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Funnel Mates Review: Is This Funnel Builder Worth? (TRUTH)


If your online business doesn’t have the lead capturing funnel means you’re at a risk and so having an ideal funnel will bring curiosity to your visitors to buy your products or service that you sell.

Want to know more about Funnel Mates? then you’re at the right place, Let us go deep in Funnel Mates Review and figure out every feature & benefit of this funnel builder.

Funnel Mates Review

Creating, writing, designing, uploading the right funnel for your business takes a lot of time. So, here is Funnel Mates which can clear all your problems and it makes the process simple for your online business.

😍 What is Funnel Mates? Complete Reveiw

Funnel Mates is a beginner-friendly funnel builder software that allows capturing the leads and with this, you can easily build your pages, emails are to be written including affiliate links. It is just not only captures the leads but also increases the engagements, conversions, sales, and helps to gain huge revenue.

In a single-page article, you are going to experience many functionalities, as you can find every detail in this Funnel Mates Review, in which we provide in-depth information on its features, pricing plans, and more.

Funnel Mates

It is so simple to use as it has a drag and drop feature, so you don’t require any technical skills to use this app as you can efficiently use this builder. If you use Funnel Mates, you are now more focused to make money online, all you need to do is just give a click and get access at any time and anywhere.

✅ Review Of Funnel Mates Features

The review is provided on every feature of Funnel Mates below, let’s have a look into it.

Beginner Friendly

If you’re new to use Funnel Mates, then don’t worry it is beginner-friendly with an easy user interface. You do not require any editing or designing skills, and also it does not offer any tricky configurations.

High Converting Landing Pages

Funnel Mates offers high converting landing pages that come with a custom created lead magnet and it allows you to create pages from software like coupons, free trials, membership portals, reports, etc.

Overall, it hosts pages and provides a link to share, from this you’ll get subscribers, engagements, and more.

Fully Integrated Funnel

Through the tested and proven funnel, your page will complete it with thank you, confirmation, or download pages and it displays if your customer subscribes to any gift voucher. These pages in Funnel Mates are said to be integrated with ads that are highly optimized, reviewed and also send traffic to your affiliate links automatically.

No Setup Needed

It does not require any setup or configurations, and at no cost, it hosts all your web pages and it is allowed to run with a high converting autoresponder follow-up system. It is a complete cloud-based, you can find everything after you become a member by providing the details.

Host Email Software and Autoresponder Integration

It creates a list where you can add your new subscribers, and so you can easily deliver your high converting prewritten emails on autopilot.

To do this work, does cost any extra as it is totally managed, and if you’re likely to have a copy of the subscriber’s list you can get it, even you’re allowed to add email sequences on your own. Just connect the autoresponder of your choice, pick the list of the subscribers that you’d like to add and the job is done.

Unlimited Subscribers

You can gain more subscribers list for your business, it does not offer any limitations in getting the subscribers. Your business is taking off money, and the subscriber’s list is pumping without paying extra.

Unlimited Professionally Written Follow Up Emails

Funnel Mates - Email Writeup and Promotions

If you make a list of your subscribers, then Funnel Mates will send professional emails promoting your products/services to them and also send exciting new launches too. Every email will use your affiliate links and so you’ll earn your affiliate commissions.

Email Promotions

Funnel Mates is integrated with Shopify, Amazon, JVZoo, Clickbank, PayKickStart, WarriorPlus, ThriveCart, and many more. This means, it automatically includes email promotions on multiple affiliate networks.

1-Click Automatically Customized Traffic Toolkit

A customized affiliate toolkit is packed in every funnel and so it is easy for you to copy and paste the ads or otherwise click and share are enough.

100’s of Niches or Funnels By Request

From dating to WordPress, it comes up with different niches and product types, all you need to do is just review and pick one of the profit funnels from the Funnel Mates for your business. In case, if you didn’t find the funnel that fits your business, then you can send a request to the funnel building team, they consider and will make it available.

Add Your Own Scripts

You don’t need to fix a deal with another page editing as it comes with script integration and it gives you full flexibility for your funnel pages. It allows you to add retargeting pixels, messenger bot, and more. Pick the funnel, give a click on the integration button, choose your page, and finally paste the code.

Use Your Own Domain Name

If you receive a link to your funnel, then you have the opportunity to select from a shortened/shareable, funnel mates link, or a regular link and even you can add your own custom domain name. It allows to connect up to five different domain names, and it will take weeks to build a beautiful branded funnel but will activate within seconds.

Click Tracking and Statistics

The funnels that are built with a tracking system and for your funnel link just add the keyword, Funnel Mates will work automatically. From each of your traffic sources, you can easily track the conversions, engagements, clicks, and shares.

Peer Reviewed Rating System

If you want to know more about whether your funnels are promoting properly and getting signups & earning commissions normally, then the internal rating system in Funnel Mates will allow your customers to post the ratings, reviews, and share the experiences. First of all, you have to find the perfect funnel which is suitable according to your business requirements.

