops and Interactive Q&A sessions took place alongside explaining step-wise everything from Amazon FBA to expansion of the business.

China Sourcing Trip 2020

Their China Sourcing trip, the second event was abandoned this year due to the pandemic, but every year, they accept 25 applicants to come with them for a span of 7 days. They learn several things such as:

  1. Talking to suppliers in person.
  2. Testing the product ideas at low order quantities.
  3. Hangout with Just One Dime Coaches and learn their techniques in person.
  4. Receive hours of in-person training.
  5. Source up from the largest small commodity market on the planet.
  6. Learn the best way to test products on Amazon.
  7. Meet more than 100,000 vendors under one roof.
  8. Do more product research.
  9. Receive on personal translation assistant.
  10. View the products in person before buying them up.

Final Verdict On Just One Dime Review

Giving importance to the competition in today’s market, it is important to have every pinch of knowledge before moving ahead with the business. From Amazon FBA, specialization in Arbitrage, to expanding the business, they have access to every such information that is going to help the sellers in numerous ways.

There are several courses in the market teaching about FBA, arbitrage, and have detailed modules as well, but with Just One Dime, the content value is stronger and actually focuses on real-life selling.

Just One Dime Seth Review

The Coaches were also sellers on Amazon therefore every information comes with the utmost experience. Seth’s knowledge is unbelievable and the data present over here goes under his supervision.

The help provided in building an Amazon brand from scratch to expanding it is great and all the steps are taken ahead with the utmost knowledge of the outcomes.

The platform comprises everything and is an all-in-one place for learning to expand. That’s all about in this Just One Dime review, it is a great course and one must definitely go for it.


Is Just One Dime best for everyone?

From students to sellers, Just One Dime is a great platform to access and get knowledge for everything from FBA basics to expanding the business.

Is there any free trial for any of the tools or services?

No, there is no free trial. But there is a 14-day money-back guarantee for the Arbitrage course.

Are the strategies and techniques worthy on Just One Dime?

Yes, the strategies and techniques provided on Just One Dime are worthy and actually great. These strategies are inclusive of all the latest techniques.

Is Amazon FBA Mastery great enough for beginners?

Surely yes. They have educated 9 million people by far and have made them real-time millionaires. The modules are very detailed and seriously excellent.

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