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Franktrax Review 2024: Legit Or Scam? (Truth Inside)


Are you popular on Social Media? Here’s the perfect chance to use your charisma to generate revenue and enjoy the social media pamper on this platform.

Franktrax is one of the highly used and reliable platforms in recent times that allow us to make money from simple traffic from online platforms for socialization. It has certain norms and ethics like on-time payments, good converting rates, tempting offers, and many more. People associated with Franktrax over the last few years have been highly satisfied and are currently making a lot of money. The experience with the management team is smooth and highly appreciated.

Franktrax.Network – What is The Idea Behind?

Franktrax Review

A simple social media platform that enables one to generate revenue and monetization with quality support is all about Franktrax. It basically serves the managers so that they can convert their online channels into an income source and bring in the traffic to many websites provided by the advertising affiliates. It is secured and maintains a good tracking system that assures the quality of work done here. Indeed, it is a great monetization network that has got upgraded in recent times with irresistible and amazing features.

Franktrax has its own official website and is easily accessible. The signing up process is completely free and it introduces many features and options for every beginner. One can go through the options and contact the team with the helpline numbers available.

Features of Franktrax & Why Go For it?

Franktrax Features

Franktrax operates on the simple principle of secured service and quality support to its customers. It rests on the idea of converting the social media channels into income sources with the help of traffic generated. This is achieved by proper advertising and managers who guide the customers and publishers on the various programs.

The basic interesting features are highlighted below which gives a high-level idea of the major benefits of this amazing network:

Personal Affiliate Manager

An account manager is provided to the customer so that he can be guided by the various offers and right programs that are suitable for generating revenue. Franktrax is popular for its prompt communication and advises on the monetization of traffic. The quality support provided by the team is truly commendable and hence trusted upon by all its customers. They are highly experienced and knowledgeable which makes it easier for us to instill belief in their suggestions and advice.

Useful Tool & Absolutely Free

Franktrax comes with many useful tools and uses TUNE and an analytics platform which enables the publishers to analyze the traffic and understand suitable means to monetize it appropriately. The team consists of potential developers who emphasize and mentions the specific features that are integrated with the platform and eventually highlight the potential of the publishers.

There are numerous landing page designs and it gets updated consistently which are tested thoroughly by the team. Franktrax is equipped with a technology that rotates these landing pages as per the publishers. It also keeps rotating the best offers available and optimizes it for both earning per click and for the best click-through and conversion rate. This complete process and automated functioning enhance the revenue generated per view as their primary focus is to extract profit from each and every visit that the publishers are using.

This feature basically works on the principle to allow maximum buyers and traffic holders to focus on the traffic generation. This works beyond the purpose of only optimizing the landing pages for publishers.

Franktrax is incorporated with different features that help to maximize the profit and its team works constantly to upgrade it on a daily basis. Moreover, the testing has recently shown that the same traffic which was sent to the best performing offer directly compared to the one sent through the landing page rotator, generated nearly 42% more profit. This is indeed an amazing feature as it generates so much more revenue and money without changing anything on the side of traffic generation.

Franktrax Statistics

Personal Website

A personal website is also given for promotion and to garner all the limelight that will boost the traffic on their page. There are pre-made templates that make your website attractive to ensure high visibility. The team also helps you in this process. Domains are not provided anymore but the personal website is basically a code that is provided to use and generate the landing page rotator which works on the publisher’s domain and is highly recommended for blogging.

Reliable and Creative

Franktrax has been operating for nearly 8 years now and has 4000+ affiliates whose services have been proven to be highly creative, reliable, and extremely adaptive.

Additional Features

  • It offers gaming, finance, Nutra, mainstream dating, crypto, and many other options to begin with. The services are all aimed to maximize profit and serve the publishers with commendable quality.

Franktrax Offers

  • There are many creative and non-conventional ideas that the account managers and affiliates come up with and make Franktrax work like a goldmine for the publishers. This is easily accessible and user-friendly to get started with.
  • The team is working on the in-house own adult dating offers and it is slated to be completely available within a month.
  • It is already overwhelmed with nearly 500 offers and is constantly getting updated with a target of adding another 500 by the end of this year. There are offers for any GEO on this planet currently. Isn’t it incredible?
  • The team works with direct advertisers and hence comes out with highly competitive payment plans. The threshold is just about 50$ and hence it comes across as risk-free and a must-try as for all beginners out there. There are also weekly pay-outs and are generally paid by Friday of the next week. Monthly bonuses are yet another feature to attract and glue its publishers.
  • There are many appealing features that monetize the traffic and help in boosting the profit but without a compromise in the quality of traffic generated. The team takes complete guarantee of fraudulent activities and assures complete safety and security on this.
  • The affiliate managers strive hard to excel in the quality of assistance delivered and are appreciated for their prompt and spontaneous responses and support. They help publishers with innovative and creative ideas and strategies that optimize and ensure the maximization of the profit potential.
  • There is also an offer currently active on in-house rev-share push notification which is automatically used by a publisher that uses the landing page rotator feature. This gives a lifetime commission in the rev-share principal for life to the publisher.

Recommendations & Testimonials

Franktrax Testimonial New Franktrax Testimonial

Franktrax has been operating in the adult dating platform for over 8 years now and has gained huge prominence over this period. The team is highly experienced and knowledgeable and has also created an in-house platform before they moved to TUNE. It has introduced many new features and has been the pioneer of the first-ever SmartLink solution in the industry. Isn’t it something amazing? SmartLink is now being used in almost every nook and corner across the globe but it is not known to many but Franktrax was the first to start in, way back in the year 2013.

Several publishers who have been associated with Franktrax have highly recommended Franktrax and have acknowledged its way of working to serve the best options that eventually helps us to generate revenue with the simple idea of social media traffic.

Let’s check: What people say about Franktrax

Get started and get going with this simple yet highly reliable monetizing platform to turn your popularity on socializing networks into a valuable source of income. It is safe, secure, and trustworthy. The official website has also published many testimonials and reviews from customers have been greatly benefitted from this program. Check out the websites and start your own website and make money to your heart’s content.

Final Verdict On Franktrax Review!

Franktrax is about its secured, quality service provided by its excellent affiliates who advise and take care of your journey with this program. Their ideas are innovative and out of the box which makes it easier for the publishers to increase the traffic generated that eventually converts to the source of income.

Sit back and relax as Franktrax takes care of all your worries and provides you an easy way to make money. Check out its features and talk to the executives to get a detailed overview of its working and benefits.

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