Mac, PC, and Mobile Friendly

It is easy and quick to set up and activate profit funnels and you can do this process at any time and anywhere. It allows you to perform the activities on all devices Mac, Windows operating systems, and on your mobile phone too.

😇 What Funnel Mates will Offer us?

What Funnel Mates Offer Us

It offers completely ready-to-go funnels live, and these funnels are fully branded at the same time these are filled with prewritten emails and easily they will be sent to your subscribers automatically.


First, you have to connect WarriorPlus, PayKickstart, JVZoo, to your account settings. They’ll available for free and the video tutorials will explain how to set up and sign in to it.


All you need to do is just pick the profitable funnels and the funnel must and should meet your business requirements. After that instantly, it will be activated, branded, written, and ready, set go.


A customized traffic toolkit is available in your funnel, just activate the toolkit and get leads to your fully automated and prewritten email sequences, then you’ll start earning huge profits now.

🤗 Why Funnel Mates?

If you’re new to online marketing then this Funnel Mates is good for you as it helps to discover list building and affiliate marketing and it does not have a learning curve. First set up your account, then slowly get subscribers and affiliate commission your way.

Once you understand online marketing, then progress your work with different tactics to earn huge profits at your own pace. If you already know your goal then you need to plan to get it easily and quickly by spending less time in order to get more benefits.

If you create a funnel by using its drag and drop builder, and templates. To get paid, you can use this funnel for your personal purpose or otherwise you can add it to the Funnel Mates marketplace. Of course, yes, you can sell your funnels to other members of Funnel Mates and it pays you for it.

💥 FunnelMates for Every Online Business

Funnel Mates for Every Online Business

Yes, Funnel Mates is for every online business, and let’s see in detail

  • Affiliate Marketers – It helps to build the targeted lists bigger and earn more profits by launching promo codes with auto promos when you go as soon as live.
  • eCom Store Owners – You can easily get high ROI when you promote products or services to the existing customers and also you can reach newer audiences.
  • Social Media Marketers – Just add your funnel link to all your social media networks, then directly you can grow your business by reaching many audiences and earn huge income.
  • Local Businesses – You have to build a database of your customers those who buy your products regularly of any niche and so you can promote your new launches and upcoming events easily.
  • Bloggers – If you add instant CTA’s, so that you can quickly grow your lists and easily earn more profits.
  • Freelancers – If you want to fill the job openeings, then you have to mail the vacancies list to the right candidates and pick the suitable ones.
  • Coaches – You can promote your videos according the calendar with the help of auto sequences.
  • Startups – If you’re new to online marketing or if you have any startups, with Funnel Mates, you can launch it with bigger audiences and buyers.
  • Musicians – Even though if you spend less time composing, earn more by selling your album online.
  • Authors – You can streamline your sales for present and upcoming releases for the best sellers across the world.
  • Creatives – Naturally, you can sell your products/services without any pushing or promoting them for sales.
  • Teachers – With the help of a ready-made list, you can sell your digital products like video tutorials and more.

👀 What’s Inside Funnel Mates?

Funnel Mates helps to bring more sales through the right funnels that we select and build according to your business requirements. The review is for you to know what exactly available inside of the Funnel Mates.

Cloud Hosted Funnel Templates

Pick any of the lead capture funnel type such as quiz, standard videos, webinars, social, reviews, etc and after that pick the templates that will match your template. Here, the best part is Funnel Mates will install landing pages, download pages, thank you pages, and confirmation pages automatically and these pages are readily customized for you.

Classic Lead Magnet Funnels

You can select a traditional type of lead funnels for lead magnets and just give an incentive as it delivers the offer automatically along with affiliate promotions that are relevant.

Funnel Mates - Webinar Lead Funnels, Video Lead Funnels

Video Lead Funnels

You can capture the attention of your right audiences quickly when you design an engaging video and embed your video with the help of video lead funnels.

Webinar Lead Funnels

It is difficult to capture the leads for your webinars but now it is easy because all you need to do is just connect your webinar with the Funnel Mates webinar integrations and let your affiliates will build lists for your webinars.

Review Lead Funnels

If you provide any offer to your product or service then Funnel Mates link the product review or bonus pages along with that product offer. From this, you can increase your subscriber’s list.

Quiz Lead Funnels

When you use quiz style landing page funnels, then Funnel Mates provides an opt-in option then it is easy to attract your right audiences to your lists.

Social Lead Funnels

If you want to capture more leads for your business, then you must create and share quality content, and for this, you have to use social lead funnels. You can build curiosity and educate your audiences when you use this funnel and so you can easily guide your website visitors into your email lists.

Funnel Mates - Drag and Drop

Click & Edit, Drag & Drop

Clicking to open something is easy at the same time editing is also easy and just go to the settings and change the things as you wish. It allows you to add bullet points, headlines, number counters, testimonial blocks, icons, maps, images, HTML blocks, countdown timers, and much more.

Animate Your Elements

You can grab the visitor’s attention with the help of animations, by doing some important effects like fade in or out, slide up down, in, or out, rotate, spin, zoom, bounce, etc. If you want to look your web page professional and also to be noticeable by many audiences then you can do some more effects like wobble, flash, shake, pulse, swing, pop, jello, also as your choice add text, call to action, videos, and images too.

