Geru Review 2021 – Legit Funnel Simulator or Overhyped?

Almost every business has a sales funnel to manage, and not many marketers use a tool to keep it optimized and well maintained. For handling these and saving a lot of time, Geru is the first-ever funnel simulator that helps in maintaining profitable funnels.

Their main thing is to analyze the ‘What If?’ situation and bring changes in prices, offers, conversions, traffic costs, etc. Look out for more about them in this Geru Review.

Geru Review

It takes all the guesswork out and works only with real-time insights. Avoid all the costly marketing mistakes that are responsible for taking the business down and play smarter for saving time & money. Geru is the most preferred simulator for many people now and it is great for discovering the funnel’s actual potential.

With this tool, one can get a handle on how to see all the numbers and the way marketing pieces work. See how the variables are affecting the profits and also witness some other metrics.

Geru v/s ClickFunnels: ClickFunnels is Much Better?

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Although Geru is an amazing funnel simulator, it seems like it isn’t good enough in comparison to ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels has some amazing features and whereas Geru doesn’t have options such as drag & drop landing page maker, ClickFunnels has.

There might be different account settings such as letting merchants in under the same account or handle all the things on one platform, but the settings are vast at ClickFunnels and you’d enjoy the way it works.

When it comes to preferring from the two, ClickFunnels might be the right choice and you’d enjoy using its features & tools.

To know why ClickFunnels is better than Geru? Then please check this ClickFunnels Review

What is Geru all about?

Geru is a sales funnel simulator that provides detailed insights on several things such as product prices, offers, conversions, traffic rates, and other essential modifications. It is great for new marketers and entrepreneurs who want to create a simulated model of the products.

Before even setting up any webpage or spending a single penny on the traffic, Geru is ideal for getting a good handle on the funnels. For the pre-existing marketers as well, the simulator is a fine thing since it helps in optimizing and scaling the results. They can plan new expansions to their existing funnels and analyze all the scenarios that’ll help in bringing modifications to the business.

Plan, review, simulate and forecast future possibilities with Geru since it only works on real-time insights. It is the complete online business planning, simulation, and optimizing solution a business may ever need.

25 Key Features of Geru – Detailed Review

Geru advanced features

1. Create Funnel Maps

It doesn’t take much time to quickly and easily make visual diagrams of any Marketing Funnel. It provides all the options from the Yes/No pathways, follow-up communications, and many other such things. Users can either create a funnel map from scratch or also use one of their specifically made blueprint projects. With these pre-made projects, one can save some time that might go into creating these maps. But, even creating it from scratch doesn’t take a lot of time with Geru.

2. Built-In Logic Engine

This is known to be their magical feature since, with this, Geru automatically calculates the potential revenue and other metrics. With any Funnel Simulation one creates, they can make any kind of modification that are required in the funnel. The simulator automatically shows the numbers that it has calculated for the best optimization.

3. Use Both Hypothetical Or Actual data

Geru lets one enter the hypothetical funnel data and settings or also enter the actual data from the existing funnel. The data can be from any business a person has and it can be a combination of both as well for further planning purposes. This opportunity lets the users have both their data integrated into one proper sales funnel.

Geru unique features

4. Simulate Traffic And Ad Campaigns

It is a fantastic tool for all those marketing agency owners who wish to simulate the entire traffic. They can show this data to their prospective clients and make them analyze what potential things will be coming to them. They can also use Geru throughout every step that they work with their clients by visually showing what processes are completed.

5. Simulation And Optimization Reports

This simulator lets its users run some powerful reports that might be required for any funnel simulation. Geru quickly create a summary overview for any project, and at the same time create some things such as the Traffic Reinvestment report that’ll let one analyze & review how much profit are they able to make after reinvesting a bit more. Geru then provides worthy insights on how the business will actually grow.

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6. A Blueprint Library

It has a blueprint library of pre-made funnels where one can quickly duplicate a blueprint for quick simulation. There are blueprints present for InfoProducts, eCommerce products, agency services, lead generation campaigns, book promotion webinars, and a few more things. This saves a lot of time that might go into creating a separate blueprint for each simulation.

7. Traffic Entry Points

Geru traffic entry points

Create multiple traffic entry points with the help of Geru and decide where should the traffic actually step into the funnel. There’s no need to always let the traffic start at the first object of the funnel, and with this tool, one can easily fix such things based on their choice.

8. Yes/No Pathways

Create a Yes/No pathways in the funnel with the utmost ease. It is very important to have a mindset on what to do with the visitors and make them take the actions crucial for the business.

9. Sales Pages And Order Forms

With the help of Geru, one can add sales pages and order forms wherever they want to sell the products or services in the funnel. There’s an option to add more than one product for every sales page and one can also set their cart abandonment rate.

10. Upsells And Downsells

It is very easy to add both upsells and downsells in the funnel in order to sell more products/services to the customers. These can be added while the customers are on Checkout for the front-end/main product they’re purchasing.

11. Opt-in Forms

In order to add a person in the funnels, it is very important to capture their email address and permission, Use the Opt-in form subject and set the opt-in rate to begin the email follow-up process.

12. Wait Timers

Set up the wait timers anywhere in the funnel with the utmost ease since Geru helps in doing that. With this, one can have their pre-scheduled actions to take place for a longer time span. Say, for example, one can set it up to ‘1-day’ so that the action takes place for a day extra without them having to manually do it.

13. Manage Webinars Both Live And Recorded

Geru Webinar Management

Anyone can plan and simulate any kind of webinar campaign if they have Geru by their side. With this, users can simulate the profitability and can run live webinars, replays, or on-demand webinars. Also, they can see the profitability outcomes with the attendance and the purchase rates of tickets.

