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Jungle Scout Review 2024: Can It Really Boost FBA Sales?


If you’re an online seller and want to grow your business, then you’re at the right place to know about the all-in-one solution to do so.

For all Amazon sellers, it is good to review Jungle Scout before purchase and get to know whether it is suitable for their business or not.

No matter, wherever your seller business journey may be, Jungle Scout is for you to help in selling on Amazon. 

😇 What is Jungle Scout?


Jungle Scout is one of the best tools for Amazon sellers as it helps to start your new selling business on Amazon, also helps to grow your existing business, and also even you can explore your brand solutions.

To be honest, Jungle Scout is a complete all-in-one platform to sell products on Amazon. 

Today, Jungle Scout is very supportive to the entrepreneurs globally, as of now it supported 500,000 entrepreneurs across the world, one billion Amazon successful products are said to be monitored, and till now it assisted Amazon sales of $22 billion annually.

Want to grow your seller business, it is recommended to choose Jungle Scout and for more review & know how it became the first choice for entrepreneurs across the world. 

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🤔 What Actually Does Jungle Scout Offer To Us?

The Jungle Scout platform is built by sellers which is for sellers as this platform offers extensive product data with great support and it also offers solutions for all sellers.

Mainly it captures and analyzes the billions of data that are available on Amazon. Then it proceeds to deliver the accurate data according to the industry to the sellers. 

What exactly does JungleScout offers to us

The best part of Jungle Scout is it provides great support at any time to their customers. No matter whether you’re at a beginner level or at the enterprise level, Jungle Scout always provides support 24/7/365 as it has a knowledgeable success staff and experts to provide service to its customers whenever they need it. 

The best thing to choose Jungle Scout is its educational services are available for free of cost. The main reason to provide it for free is they always want to give everything to their customers to succeed. 

These are the main aspects why it got much popular and listed as one of the best seller platforms. Especially top companies, many people across the world mostly prefer Jungle Scout and its services. 

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✅ Jungle Scout Features

To build and grow your business and want to become a successful seller on Amazon means Jungle Scout is the first preference to pick. Here is the list of features provided by Jungle Scout and from this step ahead to become successful in the seller business.

Chrome Extension 

This is an original product research tool as it is a robust browser extension where you can calculate new trends, predicts sales revenue, and request reviews.

Get insights into the products, build the strategy, get the potential score of the product, and customize the layouts on the search pages of the Amazon platform, and many more things are possible. 

Keyword Scout Ranking 

JungleScout Keyword scout
  • At Jungle Scout, one easily find the high-converting and quality keywords with great insights including exact & broad search volumes.
  • Analyze the history of keywords up to 2 years, and according to this optimize the listings, adjust PPC campaigns, etc.
  • Do use advanced filters to find top-performing keywords related to your industry including organic and paid data.
  • Improve your ad campaigns when you research keywords that rank potential and use them for your PPC ads that increase sales and revenue.

Quick Links:

Tracking the Products 

  • Product Tracker is a great solution to track the products of a group at a time and estimate sales to get success.
  • Track the number of sales of the product, and earn the important insights that are required for your products to make decisions.
  • Organize the products with the help of drag and drop and customize the data which provides the required information.
  • Examine the key metrics for the products and also go deeper to analyze more about the product.
  • For further analysis of the data, just download the metrics from the product tracker into a CSV file and export the table as well as the graph.

Keyword Rank Tracker

JungleScout Rank Tracker

It allows you to rank the set of keywords at a time, and also at the same it is easy to check out the history of the keywords which one is top-performing and which one is not.

Even it is good to see the competitor’s keyword performance with the Jungle Scout rank tracker option, and from this, use preset filters to review & finalize the keywords then add them to your listing. 

You can check the rankings of the keywords in a bulk by choosing a particular period and compare them to know which are the top-quality ones. Now, from the keyword listings track and add them to the keyword scout & rank tracker, so that it gives a future analysis on how it works.   

Finds the Opportunity 

At first, find the keywords that are top-performing and which one is low-performing to avoid the keywords which don’t perform well in your campaigns.

From this, segment, check in-depth sales analysis, trends & performance, and other competitive analytical insights. It provides the historical data of the keyword, average price, reviews, and many more.

Even Jungle Scout permits to examine the niches that work on a seasonal basis and then review & decide to invest according to the graph on that particular season.  

According to the opportunity score, it is good to make decisions as it has a proprietary algorithm that provides information on the demand products in the market, along with that use this niche hunter feature which identifies the high-performing product niche and predicts success. 

List Building 

JungleScout List Building

Within a matter of minutes, you can optimize the listings and so you can easily improve the rankings with the help of recommended keywords.

