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Eprolo Review 2024: Hidden Truth About This Dropshipping App


Dropshipping is not an easy business, and definitely requires some assistance by the side.


Be it working on Shopify, WooCommerce, or shipping products with AliExpress, it isn’t easy to manage everything since it is a time-taking process.

For that, Eprolo is an app that can help everyone out and manage the dropshipping business even efficiently.

Eprolo Review

Eprolo easily manages & review all orders for all the dropshippers and fulfills them all from suppliers without letting them worry about anything.

All packages are shipped in a smaller time span and the dropshippers do not even need to worry about the process. Eprolo team manages to talk to the suppliers on its own and provide product options at the best prices.

Find millions of products under one platform and easily handle all the things in an instance.

Eprolo is also available as an extension across different dropshipping platforms and several people love its services. There are some amazing things present under this app, check out more about it in this Eprolo review.

What is Eprolo? Complete Review

Eprolo is a web-based platform & Shopify app that helps in easing out the tasks that are required in the dropshipping business.

In addition to that, users can manage everything from sourcing to shipping the product.

Unlike other apps that only work with Shopify, its advantage is that it works with several platforms such as WooCommerce, Amazon, eBay, etc. Eprolo is present in the market for a while now and they have several happy users who appreciate the services provided by them.

With this platform, dropshippers can easily private label their products and keep it under their brand name when it goes to the buyer. Save money with some bulk orders, and also get discounts on the products.

Features of Eprolo Dropshipping App

1. Manage Suppliers

Handle the suppliers without even talking to them with the help of Eprolo. They manage to talk to suppliers and sources the best product options for the users.

So the dropshippers don’t need to contact each and every supplier for the best price, Eprolo will do that for them. Also, they make sure that the prices are accurate and the suppliers aren’t charged anything extra.

The platform is very helpful in this case since it relieves the biggest tasks of all time, which is finding the suppliers that have a consistent supply and provide the best prices.

2. Delivery Time

Eprolo Shipping

Shorten the delivery time and receive the products in a way lesser time than you would while managing manually. Even during times such as Black Friday and holiday season, when the shipping is on an all-time rise, the Eprolo users receive or get the products delivered to the buyers in a very short time span.

It ships from China in 1-2 days of order placement, it arrives in the United States, and within 3-5 days more, it’ll reach the buyer. This is a great thing since without handling much pressure, it is delivered in 4-7 days to the buyer.

3. Save More Money

With Eprolo, one can easily save up a lot of money since the prices provided by them are very affordable, in fact way much in hand than those that are dealt with in the market. Save the money on multiple items if ordered together, bringing the opportunity of making more out of dropshipping those products.

Also, they provides discounts in bulk to those users who desire to keep buying the single product continuously for supplying ahead.

4. Branding & Customization

Eprolo Customization

Want your brand name on the box or on the product? Do it with Eprolo since it provides the option of private labeling. Place the brand name on the products, tags, packaging, and there isn’t even a need to personally monitor it. Also, it uses scotch tape that is customized, customized boxes, and even customized stickers. It might take a bit of an amount, but it eliminates the issue of managing everything on a personal basis.

5. Currency Converting

Dealing from the United States and want to check out how much the shipment cost in Yuan? Then calculate it with the currency calculator Eprolo provides. It is very easy to convert the price of every product if it is displaying it in the Chinese currency or any other.

Just check it out and know how much is required to be paid ahead to the suppliers. With this Currency conversion feature, the manual checking is eliminated as the calculator is present whilst checking out the products.

6. Ship From Just One Place

Ship the products from one place to another whilst sitting in your living room or office without worrying about the packaging, quality, etc.

The Eprolo team review all order & takes care of everything on their own so that the dropshippers really find comfort and don’t feel the tasks on their heads. Also, they make sure the suppliers are consistent and it provides products at the best prices.

7. Fulfill In Bulk

Provide products in bulk to buyers as there is no limit to how many orders can a person place at a time. It is very easy to provide the products to clients and make them happy with the timely service. Also, with bulk orders, the dropshippers get a discount worth $1 on every item, therefore with multiple items, it is easier to make profits in a better manner.

8. No Need To Worry About Inventory

With Eprolo, there is no need to worry about any kind of inventory issues. They make sure that the inventory is safe wherever it is, which is very helpful. Users can easily track & review all the items present over the panel and keep ordering or storing according to that with the help of Eprolo.

It solves several issues altogether and saves the biggest costs of all time, which is managing inventory. Also, satisfy the buyers with super instant delivery since it has warehouses all across the United States.

9. Print On Demand

Want to sell own design printed T-shirts & etc.? or Want to print something specific on the product? Then Eprolo lets the users fulfill that as well, It is very easy to get the name or something else printed to bring even some more customized touch to the product.

