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FunnelSpy Review 2024: Is This Spy Tool Worth To Buy?


Ever wondered how your competitors how make their money? FunnelSpy is one of the best legitimate ways to track & review your competitor’s strategies, sales, monetization, and marketing strategies.

The features offered by this software will help you increase your ROI by letting you snoop on the market. It is designed to help you with Sales Funnel Research. Designed in Adobe AIR, FunnelSpy works on both PC and Mac. It is one of the best tools which lets you gain access to your competition’s public pages which will help you gain insight into their marketing strategies.

Funnel Spy review

There are various filters that enable users to spy on your competitor’s strategy such as their product pricing, all offers to date, design, sell propositions in just a few clicks. FunnelSpy spies over companies and gathers information from 21 countries’ markets.

If you know what your competition does to make its sales, you can optimize yours accordingly. This might help you increase your Return on Investment (ROI). Just in case you are unfamiliar with the term “sales funnel”, we will help you understand what it basically is and why you need one if you want to stay on top of the game.

What is Sales Funnel & Why It Is Required?

Although sales funnel is a fairly complicated process, in simple words, it is the process of working on a potential customer to becoming a real one through a series of actions such as email marketing, landing pages, articles, and videos which will make them make a decision. Sales funnel can be compared to a salesperson who will work for your company without taking a break.

Features Review of FunnelSpy

Now that we are familiar with the basics of what a sales funnel does and why do you need one for your business, let us take a look at what FunnelSpy has to offer:

Unlimited search with a ton of filters:

With just one click, you can easily reveal a business’s entire sales funnel. All you need is the URL to a website’s sales page and FunnelSpy will automatically do the rest for you.

With FunnelSpy, you can take a deep look at a business’s:

Sales Funnel

Written Copy, Designs, Layouts, Sales Prospects, Unique Offers, Product offerings, Price Offerings and much more. All the information is arranged in a neat easy to understand format so you can easily make use of the same.

Sales Funnel of FunnelSpy

Webinar Sequences

Wondering how webinars earn money? How they advertise themselves and what their marketing strategies are? You can easily unearth all this information using FunnelSpy.

Moreover, you can also take a look at the software these businesses use to give the actual presentation. One can also take a look at the webinar replies, thank you emails, follow-ups, registrations, and much more. Another useful feature is the ability to spy on their encore pages.

Webinar Sequences of FunnelSpy

Lead Generation Sequence

FunnelSpy lets you understand not only your competition’s sales funnel, but also where their lead generation page goes. Just copy the URL in the search bar and you will be presented with all that business’s orders and where they come from.

Lead Generation Sequences

That being said, this feature basically lets you see and track your competition leads, meaning you can work on those same leads by luring them with even better deals the market has to offer. This will surely give your business an unfair advantage over others.

Consulting/Coaching Offers

Coaching Consulting Offers FunnelSpy

Browsing through the internet, you will surely come across a consulting or a coaching offer. Curious how they target and convert students into customers? FunnelSpy also lets you analyze and see what type of packages these courses offer you can adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

The software also lets you see what type of questions your rival asks the student and gives you access to the pricing of the packages they have to offer. All this information is surely set to help you understand the market better and compete with others.

Regularly updated database

Since the software updates the platform on a daily basis, you don’t have to worry about grabbing outdated information about the market. This helps users adapt their marketing strategies and compete with others in the market thus ensuring you stay on the edge.

The software also helps its users in creatively launching new marketing campaigns. With FunnelSpy gathering data for over 5 years, you can also view a website’s historical data and see for yourself what has worked for people all over the world allowing you to implement a tried and tested strategy. It is also known to help users find new traffic sources.

Search data by location

With a presence in 21 countries, FunnelSpy lets you search its huge database location-wise. Since ads are not limited to one geographical location, other funneling tools are more or less, rendered useless in such scenarios. But in the case of FunnelSpy, you can easily find & review the data you want with its finely tuned filters, thus enabling users to find the most effective method of advertising in any part of the world.

Support for various Content Formats

FunnelSpy also lets you search video ads that are posted on Facebook. It also helps you shortlist the ones that are proven to drive up sale figures. The software is also compatible with CTA based classification.

Best in the class ad search algorithm

The internet is filled with millions and millions of ads. FunnelSpy offers a simple search bar that will let you narrow down your search based on filters such as keywords, phrases, and other commonly used search queries.

Also narrowing down your search to what you exactly want to see, FunnelSpy lets you even match your searched ads for a specific marketing campaign. Moreover, you can also save all your searches making it easy to work on multiple projects.

Integration with Shopify

One of the best features of this tool is that it acts as a tracking tool for Shopify. You can easily find and review successful advertising campaigns from various stores on Shopify with the help of FunnelSpy. The software also lets you save all your searches enabling you to learn and use information from all the various advertising campaigns that have worked for people on Shopify.

Save Searches as Projects

You can easily categorize all your searches and save them as a project. The software allows users to save an unlimited number of searches and projects. You can also save search results as favorites like you would do on a browser.

How To Use FunnelSpy

Don’t have previous experience or technical expertise on how to make use of Funneling software? No worries. FunnelSpy is really easy to use. You can start making detailed searches in just a few clicks and gain an upper hand in the market.

Just enter an URL in the search, click the search button, and there you go. Just like Google search results, you will be getting a list of web pages according to the keywords and filters you use. FunnelSpy captures information from more than 120,000 publishers spread throughout the globe. This way, not only you gain in-depth knowledge of a specific area but can also spy on successful campaigns from all over the world.

The ability to gain access to your competitor’s customer connections and understand how they work and makes their money is something only a few tools offer. The cherry on the cake? You can easily see where your competition’s money comes from and working on making it yours.

Are there any downsides of FunnelSpy?

If we really think, there are absolutely no cons to using the software. One thing which might it less effective is if you don’t really know what to find and how to make use of the information the tool has to offer. On the other hand, if you know what you are looking for, this is one of the best sales funneling tools available on the internet.

Pricing Plans

FunnelSpy offers two types of licenses. One is for personal use and the other can be used to outsource the software. The pricing plans are straightforward with no hidden charges whatsoever.

FunnelSpy Pricing Plans

The Personal License is priced at $47 and can be used to install the software on up to 3 devices. This should be enough for someone to use it for themselves. The Outsource License is for people who want their organizations to make use of FunnelSpy. It can be used to install the software on up to 20 machines and comes with a price tag of $97.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the two versions?

Both versions offer the same set of features. The only difference being the number of devices the software can be installed on.

Will I get access to updates and new software features?

Yes. FunnelSpy is a one-time purchase. You will get free access to all future updates and enhancements.

I don’t like the software. Can I get my money back?

Yes. FunnelSpy offers a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you decide the software does not meet your requirements. Just contact customer support and the company will give you your money back.

Conclusion On FunnelSpy Review

There’s no doubt that this is one of the best software which can help you gain valuable insights into your competitor’s marketing strategy and monetization. If you want to increase your Return on Investment by spying on what other business’ exactly do, then FunnelSpy is for you.

The tool is really easy to use and searches are just a click away! The filters and features this product offers are nothing short of perfect. Moreover, the ability to spy on the market’s advertising and marketing campaign makes FunnelSpy stand out from the rest.

If you are looking forward to using a sales funnel tool or develop a sales funnel yourself, FunnelSpy will help you achieve both!

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