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Jungle Scout vs. Viral Launch: Amazon Seller Tools Comparison


Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch, showdown! These are two best Amazon product research tools.

Jungle Scout offers comprehensive product research and analytics, while Viral Launch specializes in launching and optimizing Amazon listings

We’ll explore their key features, pricing, and user feedback to help you decide which one suits your needs best

So, let’s dive in and discover which tool comes out on top.

Jungle Scout 

Jungle Scout has been around for one year longer than Viral Launch. As a result, it has earned an excellent track record as an effective tool for product research.

The first thing you’ll definitely notice about Jungle Scout is that there are two different versions available: a web app and a Chrome extension, each with their own unique capabilities.

Jungle Scout Review

To begin with, this Jungle Scout chrome extension is primarily designed for the identification of profitable products. (e.g. easy to private label products). Using it, you can examine an Amazon page to discover information such as Jungle Scout’s sales estimation and item prices. The Chrome application is perfect, according to the Jungle Scout team, for researching and validating new concepts.

Contrarily, the goal of the web app is to identify profitable markets and goods. It goes above and beyond the extension’s usual product discovery features by offering extra filters for browsing through its huge database—by sales of products, price, and category.

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Main Features of Jungle Scout 

Product Database

One of the most talked-about tools in Jungle Scout’s arsenal is the Product Database. It is a tool for product research that sorts through Amazon’s database of millions of products to find the most lucrative ones.

JungleScout - Review automation services

It has a variety of filters, including ones for pricing, monthly revenue, monthly sales, rating, and even the amount of reviews. Your product options can be swiftly reduced by setting the filter limits. 

Product Tracker

Although it differs significantly from the Product Database, Product Tracker is also a tool for researching products. You can use this tool to monitor how well the goods you select to sell are doing. You can also obtain crucial product performance information like average pricing, average daily sales, average daily income, average net profit, and average number of reviews. 

JungleScout Rank Tracker

The Product Tracker also displays significant product details. You can use the tool to view the Buy Box pricing, sales unit volume, and current product ranking.

Keyword Scout

The only keyword research tool offered by Jungle Scout is called Keyword Scout. For your product listings, you can use this tool to find appropriate keyword suggestions. By using reversed searches, you can also research the keywords of your rivals. This will enable you to see the keywords they are using and ranking for

JungleScout Keyword scout

By selecting a base term, you can access a large number of keyword options. It then displays a list of associated terms together with their search volume. Using the filters built into this application, you can also reduce your list of choices.

Possibility Finder

The Opportunity Finder is a tool for researching niches. Although this tool may appear to be a typical one for product research, it isn’t. This tool identifies undiscovered niches for you to market in as opposed to the Product Database, which identifies lucrative product prospects.

JungleScout Alerts

In-depth information is also provided to assist you assess a niche’s likelihood of profitability. Filters are available on the Opportunity Finder to assist you with narrowing your options. You can search using these parameters according to the volume of searches, the season, the level of competition, and the average monthly sales volume and price.

Listing Builder

You can build well-optimized listings using the listing builder. This tool also allows you to update current listings. The tool is really simple to use. You only need to import your keyword list and then apply it wisely in your listings.

JungleScout List Building

The ranking optimization score that this program assigns to each listing needs to be considered a plus. This score aids in predicting the likelihood that your listing will appear high in search results.

Pros and Cons of Jungle Scout 


  1. Product research is quick and simple with Jungle Scout.
  2. It offers accurate data on the product and the supplier database and is generally reliable.
  3. An excellent resource for discovering new opportunities.
  4. An amazing tool for finding goods with large profit margins.
  5. It is possible to get a refund within 14 days.
  6. Regarding sales statistics, it has a high degree of discernment.


  1. They charge a somewhat higher monthly fee than other tools.
  2. A new user could get lost in the program because it’s a little difficult to operate.
  3. New users can only see a certain number of videos, and there are no webinars available.

Jungle Scout’s Pricing 

JungleScout Plans

Let’s take a look at the plans of Package plans and what they offer:


  • $29 monthly
  • $349 billed per year


  • $49 monthly
  • $589 billed per year


  • $84 monthly
  • $999 billed per year

Viral Launch 

Since almost three years ago, Viral Launch has provided research tools for Amazon business sellers, including split testing, listing creation, keyword management, listing analysis, competitor and keyword research, market intelligence, and product discovery.

