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GeeTest Review: Is It Worth To Buy Their CAPTCHA Service?


In the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic, most businesses were working to move the majority of their business online, whether they were ready or not, facing increased competition given consumers’ and social “new normal”. As online business increased, so did bot attacks. Over 80% of businesses have been suffering bot attacks all the time. Additionally, more than half of bot traffic comes from malicious automated programs in the past.

However, as little as 5% of enterprises and websites are aware of the severity of bot attack issues that can pose an even bigger risk to their business than you may have anticipated.

What Are Bot Attacks?

Bot attack is the use of automated web requests to manipulate, defraud, or disrupt a website, application, API, or end-users.

Almost all industries especially retail, gaming, and finance & fintech are constant targets of bad bot attacks such as denial of inventory, scalping, scraping, credential stuffing, and Layer 7 DDoS attacks. Furthermore, bots are becoming increasingly complex and intelligent, making identification and deterrent exceedingly difficult. Bot attacks can lead to poor website performance, valuable data breaches, and heavy economic loss.

Computer Bot Attacks

What Bot Attacks Your Online Business Might Be Suffering?

  • User Account Takeover Attacks (ATO)

Successful ATO attacks result in data breaches, identity theft, and fraudulent purchases, costing online businesses millions.

  • Carding and Credit Card Stuffing

Carding attacks focus on the checkout page using stolen user’s card information that will bring huge economic losses to the company.

For web scraping, bots are used to crawl web pages to steal prices, curated content, valuable data, product reviews, and inventory data with the aim of capturing and retargeting these data to another website. Web Scraping will definitely leak important business data, giving competitors a chance to copy and get for nothing. Serious situations will directly affect the survival and development of the enterprise.

  • Scalping

With scalping, bots are utilized for quickly purchasing low-cost and high-demand products, such as shoes or concert tickets to make huge profits. Scalping will make the website’s supply and demand out of balance and give the attacker an opportunity to take profit illegally, also makes users who have their own needs lose their rights.

Most Prevalent Telltale Signs of Being Bot Attacked

  • A rise in shopping cart abandonments
  • A rise in gift card number validation failures
  • Programs behave more sluggish than normal
  • Sources of traffic addresses in a large number of non-user locations
  • An increase in failing logins
  • Start-up and shut down take longer than before
  • Devices crash for no apparent reason
  • Internet connection slowed down significantly

More Practically, The great majority of organizations are unprepared to defend against bot assaults, let alone identify them. Business risk like bot attacks might ruin your company’s security system and leak core sensitive data which is the lifeblood of enterprise development. 

Given the constantly evolving bot threat, successful online enterprises necessitate effective online security. GeeTest can protect your online business from bot attacks, future-proof your business, and drive professional bot management in your business security

What is GeeTest?

GeeTest Logo

GeeTest is the world’s leading CAPTCHA and Bot mitigation solution provider founded in 2012 which Protects your business from automated threats and abusive traffic.

The security solution challenging user experience would be finally challenged by users GeeTest’s pursuit of experience resists cyber enemies invisibly.β€”β€” Xiaomi

Geetest has been working on protecting against malicious bots from account takeover, gift card abuse, ad Fraud, scraping, spam, and other scammy digital activities in the smartest way.

There are multiple product matrices of GeeTest including behavior verification(CAPTCHA), equipment verification, and identity verification. Behavior verification(CAPTCHA) is effectively important for closing out bot attacks among these.

How Does GeeTest CAPTCHA Work?

The GeeTest CAPTCHA identifies humans from bots based on the biometric data generated as users interact with the CAPTCHA.

Detect Bot Features

When a visitor clicks on the CAPTCHA button, the CAPTCHA will automatically collect and analyze more than 100 parameters, including the network environment data, device attributes, biometric data, etc.

Challenge the Threats

Based on the bot detection tests done on these data, the GeeTest security engine evaluates the risk level of the visitor. More data will be collected through a challenge-response to verify the identity of the “suspicious user”.

Learn and Evolve

As new malicious attack patterns are identified throughout the 290,000 GeeTest protected domains, the machine learning models behind the GeeTest Risk Analysis Engine evolve to pinpoint and block all angles of attack in real-time.

GeeTest’s CAPTCHAs Always Pursuing the Most Extreme User Experience

GeeTest designs a customized CAPTCHA solution based on the users’ requirements. You can select or switch to several CAPTCHA kinds to provide variable traffic management based on your safety requirements. You can also customize the user interface of CAPTCHA to your websites or APPs, which can conform to your branding concept. In addition, GeeTest CAPTCHA can also be used with your previous bot detection and can be part of your security system to increase the overall level of security.

There are now numerous types of GeeTest CAPTCHA that make CAPTCHA challenges less time-consuming and even a bit fun while providing consumers the best user experience.

Four classic types

  • Intelligent mode
  • Slide CAPTCHA
  • Icon CAPTCHA
  • Space CAPTCHA

Newtypes in the latest version – Adaptive Verification

  • Match-Three Puzzle CAPTCHA
Smiley Captcha
  • Gobang CAPTCHA
Match 5 Game click captcha feature
  • Drawing CAPTCHA
Drawing Captcha feature

Why Must GeeTest CAPTCHA?

GeeTest Review
  1. The user’s data security and privacy are the top priority.

Geetest strictly abides by the statutory provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and believes that securing user data against unauthorized access is more important than ever.

  1. Installation and online deployment tracking the whole process.

GeeTest’s integration is accurate and easy to deploy. The dedicated service team helps you to go online without worries.

  1. Serving over 320,000 businesses worldwide.

GeeTest serves over 320,000 businesses globally and processes over 1400,000,000 inquiries each day. Rich experience and strong data provide the safest guarantee for your business, what’s more, the ultimate user experience and information security have always been what GeeTest pursues and takes action to do.

How Does GeeTest CAPTCHA Protect Your Business?

1.  AI-powered behavior analysis to identify bot

GeeTest has been deeply involved in the field of behavior analysis for 9 years now, applying AI to business security scenarios. Build an AI model based on biological behavior characteristics, conduct an in-depth analysis of interactive data, continue to learn while being bot attacked, and improve its own security defense capabilities.

2.Environment detection analytic model

Through advanced machine learning models, GeeTest CAPTCHA accurately detects and blocks fraudulent bot traffic in real-time. These ML models are fed with our global risk information database which stores our anti-bot experience in the past 9 years and is shared with all GeeTest customers.

3. Multi-platform compatibility, perfect adaptation to various devices.

GeeTest CAPTCHA supports WEB, WAP, iOS, Android, Html5 and is compatible with all browsers (IE6 and later). GeeTest ensures the security of your websites, mobile apps and APIs against bad bot attacks on all fronts.

3. 7*24 hours monitoring and business service support.

The GeeTest Professional tech team delivers the greatest quality service to resolve the problem at all times for customer’s online business.

Ready to put an end to bot attack issues for good? Try GeeTest free trial for 30 days NOW!Β 

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