14. Multipath Surveys

Surveys are very important when it comes to digital marketing since it is an ideal way of bringing product/service in the eyes of people. Create different marketing funnel paths based on the answers a customer chooses in the survey.

15. Content Pages

Sending customers and visitors to different kinds of content can be proven very efficient for digital marketing. The Geru simulator has an optional call-to-action built-in so that the marketers and entrepreneurs can divert the audience on the blog posts, videos, whitepapers, etc.

16. Application Forms

If the entrepreneurs or marketers use an application form process like the ones that are required in the consulting funnel, then this is a useful feature for them. With this, they can easily simulate the application process and the conversions of it by using this tool.

17. SMS & Phone Activity

Geru SMS and Phone Activity

One can use Geru to model the inbound or outbound messages or phone calls for any funnel they create. Set the rate accordingly at which the customers might take the action for proper simulation of the results.

18. Canvas Notes

Users can add up Canvas notes anywhere they want to on their project designs, and not just one or two they can add up multiple at a time. These notes prove out to be very helpful to show to those clients understand what is exactly happening at different parts of their marketing funnel.

19. Custom Object Colors

Geru allows its users to change the colors for any object they sell while designing their funnel maps. Use the same color for similar products or change according to the requirements, it is all in the hands of the users.

20. URL Thumbnails

Are you also setting up a landing page that is pre-existing for the business? Then just enter the URL on Geru and it’ll automatically create an amazing thumbnail from that page. It’ll create a ‘hotlink’ that one click to open the page for better convenience.

21. Object Metrics

It is a powerful option the users can turn on and off as Geru displays the ‘totals’ boxes next to each object of their funnels. It also shows the total visitors to each and every object alongside the conversion rates and sales numbers.

22. Pathway Indicators

It is another option that one can toggle on and off since Geru creates red lines to indicate when the traffic is not flowing at that point in the project. If there is any such line, then it is displaying a problem one should seriously fix.

23. Merchant Account Settings

Geru Merchant Account Settings

Geru lets one set the custom fee rates project by project, these rates are calculated automatically & review every time for every product sales that take place inside the funnel. One can also set a percentage for every transaction accordingly.

24. Supports 27 currencies

Geru gives the option to set the currency type for every project. Although the software has it set up in USD, but it is currently supporting 27 countries from across the world. Also, they are willing to add up more and more soon.

25. Language Options

Geru is currently working to add up additional language support so that people can use it throughout the user interface. The software is currently available in English, but soon all the languages will be available in intuitive reports as well.

Geru Pricing Packages

Geru Pricing Packages

1. Standard Pricing Package- $37/Month

  • Funnel Map Creator.
  • Simulation Engine & Optimizer.
  • Up to 10 Projects.
  • Up to 40 objects per project.
  • 2 scenarios.
  • Beautiful insight reports.
  • Video tutorials & training.
  • Foundation blueprint library.

2. Pro Pricing Package- $79/Month

  • Funnel Map Creator.
  • Simulation Engine & Optimizer.
  • Unlimited Projects.
  • Unlimited objects per project.
  • 3 scenarios.
  • Beautiful insight reports.
  • Video tutorials & training.
  • Foundation blueprint library.
  • Custom logo branding.
  • Advanced blueprint library.
  • Priority support.

3. Enterprise Pricing Package- On-demand

  • Funnel Map Creator.
  • Simulation Engine & Optimizer.
  • Unlimited Projects.
  • Unlimited objects per project.
  • 3 scenarios.
  • Beautiful insight reports.
  • Video tutorials & training.
  • Foundation blueprint library.
  • Custom logo branding.
  • Advanced blueprint library.
  • Dedicated Account Manager.

Pros & Cons Of Geru


  • Manages funnels very easily.
  • Easy to use.
  • Works on real-time insights.
  • Different pricing packages.
  • Creates a detailed funnel map.
  • It has customer support present.


  • No free trial for Geru.

Testimonials & Users Review About Geru

Geru Testimonial

There are several testimonials present on their website, and apparently, this tool helps in bringing out the best in funnels. A review claims that the thought of having the ability to create funnels seems great, but Geru takes it to a whole new level. Juana wasn’t very techy and wasn’t going to purchase it either because she figured it’ll be complicated. She made the best decision by going on and investing ahead. The extra help section has also proven out to be really very helpful. She loves it and definitely recommends it to others.

Geru Testimonials

Another testimonial from Coen reads that Geru has helped him understand how funnels can possibly work before he spent any money. He says it becomes very easy to create funnel diagrams with a lifetime of experience in the marketing industry. Coen loves it and indeed it is a top-tier product. Just like this, there are several people who love this tool.

Final Verdict- Is Geru Worth The Money?

Yes, for all those marketers and entrepreneurs who wish to have a funnel manager and optimizer, this is the right platform for them. Geru helps in creating funnels and also having a map for the same. There are different options present in the same and people actually love using it since it brings a lot of ease. From logic engine to notes manager and even traffic entry points, the options are many and people have options to manage their funnels accordingly. There are also several pricing packages which make it a cherry on top and people can go for the package they think is good. Overall, it is an amazing funnel optimizer and one must definitely go for it. Drop your queries in the comment box & don’t forget to share your thoughts about this Geru review.


Is Geru good for people managing sales funnels?

Yes, Geru is amazing for all those who are looking forward to managing the sales funnels. Anyone from old entrepreneurs and marketers to new ones can use it.

Does Geru have a free trial?

No, sadly Geru has no free trials, therefore one has to pay for trying it out.

How much does Geru cost?

Geru costs between 37 to 79 dollars, but the enterprise package yet has an on-demand quotation.

What if one faces any issue in using Geru?

Geru has 24/7 customer support for their users who face any kind of problem.

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