Viral Launch Review

It produces insights regarding average reviews, average star ratings, seller rank, as well as sales projections. Then, by organizing everything according to the related profitability scores, it goes above and beyond to assist merchants in finding the most lucrative things.

That’s not all, either. The function of market analysis, which is particularly important when you need to manage your items based on the prevalent sales patterns, is also useful with viral launches.

Intriguingly, in addition to tracking the performance of your PPC bids for your keywords, you also get to see how many giveaways you must host to claim the top product ranking position.

Viral Launch’s database includes a record of more than 350 million Amazon products, which makes all these capabilities possible. You may start to see why Viral Launch is so well-known in the first place when you consider that it supports 10 distinct Amazon markets.

Main Features of Viral Launch

Listing Builder

A tool for creating and optimizing listings is called Listing Builder. You can use the tool to generate new listings and improve old ones. You may also maintain and compile a list of your top keywords with this tool.

Listing Analyzer

Viral Launch Listing Analyzer

Listing Analyzer is a tool for listing optimization as well as competition analysis. With the help of this tool, you may examine the listings of rival businesses and develop fresh ideas for how to improve your own listings. 

Viral Launch Product Discovery

Finding the most successful products on Amazon is easy with the help of the Viral Launch Product Discovery tool. You can customize the tool’s filters to aid in limiting your search results. These filters enable vendors to find unsaturated product prospects and acquire detailed sales predictions. 

Numerous innovative integrations, such as a Chrome extension, sales estimator, and tool for product trends, are available with the Viral Launch product discovery platform. 

Kinetic PPC

Viral Launch Kinetic PPC

This is the PPC management tool used by Viral Launch. Sellers are able to set up, run, and evaluate PPC ads with the help of this application. The tool offers comprehensive insights that may be used to improve your advertising tactics and increase profitability.

Keyword Manager

Access to crucial keyword data is provided via the analytics tool known as Keyword Manager. You may update, remove, and track keywords with the tool to curate and modify your keyword list.

Pros and Cons of Viral Launch


  1. Real-time data analysis enhances the overall business experience and offers a number of opportunities for growth.
  2. It is a useful tool because it provides newbies with a choice of lectures and videos.
  3. Information regarding products and dealers is approached more analytically.
  4. It makes it possible for you to swiftly contact any manufacturer and select the features you want.
  5. It is easy to navigate because of user-friendly software.
  6. Free trials are offered for their plans.


  1. The auto-renewal policy may be bothersome because you may still be charged even if you aren’t utilizing the tool.
  2. Packages cannot be customized to your preferences. This rule does not have any exceptions.

Viral Launch Pricing

Viral Launch Pricing Packages

Below are the pricing bundles of Viral Launch.

  • Essentials: $69 per month
  • Pro: $99 per month
  • Pro plus ads: $199 per month


Both Jungle Scout and Viral Launch are premium tools for product research if you are really bent on making massive sales and running a productive Amazon business. Despite the fact that each of these programs help you examine every item in detail, they differ significantly. 

What exactly does JungleScout offers to us

Jungle Scout provides you with Supplier database, inventory manager and alerts/category trends while Viral Launch does not. 

Viral Launch on the other hand provides a more thorough Kinetic PPC tool, market insights and split testing (an add-on that enables you to check different listing variations). 

By going through the features, advantages, disadvantages and privings of both tools, you will be able to figure out which one will work best for your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How accurate is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is among the most reliable resources for Amazon research. Jungle Scout obtains its data from Amazon, which provides billions of real-time data points.

Viral Launch: Is it a scam?

No, Viral Launch is a real thing. For scaling an Amazon FBA business, it is, in my opinion,a good choicde despite its pricing point. You may find, grow, automate, and manage an FBA business with the help of this single tool. There’s a reason it has tens of thousands of users all across the world.

Is Amazon the owner of Jungle Scout?

No, Amazon does not own Jungle Scout. Greg Mercer, a prominent member of the Amazon community, established it in 2014. The owner is still him. The business has more than a dozen employees and has its headquarters in Austin, Texas. However, it smoothly integrates with Amazon.

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