Affiliate Network Integrations

If you select an offer from Funnel Mates connected networks, and if a visitor activates your funnel then a code will be sent automatically to them. All you need to do is just add an affiliate product and Funnel Mates will turn it into an affiliate link and send them to the visitor who reacts to your funnels.

DFY Email Sequence Templates

If you worried about writing emails for a whole mail sequence then stop worrying as you have Funnel Mates email builder, as it collects templates for any type of requirement. If you fill in the blanks that are provided and it is ready to deliver the affiliate promotion or you can easily connect or engage the audiences with the emails.

Easy Link Management

With the help of a link management dashboard, you can easily setup and download affiliate link at the same time if you’re promoting a product isn’t available then you can easily update the link. In other words, instantly you can update your web pages with new links.

Funnel Request Board

Funnel Mates - Funnel Request Board

If you build a funnel and don’t have any idea whether people will buy it or not? then the funnels request in the Members area will provide suggestions in building new funnels that help you on how to cash the buyers. For more, you can find the different sources on how to build the funnels in the Funnel Mates dashboard.

Buyers with Money to Burn

Funnel Mates is a marketplace where you can instantly create profitable funnels by building lists and earn huge income at the fingertips. Now, you don’t need to convince to buy your product/service to the audiences. You already had a target and have money to spend, if you choose the right path then success is on your way.

Connect with Your Buyers

You’re going to see every transaction history of the sales with links when any visitor activated your funnel and then you have to connect them to the chat groups, and if they accept the invitation and find the way to get profitable funnels. Even you have a chance to message your previous customers and let them know about your new funnels that you’re going to release in the future.

Get Paid Subscribers

If you create a funnel and sell them to the Funnel Mates team, they will pay for it and bring more leads. First, connect your autoresponder and then make sure to available the funnel for free.  The funnel activator will capture the leads automatically and integrate into the autoresponder platform too.

Set & Forget Leads and Sales

Creating and setting up a funnel is a quality investment that will build the lists and can get more income. If you build more then you’ll get more leads & sales and each funnel that you build will be added to your profile and the visitors can find them all in one place and also may think to buy easily.

Ready to go List Building

Building a funnel with Funnel Mates is easy as it does not require any technical skills, no creativity is required, no writings, no expensive or additional hosting services, no domain required, and finally no traffic secrets or lists.

😚 Funnel Mates Bonuses

Funnel Mates Bonuses

The bonuses that are available are

VIP’s Dashboard

It reveals that you can add affiliate links as many as you can and when people buy this Funnel Mates, they will use your special VIP link, and also in the dashboard, your Affiliate links will appear.

Limitless Emails

Funnel Mates allows sending emails a maximum of 2 or 3 per week as this will helps your online business in getting high converting offers, reviewing products, upcoming launches will go live, create bonuses for your customers, and more.

🤠 Customer Reviews on Funnel Mates

Customer Review on Funnel Mates

We can see how customers are responded to the services provided by Funnel Mates and it makes most of the online businesses earn more profits by creating funnels. Most of the customer reviews on Funnel Mates are shared in a positive intent and some are recommending to use for your online business.

🎁 Review on Pricing Plans of Funnel Mates

Funnel Mates Pricing Plans

Let’s see the pricing plan of Funnel Mates now

Funnel Mates Access Cost: $33.97

  • Activate funnels according to your pick – $10 Funnel Mates spending money
  • Hosting and installation included
  • complete funnel automation
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Complete access to Drag and Drop Builder
  • Cloud-based service
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Step by step video training library

Funnel Mates Deluxe Cost: $48.61

  • Activate funnels according to your pick – $20 Funnel Mates spending money
  • Hosting and installation included
  • complete funnel automation
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Complete access to Drag and Drop Builder
  • Cloud-based service
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Step by step video training library
  • Bonuses – VIP dashboard, Limitless emails addon

🤗 Pros and Cons of Funnel Mates


  • Wide range of features
  • Easy to use
  • Automated email sequence
  • Connect to autoresponder account
  • Allows to integrate with Clickbank, warrior plus, JVZoo
  • Drives more traffic
  • VIP dashboard, and increase email lists
  • Affordable cost
  • Gain Passive income easily
  • No skills are required
  • Allows to use own custom domain



  • No cons are found

🔥 Final Words on Funnel Mates Review

If you have an online business and want to increase profits then Funnel Mates is perfect for you. It is the software that helps to create funnels and easily you can gain more leads for your business. Funnel Mates is a beginner-friendly funnel builder and to use this you don’t require any technical skills.

It has a drag and drops feature where you can easily build the funnel as you want. If you want to earn bigger audiences, leads, conversions, leads for your business means it is the right one for you.

🤡 Frequently Asked Questions

😇 Does Funnel Mates offer to create a new funnel for free?

Yes, there are options to create one funnel and it allows you to unlock free funnels to use a maximum of two per month.

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