Jungle Scout AI-driven listing quality score is to convert the sales by checking the ranks of your listing. In order to adjust the listing, it provides the live feedback option, with real-time measurement of product title, description, keywords, and others. 

If you want to improve your ranking of the keyword, then all you need to do is just create a successful strategy. Import the keyword lists, rank the keywords from high-low and decide to spend on the ad.

To test and optimize the listing data, all you need to do is just move between Sellar central account and Jungle Scout. It simply updates the rankings, watch those rankings directly. 

Database of the Products 

The advanced filters of Jungle Scout are the next big thing that provides the product database that brings more profits to sell on Amazon. At Jungle Scout, one can easily explore, organize, and evaluate the product ideas in no time by segmenting them into categories, sales, ranking, revenue, history, and also consider other criteria too.   

From high-competition to low-performing, everything you can find in the product database. On the other hand, use Jungle Scout’s FBA profit calculator to calculate the costs and Amazon seller fees, so that it is easy to invest towards the right opportunity. 

Review Automation Services 

JungleScout - Review automation services

With the help of automated review requests, you can easily increase the reviews of your products which results in high sales. Now, you don’t need to request a review manually as this review automation sends review requests automatically.

Monitor the order status and review requests to recognize the trends to focus on what really matters that help in the increase of the sales. Overall, this automation review system literally saves your time. 

Quick Links:

Database of the Suppliers 

To find the global suppliers used by the brands we have a tool named supplier database. In Jungle Scout’s database find the global suppliers including shipments details, customer volume, etc. By using the match score, find the supplier of the particular product in the Amazon research queries tool.

Also, use Amazon ASINs to check out the exact supplier of the product in seconds, and can also find through specific names, brands, etc. Even it showcases similar products for those who are likely to manage the smaller quantities of the orders. 

The supplier tracker is to save lists of the suppliers to manage and compare the supplier quotes. Along with that, you can manage the buying orders, organize all the samples, and many more in one place.

If the agreement is fine between you and your supplier, then with purchase tracker generate the purchase orders and have a record of financial transaction details with clear data. 

Analytics of the Sales 

JungleScout sales analytics

Track the fees of Amazon, taste the benefits & profits quickly, and understand how your business works based on the sales analytics. In order to earn more income with Amazon means one should examine & analyze the historical sales, current sales, revenue, margin, ROI, and more on the Jungle Scout dashboard.

It is good to dive deeper into the product performance and explore everything to get a perfect financial status. So that it helps to manage operating expenses, taxes, and other elements related to the business.

Customize all your expenses like inventory costs, salaries, shipping, etc. Even proceed to manage the PPC sales and campaigns which gives an insight to your future campaigns by comparing the history of the sales and many more. 


Don’t know how to sell on Amazon, then Jungle Scout offers tutorials to gain good knowledge on how to sell the products on Amazon. All the tutorials are available right to your account and it provides everything from how to perform product research and how to manage the business.

The academy consists of 130 videos and one can become a pro easily by following the techniques, strategies it provides. You can learn at your own pace, and also attend live Q&A sessions for more clarifications to the queries by the experts.

Inventory Management

To boost sales and revenue, one should know how much stock is said to order, when to order, and what are the perfect dates to order. And to perform all these activities, the Jungle Scout inventory manager is for you, even it calculates the real-time Amazon FBA status and predicts when to order, the quantity of the order, etc.

Its forecasting technology also predicts the FBA sales, profits, margin, revenue, and average sales on a daily basis. The main purpose of inventory management is to avoid Amazon storage fees and also avoid any other extra fees.

Along with that, it can prevent stockouts, if there is a lack of inventory means reduce conversions, affect the keyword rankings, and an overall huge loss to the business. 

Alerts and Reminders 

JungleScout Alerts

If there is a requirement to change something of the Amazon products, then it automatically sends notifications so that you can do changes. From product sellers to listing, you can customize the product alerts, and also you can track the product reviews.

Yes, whenever rating drops it gives alerts and you can proceed to take action instantly. It allows you to monitor every activity of your competitors and also view sales snapshots on a daily basis as it sends notifications. 

Marketing and Promotions 

Jungle Scout allows its customers to promote their Amazon products so that they can easily review those products to sell and it tends in the growth of the business.

The main assets of doing promotions are it increases the product listing, target the promotional campaigns and get positive reviews. Blocks unnecessary abuse and other actions to gain more attraction.  

Product Category Trends

JungleScout Product category trends

It is a completely unique feature as it has the capacity to track hundreds of products of any category or sub-category on the Amazon platform. Explore all the trends of the purchasing products that give an insight on how it performed and how much it has high demand in the market. 