All the dropshippers need to do is present the design and that’s it! With this dropshipping tool, bringing an extra customized touch to the products doesn’t seem like that tough thing.

10. Works With Any Platform

Eprolo functioning platform

It not only works with Shopify, but it also works with Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, and WooCommerce. Eprolo has no limitations in this case and it shows the best products sourced from AliExpress. Eprolo made things easy for any popular e-commerce management platform & they are trying to expand it with more.

11. Blogs and Case Studies

There are several posts and case studies present on the official blog of Eprolo and those who want to try this app & platform, can always go and read them up for free! These are great for some extra knowledge and learning much about the dropshipping industry.

Eprolo Pricing Packages

There are 5 pricing packages of Eprolo & if you are a newbie in dropshipping business then we personally recommend to start with Level-1 package to review their services in a better way.

1. Level 1:

  • Total Sales Amount: $0-3000.
  • Import Products: 200.
  • Multiple Items discount: $1/per item.
  • Eprolo Express Shipping Present.
  • Order Fulfillment Present.
  • Print on Demand.

2. Level 2:

  • Total Sales Amount: $3000-5000.
  • Import Products: 500.
  • Multiple Items discount: $1/per item.
  • Eprolo Express Shipping Present.
  • Order Fulfillment Present.
  • Print on Demand.

3. Level 3:

  • Total Sales Amount: $5000-10000.
  • Import Products: 1000.
  • Multiple Items discount: $1/per item.
  • Eprolo Express Shipping Present.
  • Order Fulfillment Present.
  • Print on Demand.

4. Level 4:

  • Total Sales Amount: $5000-10000.
  • Import Products: 1000.
  • Multiple Items discount: $1/per item.
  • Eprolo Express Shipping Present.
  • Order Fulfillment Present.
  • Customize Tape.
  • Customize Scotch Tape.
  • Print on Demand.

5. Level 5:

  • Total Sales Amount: $5000-10000.
  • Import Products: 1000.
  • Multiple Items discount: $1/per item.
  • Eprolo Express Shipping Present.
  • Order Fulfillment Present.
  • Customize Tape.
  • Customize Scotch Tape.
  • Box Customization.
  • Print on Demand.

Pros & Cons of Eprolo


  • Different customization options are available.
  • One-click functioning.
  • Easy to use.
  • Free trial to understand the concept.
  • On-time delivery.
  • No need to manage inventory.
  • No warehouse required.


  • A little bit limited.
  • Unidentified actual pricing.

Eprolo Testimonials & Reviews By Customer

Many testimonials review claims that there are several people who are very happy with the way Eprolo works, and they have posted their testimonials right on their page. One of them reads that this platform is great if someone wants to increase sales for their dropshipping business.

It makes ordering simple and straightforward rather than those time taking processes. The products delivered to the customers in a small time span and that is what users love the most. They recommend Eprolo to everyone who wants to boost their dropshipping business.

Another testimonial reads that their Shopify store has products in hundreds and over 40 suppliers from AliExpress. But they lost several customers due to late deliveries and improper management. But with Eprolo, they don’t need to worry about anything.

Final Verdict- Is Eprolo Worth it?

Yes, Eprolo is a good dropshipping platform & application, working across different platforms such as Shopify & WooCommerce. Those who want to begin with the dropshipping business but have no idea about how to find the suppliers and manage everything, then this is the right option for them.

Although the options and features are a bit limited, its the ideal one for beginners who don’t have much experience. It has a free trial, it is a very friendly platform, everything is just perfect with Eprolo.

Also, another good thing is that it has different packages as per the requirements. They also help to customize the products and their packaging with the utmost ease.

It is certainly very fun to use and timely shipping is a good thing. With this, one can go with multiple orders to different customers and keep them all happy every time!

Also, the discounts available are very helpful and let the users attain an extra profit. Overall, it is an amazing platform & dropshipping app and you must definitely go for it.


Is Eprolo value for money?

Yes, Eprolo is definitely worth the money and one might absolutely love its services.

Is there a free trial on Eprolo?

Yes, there is a free trial on Eprolo and those who want to try they can definitely go for it.

How much time does Eprolo take in shipping?

Eprolo takes approximately 4-7 days to finally ship it to the customers.

Can Eprolo private label the products?

Yes, user can set up their name and customize the products with their brand. It can customize scotch tape, boxes, products, etc.

Eprolo Review
Eprolo Review
Eprolo Review: Can You Trust This Dropshipping App?
Yes, a dropshipper can easily trust the Eprolo dropshipping app, and it is worth the amount since it customizes several things. Overall, it is an amazing platform & app, and one can go for it.
Ease Of Use
Reader Rating1 Vote
Different customization options are available.
Single-click Operations.
Easy to use.
Manageable and reduces tasks.
Unidentified Pricing.
Slightly Limited.
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