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GamesVid Review: Why it’s a Best Gaming Ad Network?


Affiliate marketing is on the boom for the past few years and it is a good earning option for the people or agencies that are into the business of gaming or digital marketing. Affiliate marketing is undoubtedly a viable income option for you.

Although, it requires dedication, commitment over a long period of time, and a few bucks from your savings it will surely generate a huge amount for you if it will be done in a planned and strategic way and GamesVid is an affiliate network marketing platform where you can get all the exciting deals and offers related to your affiliate based gaming website.

GamesVid Review

GamesVid is a perfect place for users who are looking to promote their gaming platforms and want to generate a good amount from affiliate networks. There are thousands of users who are engaging with the GamesVid and continuously grasping the amazing gaming offers on a regular basis. It is a reputed affiliate marketing network and also a secret location for all types of gaming promotions.

All About GamesVid: Complete Review

Every business holds its success if it has a strong foundation and there are only a few affiliate businesses that continue to do so. GamesVid has four pillars of its foundation and reliable customers to support. Here, we will discuss the four foundation pillars of GamesVid due to which the Company manages to maintain the best position among its competitors.

Why GamesVid is Best?

The key feature of any relationship is honesty. GamesVid maintains to gain the trust of the users through their honest advice and consultancy. They always give real and genuine advice to their users. They never give fake advice to their users just for earning a few bucks. Therefore, users always appreciate their opinions and consultancy related to affiliate marketing.

GamesVid Features


The best part about GamesVid is that it is pretty much flexible in terms of its features, pricing plans, and other benefits. It provides multiple options to their users to choose from the available plans according to their needs. Both advertiser and publisher get the flexibility of what they are looking for so that, “Advertiser” get quality traffic under their niche and “Publisher” can generate good revenue by monetizing their site.

Secret Network

The third pillar of their foundation is ‘Secret Network’ as they are only partnered with top-notch publishers and advertisers. The network associated with GameVid is highly secure and secret. You don’t have to worry about any kind of privacy concerns as they only work with certified advertisers and publishers to expand the business.

Real Gaming Knowledge

The fourth and last pillar of their foundation is ‘Real Gaming Knowledge’. This is one of the most important pillars because accurate knowledge flow is pretty important in the gaming world. The primary objective of GamesVid is to process the right information through which you will only get precise and real knowledge about games. So, don’t hesitate while dealing with any kind of gaming information with GamesVid.

Getting started with GamesVid

You just have to follow easy and simple steps to get started with GamesVid. You need to register on this platform to start using its services and features. GamesVid allows you to sign-up in two different ways. First is ‘Advertiser’ and the second one is ‘Publisher’.


GamesVid provides its services to those advertisers who are looking for influential gaming journalists as well as for genuine streamers. You can get a tremendous amount of genuine game players who use to post their gaming videos. GamesVid provides engaging users to the advertisers so that they can generate good ROI on their investment. If you want to promote your games then you will get low-cost promotion with GamesVid and thousands of gaming interest users will see your ads.

In order to join as an Advertiser, you just need to follow the below mentioned steps:-

  • Open your web browser on your desktop.
  • Make sure that you are connected to a proper internet connection.
  • Go to the official website of ‘GamesVid’.
  • As soon as you open the Homepage of the official website, you can see the ‘Join Us’ button below the Advertiser option’. You have to click on that button.
  • After clicking, it will open an alternate web page on your browser. Now you need to fill in the required information like Company Name, City, Address, etc.
  • It is also mandatory to fill in the email id.
  • After this, ‘Tick’ the ‘Terms and Condition’ checkbox.
  • Then, you need to press the ‘Sign Up’ button and follow the process.
  • Voila!!! Now you are a trusted member of GamesVid World as an Advertiser.

GamesVid Advertisers & Publishers


If you have a site based on gaming or any other niche and looking for good traffic monetization on your website then you are at the right place. GamesVid is a seamless platform for the publisher who is looking to monetize their traffic for their gaming youTube channel or some entertainment site. GamesVid will help you to get real and genuine streamers.

Publishers who have lots of gaming traffic finding the perfect offers for that. GamesVid have the offers, but they need the gaming traffic (not only from sites but from buyers as well)

So, if you are looking to join GamesVid as a Publisher then you need to register on its official site first. Then only you will be able to get the benefits of GamesVid. In order to register yourself, please follow the below mentioned steps: –

  • Connect your device to a proper internet connection.
  • Open the official website in a new tab.
  • Go to the Homepage of GamesVid and scroll down for a bit. Here, you can see the option to register yourself as a ‘Publisher’.
  • Now, click on the ‘Join Us’ button below the ‘Publisher’ icon.
  • You need to fill in the basic details like Company Name, Address, City, Email Id, Contact Number, etc.
  • After that, you need to answer some mandatory questions.
  • Then, tick on the ‘Terms and Conditions’ checkbox.
  • Now, click on the ‘Sign Up’ button and you will be a registered user.

Final Say On GamesVid Review

GamesVid Contact

GamesVid is the best choice in terms of affiliate marketing network for the people who are looking for real and genuine traffic on their entertainment website or Gaming Channel. This platform is completely secure and works according to customer’s requirements. They are quite responsive and offer you the best offers with the best pay-outs. So, don’t waste your precious time and let’s get started with GamesVid.

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