Look into the metrics like price, rank, rating, etc., and expand your business by adding new products to the list. Track the ranking of the products, and then proceed to take action.

👀 Pros and Cons of Jungle Scout 


  •  It offers a 7-day money-back guarantee
  • The professional version has all features
  • It is an all-in-one platform
  • Customer service is top-notch
  • Track sales with sales estimator
  • Chrome and Firefox extensions
  • Find high-performing keyword volumes
  • Find great product ideas
  • Gives access to the supplier database
  • Get promoting insights to earn more
  • Request reviews


  •  No free trial offer is available
  • The basic version comes with limited features

🎁 Jungle Scout Pricing Plans 

Jungle Scout comes with different pricing plans like standard plans and Packages with a risk-free 7-day money-back guarantee.

Choose the plan that suits your requirement and start selling the products now with Jungle Scout easily.

Standard Plans

JungleScout standard plans

The basic version is to validate the product ideas as it allows you to browse the products with its browser extension costs $49/month and $29/month for yearly billing with a total of $349/year. In this version, get full access to browser extensions both Chrome + Firefox, and with a single user license.

The most popular suite version is where you can find everything to find new products and also manage your business as an expert which costs $69/month and $49/month for yearly payment which is a total of $589/year. In this version get all the basic features plus 

  • A review automation service
  • It has the ability to add more products
  • It gives more depth into the product history with keyword data
  • Offers advanced seller features

The professional plan version is all about more data, users, and access as it is more suitable for experienced sellers who want to sell more costs $129/month, and $84/month for annual billing which costs a total of $999/year. In this, get all features that are available in the suite version plus

  • Allows to track up to 1000 ASINs
  • It can include 6 users
  • Get 6 months history of the products in the product tracker  
  • Provides historical keywords data of 2 years.
  • Its the main priority onboarding


JungleScout packages

The start-up suite is ideal for sellers who are likely to sell products on Amazon fastly and also learn as they sell costs $189/user as it is a 3-month plan. In this plan get 

  • Academy seller training programs 
  • Q&A sessions on a weekly basis
  • Onboarding is its priority
  • Get start the checklist

It also offers exclusive 90 days product tracking historical data and one-year history of the keyword search results data. 

The sellers who want to learn more about selling on the Amazon platform and then want to launch the product means here is the Entrepreneur suite and its price is $349/user and it is a 6-month suite plan. In this plan get all educational features and historical data of what the start-up suite offers.

The Freedom builder Bootcamp costs $999/user and it is a 12-month professional plan. This version is more suitable for the people who want to master in FBA process and also can build a business for the achievement in financial freedom. In this get exclusive educational features such as 

  • Enjoy live coaching in freedom builder Bootcamp course sessions 
  • Get a one-year subscription to the Jungle Scout Professional plan
  • It provides bonus content support and resources
  • The course updates to sell more on Amazon

It accepts payment from VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Stripe. 

💚 Customer Reviews – Jungle Scout

The Jungle Scout customers are happy with this platform and they gave their reviews on how it helped to become a successful seller with Amazon. Forbes said that it is a great opportunity for data-driven product research.

On the other side, it received a lot of appraisals from top companies as well as its customers, new sellers, etc. You can look into the below picture of how the people react to Jungle Scout.

JungleScout Customer Reviews

🔥 Final Words on Jungle Scout 

Jungle Scout is a platform that provides solutions for everyone, if you’re a first-time seller don’t worry it gives complete information on how to sell on Amazon. If you’re an already existing customer and don’t know to proceed it guides you to reach success and become a pro from where you’re missing in the business to reach the goal.

The agencies, brands, no matter who you’re Jungle Scout is there for you at any time. If you’re looking to launch a product, then it guides you in providing the keywords, the product history, and many more required elements.

On the whole, Jungle Scout review states that is a great platform that brings great solutions and huge profits in every aspect to reach the goals as a successful seller. 

⚡️ Frequently Asked Questions

✌️ Is Jungle Scout is the best platform to start a successful FBA business?

Yes, Jungle Scout is one of the best and top platforms that help to start an FBA business and it guides you in every step to get success in this area. Even though it offers various features, and provides tutorials, also offers great customer support to become a pro.

🤞 Is Jungle Scout owned by Amazon?

Jungle Scout is one of the best all-in-one selling platforms on Amazon that provides various data to entrepreneurs, and other people to grow their businesses on Amazon.

👊 Is Jungle Scout offers any free plan?

No, Jungle Scout does not offer any free and it is a major drawback, but it provides a 7-day money-back guarantee. No matter which plan do you pick, if you’re not satisfied then it refunds your money.

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